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so you mean that you feel when you fight. to. stop no one is more popular than. rock and. clash that brings many. really some fear reconcilable. 17. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes nigeria's. he has begun a new term as president of africa's most populous nation the 76 year old was sworn in and out today but with little to show off to his 1st term what does he 2nd have to offer the last best to one of his subordinates. and another you know gratian
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this one in malawi but has been somewhat erica was taking the oath of office on tuesday police fired tear gas into the forces of the opposition will be talking to an analyst in the language. and then the sound off pro-choice demonstrators are still camped outside the military's head courses in sudan's capital hard truths we hear how they've been keeping the morale high but. i'm christine linda while come to news africa i'm glad you're cheating did nigeria's mamadou bihari has begun his 2nd term as president of africa's biggest economy the 76 year old took the oath of office one small volunteers have full creeping security threats and corruption he was reelected in a tightly contested election in favor of this should be his last term nigeria's
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situation has a 2 to live. now biharis it will be racial took place in the capital a bludgeon that happens to be a city away he doesn't enjoy too much supports most verges in a butcher well below $35.00 and $1.00 convinced he is the president young nigerians need to hear from some of them in this next report by the funny. these young men who want this cocktail bar and if the president were to stop by they would makes a very special drink for him. he's a strong drink so maybe you could resets. where you get a strong drink you puts you to sleep when you wake up maybe you is going to think about all these youths gave all their strong drink let's see what we could do for them. they feel haris doing way too little to empower the youth all of them have
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studied abroad back here they are often called front of the nigeria's makeshift infrastructure such as its regular power outages they must spend 200 dollars every month just to keep their drinks cool their youths are young vibrant we want to do something so if the government can give us. i think will be greater than anything give you power in terms of electricity or power in terms of influence power in terms of electricity when we get electricity in finance. and infrastructure and how it relates to business. he has promised all of that but it's hard to find someone who believes in his policies of varying that we are the leaders of tomorrow but i'm not seeing anything give is the people that didn't see the issue i feel that he should give new people. after a while i finally find a supporter eager to join the festivities around his president we need patience
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room was no beauty the saying is the saints but i don't see it. for now down president obama the war president elects the support of a majority of the electorate the youth about half of the registered voters are under $35.00 but only every 3rd of the electorate went out to vote at all the historic low which does not bode well for president biharis 2nd term. my 1st guest today is able haris of course i will back akashi joins me now from the capital welcome to africa many nigerians feel that president bush did not achieve enough in his 1st term why does he still have your support. because last you can see i attended this you know richelle from jugo due to my
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sport to mr president. and he used to have my sports because what he seemed to agree on he's promises of delivering a d.v.d. of democracy to nigerians so i get that you're saying that this is a president often take rooty and many people echo that sentiment but people worry about the fact that he is not to live it on many promises he's made a boko haram missed in the threats in the north economy is not doing well why does he deserve another to. he deserve i'm about timing or ducked you did or he's my chief means so far because when we are working . their way up push to get past cream corn muscle from old east nigeria because we no longer are year 12 won't last in any city or for major area so dreamy yes i see fun he's course will you do it you know and yes i cheat me it's. ok so
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a lot of people on the continent i having a conversation about these elderly presidents that we have and whether or not they are the right people to lead africa into the future president is now 76 years old you're nearly about hafiz age do you think he is the right person to be deciding your future yes east africa to in that direction because some old one he come mickey much more d.c. sheen consigning future son in the future of nigerian youths and i believe in he sees sort of reach yes you can see i am weary of why he t. shirt with me here because of my supporters here. ok and what would you like to see president bari do in he's next term very quickly. i want him to be more the treaty in the fight against corruption and i want you to
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. actively engage promises like he's doing now because. economy you. talk even as i'm talking no i'm a school teacher teaching because i know the importance of i also want him to concentrate more on agriculture because major u.s. economy defend on that because all right i will back akashi in for us thank you. and there was another inauguration this one on tuesday in malawi repeats which article was sworn in off to being reelected in last week's general election more on that in a moment because i 1st want to show you footage received from a contact in malawi this game a clue and. you know if you don't remember the video of the ports to show police firing tear gas into the headquarters of the main opposition or the n.p.c.
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in c.p. rather in the for change one of the observers from an a u dedication visits the sites the order here isn't good enough for broad cause but he's been told that people were singing and dancing inside the yard when police fired tear gas. so you can see the behind it there that's the. national headquarters has there what's good is broken the beauty is you this is this. just as the police are shooting so the bullets are shooting into the beauty we vote you know does not disturb us is that most people the idea that i've been disturbing the peace anyway i would say but what we said this is the bullies probably shoot a new good butin to destabilize broglie meeting that is the list i'm source of people that were in that building for more on this story i'd like to bring in political analyst and he's coming to us from the always care facility along with welcome again to the devaney africa and to the last time we spoke it was voting day
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peace on which ari has since been sworn in but just what we saw outside the opposition had courses they was that police attacking citizens. once again thanks for having me indeed it was nice they might attack on him city supporters that's in my congress but it amenable to showing who at that time having a meeting of their party office. unfortunately the police where heavy handed are to the extent that the police describe some of the probity at the my own respective headquarters which is very unusual ok it talk you know it being very unusual i mean looking at that footage even the people taking it some of them feel to be reacting and in a way and they seem to be shocked but is this particularly surprising and is this a new development in malawi it is we have lived under police brutality before but this actually was very strange because for the fist time of
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simple he's behaving like an armed wing of the political budget which is very strange and i'm afraid if this continues it will be very bad for the country because the police are supposed to protect citizens under the symptoms as opposed to protect the property and in the way they behave they destroyed provided and they attacked the citizens which is very strange and we're heading into a very disastrous situation if this continues in fact that brings me to my next question to you how do you see peace and what atika has 2nd term playing out. it's there is quite a lot of on city energy but one thing that if things don't change their way of seeing his 5 year tame that past there was a lot of court up shown. that they if he doesn't do anything about it they'll be continued corruption and looting of public funds and i can also see a scottish town of tribal and that audience which going to reside in will violent
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conflict between all among us or tribes in the country and i'm also afraid that if this kind of thing continues the rule of tara by what are called the weak at the youth wing of the ruling body may continue because we have seen quite a lot of impunity in the budget in the past 5 years and i'm afraid if that continues we are heading towards us and. ok and. political analyst and malawi's capsule along with thank you. the next story is in sudan wave is that a 48 hour nationwide general strike aimed at pressuring the ruling military to make way for a civilian government the strike comes as scores of demonstrators are still camped outside the military's headquarters they've been there since. i was ousted last month and a lot is at stake but that's not stop people from having some fun at the sit in.
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that are. put out. there that. when these are the political operatives we will use the drama as a way to reach every person has his own way of doing that there's no drum to rally the demonstrators and deliver michel in the most attractive way possible with the obama. live similar to the mafia moment when we use arts and entertainment tear at the citizen because we suited me get bored quickly new year new me me me me there's
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a problem we need to be entertained. by similar my decision has turned into something almost like a state that has its own culture and structure. and that does it for all program today until next time bye bye. not everyone who wants books has to go and say. t.w. literature list for my street.
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i know nothing. well i just sometimes i am but i stand nothing which would be the germans thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype but if you think you see the countryside up. here you should see who's taking his grandmother there to you it's all that. new i'm rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. . post. greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to news from arts and culture and this time we've got some monstrous fun lined up as good old godzilla rises again and also coming up. happy and sad and sometimes just plain ordinary an international collective of photographers shines
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a light on the human stories beyond the headlines and in every day for come. and in our series 100 german must read the newest book on the list hooligans by philip delves into the psyche of violent soccer fans. i'll step aside king kong because the biggest baddest movie monster is back and i'm talking of course about the giant radioactive lizard godzilla as the hero of dozens of the movies he's returning for this summer as the 1st of the big blockbusters and this film is called godzilla king of the monsters which harks back to the original and so we'll get the lowdown from our movie man scott roxboro who's got this report for us. world is changing. the balance extinction we feared. has already been. monster movie fans of the 2 with a long time.


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