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player. 50 w. news live from for alleged nigerian president mahmoud pari is sworn in for a 2nd term the 76 year old one reelection in february after pledging to revive the economy and security and tackle corruption but many young nigerians remain unconvinced he is the right choice for their future little go to war correspondent at the inauguration ceremony. plus the tussle for the top job in brussels is underway and it could take some time the leaders are clashing over who should be the next president of the european commission
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a post-election summit in brussels has so far failed to ease tensions. she was elected mayor of the turkish city with more than 50 percent of the vote but if the test next kurdish politician has been prevented from taking office and she's only the opposition she's not the only opposition politician in america wants to be kept out of power. plus the world the formula one says that it is set to saying its final farewell to a motor sport legend niki lauder will be buried today in his hometown of vienna austria following his death last week at the age of. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program nigerian president mohamad has been inaugurated for a 2nd and final term today due to security concerns. with already used organized
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a low key ceremony some with president obama degree hari took his oath of office at eagle square in the capital city of marjah a number of african leaders attended the occasion in africa's most populous nation . and we're now we're joined by w. funny char who is reporting from eagle square in a blue gym where president hu hari's inauguration is still ongoing funny we're hearing of a low key ceremony why is that and what has the turnout in line. the president who are actually just warning and gracious actually about getting of else's hearing actually comes in the background if you look at the hyatt these areas where i am right now a specific forward of focus a were not fired a lot of people there to average ordinary citizens from of injured rather high representative former officers or military guards and this is all built in one of
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the reasons why a lot of young people feel like this integration is not for them with this deal that is higher particularly for much perhaps from them some people actually just a couple of days ago before this they are very proud to be a jury and. also let you know what they can not some are going to feel the way she is going to see a very firm and because he feels that the current government that was the past government through the process there's simply not doing enough for them let's have a listen. these young men in this cocktail bar and if the president were to stop by they would make a very special drink for him. if he needs a strong drink so maybe you could resets. when you get a strong drink you put you to sleep when you wake up maybe you is going to think about all these youths gave a strong drink let's see what we could do for them. they feel he's doing way too
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little to empower the youth all of them have studied abroad back here they are often called front of the nigerian makeshift infrastructure such as its regular power outages they must spend 200 dollars every month just to keep their drinks cool their youths are young vibrant we want to do something so if the government can give us. i think will be greater than anything give you power in terms of electricity or power in terms of power in terms of electricity when we get electricity in finance. and infrastructure. business. he has promised all of that but it's hard to find someone who believes in his policies i very. rarely does of them are in anything. so the issue i feel that. after a while i finally find
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a bihari supporter eager to join the festivities around his president we need patience room was no butin there be no saying of the saints but i don't see it but . for now. president mahmoud the war president lacks the support of a majority of the electorate the youth about half of the registered voters are under $35.00 but only every 3rd of the electorate went out to vote at all a historic low which does not bode well for president biharis 2nd term. so i mean we just heard there and your report about voter apathy many young nigerians who don't support group hari who as we mentioned have been inaugurated today what are biharis main challenges as he gives up for his 2nd term. biggest challenge is basically to make you know that's
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a report card going. around after you've heard that you want to repeat they want jobs he wants a future you want to become leader to thank you but they don't feel that the our empire our future is a country which is making that possible yes that he says all the guarantees the quarterly cities corruption make sure the supremacy or security nigeria has a 2nd chair for you can't do it alone with the government. trying to char in nigeria's capital abuja just thank you sunny. well let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world afghan politicians and representatives from the taliban have met in moscow part of a conference marking 100 years of diplomatic ties between russia and afghanistan opening that meeting russian foreign minister sergei lavrov called for the complete withdrawal of international forces from afghanistan. and australia newly elected prime minister scott morrison has been sworn into office
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a week after his conservative coalition won a surprise victory in cabinet a boot camp why is the 1st aboriginal person to become minister for indigenous us. in argentina activists are renewing efforts to legalize abortion lawmakers have said that they would introduce a bill to legalize the terminations of pregnancy is up to 14 weeks a similar motion passed the lower house of congress last year but was defended defeated in the senate due to opposition from religious groups. at least 11 people have been injured in a wave of tornadoes that struck the u.s. state of kansas and missouri the twisters destroyed several houses and brought down power lines in the kansas city area it came a day after 30 people were injured by debris as a tornado hit ohio. 2 european politics next and a clash over who should take the e used top job german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel stand
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divided on this issue back to the process by which the biggest party so-called leave candidate takes the post in this case the head of the european people's party who also happens to be a fellow german but the problem is calling for the selection process to be changed it comes as government heads meet in brussels to discuss the blocs leadership for the next 5 years. let's have a listen now to what the 2 heads of state had to say after their talks last night. because the german government is committed to the principle of the candidates however the parties represented in the coalition have different views as to which candidates is best suited to this. distaste with their preferred names we will be stuck because none of the groups have a majority on the left and even if 2 of them work together they still have a majority we need 3 joy even 4 groups to do things different. so some obvious differences of opinion there let's break it down with teri schultz who is joining
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us from brussels so terry e.u. leaders they had hoped to be at least agreeing last night on the process for choosing the next european commission president why are they sort of stuck of the standstill right now well sort of the fact that they can't even agree on how this person should be chosen much less who he or she should be underscores just how significant this job is and that's because the commission is the only institution that can propose legislation which of course has a huge impact on all $28.00 member countries and the president of the commission also will get to decide which commissioner from which member country gets what job in the new commission who's going to be in charge of trade who gets energy which country is going to provide the next federica mobile foreign policy chief so there's a lot of power in that job and no one's going to give it up easily and the fact that european parliamentary elections took the top 2 political groups down a notch or 2 means that political groups from other other sizes are saying hey
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we're tired of those 2 groups having a lock on the top job and we want it. does this debate terry mean that we could see a new commission president coming from potentially one of the smaller political groups and how exactly might that work. that's right it does mean that and in fact the fact the debate has been reopened is seen as favoring margaret the vestavia she's from the 3rd political group the liberals and she's somewhat of a unifying figure she's also a female which is which is important but you know there's also the possibility that someone who is not a nominee of the political groups could come in and swoop this job out from under the noses of these candidates and the name mentioned in that capacity is michel barnier the bronx a negotiator so it's really wide open at the moment and it's going to be a long fight gender balance started a little bit bare you know it's something that we're hearing a lot about when it comes to the use top jobs with european council president on so sang that it's a priority for him are we going to see more women taking on key roles you think
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well sarah we've heard this before zhang klobuchar also said he was going to have a more gender balance commission and he only managed to have fewer than a 3rd of his commissioners female but you're right president has said that for him it is very important that 2 of the top 4 jobs be women if possible that underscores another problem member states do not propose women equal numbers for these top jobs so the problem starts way below brussels but in fact the there's a renewed interest in this and you know margaret's investing a strong candidate c. may change things sarah teri schultz in brussels thank you. well now to turkey where the largest city istanbul is preparing for a rerun of its may oral election in a few weeks time following a complaint from president erika want elsewhere in turkey it's not uncommon that candidates who have won an election are prevented from taking up their positions
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and our correspondent yulia han visited the kurdish majority city of van where she met a woman there who won her local election back in march but hasn't yet been able to start serving as mayor service and her. adult son when did john catch must walk through her neighborhood in the city of van it always takes a while she's constantly recognized by people involved in conversations asked for advice it's hardly surprising many you think of catch must as then they are us is that this is what they're there just minutes into a local elections at the end of march she stood for the pro kurdish opposition party h d p in vans it amid district she won with almost 54 percent of the vote but her joy did not last long. enough for your own to feel secure care museum although i never thought that i would not receive my mandate i wasn't expecting this because the election commission had approved me as a candidate. 2 months after the vote people here are still appalled
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by the election board's decision. in the lane that i think this is very unfair the. decision is wrong and whoever wins the election should take office. there in minutes by not giving her the mandate this stealing the will of the people most of them if. the election commission says catchments should not be made because she was dismissed from her job by an emergency decree following the attempted coup in 2016 despite international criticism the turkish government had tens of thousands of state employees detained so. act was suspended jen catch most was a teacher at the time was also on the list she still doesn't know why. i mean if it was done by schools this same election authority that allowed us to run as candidates then makes this unlawful decision it's supposed to be an absolutely
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independent institution but it's not it's under the control of the a.k.p. . instead of catch must the runner up candidate in her district was declared made a member of president adeline's a k party. a few weeks ago catchments protested against a ruling in front of the town hall where she feels she should now be working it took just a few minutes for the police to clear the demonstrators thanks. i'm i am. tanisha is the only member of the ruling a.k.p. in van who is willing to talk to us he blames goujon kutch mrs party for the outcome. a rival party deliberately nominated candidates who were sacked by emergency decrees are honorable president had warned them don't nominate people with links to terror groups or crime or those who were sacked if you do it this is
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what you can't who will. in 5 districts in southeastern turkey a key people the titians were given the office despite pro kurdish candidates actually winning the elections the opposition insists it's a deliberate attempt to keep them out of power. pugin catchments is now helping out in her husband's stationery store and she has filed an appeal against the decision to withdraw her mandate even though she has a little chance of success is evident pokers i don't want to give up i want to be there for the people of adamant my hope for the unlawful and anti democratic practices in turkey will soon end with. a present from a friend and nameplate for what should have been her new office. now it's here in the shop one of the few remind us that goujon catchments was recently elected mayor
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. why he has asked the u.s. court to throw out legislation barring american federal agencies from buying its products the lawsuit was initially filed in march of a chinese company is now asking for a summary judgment all that after u.s. president donald trump has also banned the telecom equipment maker from trading with any u.s. company. 4 way the case is clear politicians in the u.s. are using the spins off and entire nation will come of a private company they are using every a tour they have include being legislative administratively and beppe in america china has. they want to put pass out of business. for months washington has been accusing hallway of spying and delivering data out
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to leaders in beijing soon to walk away is something that's very dangerous you look at what they've done from a security standpoint from a military standpoint it's very dangers from a clear rebuttal the u.s. government has provided no evidence to sure that highway is a curfew threat there is no gun no smoke only speculation. speculation that has landed huawei on the so-called entity list a list of companies that u.s. firms cannot trade with google has already announced that it wouldn't provide updates of its smartphone operating system android to huawei shares of some u.s. tech companies including chip makers have come under pressure. meanwhile the u.s. chinese trade war is escalating beijing has announced it was thinking of limiting exports of rare earths to the u.s.
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endangering the tech sector there chinese rare earth are a key resource used to make smartphones as well as computer and even military hardware. one of the world's which is richest women mackenzie baze us has pledged to donate half of her $36000000000.00 fortune to charity bezos who co-founded amazon with her ex-husband jeff bezos announced the decision in an open letter to the giving pledge a charity and mission of which encourages the mega rich to give away the majority of their wealth she wrote that her approach to philanthropy will take quote time and effort and care. now for most of his life the ukrainian photographer boris mccallum of has sent face censorship from authorities in the former soviet union his work is raw and brutal
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depicting homeless men displaying their wombs prostitutes exposing themselves children sniffing glue the k.g.b. even punished him for taking nude photos of his own wife in recent decades though he. he basically on averted his gaze has made him one of the biggest names in contemporary photography d.w. met up with him here in berlin where his work is on exhibition to mark his 80th birthday. throughout his career but asked me how i love has focused on people living at the edges of society his well known series case history from the 1990 s. portrays invalid's children and the dispossessed in his home city kharkiv after the collapse of the soviet union whether of nakedness or need the images are brutally direct often hard to look at me i love takes a different view. we have
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a unit of thought that is not retaliating. it's more compassion. maybe even a sign of respect for the problems humans suffered. for help people get into the situation by pure bad luck or. you could say this misfortune is preprogrammed a look at those these people are no scientists or scholars. before sleep after drinking is the title of a major berlin exhibition marks by me high loves 80th birthday some of the poses seem to recall christian motifs of explains that many people carry gestures like these inside them and points to an example. of go off guard ask them to show me how he sleeps he said he sleeps like this also you have to lie on top of his them so he wouldn't get stole. and then he lay down. and the result was an almost religious
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looking. for call the area. mihail of personally experience the soviet regime suppression losing his job as an engineer because of his photos his work was rarely shown until the 1990 s. then in 1904 michelle of received a scholarship and left ukraine for new york city. or more preferred english i left for personal and health and other reasons a lot of them about but the main reason was that you have to defend. your work you have to try to make something out of it with a book or a project when you were at the time it was impossible in ukraine to do anything at all except collect the pictures right now and if you're born you kind of. now me shylock's no longer has to fight for recognition. following exhibitions in new york london and vienna now berlin is often on home for 20 years is finally doing the honors. as
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a script in about some knives in rwanda internationally there are very few people who use a camera so powerfully in an effort to influence the society. and then all at once in the $99.00 days off appeared the only one to emerge in the post soviet environment and his distinctive approach is to look at social injustice and at the physical and really think about it. even if me kind of has an eye for the weakest and most vulnerable he doesn't think of himself as a do gooder his older works examine the heroes of socialism and poke fun at them all his work in photography has included some form of criticism of the world's ruling classes he sees what others all too often refuse to see but he forces us to look that is the essence of us me i love art.
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a somber note now in sports and funeral services are being held today for formula one legend nicky lauder in his hometown of vienna austria he died last week at the age of 70. 3 time world champion loud claimed his 1st title with ferrari in 1975 a horrific crash at the german grand prix the following year very nearly cost the austrian his life but loudon made a remarkable recovery and went on to win 2 more championships in 19771984 iconic figure he retired in 1905 but remained active on formula one throughout his life. it's well now to a factory in nairobi where people with disabilities make hand-stitched footballs that are sold to football associations all over the world including us. it may look like any other factory but this place is about giving people
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a chance for many people living with disabilities in africa finding steady work can be next to impossible joyce has experienced that firsthand in the past employers wouldn't even think of hiring her due to her shoulder condition but she insists she's perfectly capable of doing certain type of jobs people need to lots of challenges finding a job for people like us were living with disabilities people who just look at us and judge so it becomes really difficult sometimes you find that you can do some of the jobs you find but your boss looks at you and thinks you cannot just because of the way you look. for her colleague juma making football has also become a way of helping others. on this one i have been here for almost
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a year and i love this job we are supplying uganda tanzania kenya all of east africa stuff and so you see this job has done a lot for me because of my income if help my friends and educating my children i'm progressing in life. then there's the going to let most of the workers here are able to make a decent living but it's also about boosting confidence and taking pride in what they do. is it was a national land out and all these footballs we make here and up all over the world last month i was in kampala and i saw them being played there and i felt like this thing we're doing is something important it's something that can uplift people because they are sent all over the world and i know that all of us but. so far the team has produced over 300000 footballs and some of them have shipped all the way to prominent european clubs like arsenal manchester united and chelsea.
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a quick reminder now the top stories we're following for you here and nigerian president muhammad his will ari is sworn in for a 2nd term a 76 year old one reelection in february after pledging to revive the economy improve security and tackle corruption. german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel makana have clashed over who should take the european union's top job potentials camos the 2 leaders meet with other e.u. heads of government in brussels to discuss the blocs leadership the next 5 years. into it you can always get to that unit is on the go just download are out from google play or from the apple store it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can use the deed of you after send us photos and videos. you're up to date now on d w coming up the borneo case
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a documentary on the fight against illegal logging so do stay tuned and thanks so much for watching t.w. i'm sara kelley in berlin have a great day. eco
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india. from trash to tread. * textile waste from garment production is cluttering the empire. in india bangladesh. a fashion label from a stone e up is doing something about it with a well thought out up cycling.
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calling all women what do you think why do we honor less than men and why are we less likely to be promoted and why are we more at risk of poverty and although. is it the same worldwide or are there places where women are the higher earners closing the gender pay gap more money for women. made in germany 60 minutes. rock n roll. my last single move. to the church i know the evil feeling that you feel when you think. the stories of his music are stopping cars or. rock and
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religion class. that brings many parallels. are the 2 really super reconcilable card the devil no longer. 17 on t.w. . hello and welcome to eco we india this week we get you up close with the communities who are often the 1st responders to some of the biggest ecological and social changes our planet is witnessing some of that i hope coming to you from mumbai in india on the shore to be let's look at how traditional salt workers and went about out of depth into newer and cleaner technologies how.


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