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this is news live from berlin and nigerian president muhammadu buhari is sworn in for a 2nd term at the 76 year old one reelection in february after pledging to revive the economy improve security and tackle corruption but many young nigerians remain unconvinced he is the right choice for their future also coming up the tussle for the top job in brussels is underway and it could last a while new leaders are clashing over who should be the next president of the european commission a post-election summit in brussels has so far failed to ease tensions plus the
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world of formula one says its final farewell to a voter sport legend nicky lauder is being buried today in his hometown of vienna austria following his death last week at the age of $70.00 and $1.00 of european clubs football's biggest matches the europa league final kicks off its just a few hours but under a cloud fans from english clubs arsenal and chelsea are mostly steering clear of the box with stadium in azerbaijan as the country contends with human rights issues and the fact that it's a long a long way from blocked. i'm sorry kelly walk into the program nigeria's president mohamad hari has been sworn in for a 2nd and final term the 76 year old took the oath of office and open air ceremony
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in the capital of gujarat but he did not give and then on hero address a number of regional leaders attended the low key event in africa's most populous nation. and our correspondent on a char has been following the inauguration and. people are packing up here at eagle square and if you look to my right that's the stage for president hu hari was sworn in for a 2nd time in his life but this time around the ceremony was rather low key it was rather short as well due to security concerns but also due to the fact that democracy day that usually takes place in may 29th has been moved to june 12th is another reason why probably it's better to make sure that this integration is quiet and that has to do with a reservation and skepticism among many nigerians who did not vote for president bihari 2nd term and for his a.p.c. party especially young voters that i've spoken to said they are not satisfied with the results of president 1st they were really wants change in this country they
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want to make sure that the economy is really revamped that the corruption is really swept away in nigeria and that their stability and security in this country a lot of homework for president will hardly that he's basically inheriting from his 1st term in office as he's trying to fulfill these promises and this time around as he says he wants to make sure that the youth is becoming the future of nigeria. and that was funny for char and she just mentioned not all nigerians are happy about election about half of registered voters in february selection were under $35.00 and many of them are skeptical about their 76 year old president is the right man to revamp the economy funny also earlier spoke with voters who see no reason to celebrate today in sanaa curation. these young men who were in this cocktail bar and if the president were to stop by they would make a very special drink for him. if he missed
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a strong drink so maybe you could resets. when you get a strong drink you put you to sleep when you wake up maybe you're going to think about all these youths gave strong drink let's see what we could do for them. they feel haris doing way too little to empower the youth all of them have studied abroad back here they are often called front of the nigeria's makeshift infrastructure such as its regular power outages they must spend 200 dollars every month just to keep their drinks cool their youths are young vibrant we want to do something so if the government can give us. i think will be greater than anything give you power in terms of power in terms of power in terms of electricity when we get electricity influence. and infrastructure and how it relates.
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he has promised all of that but it's hard to find someone who believes in his policies i very. rarely does of them are nothing anything. even so the issue i feel that we should give new people after a while i finally find a horse supporter eager to join the festivities around his president we need patience room was no butin they'd be saying if the saints but i don't see it. around for now. president of the war president the support of a majority of the electorate the youth about half of the registered voters are under $35.00 but only every 3rd of the electorate. went out to vote at all a historic low which does not bode well for a president who haris 2nd term. there appears to be a growing rift between german chancellor angela merkel and french president
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a manual over who should take the e use tough job market backs the process by which the biggest parties so-called lead candidate takes the post that would be the head of the european people's party who also happens to be german but the process is obsolete it comes after last week's european elections just royd long standing political alliances. as europe's leaders took their seats at a summit in brussels there was little to suggest that anything was wrong. but after last week's elections to the european parliament in which both the center right to and center left parties love seats the political climate here is changing and so too are the jobs. the biggest question is who will replace this man john claude younker is president of the e.u. commission and soon to step down. and these are the front runners for the post
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they've been nominated by the political groups in the european parliament we can bring the whole strength of europe our value but german chancellor angela merkel has put her weight behind german m.e.p. manfred verba the lead candidate from the biggest block in the e.u. parliament but french president emmanuel mark on doesn't like this lead candidate system and wants change perhaps even this woman e.u. commissioner margaret feste aga feebleness to you the german government has committed to the principle of the need candidates however the parties represented in the coalition have different views as to which candidate is best suited. if everyone's distaste with their preferred means we will be stuck because none of the groups have a majority all alone and even if 2 of them work together they still have a majority we need 3 joy even 4 groups to do this beautiful some believe mekel is
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behind the curve on this because she herself will soon be leaving her own job. to refit there is a kind of missed opportunity between france and germany and the germans were at one point more european than the french there's too much of an economic discrepancy between france and germany germany is the 1st economic power in europe so europe is less vital for germany than it is for france and that's quite sad. it's now down to another e.u. chief donald to ask to try to come up with an acceptable nominee for the next commission president but with germany and france at odds over the process this won't be an easy task. a quick check. now some other stories making news around the world the us pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson has gone on trial in the multi-billion dollar lawsuit brought by the u.s.
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state of oklahoma prosecutors say that the company deceptively marketed opioid painkillers and downplayed the risk of addiction the outcome of the trial could affect negotiations in thousands of similar cases across the country. the chinese telecoms company while way has asked a u.s. court to throw out legislation barring government agencies from buying its products it says president trump steps to essentially ban it in the u.s. are unconstitutional washington fears a technology could be used to pass on data to beijing. in argentina activists are doing efforts to legalize abortion lawmakers have said that they would introduce a bill to legalize the terminations of pregnancies up to 14 weeks a similar motion passed the lower house of congress last year but was defeated in the senate due to opposition from religious groups. you're watching news still to come on the program she was elected mayor of a turkish city with more than 50 percent of the vote but this ethnic kurdish
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politician has been prevented from taking office and she's not the only opposition politician an heir to wants turkey to be kept out of power. just in brazil the prison system has been rocked by a spate of killings the bodies of more than 50 inmates were found in several prisons in man now authorities are attributing the deaths to drug related gang violence president i are both an auto had vowed to regain control of brazil's prisons his spokesperson says that the violence is unlikely to spread further but others are not so sure all come from above but inside these walls brutality reigns some 55 inmates have been massacred inside brazil's prisons strangled to death and stabbed with shop and toothbrushes families gathered at a morgue demanding to see the bodies of their loved ones brothers are still waiting to hear if their husbands are laws. let's pick up with that anguished desperate him
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outside the prison we don't know what to do because we aren't allowed to get close to the gate the police won't allow us and don't inform us about anything. less it's not easy because they are treated like animals inside they are humans not dogs they should be given jobs and put some work but it doesn't happen. the killings began on sunday and spread across 4 prisons in the amazonas state bank wished relatives rioted outside the gates brazil's justice minister has blamed gang violence peace or suspected ringleaders will be transferred to maximum security prisons. the information we have who stood there was a conflict between criminal factions within the prisons which can happen anywhere in the world but this should not happen we have a really good reason to try to control these types of cases but others blame systematic overcrowding for raising tensions between inmates.
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at the prison and prison system is a system that is absolutely overcrowded we have the 3rd largest prison population in the world we have more than 700000 prisoners living in absolutely any human condition. it's not the 1st mass killing inside brazil's prison system someone now warning that these latest deaths could trigger a wave of payback killings. turkey's largest city istanbul is preparing for a rerun of its may oral election in a few weeks time the country is electoral commission an old the result of an earlier boat following a complaint from president recha type want a k. party now the same process is playing out elsewhere in turkey some candidates who have won an election are prevented from starting their new jobs in w.'s yulia han met an opposition politician in the kurdish majority. city of van who was elected
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mayor back in march but is unable to take up office has ever found her. son when did john catch must walk through her neighborhood in the city of van it always takes a while she's constantly recognized by people involved in conversations asked for advice it's hardly surprising many you think of catch must as then they are. that is what they think his miller in turkey's local elections at the end of march she stood for the pro kurdish opposition party h d p in vans it amid district she won with almost 54 percent of the vote but her joy did not last long. in order to feel secure here museum although i never thought that i would not receive my mandate i wasn't expecting this because the election commission had approved me as a candidate. 2 months after the vote people here are still appalled by the election board's decision. by i think this is very
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unfair the. decision is wrong whoever wins the election should take office. there in minnesota not giving her the mandate they're stealing the will of the people. the election commission says good catchments should not be mayor because she was dismissed from her job by an emergency decree following the attempted coup in 2016 despite international criticism the turkish government had tens of thousands of state employees detained sacked or suspended he was a teacher at the time was also on the list she still doesn't know why but i mean if it comes in bottles of coke with the same election authority that allowed us to run as candidates then makes this unlawful decision it's supposed to be an absolutely independent institution but it's not it's under the control of the a.k.p. . lawyers thought. instead of catchments the runner up candidate in her district
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was declared may a member of president adeline's a k party. a few weeks ago comes goujon catchment his party for the outcome. of our rival party deliberately nominated candidates who were sacked by emergency decrees are honorable president had warned them don't nominate people with links to terror groups or crime or those who were sacked if you do it this is what you can't who will be in 5 districts in southeastern turkey a key people the titians were given the office despite pro kurdish h.t.t.p. candidates actually winning the elections the opposition insists it's a deliberate attempt to keep them out of power. gen catchments is now helping out in her husband's stationery store and she has filed an appeal against the decision to withdraw her mandate even though she has little chance of success is evident pokers i don't want to give up i want to be
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there for the people of adamant i hope that the unlawful an anti democratic practices in turkey will soon end. as. a present from a friend and nameplate for what should have been her new office. now it's here in the shop one of the few reminders that goujon catchments was recently elected mayor . our next report is from south africa where one woman says that she struggled to find history books black african children could identify with and though she did find her limited in scope now determined to fill that gap she wrote her own book she's already sold 2000 copies and hopes that more children in africa will get to read it. no longer. but today she's reading a book she wrote us of. wow.
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with a book in africa with our view and. south african historian no longer hopes to prepare . for the future by teaching her the history of why people. own experience as an african that the one thing that africans value that has and put them through centuries of pain is knowing where they are and where they come from. a university professor discovered that african history books written for kids almost exclusively focused on ancient egypt she wanted to paint a broader picture about the continent. she wants to cover everything from ancient history to more contemporary independence movement. when africans are clear about the history and about where they come from and the origins and their different mythologies we do way better. as kids in school we do way better as students at
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university and we. fought. in the world in terms of being innovators when we know our history. no longer also realized that there were no history books that black children in africa could really identify with she was determined to fill the gap and sat down with her illustrator friend any boy to develop a comic book for children in african history just trying to represent visually. elements of african history so that kids can. kind of get a feel for it through the visual side but not in a way that. helps african people know my longest approach is simple she shows kids and young adults a different perspective on african history the subject of slavery for example is looked at from a much broader perspective and doesn't just focus on africa shows that humans have
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been cruel to one another everywhere throughout history. this is an important misses in a country like south africa where christmas of its colonial past be found everywhere . no longer stresses that this alternative perspective was sorely missed and up until now even in schools. like those in the 3rd. school have something to be proud of i want to know more. if my. no one in this book embraces african history and culture plus it covers issues ranging from the rise of civilizations to slavery colonialism struggles for independence and famous african. it's really. about culture. and choice because you don't have.
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confident that. the popularity of a book is to rise and perhaps one day walk will become compulsory in schools across africa. a somber sports note for you now and funeral services were held today for formula one legend nicky allowed up in his hometown of vienna austria he died last week at the age of 70 a 3 time world champion claimed his 1st title with ferrari back in 1075 a horrific crash at the german grand prix the following year nearly cost him his life but he made a remarkable recovery and went on to win 2 more championships in 19771984 iconic figure he retired in 1905 but remained active in formula one throughout his
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life. let's get more now we're joined here by don benoit from or at so tell us a little bit more about what's happening today so currently underway in vienna the sense even this cathedral right in the heart of the city. is a public memorial service for niki lauda his coffin has been lying close in repose there since i take him this morning and mourners have been chewing up to come by and pay their final respects fans of nucular out of fans of the sport notables family members colleagues contemporaries of loud in attendance lewis hamilton one notable personality of course from the world of form formula one who's been there today he dedicated his monaco grand prix win at the weekend in the he'll outta saying that it was the hardest race he'd ever had that was for you nicky your fighting spirit was right there with me every step of the way austrian president alexander vonda been is also in attendance bernie ecclestone of course a giant from the formidable mode as well has stayed away he said they didn't want
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to see nicky loud a date that nicky lives on for him after this public mast as the lights are going to be a private funeral just for family members close friends of making loud and he's going to be buried actually wearing his ferrari racing of rules but with his legacy well his legacy what is his legacy and of course his you know just in sporting terms he goes out as one of the most successful drivers in the history of formula one but it was far more than just his race wins which you know captured people's hearts you mentioned the horrific crash that make it out i was involved in 976. and it really was a miraculous recovery after that crash when he was in hospital recovering being treated for his injuries that he sustained he was actually read his last rights he came back close to losing his life in that incident but missed only 2 races following that he then by the 3rd race he was back in the cockpit back foreign for
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the title and came very. he closed the women he went on to win 2 more during his career he was of course had a very famous rivalry with james hunt which was immortalized him over recent years in the film rush that could be familiar it's of plenty of our viewers and like you said he was active in formula one for the rest of his life he was instrumental in bringing lewis hamilton to miss avies a big hand in the history of his 4 time tonight thank you thank you it's a mean time on the football pitch english sides arsenal and chelsea meet in baku tonight in the final of the europa league the build up has been overshadowed by criticism over the choice to host the game in the capital azerbaijan far from london arsenal's armenian player henrik nikita already on a stay behind over security fears while rights groups have accused of using the file to divert attention from its poor human rights record. lympics stadium had seemed an asset to the city ahead of this final now the fact that the ground can
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hold almost 70000 seems worrying plenty of those seats looks set to remain empty for arsenal and chelsea fans from london almost 5000 kilometers away travel is complicated and expensive for locals ticket pricing is prohibited unrelenting criticism is making you wait for his decision to hold the final him back look like an own goal and the prospect of playing in front of me go support is an unappealing one for the teams themselves yes i prefer to play with also but here i prefer can't call here a lot of support there for. a front for or. for long on but it's difficult for the 4 of these fly it's not only the fans that have been left back in london arsenal are also missing one of their key players armenian henrik mkhitaryan bowed out of the fixture considering azerbaijan too dangerous a destination the 2 countries fought
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a bloody war within living memory and remain locked in conflict over disputed territory today there have been reports of police and security forces bothering fans with nick atari ans name on the back of the shirts of course you are disappointed it's not here but. we spoke a lot of. a lot of. politics things it's time to speak about football president bill how i live would be pleased if the conversation moved on as no doubt would you a frog friends too are keen to get on with the game but in backroom politics paul once again overshadowing. a quick reminder of the top stories that we're following for you here on the w. nigerian president mohammad who bihari has been sworn in for a 2nd and final term the 76 year old won re-election in february after pledging to revive the economy improve security and topple corruption. german chancellor angela
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merkel and french president to manual micron have clashed over who should take the european union's top job the tensions came as the 2 leaders meet with other e.u. heads of governments in brussels to discuss the blocs leadership for the next 5 years. coming up on his asia we will meet with some of the unmarried women campaigning for stigma free access to birth control and india and singapore's efforts to transform a concrete jungle are making some residents of the city on happy. all that mara d.w. news asia i'm sorry kelly in berlin that's all for me for now thank you so much for watching have a great day. odd
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calling all women what do you think why do we often are less than men and why are we less likely to be promoted and why are we more at risk of poverty and all that. is in the same world why are there places where women are the higher earners closing the gender pay gap more money for women. made in germany. not nothing out of the job but just sometimes out but most end up in which is that the german thinks deep into her german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in your thinking seems the country guy not. yet needed to be taken as grandma there you go it's all about. bob no i'm right joe join me to meet the german sunday w.
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. post. some time in the 26th to. my great granddaughter. of the world be like in your life time in around half a century. your world around true degrees moment. inevitably sea levels rise. at least one century. we're going to have some climate impacts maturing greater than what we see already. it's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. little yellow boots shorts may 31st on t.w. . this is the dow the news asia coming up on the program but that the race to stop at the
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world's highest peak mount everest has claimed the lives of accused 11 people the experts say overcrowding and inexperience clambers up poppy to break. out future deaths can be prevented plus. a fight for change in india on minded women are saying it.


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