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31st. this is the w. news live a problem but when the nigerian president to muhammadu buhari is about to be sworn in for a 2nd term the 76 year old wanted reelection in february the pledging to revive the economy improve security and tackle corruption but many young nigerians remain unconvinced he is the right choice for their future we'll go to our correspondent at the inauguration ceremony did not do just. also coming up the tussle to the top
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job in brussels is underway and it could take some time for european union leaders all clashing nobody should be the next president of the european commission the post-election summit in brussels has so far failed to use tension. and the world of formula one says its final farewell to a motor sports legend mickey dowd it will be a very sad day in his hometown of vienna austria following his death last week at the age of 78. i'm on you can mackinnon thanks so much for joining us the nigerian president mohammed dubow hari is set to be inaugurated for the 2nd time today hari and his convoy have just arrived in the central square in the capital of hooja and we'll be talking to our correspondent funny in a moment his the. attending the inauguration she told us many young people are
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skeptical that the 76 year old president is the right man to revamp the economy she spoke to young voters who see no reason to celebrate today's inauguration of. these young men who want this cocktail bar and if the president were to stop by they would mix of very special drinks for him. if you miss a strong drink if so maybe you could resets in 6. where you get a strong drink you puts you to sleep when you wake up maybe news going to think about all these youths gave all this strong drink let's see what we could do for them. they feel biharis doing way too little to empower the youth all of them have studied abroad back here they are often called front of the nigeria's makeshift infrastructure such as its regular power outages they must spend 200 dollars every
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month just to keep their drinks cool their youths are young vibrant we want to do something so if the government can give us. i think will be greater than anything give you power in terms of your power in terms of influence power in terms of electricity when we get electricity in finance. and infrastructure and how it relates to your business. he has promised all of that but it's hard to find someone who believes in his policies i very. rarely does of summer but i'm not seeing anything is the people that believe in so the issue i feel that we should give new people after a while i finally find a bihari supporter eager to join the. president we need patience room was no beauty the saying of the saints but i don't see it. for now.
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person one with the war president the support of a majority of the electorate the youth about half of the registered voters are under $35.00 but only every 3rd of the electorate went out to vote at all a historic low which doesn't bode well for president biharis 2nd term. all right let's press not so funny such as his reporting from eagle square in a jail where president biharis an operation is now taking place funny we just heard in your report about voter apathy and the many young nigerians who don't support hari what's the turnout turnout looking like it is no variation today. well you can see here at a a crowd that is very much excited actually because a president who has just arrived and the swearing in ceremony is just about to start but if you talk to people on the ground outside this location here 2 young people especially that we've been talking to in the past couple of days you will
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also feel some reservation in skepticism because let's not forget more than 41 percent of the entire electorate did not cast a ballot for president a.b.c. party for his contender a team of about cars p.d.p. party so having said that of course today is the inauguration day but is it going to be a big party a big celebration no because the country simply may split over one important question who is the right leader for this country and in each direction this country should take the next 4 yes so we're just looking at live pictures now of near the inauguration president bihari is starting his 2nd term what will his main challenges be what does he need to focus on in a 2nd. the challenges are pretty much the same as 4 years ago which is about trying to make sure that the economy is back on track that is finally security and stability in this country and that we call and that
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basically it's not the situation as it is right now that hardly any day goes by without any reports of violence of killings due to either ethnical classes religious clashes or due to jihadists in the east of the country are banditry and also of course this corruption one of the biggest issues here in the jury is because due to corruption which is very much connected that you can revamp the economies not so many things are at standstill so these things these challenges remain the same if you ask young people what they want it is going to be education and as we heard in our report it's going to be electricity to actually kick start businesses to make sure that they do become a president who are we promise them to become the future of nigeria. funny such are in the nigerian capital abuja thanks so much. 2 european politics next and they clashed over who should take the news top job german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel mccall stand divided
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on the issue now cole is backing the process by which the biggest parties so-called lead candidate it takes the post in this case is the head of the european peoples party who also happens to be a fellow german but president mccaw is calling for the selection process to be changed and this comes as government heads mason brussels to discuss the blocks leadership for the next 5 years let's have a listen to what the 2 heads of state had to say off the talks last night. the minister you became the german government has committed to the principle of the need candidates however the parties represented in the coalition have different views as to which candidate is best suited to this if everyone just peace with their preferred names we will be stuck because none of the groups have a majority or to learn it even if 2 of them work together they still have a majority we need 3 joy even 4 groups to do this. so it's an obvious
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differences of opinion there and for more on this i am joined by our correspondent tele teri schultz in brussels hi terry now e.u. leaders hopes to be able to at least agree last night on the process for choosing the next president of the european commission why is this position so important. well on you the fact that they weren't even able to agree on how to choose this perch a person much less who it should be underscores just what an important position this is and that's because the commission is the only institution that has the mandate to propose legislation which of course has a huge impact on all $28.00 member states the other point is that the president of the commission gets to decide which new commissioner from which country gets a job in the new commission who's going to take over energy who's going to take over trade who is going to have foreign policy the job currently held by federico move green so those are highly visible posts and very very important to member states and the fact that european parliamentary elections took so much power away
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from the 2 largest political group as groups has really empowered those who wanted to argue about this system and that's why we're seeing this debate in a way that we didn't see 5 years ago in the last european parliamentary elections and there's this debate that we could see a new commission president coming from one of the smaller political groups it does no one is willing to just accept any more the european people's party candidate munford bever even though they do still hold the most seats in the european parliament and that's seen as favoring perhaps margret the vest from the loop 3rd largest political group because any candidate is going to have to get support from at least 3 political groups and she's seen as somewhat of a unifying figure but you know france timmermans hasn't given up the fight he's got at least 2 member countries who say that they're going to support him and there's even talk that none of these nominees will be the european commission president that someone like michel barnier bret's a negotiator could sweep in at the last moment and take the job away from any of
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the political groups nominees all right teri schultz in brussels we will be watching with bated breath as this continues thanks so much. all right let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today. afghan politicians and representatives from the taliban have met in moscow possible conference marking 100 years of diplomatic ties between russia and afghanistan opening the meeting russian foreign minister sergei lavrov cold for the complete withdrawal of international forces from afghanistan. in australia the new be reelected prime minister scott morrison has been sworn into office a week off to his conservative coalition one surprise victory his cabinet includes ken wyatt the 1st aboriginal person to become a minister for indigenous affairs. in argentina activists all renewing efforts to legalize abortion will make his have said they would introduce
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a bill to legalize the terminations of pregnancies up to 14 weeks out some of the motion possible out lower house of congress last year but was defeated in the senate huge the opposition from religious groups. and at least 11 people have been injured in a wave of tornadoes that struck the u.s. states of towns in missouri the twisters destroyed several houses and brought down power lines in the counties the city area became a day off the 30 people injured by debris as the tornado hit ohio. the formula one legend the he'll outta will be buried today in his hometown of vienna austria he died last week at the age of 73 time world champion claimed his 1st title with ferrari in 1975 a horrific crash at the german grown pretty the following year very nearly cost the austrian his life but loudon made a remarkable recovery and he went on to win 2 more championships in 19971904
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he was an iconic figure and he retired in 1985 but he remained active in formula one throughout his life. and tom de noise here from sports to tell us a little bit more tom thanks for joining us tell us what's happening today at the plant you know so today from st stephen's cathedral right in the heart of the you know there's going to be a memorial service for niki lauda. a chance for fans and notables associates colleagues and friends of louder to say their last goodbyes of course in attendance among others is lewis hamilton who dedicated his win on the weekend just gone to monaco grand prix to niki lauda saying this was the hardest race i've ever had that was for you nicky your fighting spirit was right there with me every step of the way alongside lewis hamilton and of course plenty of other notables in the world of formula one austrian president alexander vanderbilt is going to be attendance as well on those folks in asia following the memorial service in the
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morning there's a good to be a public mass followed by a private funeral later on for close associates family members etc of niki lauda. he's actually going to be buried in his ferrari racing overalls. he was he was such a champion he was so admired let's talk about his legacy how will he be remembered well i mean of course in kind of very basic terms as one of the most successful drivers in the history of formula one very few people ever won as many championships or as many races as nicky allowed to do during his career but of course it was more than just you know his to just a few successes that captured the public imagination. you touched on of course the miraculous recovery that mickey lauder made after that horrific crash in nuremberg in 1986 he was read his last rights in hospital after that crash that's really how close it came to costing him his life he only missed 2 races following that incident and the 3rd he was already back in the cockpit competing for the for the
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championship which he very nearly won he was described by his contemporary jackie stewart. as one of the best drivers of all time and of course was one of the most courageous. he remained present in formula one after his retirement as you mentioned and was instrumental in bringing lewis hamilton to the miss a these team which he's been so don't want in the past few years so you know he also had to be. one of the most dominant champions of the modern era a true great still or at sports like so much. a great reminder of the top stories we're following for you nigerian president mohammed bahar is about to be sworn in for a 2nd term 76 year old one reelection in february after pledging to revive the economy improve security and tackle corruption for many young nigerians remain unconvinced he's the right choice for their future. and german chancellor angela merkel and the french president among you i'm not hong have clashed over who should take the european union's top job the tensions come of the 2 native meet with of
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the e.u. heads of government in brussels to discuss the bloke's leadership for the next 5 years. you're watching news live from berlin coming up next is the borneo case a documentary on the fight against in the loading the stateroom so that's on thanks for watching. it's all happening live. news from africa the world joining to exception the stories and discussions continue and will come to you suffocating program tonight from dawn. on uses easy to our website d w to africa.


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