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this is due to leaders line from the u.s. special counsel robert muller says his report does not exonerate president trump herb's comments in the last hour of his 1st public comments since his appointment to special counsel 2 years ago the president has already tweeted his response also on the program. nigerian president mohamad to haris foreign for
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a 2nd term the 7 to 6 year old one reelection in february a promise to revive the economy improve security and tackle corruption and many young nigerians are not convinced he's the right choice. on the tussles in brussels continue as a new leaders clash over who should be the next president of the european commission the post election such as so far failed to find a consensus candidate. i'm focused on welcome to the program we saw in the united states for a special counsel robert muller has reiterated that his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election did not exonerate u.s. president donald trump speaking in washington mr molder said that if he'd been confident the president had not committed a crime if reporting he would have said so. you know some search engines
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investigation did find that russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 u.s. presidential election it also appeared to rule out testifying before congress and was his testimony was contained in the reports and he had nothing to audience in the 2016 presidential election this could move from d.w. correspondent to all of a sudden the washington welcome tell us more about what bob miller has been saying well there was a very dramatic moment here after 2 years of complete and utter silence this was the very 1st moment that robert mahler took to the public that robert muller spoke and addressed the public of alt the findings office reports on the investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election so since the start of this investigation he did not speak out publicly this was the 1st time he did and his findings came as a setback for the u.s. president as well for the attorney general william barr and he said the president
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cannot be charged while in office so this is certainly this was known before but if you want to read between the lines what robert s. mahler said here today was that if they could have done it if they could have indicted the president then they would have done that and he also said that only because of the law situation and because of the principles of the department of justice he could not move on and indicted the president on the question of struction of justice and so that is certainly a setback for the u.s. president who has been calling this investigation and illegal which on that certainly sounds a bit different today 2 let's listen what's robert. had to say and as set forth in the report after that investigation if we had come confident that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. we did not however make
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a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime it explains that under longstanding department policy a president president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office that is unconstitutional even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view that too is prohibited and special counsel's office is part of the department of justice and by regulation it was bound by that department policy charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider all of the summit in washington the president trump responded oh yes he took to twitter immediately and he's now trying to spin this to his direction to his favor basically if you will he said that there was not sufficient evidence that everything was said about this report that he's exonerated of course and because of
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there is not sufficient evidence that he is innocent but again what robert and smaller said that there is sufficient evidence perhaps that that he simply the president cannot be indicted because of the department of justice rules and the situation the last that a sitting president cannot be indicted. for having kept quiet and silence in the during the 2 years of the investigation and since they report was published last month why is rubble the choosing to speak now. well there's been a lot of pressure mounting on robert a smaller as well on the department of justice the democrats have been calling for a complete an act of version off the report remember that the full report was published $400.00 pages of the report was published in april and a short while before that the attorney general published a 4 page summary in which she said that the president would be completely
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exonerated and try to keep himself out of the interpretation of the report he wanted to have the report speak for itself but that didn't really work out what happened afterwards was that a fight broke out between congress and the department of justice over an on redacted version over the interpretation of this report because the democrats in congress are arguing that there is enough evidence on obstruction of justice to indict the president but then his attorney general has been saying the contrary there's been a big debate going on pressure was mounting there will be legal cases to be fought about the question of subpoenas that the white house is blocking and in this situation robert a smaller felt the necessity to step in address the public today so it doesn't sound like base is the end of the motor report saga. well perhaps it is the beginning of something new it is certainly a moment in which those who are calling for impeachment proceedings in the
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democratic party they feel emboldened right now and it is also a setback for the witch hunt rhetoric of the u.s. president of silence in washington thank you. actually europe where a rift appears to be growing between the german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel ma crawl over who should become the a use next commission president chancellor merkel backs the process by which the top job goes to the lead candidate of the biggest party in the european parliament would be the head of the european people's party who also happens to be german but president mark ross says this process is obsolete after last week's european elections shifted the parliament's balance of power. as europe's leaders took their seats at a summit in brussels there was little to suggest that anything was wrong. but after last week's elections to the european parliament in which both the center
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right and center left parties lost seats the political climate here is changing and so too are the jobs. the biggest question is who will replace this man john claudio is the president of the e.u. commission and soon to step down. and these are the frontrunners for the post they've been nominated by the political groups in the european parliament. good evening they can bring the whole strength of europe. german chancellor angela merkel has put her weight behind german m.e.p. manfred vega the lead candidate from the biggest block in the e.u. parliament. but french president emmanuel mccollum doesn't like this lead candidate system and wants change perhaps even this woman e.u. commissioner margarita vest feebleness the young because the german government has committed to the principle of the need candidates however the parties represented
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in the coalition have different views as to which candidate is best suited. if everyone 2 states with their preferred names will be stuck because none of the groups are of a majority all alone and even if 2 of them work together they still have a majority we need 3 or even 4 groups to do this. some believe medical is behind the curve on this because she herself will soon be leaving her own job. if it there is a kind of missed opportunity between france and germany the germans were at one point more european than the french there's too much of an economic discrepancy between france and germany germany is the 1st economic power in europe so europe is less vital for germany than it is for france and that's quite sad. it's now down to another evil chief donald to ask to try to come up with an acceptable nominee for the next commission president but with germany and france at
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odds over the process this won't be an easy task. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a favor to become britain's next prime minister a conservative m.p. of boris johnson is being taken to court or the allegations that he lives to vote as head of the 26th referendum the case is over they believe campaigns claimed that britain would save $350000000.00 pounds a week if it left the e.u. the private summons against the country's former foreign secretary was bored by it was broken by business with mom's. chinese telecoms company huawei has asked a us court to overturn legislation barring government agencies from buying its products describing president trump steps to essentially ballots in the united states is unconstitutional washington fears for a technology could be used to pass on data to beijing. activists in argentina are
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reviewing efforts to legalize abortion law makers say they'll and should use it builds in legalize the terminations of pregnancies up to 14 weeks a similar motion passed lower house of congress last year but was defeated in the senate because of opposition from religious groups. nigeria's president mohammad who hari has been sworn in for a 2nd and final the 76 year old took the oath of office as an opening ceremony in the capital a budget but didn't know to give an inaugural address a fairly low key event which was attended by a number of regional leaders. d.w. correspondent funny shah was there. people are picking up here at eagle square if you look to my right that's the stage for president hu hari was sworn in for a 2nd time in his lifetime but this time around the ceremony was rather low key it was rather short as well due to security concerns but also due to the fact that
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democracy day that usually takes place in may 29th has been moved to june 12th is another reason though why probably it's better to make sure that this inauguration is quite low key and that has to do with a reservation and skepticism among many nigerians who did not vote for president bihari 2nd term and for his a.p.c. policy especially young voters that i've spoken to said they are not satisfied with the results of president haris 1st they were really wants change in this country they want to make sure that the economy is really revamped that the corruption is really swept away in nigeria and that there's stability and security in this country a lot of homework for president will hardly that he's basically inheriting from his 1st term in office as he's trying to fulfill these promises and this time around as he says he wants to make sure that the youth is becoming the future of nigeria. so it's just from the funny to many nigerians on how. about president bashar
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assad be election about half of registered voters are under $35.00 and many are skeptical about this 76 year old president's ability to revamp the comes the economy so fun he's been talking with folks is to see who that's who see nothing to celebrate in today's inauguration. these young men who were in this cocktail bar and if the president were to stop by they would make a very special drink for him. any strong drink so maybe you could reset. when you get a strong drink you put you to sleep when you wake up maybe you're going to think about all these youths gave out a strong drink let's see what we could do for them. they feel hari is doing way too little to empower the youth all of them have studied abroad back here they are often called front of nigeria's makeshift infrastructure such as its regular power outages they must spend 200 dollars every month just to keep their drinks school
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their youths were young vibrant we want to do something so if the government can give us. i think will be greater than anything give you power in terms of electricity or power in terms of power in terms of electricity when we get electricity influence. and infrastructure and how. business. has promised all of that but it's hard to find someone who believes in his policies i very. rarely does of a month in anything is the day to leaving so the issue i feel that. after a while i finally find a horace supporter who is eager to join the festivities around his president we need patience room was no beauty in the saying is the sinks but i don't see it.
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for now. president of the war president elects the support of a majority of the electorate the youth about half of the registered voters are under $35.00 but only every 3rd of the electorate went out to vote at all a historic low which does not bode well for president haris 2nd term. the president of germany central council of jews joseph shows us thrown his support behind a call for germans to wear jewish skullcaps this coming saturday the government commission felix klein has germans to take part in a demonstration against anti semitism on saturday and to activists. of solidarity with the jewish community. and protest as much against the israeli occupation of east jerusalem as the client made headlines or weekend when he recommended jewish men refrain from wearing skullcaps in public for their own safety. a
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journalist and commentator michelle friedman normally lives in frankfurt but joins us today from tel aviv welcome what has been your experience as it has it become more dangerous to be openly jewish in germany. this is what i. said and i don't know if the nose is correct but the advice not to keep us is a catastrophe it means that secure jew is only an invisible jew and i believe that this 74 years after hitler is a catastrophe diagnosis and therapy we are living in a democracy and christian friend of mine can his christian science and i want that my children and myself are capable of living in berlin and frankfurt wherever and showing up that we are jews without being in a danger and that's what the situation is we are in danger not only in germany but also in germany i'm what you make of this recommendation from the german commission
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of anti semitism that old germans kippers to show their solidarity. i think it's a very good sign and the demonstration the protest is necessary but what is going on from sunday to next saturday and because this is not the daily experience that people are fighting against racism against hate against anti-semitism that's why we have to see that in the $29000.00 and to submit ism is increasingly grown up in germany in europe and in other countries that means it's not enough to be anti and to some it is mana saturday wearing a kippah it's necessary to understand that this is a problem deeply of democracy it's not only a problem that jews are concerned if hate if racism is being daily experience in our societies we have a problem with our democracies sadly it's not unusual to see police standing guard
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from severe jewish institutions in germany including synagogues and schools who all way is this a threat perceived to be from. it comes basically and that's also what fed ex klein said from the right wing side and germany never had one day without nazis and never had one day where and to some it is and was not a part of our society and here again you have the same thing in france you have this in great britain you have this even in america today but indeed the problem is that the right wing parties and you can see this after the election of the european union increasingly winning votes and this is changing also the atmosphere today to hate jews and to speak out to certain about and to some it is more racism is and then allowed given thing even presidents prime minister saying things like that and the jewish community is more and they just then ever before and we have
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a new problem but it is not the big problem it's not the biggest issue it's coming from a very radical islamic part of our societies but again in germany the majority of our threats are coming from germans which have the mentality of a political ideas of the right wing parties and structures talking to thank you for joining us such earnest and commentator michelle friedman thank you very much. one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies has gone on trial in the united states johnson and johnson is accused of fueling an opioid epidemic that's possibly a multi-billion dollar lawsuit prosecutors in oklahoma say the firm downplayed the addiction basics of some of its painkillers johnson and johnson denied wrongdoing it marketed his products reasoning responsibly best but estimate 230 americans die every day from opioid overdose there's this is the 1st of 2000 cases being brought
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against drug companies in the u.s. . it's going to move from steven beardsley from the w. have business welcome steve what is this case really about fill in one sense is a very typically american corporate liability case for products that could be considered dangerous but are legal think of guns think of tobacco think of even mortgages oftentimes in the u.s. where product regulation is lighter the question comes down to who has liability when a product is abuse is that the corporation or is the or is it the individual who abuses that product in this case when it falls on the corporation oftentimes it falls on how the product is marketed was the company being truthful in the claims that made johnson and johnson the claim against them is that they were not truthful in how they marketed their opioids that they that they basically were saying that these opioids were not as addictive as they in fact were and that they were more applicable in pain treatment than they should have been applied to the true the
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really i think it shows also about something bigger it's about finding blame for a larger health crisis in the u.s. that's rocked the country for the past 2 decades. this is a great focal point johnson johnson a huge consumer products company that everyone knows the probably better known for baby shampoo than they are for opioids some the other companies are better known for that but it becomes a focal point for something that really has ravaged the country and that is very personal to a lot of people. that's not to dismiss the claims made against johnson and johnson but just to say that there is that they've become a focal point for something very very large is that this crisis was this is one of the plans of the president from iran on and indeed johnson and johnson is not the only pharmaceutical company being targeted in this way right and when you were just talking there in the pictures behind you were one of the pictures behind you was a bottle of oxy cotton that is probably the pill that is most widely associated with the prescription painkiller abuse epidemic that was created by purdue pharma
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which was the company that brought that to market in 1960 start making billions on it annually in the years that followed the family that owns that company as a private company were multi-billionaires it was it was estimated by forbes around 20152016 based on the success of this painkiller they were also found to have mis sort of mis labeled how addictive these products were they in fact argued that they were less addictive because they were time released compared to older opioid products that had been on the market but they were still allowed to sell them they they they face some penalties but were so loud to sell those products this is not the last we have heard of this particular case and now the statement as if on cue. and brazil prison system has been blocked by a spate of killings the bodies of more than 50 inmates have been found in prisons in manassas in the remote amazonas state authorities are attributing the deaths to drug related gang violence present giant balls and are a hot valve to regain control of brazil's prisons the spokesman said the violence
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is unlikely to spread of those on social. hold come from above but inside these walls brutality reigns some 55 inmates have been massacred inside brazil's prisons strangled to death and stabbed with shop and toothbrushes. families gathered at a morgue demanding to see the bodies of their loved one's father is a still waiting to hear if their husbands are alive it's because one of them anguished desperate him outside the prison we don't know what to do because we aren't allowed to get close to the gate the police won't allow us and don't inform us about anything. less it's not easy because they are treated like animals inside if they are humans not dogs they should be given jobs and put some work but it doesn't happen. the killings began on sunday and spread across 4 prisons in the amazonas state languished relatives rioted outside the gates brazil's justice
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minister has blamed gang violence he says suspected ringleaders will be transferred to maximum security prisons. in formation we have stood there was a conflict between criminal factions within the prisons which can happen anywhere in the world but this should not happen we have a really good reason to try to control these types of cases but others blame systematic overcrowding for raising tensions between inmates. at the prison and prison system is a system that is absolutely overcrowded we have the 3rd largest prison population in the world we have more than 700000 prisoners living in absolutely any human condition. it's not the 1st mass killing inside brazil's prison system some are now warning that these latest deaths could trigger
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a wave of payback killings. in football the english sides are still at chelsea meeting back tonight in the europa league final the build up to the games been overshadowed by criticism over the decision to host the game in the capital of. henrik and italian stayed behind because of fears for his safety while human rights groups have accused azerbaijan of using the final to divert attention away from its poor human rights record. lympics stadium had seemed an asset to the city and head of this final now the fact that the ground can hold almost 70000 seems worrying plenty of those seats looks set to remain empty for arsenal and chelsea fans from london almost 5000 kilometers away travel is complicated and expensive for locals ticket pricing is prohibited unrelenting criticism is making you a fish decision to hold the final him back look like an own goal and the prospect
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of playing in front of me go support is an unappealing one for the teams themselves yes i prefer to play with also but here i prefer i can't call here a lot of support there for. a front for. for a long run but it's difficult for the for this fly it's not only the fans that have been left back in london arsenal are also missing one of their key players armenian henrik mkhitaryan bowed out of the fixture considering azerbaijan too dangerous a destination the 2 countries fought a bloody war within living memory and remain locked in conflict over disputed territory today there have been reports of police and security forces bothering fans with name on the back of their shirts of course you are disappointed it's not here but. we spoke a lot about. a lot of. politics thinks it's time to
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speak about football president ilham aliyev would be pleased if the conversation moved on as no doubt would you a fuck friends too talking to get on with the game but in back in politics once again overshadowing sport. you're watching day w d w news is up next i'll be back at the top of the out of the day.
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a tangs. deal into an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans nathan columbia legally and illegally. already echo all i've returned to the house while a. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. if the witness global news that matters. made for mines. space is made up in years a shot coming up on the program but that the race to stop at the wildfire speak mount everest has claimed the lives of accused and that it will be struck experts say the overcrowding and inexperience clambers up offer to play. out future that's come to prevent it plus. a fight for change of india where on minded women i think
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