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this is g.w. news live from berlin robert muller says his report into russian interference in the u.s. election does not exonerate president truck. if you're called operatives but the president clearly did not commit a crime we were not so sure. it was a special counsel 1st public comment since he was appointed 2 years ago within minutes the president responded to muller by tweeting the case is closed also
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coming up the favorite to become the next british prime minister boris johnson is told he must appear in court over allegations that he knowingly lied about brags that in the run up to the 2016 referendum. and nigerian president muhammadu buhari is sworn in for a 2nd and final term the 76 year old one reelection in february but many young nigerians are not convinced that he is the right choice. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we start with special counsel robert muller's 1st public statement on his 2 year investigation into russian interference in the 2016 u.s. election miller has said that his report does not exonerate the president speaking in washington or said that if he had been confident the president did not. commit
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a crime his report would have thought so he also said that his investigation did find that russia attempted to interfere in the election miller also appeared to rule out testifying before congress saying that his testimony was contained in the investigations report and that he had nothing to add interference in the 26 team presidential let's bring in our washington correspondent oliver salat who's been following this story for us hi oliver this is a moment a lot of people have been waiting for the rubber miller breaks his silence so tell us more about what he has been saying ride so moment that a lot of people have been waiting for in a dramatic moment in fact it was the 1st time since robert as smaller launched the investigation on the russian interference in the 2016 election that he actually addressed the public that he actually felt the need to step out and the liver a statement on his take off the findings there are a lot of reports about them on the report that was published in april with $400.00
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pages and wander over to a smaller set today can be considered a setback for the u.s. president as well for the attorney general we all remember donald trump has always called these investigations and legal which runs he said there was complete and total exoneration for him and that can be a challenge today after all but as mahler's statement he essentially made clear today that that the president cannot be charged while in office that was certainly something that we knew before but he also made clear that he did not exonerate him and that he only did not indict him because he later cannot be charged so if you want to read between the lines robert a smaller essentially says that if you could have indicted the president he would have done the but let's listen to what he had to say and as set forth in the report after that investigation if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit
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a crime. it explains that under longstanding department policy a president president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office that is unconstitutional even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view that too is prohibited the special counsel's office is part of the department of justice and by regulation it was bound by that department policy charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider all right oliver how is the president responded to the statement from robert mueller or the and trump in his fashion as we know it has taken to twitter immediately 2 after that statement and here it seems he is trying to spin that in his favor as to what you wrote is nothing changes from them on the reports there was insufficient
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evidence and therefore in our country a person is in a sense thank you so jerry mathers or the head of the judiciary committee then came out at a press conference as well and he said whenever the president from now on is talking about him being exonerated he is actually lying he repeated that moller did not exonerate him he said that of struction is a serious crime and that it's up to congress knowledge to deal with the findings what is congress going to do has this restarted talks about a possible impeachment. well these talks have been going on for weeks and they became louder in recent weeks especially after the white house has blocked certain subpoena was triggering 5 a legal legal battle in fact between congress and the wide tells of the problem that the democrats are having right now is that a majority of the americans actually not supporting impeachment proceedings against the u.s. president so what they have to decide right now is whether they want to move on
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with something they find his rights or whether they want to rather look at the 2020 election campaign that is getting closer but of course especially after today's statement of robert s. smaller impeachment is becoming more likely our correspondent all over sell it in washington thank you very much now to the multibillion dollar lawsuit over the u.s. as opioid epidemic more witnesses are taking the stand prosecutors accuse the health care giant johnson and johnson of deceptively marketing painkillers and downplaying the risks of addiction gail books is heartbroken at the loss of her son i'm going to miss the great things that. austin was a college football player at the university of oklahoma and only 22 years old when he died from an overdose of opioid painkillers here. the last day i
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saw him was the day he graduated from the university of oklahoma that day one of his coaches britton venables came up to him and said austin hasn't gone line and he said coach live in the. chest and injury. but fortunately austin was living a nightmare the nightmare prescription drug abuse prescription opioids to be exact. it was drugs like these produced by manufacturers like johnson and johnson that killed more than 200000 people in the u.s. between 19092017 no legal action is being taken against the company. how did this happen. at the end of that there your honor i was sure one word answer
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. greed. the state of oklahoma is accusing johnson and johnson of intentionally creating an oversupply and lying about the risks the company denies the allegations. that some other stories making news around the world police in bangladesh are charging 16 suspects in a murder case that sparked protests across the country 19 year old. was burnt to death last month after she refused to withdraw sexual harassment charges against the principal of her islamic school. in the u.s. at least 11 people have been injured in a wave of tornadoes that struck kansas and missouri the twisters destroyed several houses and brought down power lines in the kansas city area that came a day after 30 people were injured by debris as the tornado hit ohio. in australia newly reelected prime minister scott morrison has been sworn into office a week after his conservative coalition won a surprise victory his cabinet includes ken wyatt the 1st aboriginal person to
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become minister for indigenous affairs. airstrikes on jihadist control it controlled areas of northwestern syria have led to 10 more civilian deaths according to a britain based monitoring group most were in a village and it live province it live is the last area in syria that's a largely controlled by factions fighting the government around 3000000 people live in the region more than half of whom are refugees. the immediate aftermath of a barrel bomb attack in this morning a man and 2 children are reported killed several more are injured most residents fled this village in southern england province long ago. killing children and destroying cities for a month and a half when peace helicopters circle over a village they don't kill terrorists they killed civilians. despite a ceasefire air strikes have been nonstop markets and schools have been hit
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repeatedly the u.n. says over 20 clinics and hospitals have been attacked since the beginning of the month more people are killed nearly every day 50 civilians this week alone according to observers. president bashar al assad's troops are moving in on it live in gauging in fierce battles with radical islamist militias. the un security council says a further escalation with threaten civilian lives what you will do to protect civilians in the latest example of an entirely known predictable and preventable humanitarian disaster. activists say these burning fields of grain following heavy bombardment are evidence of the assad regime's scorched earth policy to ultimately starve people out thousands of refugees have been stranded at the turkish border after a long exodus without hope or prospects here in germany members of the kurdish
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minority known as are taking the government to court they accuse berlin of not doing enough to bring german supporters of the so-called islamic state to justice the cities were brutally targeted by i.a.'s in northern iraq many have now sought asylum here. kurdish the women suffered grave abuse at the hands of the i asked her militia and iraq and syria they were abducted and slaved raped and murdered many survivors were able to flee to germany but even here they've been hounded by their abusers this yazidi has returned to an iraqi refugee camp. i recognized his face in mediately kept him and you know he was the one who beat us and humiliated us 24 hours a day and i would be able to identify him anywhere and anytime i am now.
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cd women's association says it has filed a complaint against the german justice and interior ministries the group says both are involved in obstruction of justice because the government failed to repatriate suspected german i.a.s. terrorists even though the kurdish autonomous administration has offered to repatriate them. as the german justice ministry has not received such a complaint various investigations are underway and there are a total of $22.00 outstanding arrest warrants for people currently detained in syria. and the l.c.d. women's council believes that german i asked fighters were also involved in war crimes against yazidi s. they say $74.00 german i asked supporters are still being held in northern syria now a rift appears to be growing between german chancellor angela merkel and french president over who should become the use next commission president chancellor merkel backs
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the process of giving the top job to the lead candidate of the biggest party in the european parliament that would be the head of the center right european peoples party who also happens to be german but president mccollum says this process is obsolete after last week's european elections shifted the parliament's balance of power. as europe's leaders took their seats at a summit in brussels there was little to suggest that anything was wrong. but after last week's elections to the european parliament in which both the center right and center left parties lost seats the political climate here is changing and so too are the jobs. the biggest question is who will replace this man. is the president of the e.u. commission and soon to step down. and these are the front runners for the post they've been nominated by the political groups in the european parliament. good
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evening we can bring the whole strength of europe over your base german chancellor angela merkel has put her weight behind german m.e.p. manfred vega the lead candidate from the biggest block in the e.u. parliament for global stage but french president emmanuel mccollum doesn't like this lead candidate system and wants change perhaps even this woman e.u. commissioner moderator vest feebleness the young the german government has committed to the principle of the need candidates however the parties represented in the coalition have different views as to which candidate is best suited. if everyone just stays with their preferred names because none of the groups have a majority all alone and even if 2 of them work together they still have a majority we need 3 or even 4 groups to do this fulfill some belief americal is behind the curve on this because she herself will soon be leaving her own job. if
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you don't affect you there is a kind of missed opportunity between france and germany the germans were at one point more european than the french there's too much of an economic discrepancy between france and germany germany is the 1st economic power in europe so europe is less vital for germany than it is for france and that's quite sad. it's now down to another evil chief donald to ask to try to come up with an acceptable nominee for the next commission president but with germany and france at odds over the process this won't be an easy task. now turkey's largest city istanbul is preparing to redo with mayor election in a few weeks the country's electoral commission an old the 1st felt after president . a party questioned the result now that same process is playing out elsewhere in
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turkey as other winning candidates are being prevented from taking up their new jobs. speaking with an opposition politician and a kurdish majority city of vatten who was elected mayor back in march but is being kept out of office as a restaurant or a. scanner when did john catch must walk through her neighborhood in the city of van it always takes a while she's constantly recognized by people involved in conversations asked for advice it's hardly surprising many you think of catch must as then they are voices that is what they are there just minutes into a local elections at the end of march she stood for the pro kurdish opposition party h d p in vans it amid district she won with almost 54 percent of the vote but her joy did not last long. in order to feel secure care museum although i never thought that i would not receive my mandate i wasn't expecting this because the election commission had approved me as
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a candidate. 2 months after the vote people here are still appalled by the election board's decision. lane that i think this is very unfair. decision is wrong whoever wins the election should take office. there in minutes by not giving her the mandate they're stealing the will of the people. the election commission says goujon catchments should not be mayor because she was dismissed from her job by an emergency decree following the attempted coup in 2016 despite international criticism the turkish government had tens of thousands of. state employees detained sacked was suspended eugen catch most was a teacher at the time was also on the list she still doesn't know why. i mean if it comes in bottles with the same election authority that allowed us to run as candidates then makes this unlawful decision it's supposed to be an absolutely
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independent institution but it's not it's under the control of the a.k.p. . instead of catches the runner up candidate in her district was declared made a member of president adeline's a k party. a few weeks ago catchments protested against a ruling in front of the town hall where she feels she should now be working it took just a few minutes for the police to clear the demonstrators thanks. i know i. will attend issues the only member of the ruling a.k.p. in van who is willing to talk to us he blames good young coach mrs party for the outcome. of our rival party deliberately nominated candidates who were sacked by emergency decrees are honorable president had warned them don't nominate people
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with links to terror groups or crime or those who were sacked if you do it this is what you can't will. in 5 districts in southeastern turkey a key people the titians were given the office despite. candidates actually winning the elections the opposition insists it's a deliberate attempt to keep them out of power. pugin catchments is now helping out in her husband's stationery store and she has filed an appeal against the decision to withdraw the mandate even though she has little chance of success is evident pokers i don't want to give up i want to be there for the people of adamant my hopes of the unlawful an end to democratic practices in turkey will soon end all. those. at present from a friend in nameplate for what should have been her new office. now it's here in the shop one of the few remind us that goujon catchments was recently and they did
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mayor. now the favorite to become britain's next prime minister former foreign secretary boris johnson has to appear in court over allegations that he lied to voters ahead of the chair $1016.00 brags that referendum the case around the leave campaign's claim that britain would save $350000000.00 pounds per week if it left the european union the private prosecution against johnson who campaigned for britain to leave has been brought to court by businessman marcus ball. but get more on the story with our correspondent did a lot of pots are standing by for us in london i shall have to tell us more about the accusations that boris johnson is facing here. so boris johnson is basically accused of misconduct in public office that means in concrete terms he's accused of lying while he was leading the leaf campaign in that referendum
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over 3 years ago he's accused of lying to the british public about the money that britain spends on its european union membership you mention to some $350000000.00 pounds per week he said it spent on the european union by british voters and taxpayers money and the actual number is a much lower because the european union pays britain back so that is at the center of the issue and today a judge ruled that this case will actually be brought forward so johnson has to physically appear in court in about $3.00 to $4.00 weeks' time and if then this case will be brought forward even more it will go to the crown court where a jury will in the end have a verdict on this case that could take up to 6 months will challenge that this is not coming at a very good time for boris johnson he is the leading candidate to succeed theresa may as british prime minister so what will this do to that.
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of course yeah it's not a good time for johnson and the press it's definitely bad it's a bad image in the public eye but on the other hand the leader the new leader of the conservative party is chosen by the tory m.p.'s by the members of parliament by the tory party and the conservatives and johnson themselves said this was a political stunt this this case it has been brought forward against him the. pro breaks the tia tories have been rallying behind him today saying that this was a witch hunt and it was a matter of free speech so he still has that support within the tory paci and especially within the tory base and they are going to be decisive in the end to name the next conservative leader and thereby the next prime minister of the u.k. showed it was just that this was a private case filed by a businessman named marcus ball what was his motivation to take boris johnson to court right
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a private citizen who has been working on those who invented this leaflets in the last 3 years he's been building this case collecting evidence he's also been collecting 200000 pounds to finance basically this legal proceedings and he wants to set a legal precedent he said that he was tired of politicians lying in public office to the public and he wants to set and legal precedent that this will not happen again and that politicians can be held accountable in complains if they are not telling the truth right. reporting for us in london thank you very much. now president bush has been sworn into office during his inauguration ceremony in nigeria's capital abuja it's a 2nd consecutive term but many young voters are disappointed by the so slow pace of change in the country. it was
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a leg key event by some standards the inauguration ceremony was shorter than usual because of security concerns. and former general mamadou bihari took his presidential oath for the 2nd time. to settle in this aware that i will be faithful that i will be faithful to the will i lead yes and rule that there was no inauguration speech. he won the elections in february with more than half the vote . opposition parties disputed the results but it was not just biharis opponents who were displeased they say at the age of 76 he's failed to connect with younger voters who want change and jobs in africa's most populous nation a quarter of the workforce is unemployed safety and law enforcement are also major issues. bob full of very great expectations because we thought president has assured us that this time around he has already hit the ground running we expect to
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get up with our security which he has promised us so are as but this on is not just the president now for more on the issue of security. employment that are cultural is that the core do really as we expect is the president to focus on the countries being played by a rise in kidnappings killings and robbery last month the government estimated that around 4000 people were being held the jihad is militant group boko haram is still active in the northeast of the country and has increased attacks on civilian and military targets. and in northwestern nigeria the un refugee agency ruling that clashes between pharmacy and cattle head has forced thousands to flee their home since last month huge challenges ahead for president biharis next 4 years in office. south african runner caster semenya
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has filed an appeal to the swiss supreme court challenging a decision that prevents her from competing unless she takes hormone medication so men yes that her appeal is based on fundamental human rights under new rules from the international a flood expectoration. so many a is not allowed to run in our favorite distances unless she medically lowers her natural testosterone levels earlier this month the court of arbitration for sport in switzerland rejected her challenge against the rules now so men you know once the swiss supreme court to weigh in. family friends and fans pay their respects so legendary formula one racer niki lauda in his home city of vienna today open to the public until midday this was the 1st time a memorial mass for an athlete was held inside the city's iconic st stephen's cathedral niki lauda retired in 1985 but were made active in the sport throughout his life he will be buried at
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a family only ceremony later. coming up next on new our interview show conflicts own terms of ass and sits down with a leading member of the conservatives in the european parliament and the maria chorus that's built stay tuned for that.
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the 1st. century of the conflict zone with jim sebastian closers in the european parliament elections so shaken off the consulate's politics i guess there's me here in stucco whose good to talk and the
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feet ana maria collapsible flew soft some so recently on the fonda told me european peoples posse what did she and the posse do wrong conflict so far on the ability. what keeps us in shape what makes us see and how do we stand up to. my name is dr carson the contacts i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to improve your head. stay tuned and let's all try to stay in good shape. come on t w.
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her 1st day of school in the jungle. first the last of the. band doris granger moment arrives to. join the ring to take on her journey back to freedom league in our interactive documentary. tour on the ranch and returns home on t.w. dot com barring a times. 5 years ago there was no far right to talk extreme right off the list did not have the earthquake they expected politics is full of mistakes voters in the european parliament elections have shaken out of the continent's politics turning away from the major problems to the dominated brussels in recent years and boosting the smaller groupings the greens the liberals and the far right my guess this week here
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in stockholm is good to term anything annamaria carets a built who sat so until recently under the banner.


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