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w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin robert miller says his reported to russian interference in the us elections does not exonerate president trying to. do if we have that call confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have to observe. it was a special counsel's 1st public comments since he was appointed 2 years ago within minutes the president responded to miller by tweeting the case is closed to. the papers to become the next british prime minister of course johnson is told he must appear in court over allegations that he knowingly lied about greg's that in the
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run up to the 2016 referendum. i'm suing so misconducts good to have you with us we start with special counsel robert muller's 1st public statement on his 2 year investigation into russian interference in the 2016 u.s. election moeller said that his report does not exonerate the president speaking in washington muller said that if he had been confident that the president did not commit a crime his report would have said so he also said that his investigation did find that russia attempted to interfere in the election special counsel or also appeared to rule out testifying before congress saying that his testimony was contained in the investigation's report and he had nothing to add in the 2016 presidential let's
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bring in our washington correspondent all over salad he's been following this story for us hi oliver this is a moment a lot of people have been waiting for the robber muller breaks his silence so tell us more about what he has been saying. ride so a moment that a lot of people have been waiting for in a dramatic moment in fact it was the 1st time since robert as mahler launched the investigation on russian interference in the 2016 election that he actually addressed the public that he actually felt the need to step out and deliver a statement on his take off the findings there are a lot of reports about the mahler report that was published in april with 400 pages and wander over to a smaller set today can be considered a setback for the u.s. president as well for the attorney general we all remember donald trump has always call these investigations an illegal witch hunt he said that there was complete and total exoneration for him and that can be challenge today after all but as mahler's statement he essentially made clear today that that the president cannot be charged
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while in office 3 that was certainly something that we knew before but he also made clear that he did not exonerate him and that he only did not indict him because he later cannot be charged so if you want to read between the lines robert a smaller essentially says that if you could have indicted the president he would have done that but let's listen to what he had to say and as set forth in the report after that investigation if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime it explains that under longstanding department policy a president president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office that is unconstitutional even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view that too is prohibited his
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special counsel's office is part of the department of justice and by regulation it was bound by that department policy. charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider all right all over how is the president responded to this statement from robert mueller or the lone trumpet in his fashion as we know it has taken to twitter immediately 2 after that statement and he seems he's trying to spin that in his favor so what you wrote is nothing changes from the reports there was insufficient evidence and therefore in our country a person is sent thank you so jerry never the head of the judiciary committee then came out at a press conference as well and he said whenever the president from now on is talking about him being exonerated he is actually lying he repeated that moller did not exonerate him he said that obstruction is
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a serious crime and that it's up to congress knowledge to deal with the findings what is congress going to do has this restarted talks about a possible impeachment. well these talks have been going on for weeks and they became louder in recent weeks especially after the white house has blocked certain subpoena as triggering 5 a legal a legal battle in fact between congress and the wide tells but the problem that the democrats are having right now is that a majority of the americans is actually not supporting impeachment proceedings against the u.s. president so what they have to decide right now is whether they want to move on with something they find is right or whether they want to rather look at the 2020 election campaign that is getting closer but of course and especially after today's statement of robert s. smaller impeachment is becoming more likely our correspondent over salat in washington thank you very much. now at some other stories making news around the
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world police in bangladesh are charging 16 suspects in a murder case that sparked protests across the country 19 year old. was burnt to death last month after she refused to withdraw sexual harassment charges against the principal of her islamic school. columbia's supreme court has ordered the release of a former 1st commander who had been detained in connection with an extradition request from washington. is wanted in the u.s. on drug trafficking charges but the 2016 peace deal with his former 1st leaders immunity from most prosecution. and the chinese telecoms giant huawei has asked a u.s. court to overturn legislation that bars the government agencies from buying its products the company has described president trump steps to essentially ban it in the u.s. as unconstitutional washington fears were way technology could be used to steal data. airstrikes on jihadist controlled areas of northwestern syria have led to 10
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more civilian deaths according to a british based monitoring group most were in a village and it lived province now it live is the last area in syria that is largely controlled by factions fighting the government around 3000000 people live in this region more than half of whom are refugees. in the immediate aftermath of a barrel bomb attack in borrow this morning a man and 2 children are reported killed several more are injured most residents fled the spillage in southern england province long ago. the pull of 5 men killing children and destroying cities for a month and a half when peace helicopters circle over a village they don't kill terrorists they killed civilians. despite a ceasefire air strikes have been nonstop markets and schools have been hit repeatedly the u.n. says over 20 clinics and hospitals have been attacked since the beginning of the
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month. more people are killed nearly every day 50 civilians this week alone according to observers. president bashar al assad's troops are moving in on it live and gauging in fierce battles with radical islamist militias. the un security council says a further escalation with threaten civilian lives what you will do to protect civilians in the latest example of an entirely known predictable and preventable humanitarian disaster activists say these burning fields of grain following heavy bombardment are evidence of the assad regime's scorched earth policy to ultimately starve people out thousands of refugees have been stranded at the turkish border after a long exodus without hope or prospects now is vying to become britain's next prime minister but 1st it looks like conservative boris johnson will
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have to go to court he's facing allegations that he intentionally lied to voters in the 2016 brags that referendum campaign. if you could take back control of 350000000000 pounds about 350000000 pounds a week instead of britain sending 350000000 pounds a week to brussels the money could be spent on british health care that's what boris johnson promised voters again and again in the run up to the brics a referendum 3 years ago. but the figure is incorrect as many people pointed out at the time. one activist believes johnson misused his office to deliberately mislead the public markets paul raised about 250000 euros to file a lawsuit against the conservative lawmaker now a judge has ruled that johnson must respond to the accusation in court after that the case could go to trial the test is very low she said there was enough evidence to issue a summons she wasn't of looked at the political issues but i think it'll be very
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many months before this is resolved. johnson's lawyers reject the lawsuit is politically motivated they say their client was engaging in a political campaign and not speaking in an official capacity no date has been set for the hearing but the case comes as an awkward time for johnson he was considered the front runner in the conservative party race to replace theresa may as party leader and british prime minister. to israel now where a deadline for prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a new governing coalition expires moments ago netanyahu has been unable to put together a majority in the 120 seat parliament the knesset since his likud party won the country's parliamentary election last month former defense minister avigdor lieberman's faction and ultra ultra orthodox parties were unable to agree on terms for a coalition at the same time the knesset has been debating whether to dissolve and trigger a new election while netanyahu him selfe faces
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a likely indictment on corruption charges. let's bring in debut correspondent tonya kramer she's standing by in jerusalem with the very latest for us tanya netanyahu has been struggling to put together a coalition the said deadline has now expired what is the latest you can tell us. yeah it has been a real drama here in the last 24 even 48 hours when it became clear that mr netanyahu has difficulties to get his coalition together and as we speak actually knesset members are voting to dissolve the knesset which would then pave the way for new elections that could be possibly held in september on september 17th so there's a 2nd reading and there's 30 reading the deadline was at midnight but they're in the process now of voting and we have to wait and see whether all the case whether this bill that is being has been debated all day will actually pass in the next couple of minutes or so we are expecting
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a result on that tenure what are the implications for benjamin netanyahu here does this really mean that his rule could be over because he couldn't form a government on time. well i mean it's certainly a gamble for him i mean we're going to have possibly i mean depending on the outcome tonight of this disarmament process of the knesset new elections and that it will be elections the 2nd time this year this is unprecedented and also quite unexpected because you'll remember that mr netanyahu was quite cheerful and you know he said he won the elections he was quite sure to form this coalition but at the end of the day he was missing out 5 seats and one of his coalition partners over a dispute over a draft law for us were also docs yeshiva students and i think already at the blame game will start tonight right this happened and will continue also tomorrow our
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correspondent tanya kramer reporting for us in jerusalem thank you tanya. to sports and in football shell see are the new euro police champions after an impressive display against arsenal in the final shots he took the lead early in the 2nd half with a goal from individual then paperwork rodriguez made it to nail on the hour mark and scored twice to end arsenal's hopes for one the final score there and chelsea pick up their 2nd europa league title. south african runner caster semenya has filed an appeal to the swiss supreme court challenging a decision that prevents her from competing on less she takes hormone medication so man yes that her appeal is based on fundamental human rights under new rules from the international athletics federation the i.w. some magic is not allowed to run in her favorite distances unless she medically lowers her natural testosterone levels earlier this month the court of arbitration
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arbitration for sports in switzerland rejected her challenge against the i.w.a. are fools now somalia wants the swiss supreme court to weigh in. family friends and fans pay their respects to legendary formula one racer niki lauda in his home city of vienna today the service was open to the public until midday this was the 1st time a memorial mass for an athlete was held inside the city's iconic st stephen's cathedral thank you letter retired in 1905 but were made active in sports throughout his life he will be buried at a family only ceremony later. or minor now of our top story at this hour in his 1st public comments regarding his investigation u.s. special counsel robert muller and said that his report into russian interference in the us election does not exonerate president trump he added that if his team had had the confidence of the president did not commit a crime he would have said so. business with stephen variously coming right up
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thank you for that. my 1st boss i think was the sewing machine. you move to where i come from women are bound by this motion towards something as simple as learning how to write them by psychosis and. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a by cycle of my own and he took me me as the pundits but there's. finally gave up and mentioned by me on my site that but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates cargoes done by.


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