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ali gassed. managed by from part. this is b. w. news live from berlin the tussle for the top job in brussels is underway and it could take some time european union leaders a clock shift over who should be the next president of the european commission a post-election summit in brussels has so far failed to ease tensions also coming up in president mohammed who bari will be sworn in for
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a 2nd term today but many young nigerians remain unconvinced the 76 year old is the right choice for their future spoked correspondent spoke to some of them. a deadly race to the world's highest peak everest has claimed 11 lives so far this year experts are blaming it on overcrowding was an accord issuing a record number of climbing nets. plus the world of formula one says its final farewell to a motor sport legend mickey lauder will be buried today in vienna following his death last week at the age of 70. a minute thanks so much for joining us german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel mccall. have clashed over who should take europe's top job it's
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a rest sign of discord between the french and german leaders these knuckleheads made it clear she favors a german candidate for the post of european commission president but not call has called for the selection system to be changed it comes as government heads missing brussels to discuss the blocs leadership for the next 5 years. for more on this i'm joined by our correspondent teri schultz in brussels hi terry now the european council is split into those defending the lead candidate system and those who are against it can you tell us a little bit more about these 2 options. that's right anya and beneath that they're split it even more than 2 but yes one of the major discussions right now is whether they should stick to the system that's called live lead candidate system and that is. the political groups in the european parliament having picked their nominees
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long ago these people having campaigns throughout the european parliament elections and in that system the group that has the most seats in parliament the european people's party would logically get their candidate named as president of the european commission that would be mounted better but not everyone is happy with the system and certainly not everyone is happy with there and that's where you see even more splits because there are plenty of candidates who still believe that they should be in the running friends timmermans the nominee for the 2nd largest group the socialist and democrats and a very popular candidate vestey who is the nominee for the 3rd largest political group the liberals so in arguing about whether you should be forced to take the lead candidate whether that should be automatic the groups are also arguing for their their personal favorites to be the president of the european commission and there's no agreements now and it looks to be a very long fight now after the summit was it was clear the usual usually the close
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allies france germany and notes on the same page as have a quick listen to that take on last night's talks. the german government is committed to the principle of the lead candidates however the parties represented in the coalition have different views as to which candidate is best suited to this if everyone just east with their preferred names will be stuck because none of the groups are the majority all of them and even if 2 of them work together they still have a majority we need 3 joins in 4 groups to do things different. in case a clear difference is there is it now up to the european council president donald tusk to find some kind of a compromise that would suit both sides that's right and that's always to 6 job that is what the president of the european council does on any issue he he massages the different opinions and comes up with a compromise in this case he no longer has 2 political groups the european people's
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party and the socialist socialist and democrats who can join together and basically push their decisions through the european parliament elections a very fragmented result so as you heard in that sound bite you're going to need 3 parties or 4 perhaps and it's impossible to tell at this time how much of this is stemming from the personal unpopularity of men forever he simply doesn't rally a lot of enthusiasm whereas margaret investor you does any even friends temperament gets a lot of support there are countries still coming out and saying that they want to vote for him for certainly for her so to has a big job ahead of him and they hope to have this wrapped up in june but it's looking not very likely ok let's quickly talk about sort of the gender balance nominee lester we going to see more women taking on a used up job. that's something that has been a goal for a long time i mean even when you're looking at the european commission's posts you should have 50 percent women and that never happens now part of this comes from
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member states themselves they need to propose female candidates and unless they do here in brussels they can't choose from them so this is been a discussion that's been going on a very long time and certainly it's up to capitals to propose female candidates but president to skim self did say he would like to see more gender balance and that maybe because he's leaning toward margret's a vest you've got a very attractive female candidate here so in a sense it would be a big boost for gender balance is best for you is chosen but that remains to be seen thank you terry scholz thanks so much reporting from brussels. nigerian president mohammed set to be inaugurated for the 2nd time today but not all nigerians are happy about his reelection about hoffa's registered voters are under the age of 35 and many young people are skeptical that this 76 year old president is the right man to revamp the economy. is in the capital of the death
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she spoke to young those who see no reason to be celebrating today is inauguration . these young men who want this cocktail bar and if the president were to stop by they would make a very special drink for him. if you miss a strong drink so maybe you could resets. where you get a strong drink you put you to sleep when you wake up maybe you is going to think about all these youths gave all this strong drink let's see what we could do for them. they feel harvey is doing way too little to empower the youth all of them have studied abroad back here they are often conferences with nigeria's makeshift infrastructure such as its regular power outages they must spend 200 dollars every month just to keep their drinks school their youths we're young we're vibrant we want to do something so if the government can give them i think will be greater
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than anything to give you power in terms of electricity or power in terms of power in terms of electricity when we get electricity influence with the free. and infrastructure and how it relates to the business. harvey has promised all of that but it's hard to find someone who believes in his policies very in that we have leaders of tomorrow but i'm nothing anything is the people there is so the issue i feel that we should give new people after a while i finally fire. hoary supporter was eager to join the festivities are old his president we need patience room was no beauty would be the sinks but i don't see it but. for now. president mahmoud worries president likes the support of a majority of the electorate the youth about half of the registered voters are
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under $35.00 but only every 3rd of the electorate went out to vote at all a historic low which does not bode well for president haris 2nd term. all right let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world afghan politicians and representatives from the taliban have met in moscow part of a conference marking 100 years of diplomatic ties between russia and afghanistan opening the meeting in russian foreign minister sergei lavrov called for the complete withdrawal of international forces from afghanistan. in australia newly reelected prime minister scott morrison has been sworn into office a week after his conservative coalition won a surprise victory his cabinet includes ken wyatt's the 1st aboriginal person to become minister for indigenous affairs. in argentina activists are renewing efforts to legalize abortion will make his have said they would introduce
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a bill to legalize the term a nation of pregnancies up to 14 weeks a similar motion poss the lower house of congress last year but was defeated in the senate due to opposition from religious groups. now it's the deadliest climbing season in years that the world's highest peak at least 11 people have died trying to get to the top of mt everest over the past few weeks alone the deaths of being blamed on bottlenecks caused by overcrowding on the mountain slopes that plesiosaurus these have handed out almost 400 climbing permits for this season that's more than ever before. they came for an adventure in the remotest place on our. queues carnage and tragedy. the man who filmed this long breathless crawl to the top of everest turned back fearing for
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his life it has become a death raised there because there was massive traffic jam and people are pushing themselves for not even care people of doing it they do it to try to summit and they're in a sort of summiting they kill themselves and it's turned into a bad thing and i think people should really look into it. the reason for the sneaking lines of mountaineers at the top of the world a record number of parent and a narrow window of good weather the delays made the already stream conditioned worse according to this climber who has the scars to prove it. you know if you look at it in experience climates don't even know how to time the oxygen masks around their face. these inexperienced climbers can create problems for the rest of the climbers. as far as death is concerned it's the
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climbers themselves who take the risk robin fisher is one of the 11 people to have died the season he shot this video describing the conditions as he set out for the summit. but it is the death zone near the hillary step where the congestion is most dangerous to resume officials have promised to implement safety barriers but. the number of climbers who come to our mountains is actually quite low compared to other countries we're not going to fix or limit the number of climbers we're trying to get more tourists and climbers to come to nepal by giving them better facilities and safety we want to encourage them to come for both pleasure and fame but there is a cleanup operations gets underway on everest it's not just rubbish they're collecting for more bodies were plucked off the mountain another reminder that the pursuit of
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pleasure and fame can come at a grievous price. all right let's bring in any canadian filmmaker who's climb mount everest several times now he joins us from the polls capital kathmandu l a u a climbing everest just last week i believe for a film you're currently shooting tell us what's making it so much more dangerous why a climb is dying so for the very 1st time with my own eyes i've been on everest 8 times i've stood on the summit 3 times now for the very 1st time with my own eyes i saw the infamous queues you know that are making headlines right now and on our way from camp 3 to camp 4 we could already see that there were you know 40 or 50 climbers ahead of us and that evening there were over 250 climbers that ran into summit so the queues are obviously a huge issue you know the narrow weather window as mentioned earlier is also another issue then of course there's the grand issue of lack of experience on the
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mountain that's causing a lot of problems and many of these fatalities said the government simply be strict in the way it hands out climbing climbing permits. i believe so you know they should limit the number of permits china has led the way this year with their approach of limiting the number of permits i think the other thing that would be very helpful would be you know creating a prerequisite of having summit in 1000 meter peak before you're seeing very inexperienced climbers you know there are actually some climbers on the mountain where everest was their 1st mountain that would be incredibly helpful the other thing as well is i mean i just think people need to take this more seriously you know we see these images on social media we see them in the media we see seemingly ordinary people standing on top of the world and it's creating a culture of well i can if they can do it i can do it but then people are showing up they're trying to save money they're hiring irresponsible outfitters and those outfitters are also responsible for some of these fatalities as well as the climbers themselves so essentially it's people overestimating their own abilities
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and a lack of understanding of of really what climbing mt everest means. so a lack of understanding but it's also a lack of support you know when you hire a local company and pay $25.00 to $35000.00 you're compromising quality you're not getting adequate sherpa support you're not getting enough oxygen you not getting the right strategy or leadership to prepare you to go into the death zone to climb to 9000 metres above sea level and to understand exactly what you're getting yourself into and it also having the leadership to educate you on when enough is enough you know you see climbers that push themselves beyond the limit by some many people that were climbing up to the summit and they really should have been turned around i tried to coax people into turning around saying you know there's there's no shame you know and being humble and admitting defeat because your life legacy is not worth it. yes you said yourself you've climbed everest several times just tell us your own experience what does it feel like if you get to the top of the top of
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every everest describe. well in the past it's absolutely been exhilarating in 2013 i stood on top of the world we had the entire summit to ourselves this year as we approach the top you know one of the young ladies from the documentary dream of everest that i was shooting she pulled her oxygen mask off or cares for us and you know and she said to me you know where's the summit earlier and i pulled my own off and i said do you not see the 60 people. piled up on a rock so that was that was my experience just exhilarating but this year it was quite complicated being up there because there are so many people and it's like l.a. in katmandu thank you so much for speaking to us thank you you're welcome. to brazil now where the prison system has been rocked by a space of killings the bodies of more than 50 inmates were found in several prisons and men now also in the remote amazonas state now authorities are
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attributing the deaths to drug related gang violence president. vows to regain control of brazil's prisons his spokesman says the violence is unlikely to spread but others on social poll come from above but inside these walls brutality reigns some 55 inmates have been massacred inside brazil's prisons strangled to death and stabbed with shop and toothbrushes. families gathered at a morgue demanding to see the bodies of their loved one's father is a still waiting to hear if their husbands are alive. let's pick up with that anguished desperate him outside the prison we don't know what to do because we aren't allowed to get close to the gate the police won't allow us and don't inform us about anything. less it's not easy because they are treated like animals inside they are humans not dogs they should be given jobs and put to work but it doesn't
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happen. the killings began on sunday and spread across 4 prisons in the amazonas state anguished relatives rioted outside the gates brazil's justice minister has blamed gang violence peace or suspected ringleaders will be transferred to maximum security prisons. for the information we have who stood there was a conflict between criminal factions within the prisons which can happen anywhere in the world but this should not happen we have the obligation to try to control these types of cases but others blame systematic overcrowding for raising tensions between inmates. the brazilian prison system is a system that is absolutely overcrowded we have the 3rd largest prison population in the world we have more than 700000 prisoners living in absolutely any human condition. it's not the 1st mass killing inside brazil's
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prison system some are now warning that these latest deaths could trigger a wave of payback killings. now turkey's largest city east and bull is preparing for a rerun of its may or election in a few weeks time the country's electoral commission a null the result of an earlier vote following a complaint from president have type of ones a party his party. lost the election to a mode of who represented an alliance of opposition posses now away from the capitol in the east of to me it's not uncommon that candidates who've won an election a prevented from taking out their positions a correspondent visited the kurdish majority city of van she met a woman there who won her local election back in march but hasn't yet been able to start serving as. as ever started out. on its own when did john catch
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must walk through her neighborhood in the city of van it always takes a while she's constantly recognised by people involved in conversations asked for advice it's hardly surprising many you think of catch must as then they are. that is what they're there just minutes into a local elections at the end of march she stood for the pro kurdish opposition party h d p in vans it amid district she won with almost 54 percent of the vote but her joy did not last long. if you force your own to feel secure kerry is there more than ever thought that i would not receive my mandate i wasn't expecting this because the election commission had approved me as a candidate. 2 months after the vote people here are still appalled by the election board's decision. lane that by i think this is very unfair was the. decision is wrong whoever wins the election should take office who . did in minutes by not giving her the mandate this stealing the will of the people
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. the election commission says good catch most should not be made because she was dismissed from her job by an emergency decree following the attempted coup in 2016 despite international criticism the turkish government had tens of thousands of state employees detained sacked or suspended. who was a teacher at the time was also on the list she still doesn't know why but i mean if that comes in bottles a couple the same election authority that allowed us to run as candidates then makes this unlawful decision it's supposed to be an absolutely independent institution but it's not it's under the control of the a.k.p. . lawyers thought. instead of catch must the runner up candidate in her district was declared made a member of president. adeline's a k party. a few weeks ago catch most protested against
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a ruling in front of the town hall where she feels she should now be working just a few minutes for the police to clear the demonstrators. i. am. hyla tanisha is the only member of the ruling a.k.p. in van who is willing to talk to us he blames goujon catchment his party for the outcome. a rival party deliberately nominated candidates who were sacked by emergency decrees are honorable president had warned them don't nominate people with links to terror groups or crime or those who were sacked if you do it this is what you get will. in 5 districts in southeastern turkey a key people the titians were given the office despite pro kurdish h d p candidates actually winning the elections the opposition insists it's
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a deliberate attempt to keep them out of power. fusion catchments is now helping out in her husband's stationery store and she has filed an appeal against the decision to withdraw the mandate even though she has little chance of success. i don't want to give up i want to be there for the people of adamant my hope for the unlawful an end to democratic practices in turkey will soon end. as. a present from a friend and nameplate for what should have been her new office. now it's here in the shop one of the few reminders that goujon catchments was recently and they could mayor. of the formula one legend the key lauder will be buried today in his hometown of vienna austria he died last week at the age of 73 time world champion lao that
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claimed his 1st title with ferrari in 1975 a horrific crash at the german grown prix the following year very nearly cost the austrian his life but loudon made a remarkable remarkable recovery and went on to win 2 more championships in 1987 and in 1984 and iconic figure lauder retired in 1905 but he remained active in formula one throughout his life. and talk more to me about niki lauda is tom going to. sports tom thanks for joining us tell us what's going to happen today but they plan so currently under way the st stephen's cathedral right in the heart of vienna is a memorial service from the hill out a ways being just played in the pros koskie that's really a transfer you know of fans of notables and people who were associated with the new nike lauder to say their last good boys lewis hamilton is of course going to be
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among the people in attendance he dedicated his win at the monaco grand prix on the weekend to niki lauda saying that was the hardest race are the had that was for you nicky your fighting spirit was right there with me every step of the way also in attendance the austrian president alexander van de baron and and even now after this memorial service the open that sort of made the clothes during the morning in vienna does then going to be a public mass. followed by a private funeral later on for the members of his family in which he's going to be buried in his racing overalls all right let's talk about loud his legacy i mean he was so same us he was so admired but how will people remember him well of course i mean very obviously in kind of statistically he was one of the most successful drivers in the history of formula one but it wasn't just his wins that captured the public imagination most notably of course as you mentioned the miraculous recovery that he made after that crash in 176 bears remembering mickey lauder was actually
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read his last rights in hospital about how close he came to losing his life and just to the races later he was back in the cockpit driving for already again and he came very close to winning the top 2 in that same season. of course he's also remembered for his rivalry with british racing driver james hunt which is a narrative of the kind that sports really thrive on and survive on. remain present in formula one for out his. life after retirement as you mentioned and you know he was very instrumental in bringing lewis hamilton to the miss eighty's team in which he's been so dominant and successful over the past years in this force you know also a big hand in creating one of the most dominant formula one champions of modern era . i think is a quote. a tribute that was paid by jackie stewart to the he'll outta he described his competitors because of course they raced together at the same time as one of the best drivers of all time and also one of the most courageous about to stay and
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i should mention that we're seeing live pictures now of mickey loudest funeral and i thank so much. you're watching news life from but then stay tuned for the w. business news next thanks so much for watching v.w. .
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