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the battle for the top job in the european union who should become the next president of the european commission asked france's president and he says it should be an open brace ask the german chancellor and she will point to this map for months ahead of a book head of the conservative group with the most seats in parliament brussels is divided and the race is on i'm soon is almost gone then berlin this is the day. let me i'm in a combination of good sign support mantra very bad but not all of my partners doing with it seems off no food should total because i don't want to rush out now with a name we should consider what the european people have said in the street well 1st of all i think you have to discuss the matter before becomes kosher but if it's about people in the role of the people and this is not
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a democratic organization being the largest group that the most important position that person european commission now at least come to argue our country the opposition france or germany france the women to say you know the best way forward for the commission for the i think it's high time we never had a female commission president and if we want to represent europeans we cannot ignore half of the population or skin color there's hardly anything in europe that i don't know about slots time one of the lead candidates became commission president and that'll be the case this time too it's. also coming up on the day is uncle americal successor trying to censor free speech and i got to come is getting flak for her reaction to an online rant that went viral. here in these in this video show you how see people lie and fundamentally unfit for the jobs job here in this. shouldn't the question when it comes to
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shaping public opinion is what are the rules from the analog and which rules should apply to the digital realm. we start with the race for the presidency of the european commission 2 days after voters across europe cast their ballots for a new parliament the debate over who should take the blocks top job is heating up right now the smash joker holds the job but leaders disagree on who should succeed him and how that person should be chosen german chancellor angela merkel and french president call are at odds over this issue michael stands behind the leaves candidate system she thinks it should be the head of the conservatives in the e.u. months advaita the conservatives did get the most seats but my concept is that should be automatic there should be a discussion over the next president. i don't want to rush out now with a name we should consider what the european people have said it's good but we need
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decision makers who have the credibility to do what i could to be to keep watch you know to me is that i'm in a coalition i support manfred vague but not all of my partners do pull the same the principle of the lead candidate is important to receive a fee as michael says the social democrats in the european parliament want to see their own hopeful friends to months take the news top job but they also support the lead candidate process and they are glad to have merkel on board at least on that that was a message from the social democrats group leader when he spoke with brussels bureau chief. as a running bruce's. remember 5 years ago. jump forward towards. democracy and still pinion that is widespread. parliament even if she supports money should be able so the other states and counties that's not the worst bits are going to go it's going to be enough to cause
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you. fred simmons is going to become the next president of the european commission what makes you so certain about that i've been wondering because after all you are not the strongest group in that you are part of who smell the wind of change it's very obvious that the people of europe want to see very courageous fight against climate change it's very obvious that the people of europe the monsoon just as in fairness also in the aerial for taxation so somebody has to go to the forefront who is courageous enough doing that the decision this and democrats developed a very appropriate program for that and france to moments is the right guy to lead but you lost a lot of votes so it doesn't seem like the voters in europe see you as the ones to be able to do all the things you just said look the p.p.p. last at least as much as we did. we are very much in touch with our citizens on the ground and seeing people being disappointed about the past where we
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have 15 years i'm all conservative leadership in europe is an additional stimulus for us to change to pay the social democrats also that we had sort of a grand coalition in the last years how are you going to shake that off and how are you also going to shake off that you lost so many seats in the parliament we had an institutional collaboration between the 2 big party families if you would like to call it a grand coalition but you haven't really function like that in the last man that it was only defers to a navi is there was no grand coalition by definition in the last 2 and a half years so don't over estimated to dition of grand coalitions we will always fighting our cases we will all of us looking focus of majorities so this saying about the public and kind coalition is an overestimation but how are you going to shake off the losses of a day are real and you said as much on sunday after the election that the social.
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kratz maybe this doubt on the topic of climate change but now you seem optimistic what happened no you have to distinguish between my comments on the results in germany and my comments on the european scale also on sunday as it is very obvious that we had. ups and downs of areas conference different also countries where we were doing very well like in spain portugal and the netherlands but if you come to a common resume i think we are close to divine 150 seats and in total of all do because the forces of the house we are taking the lead. seems to be very optimistic that indeed there are splits are going to will make the race in the end thank you very much for talking to us. now outgoing commission presidential guard is scheduled to leave office on oct 31st the same day the u.k. is supposed to leave the e.u. the 2 sides are coming together to talk brags that for the 1st time since the weekend's election results but not much has changed outgoing british prime minister
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theresa may has failed to get the deal she negotiated with the e.u. through her own parliament 3 times now so she's stepping down here's what your girl and they had to say on the brags that stalemate. we have. told you to do isn't new. but it was crystal clear to be nobody knew safe and international great regret to me because i haven't been able to live up to have breakfast but of course that's masteries now for my successor and they would have to find a way of addressing the face strongly held views on both sides of this this issue. right the ups and downs of bragg's it difficult for most people to follow even michael dobbs the british conservative politician is the bestselling author of the house of cards trilogy he's clearly a master of political intrigue so what does he think of the high drama of bragg's it. caught up with michael dobbs at the abuse global media forum. i mean the the
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i've been here today and look i know that in germany and in so much of europe it's been decided that bricks it was the result of disintegration it's actually not the case breaks it was based on on a relationship which too many british people thought was going in the wrong direction and still happen to think that. you have a are they changing their minds there because sometimes you know you read opinion polls and people say well i regret i regret my decision you know do you think if they can referendum where to be held today it would still. be leaving the e.u. it's very interesting you should say that because the the the poll that we had last week in which was just the european election poll. nigel farage is brics that party which didn't exist 5 weeks ago won in a way that no other party has won a european election before there is absolutely no indication that that britain
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has changed its mind or at least change its mind so demonstrably that you say well it was an aberration what is being revealed time and again is people's frustrations with politicians making such a mess of these negotiations and that to me is my great sorrow at the end of it britain will leave the e.u. but europe or the e.u. i will say that the e.u. is not europe the e.u. is a political institution it is not that extraordinary much bigger broader cultural. thing that we that is europe but britain will always be should always be very close to our friends partners and neighbors in europe and i am very much afraid that because of the incompetence of both sides of the negotiations in this it will lead us to a point where when britain does leave it's going to. to it's going it's going to end up with disharmony rather than 2 great friends great partners great allies
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carrying on along similar paths together because this is the this is not to being sold off sail out into the mid atlantic and sunk this is going to be an ongoing relationship but i think that you could look around the rest of europe and say there are lots of people out there saying hang on i'm not sure that the e.u. and present your income is leading us in the in the right direction that evil or younger won't be leading the e.u. down in any direction for very much longer and that was due to views a jared reed speaking to british conservative and author of the house of cards michael dobbs still to come on the day our war crimes being committed in egypt's turbulent north sinai human rights watch accuses egyptian forces and jihadists of atrocities against civilians including torture and extrajudicial killings we'll hear from one of the report's authors.
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now to a different debate one that is firing up german politics the head of germany's conservatives on a. chancellor merkel's likely successor has sparked outrage because she suggested there needs to be a debate over what you can and cannot say on the internet ahead of a vote her conservatives took a hit in the european elections just days after a group of influential you traverse banded together and called for a boycott of germany's mainstream parties now. no one is being accused of trying to censor debate. did this appeal in 2 videos now with more than 15000000 combined views impact the outcome of european elections in germany the correlation is almost impossible to prove but germany's ruling c.d.u. licking their wounds from the lashing voters gave them at the ballot box are looking for answers one explanation offered by the conservative party leader
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germany's free speech norms haven't kept up with how people especially younger people share and express ideas. the question when it comes to shaping public opinion what are the rules from the analogue realm and which rules should apply to the digital realm we'll tackle this discussion quite aggressively. the statement was quickly criticised as a threat to free speech even party allies push back against it. it's. we've been moaning for years that young people are gauged you know for the politics now when things get a bit shorter and we don't know how to react. in a follow up tweet or called it absurd to be accused of wanting to regulate speech what is clear her party which has governed germany under chance i got americal since 2005 has struggled with the social media platforms that have developed in that time it's a digital divide these you tube ers have bridged challenging old traditional
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parties to figure out how to reach new younger voters right. now is getting criticism from within her own party at the global media forum and on the editor in chief in a poll spoke to armin lash it christian democrat premier in the state of north rhine-westphalia he disagreed with his party chief as a visiting here but i'm going to meet mr lasher it was sitting here it is global media for him it's the biggest international media conference in germany that's why my 1st question for you is do different rules on freedom of opinion apply to you chivas them to other media 9 no not everyone has the right to express their opinion in various ways due to although you choose a new medium that was when the rules were drawn certainly falls under. this is not journalism this is expressing one's opinion and that is not regulated are you
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angry at any great concow invalid. she will certainly clarify the answers she gave to adjourn this is a question i got already differing interpretations yesterday but one thing must be clear and i cannot be regulated free and this is what we're calling. as international. so we cannot then regulate freedom of opinion here we could only do that with her comments mrs crump. opened exactly that kind of was after all there are great reservations especially among young people about the established parties want to comments counterproductive and. saddened some of. us today by hope this to play will soon clarify what was meant to of course you can be bothered by a video light out which appears 3 days before the election but it's also what drew us to find ways to respond and we have to express ourselves in ways relevant to young people and that's something we didn't do best out last week.
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on this is that it's misleading you lost massively among young voters in the european election you afraid that the party will mr david supposed. i think this was a warning and of course people are worried about that at the moment. there was both the copyright to upload issue in the european parliament and the 2nd issue now is the climate movement which has brought young people on to the streets. but i think that in this day and age nothing is set in stone just with words even so didn't the c.d.u. criminally neglect this issue. yes possibly but if i remember rightly what did we discuss in 20172018 that the entire national election was dominated by the issue of migration and refugees which was also in the media by the way stand up for him in
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$28.00 is a c.d.u. and c.s.u. almost broke up over the issue now it's to the great credit of greater young people's that they are bringing this other issue to the fore and that's what's been seen in this election thank you note. now an international rights group has accused egyptian security forces and she harvests of committing quote were. war crimes against civilians in egypt's turbulent north sinai region egypt has been fighting an islamist insurgency in north sinai since the army overthrew the democratically elected islamist president mohammed morsi in 2013 over 2 years of investigations human rights watch says it documented crime secluding torture and extrajudicial killings its new report offers a rare glimpse into the region where journalists are effectively banned. these.
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days a researcher for the middle east and north africa for human rights watch and coauthored this report and he joins us in our studio are thank you for being with us let's 1st talk about the fact that this is a closed region so simply journalists are not allowed in how were you able to gather the material that you did i mean what evidence is there really. a lot of evidence has gone into this report a lot of work and effort over 2 years we managed to. told with 54 victims of 5th 14 of these interviews focused on abuses by the isis militants we met these people either we talked to them either remotely met some of them in person inside and outside egypt we couldn't disclose a lot of these information about where and when exactly we met them. because of the security situation and because of the army and the government and against them so you have to be very careful we should say that egyptian authorities say that your
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report where you're choosing a both gyptian forces and also islamists of war crimes they say it's based on verified sources are your sources verified well that's the word or the term the usually used to describe our reports that we use unverified sort sources i think the very fide source in the eyes or in the perspective of the government is the official statements that they get at least so when you rely on just a moment is by. victims by local residents by experts this is not very 5 sources for them. obviously the army has been conducting its misery go patients in complete absence of the slightest scrutiny even by media blitz alone judiciary or any independent body ok so i want to ask you about the accusations here as you said war crimes committed by the egyptian security forces and jihadists who are they targeting and why well the war the militancy problem and the armed groups problem
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in sinai is not very new it's not a new phenomenon it started maybe in the late 2000 but it was a very localized a small problem. and following the ouster of president morsy the violence is going to draw mother guinea and then this local group that they did this to isis in 2014 . the army conduct however. managed to brutalize the civilians by her but very interesting thousands disappearing hundreds killing detainees secretly in the desert without any trial and by. random shooting affected civilians and women and children and this kind of conduct of the local population and instead of winning the hearts and minds of the top those residents in order to avert a small localized problem of the insurgency they held the minutes rising the situation and region and give rise to more minutes of but i have to ask you why
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would the army do so why would they not try to win over hearts and minds how would the locals actually serve their purpose well that's exactly the question when when we talk to them 1st of all there is flat denial of any wrongdoing which shuts any conversation or any possible discussion but also because i have been marginalized for decades by successive governments and sinai people. are usually perceived by the egyptian government and birthrate an egyptian media as a human traffickers and so on. traditional view actually also was very but evident in the army conduct and treat the sinai residents with automatic suspicion might be from human rights watch thank you very much for sharing your findings with us thank you so much thank you. now reports from britain show knife crime is on the rise throughout the country the
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number of attacks has soared with nearly 300 people stepped to death last year the problem is especially acute in the capital london there are members of ethnic minor . days and gangs are disproportionately affected both as victims and perpetrators there's been much criticism over the government's response. to new day a new crime scene last night here in east london a 15 year old was stabbed to death with a knife. so she work a pool mckenzie has visited many such crime scenes but this time it really gets to him the victim was a friend of his nephew. through much isn't you see these are everywhere you see a bunch of flowers years ago and it meant something to you really so when i would have read the request it's just life is too many to read more than the only because somebody wanted to prove something to somebody else that's that's the sad thing is
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that life has become a point system. and now somebody somewhere say. you know. i'm that person but. often it's a case of rivalry between members of youth gangs but innocent bystanders can also fall victim to knife crime. almost that in some gangs knifing someone is proof a youngster is worthy of belonging to a gang. in your life 13 years old be to receive them not by robbery but i watch what happens mackenzie talks to gang members and makes videos to show how quickly things are deteriorating in some parts of london. why do you carry a 15 inch knife pretty big and you get them scared but if you say. can i don't what someone put up with me let china or china killed me. oakley bottle a day. every pull mckenzie feels that the government tells him take knife crime
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seriously enough he supports an initiative demanding that the government treat the violence as a national emergency the president you know you break it like this was my son i say oh he was more murdered in 2015. we can just that let you play god for a night crime in the face of february this again was not through the heart. i. was in some neighborhoods and young people don't leave home without a knife as they think they must be prepared to defend themselves jason isaak's was stabbed to death one and a half years ago he was sharon candles eldest son. now he younger children always have to come home straight from school because she fears for their lives jason was killed early in the evening while he was out with a few friends. jess was with 4 friends so 5 of them
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and yeah that's a lot for their lives and they all went in different directions and jessen got call and was stopped 8 times everyone that knew jess and you always hope you know kissed him which was nice because evan every time we went our feet to go eyes i was a love you mom case and that's what we got that night and we did everything together really we he was a very family person. jason's killer was caught he was just 17 at the time rap videos of him and his gang can be seen on the internet known as drell the style of hip hop is very popular with her she shoots. from the show with the talk about stopping people in the back which is what they do and jason obviously was stopped in the in the park so. the
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issue here is a systemic one violence is normalised now unless we start looking. for above the young people we're never going to get to the bottom of these very values in the new belief systems they need to believe there is a future you talk to some of these young people they can't see past 20 and any society that has a generation of young people at constant past 20 and you've got it you've got to address that from above. that whole mckenzie knows there aren't any quick fixes to the situation the british government has now committed itself to investing unusual in strengthening the police presence everyone that is the problem has simply become too large to ignore. that's it for the day of conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either athlete of your news or at some ugly ass don't forget user hash tag the day thanks for watching.
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the book culling all women what do you think why do we often earn less than men and why are we less likely to be promoted and why are we more at risk of poverty in old age is it the same worldwide or are there places where women are the higher earners closing the gender pay gap more money for women. made in germany
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not on the you. want to shoot a gun what happens in the brain. and why are more and more germans taking up this cause. for a long time there was an aversion to firearms in germany but not all gun sales. and of illegal arising. why this new interest guns where the good. new gun law. enforcement's w. early looking tourist guide germany's booming capital i love berlin that's the scope of the multicultural metropolis in over europe max series really. like
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anything i love you even want to show what a citizen looks like now so it's like me this is the nation's 50 story. could be very personal tips on berlin's a very pleasant place to. live now. every week on t.w. . it is the year 29000 were sending money around the walled phones or talking about autonomy as flying taxis were taking pictures of black holes in space and still
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a woman makes less money working in the same job as a man we need to talk about that mind the gap that's our topic this week on made.


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