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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 29, 2019 4:00am-4:02am CEST

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why do they keep such a file we have our snoopy ready to catch a glimpse. of it was hard to watch. the discovery of the super rich starts to take on the. e.u. heads of government have met in brussels to negotiate their picks for europe's top drops following parliamentary elections the heads of major institutions was now be replaced he clued in european commission president john cote young. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov met with afghan taliban representatives in moscow to mark a 100 years of russia afghanistan diplomatic ties at the opening ceremony lavrov called for the complete withdrawal of international forces from afghanistan taliban
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members and afghan politicians are expected to hold informal peace talks. more than 30 people have been injured after a tornado pulverized buildings around dayton ohio officials said snowplows were used to clear the roads at least 2 other tornadoes touched down near the city more than 60000 homes and businesses in ohio suffered power cuts. the lazy eye is to repatriate $3000.00 tons of non-recyclable plastic waste and there are concerns that the country is becoming a dumping ground and china banned waste imports last year causing countries like the united states and britain to start shipping the material to malaysia it is now the world's main destination for plastic waste. the battle for the top job in the european union who should become the next.
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president of the european commission asked france's president and he says it should be an open race ask the german chancellor and she will point to this map from onset of a book head of the conservative group with the most seats in parliament brussels is divided and the race is on i'm soo nice almost gone then berlin this is the day. i. have to be i'm in a college mission signs of course not for the day that not one of my partners do it it's who is popular. and i don't want to rush hour now with a name we should consider what the european people have said in the street well 1st of all i think we have to discuss them to him before he comes for sure if it's about people in the world.


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