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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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are people more concerned. today 1st w. this is the job the news coming to you live from a tragedy on the danube river a tourist boat sings leaving at least 7 dead event on in the hunt given capital good luck to the storm with heavy rainfall hampering the rescue efforts many of the passengers are still missing. also coming up a setback for israel's binyamin netanyahu 2 months on from the elections the
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country's long time leader feels to form a coalition government the knesset votes to to send the country back to the poems. and form what u.s. special counsel robert miller grik says silence who says his report into russian election meddling does not exonerate president don trump from criminal wrongdoing. plus the mothers who refuse to give up hope in mexico these women have taken the search for their missing children into their own hands in a country where 30000 people have disappeared and. i'm on the docks. at least 7 people dead and more than a dozen missing after a sightseeing boat sank in the river danube in the capital. the boat capsized and
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it was struck by another vessel. it was carrying $130.00 south korean tourists and $200.00 crewmembers risk worked through the night looking for survivors. the rain kept flashing dein as rescuers scoured the dark cold water. they were searching several kilometers down stream from the site of the accident looking for people swept away by the rivers powerful currents. and all other boat traffic was halted along a stretch of the danube site of beauty passed as military personnel and divers joined the rescue effort. we found people with serious injuries and someone used to be resuscitated. but they were unable to save a number of passengers the danube had been flooding as
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a storm enveloped budapest. this size korean travel agency which hired the boat apologized but defended the decision to let passengers board despite the weather. 30 customers and one of our guides boarded the cruise boat for the. chore that it upsets me that. at the time the water level was high but other cruise boats were operating as usual not just our boat. along with me that. one experts told hungary in television that the pleasure boat called the mermaid likely went down very fast children to be among its passengers. and for the very latest i'm joined by our correspondent stefan boss in but the best to find out what is the latest with the rescue operation. well what we do know is stetson at the moment they are still working
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around the clock to find people but this getting very difficult because it is raining and diverse i'm not sure if they can found to remaining people they're still looking for still 20 south korean tourists and said they are all physically very anxious at disappoints whether they will find any people and stated they will find it and to fundamental any will of bought the circumstances of the collision. well what we do know is that this boat winton to a coalition which an older vessel and that has been a concern for some time because quite a lot of sightseeing boats on the danube river especially also in the evening so i expect more questions will be erased about. as ships in the night and also what to do better to control old old that shipping at that you know you have
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to know that the sightseeing boats are very. tourists thousands of people are using it to end usually and of course the questions will be raised also why it could happen in such a storm in such a rain exactly in the storm and the rain must be surely affecting rescue operations because the danube river is kind of in in space at the moment the current is very fast. well indeed indeed and it is a major concern for rescue workers. is at a moment. moving at a very fast pace and also it is very difficult anyway to reach from they say area the danube so quickly and to have to do all kind of things we stivers to be foster there and also what is what of course remains an issue is how could it happen and where there are really as of course the shipping authorities are now
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saying that they sold them in going about their business but i think more questions will be erased in the coming hours about this and see if i do every any well information on the victims. well we do know there are concerned at among the victims are children and they have not yet released old the names. involved in these accidents of course they are still trying to find people alive but the it seems to be more difficult every hour to find him because the water is also why cold. and stiff on both with the fresh thank you very much for bring us up to date on that boat. in the capital i'm getting captain. drilling down to israel where lawmakers have voted to dissolve parliament after prime minister binyamin netanyahu feels to form
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a coalition government talk stored because of infighting among netanyahu is right with allies he was unable to grow or a compromise between the secular nationalist party or former defense minister avigdor lieberman and ultra-orthodox jewish parties on the issue of military conscription needy how missed a midnight deadline for forming a government given the way for an unprecedented 2nd snap election in september last which was held just 7 weeks ago. well our correspondent in jerusalem joins me now from outside the israeli parliament a big setback for netanyahu tell us more about why he was unable to form a coalition. yes definitely a big setback for mr netanyahu it was a real drama here last night in the knesset here just behind me when the lawmakers voted for the dissolution of this knesset session so paving the way now for new
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elections which are set for a september 17th and the last elections just remind us just on april 9th not so long ago it was mainly because of a dispute over this conscription draft law between the us are also talks coalition partners and now the secular writing part is right be tane know. just how to leave a man mr netanyahu lost the 5 seats of even months a party so he was unable to form the question needed 61 seats out of the 120 so that is why we will see now elections are coming up but some commentators here also point to the fact that it became actually also a power struggle between these 2 former allies so let's see what mr netanyahu had to say after the vote last night in the knesset. it is just unbelievable
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unbelievable i've been in is now part of the left you give him votes for the right and he doesn't give his vote to the right wing government this is what we see. we will run a shop clear election campaign which will bring us victory. we will win. we will win and the public will win and that's when i'm not so tell me he is seems pretty confident in my need to now that he when the next election but then the last election april was close why wasn't the runner up benny gantz given a chance to form the government. well that's also being debated because that would have been the other option basically that mr netanyahu would give back the monday night that he had been given by the president mr rivlin to form the coalition government and usually it would then go to the next candidate but that was not in the cards so mr netanyahu would not give you know the
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possibility to form the next government that's why he was pushing the knesset you know to push for the bill for the dissolution and so paving the way for the elections but i think the opposition all of the opposition would go for mr net to know now we've heard them already saying you know he was unable to form a coalition dragging the country into unnecessary elections so they would have a chance now to regroup themselves maybe there would be a new alliances and then they will go from there to see whether this time they could mr netanyahu is likud party so donna as a country goes back into campaign mode what about the criminal investigations against bibi netanyahu. there will be certainly also over shedding the next elections actually mr netanyahu is under indictment pending a hearing and that hearing had been postponed which would then confirm whether he
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will be actually indicted or not so this hearing was set for october it's very close to the next elections on september 17th possibly so we're not sure whether this hearing will then be again postponed but having said that i mean last time during the elections the corruption charges brought against mr netanyahu didn't really sway his vote way so it's a question whether you know they will actually play a big role again during these elections at least for the voters of the likud party . crema standing outside the knesset or parliament in jerusalem thank you very much for that. let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wasn't true this president has threatened to dissolve congress on this lawmakers austin forms aimed at ending corruption in a televised address martin the scada accuse the makers of trying to obstruct the
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fight against draft after they move to reject one of his proposes a series of corruption scandals have discredited major political parties and institutions in recent here. more than 20 people have died in a bus crash in the southern mexican state of veracruz dozens were also injured most of the victims were catholic on their way home to mexico city the bus burst into flames after colliding with another vehicle on a steep highway. a man charged with the bombing in france has reportedly confessed to the crime the explosion last week injured 13 people the suspected bomber a 24 year old algerian citizen was arrested along with other family members in what is being treated as a terrorist attack. in the united states form especially conservation but has broken his silence over his 2 year investigation into russian interference in
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the 2016 election monica contradicted white house claims and said his report does not exonerate the president of committing crimes he added that it is the u.s. congress is job to hold the president accountable reason the prospect house democrats could begin impeachment proceedings. the justice department gave washington's media less than 2 hours to prepare for the special counsel statement in the 2 years since his appointment robert miller had never publicly commented on the investigation. but on wednesday with his office formally closing down he seized the opportunity to push back against president donald trump's repeated claims that the investigation had cleared him of any wrongdoing. if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so we did not however make
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a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime and also stressed that charging the president with a crime was not an option his office could consider justice department policy holds that it is unconstitutional to charge a president with a federal crime while he's in office. trump reacted with a quick tweet saying there was insufficient evidence and that therefore he was innocent case closed. but congressional democrats believe statement confirms that they are right to pursue their investigations of the president. the congress to respond to the crimes lies and other wrongdoing of president we will do so make no mistake no one not even the president of the united states is above the law his testimony he said is contained in the report that he submitted
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mueller made it clear to congress that it could not expect further help from him. and he. has his fun of these developments in washington here's what he had to say. 2 years of utter and complete silence and for the 1st time since robert a smaller launched his investigation on russian interference in the 2016 election campaign he actually spoke to the public and while many were wondering if this would mark the end of the. it could in fact be the beginning of something new robert muller delivered a clear statement essentially saying that if you could have indicted the us president he would have done it and that's not the exoneration donald trump and his attorney general have been claiming it's a setback for him and his rhetoric calling the investigation an illegal witch hunt but it also in bolton's democrats whose calls for impeachment have been getting louder and louder every week. that. you're watching the news
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coming up ahead especially on this. go to u.n. secretary general until you have good tabish we take a look at his life before and after he became the united nation's top diplomat. but 1st the man who's vying to become britain's next prime minister but before that it looks like the conservative johnson will have to go to court he's facing allegations that he intentionally lied to during the 2016 drags it referendum campaign. to try to 350000000000 pounds 350000000 pounds a week instead of britain sending 350000000 pounds a week to brussels the money could be spent on british health care that's what boris johnson promised voters again and again in the run up to the brics a referendum 3 years ago. but the figure is incorrect as many people pointed out at the time. one activist believes johnson misused his office to deliberately mislead
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the public markets paul raised about 250000 euros. file a lawsuit against the conservative lawmaker now a judge has ruled that johnson must respond to the accusation in court after that the case could go to trial the test is very low she said there was enough evidence to the issue a summons she wasn't of looked at the political issues but i think it will be very many months before this is resolved. johnson's lawyers reject the lawsuit as politically motivated they say their client was engaging in a political campaign and not speaking in an official capacity no date has been set for the hearing but the case comes at an awkward time for johnson he was considered the front runner in the conservative party race to replace theresa may as party leader and british prime minister. now every here in the west german city of auckland hands out a special award known as the charlemagne prize it's on as those who promote
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european unification boss recipients have included french president in modern mccraw job. and pope francis now this is said to many is expected to start in just a few odds and it will be this man who receives the award u.n. secretary general until you're good ted is according to the jury good 10 years has received a vibe to deal with cooperation based not on me on the values in the goals of the united nations but also the principles of the european union one week it's vienna the other vanuatu. un secretary general antonio the terrace has a punishing schedule meeting world leaders and market traders alike the 70 year old is a mediator in some of the toughest issues facing the world. terrace political career took off in 1995 when he ran for prime minister in his native portugal
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a former university lecturer and devout catholic he was an unusual choice for the socialist party and after winning the election he continued to break the mold seeking dialogue with all sections of society to this day he remains one of portugal's most popular political figures. in 2005 the un named him its high commissioner for refugees outspoken and passionate he managed to win hollywood actress angelina jolie as his special envoy he focused on iraq and syria criticizing european countries over their handling of the mediterranean refugee crisis in 2015 the international community has failed twice these large number of refugees failed 1st because it was not able to prevent conflicts or to time we solve them and failed
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a 2nd time because it is not providing the resources necessary to assist them to get their human dignity in october 26th seen the un chose him to succeed ban ki moon as its top diplomat. he took office at the same time as the new u.s. president donald trump the multilateralist has often been at odds with the unilateralist trump not least on climate change. and says all countries must work together to fight it if they don't go. so it's better to make it achievable. a constant campaigner who often appears the eternal optimist in troubling times. not latin america the region has the highest number of forced disappearances the wild
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official figures estimate that some 200000 people have disappeared in the last 2 decades the real number could be much higher the country with the most missing persons is colombia in 5 decades of armed conflict more than 100000 people have thought to have disappeared in the country now a civil war in guatemala also led to tens of thousands of disappearances since the end of the conflict in 1906 the country's also been criticized for failing to bring those responsible to justice argentina on the other has been praised for its handling of its past during its years of dictatorship from 976 to 83 security forces abducted some 30000 people their government and military leaders have since faced trial now tell into mexico where the war between drug cartels is now with the main causes of death amnesty international puts the number of missing at more than 34000 and the u.n. says about 30 percent of them are children adolescence are reporter modern miller
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met a group of mothers whose troops have disappeared. that man amedee now finally found her missing son. he disappeared without a trace 5 years ago. so i mean me and all one day he was selling cell phone accessories as usual and he was just kidnapped at a gas station because my son was disappeared in the author already stood look for him i started my own search local police were no help she says but there was no surprise ordinary police officers are suspected of frequent collaboration with the drug cartels. minima dina started to search with this simple tool that helps detect the scent of decaying corpses beneath the soil. over time other mothers looking for them missing children and jointer they call themselves that that affidavit or us the trackers they relentlessly entirely as the search for
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traces of their missing children the treasures as i lovingly refer to them they can't believe they're dead until they have proof and that's exactly what their model says they will scott i think on that out there as search for you until i find you. for many women here this has become their sole mission the search often turns up the bones and skeletons in. the women's findings on this day become the top story for mexican journalists now the stench of rotting corpses is overwhelming me time and again the mothers of the disappeared are confronted with the tormenting question could this body be my child. to look at me got a hold it feels like my heart wants to jump right out of my body. i'm shaking my ears or my heart oh yeah i think i'm glad and sad at the same time because i don't know if it's my son or her son not that they're not all in the end it doesn't
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matter we're looking for them because we love them. man i mean dina and her group have already found nearly 500 bodies according to local media many of the disappeared a believed to have had ties to the drug trade victims are often young men who had no prospects for legal employment minima deen and the other mothers found the remains of 15 people on a single day neighbors who had observed suspicious activity gave them crucial tips on where to dig the search missions are a provocation to the drug cartels but the sympathy for the him her was god they tell us we should stop looking yes it is proper otherwise the same thing will happen to us and we're going to then one day someone else will find us buried but in my head we're scared but love in the uncertainty are stronger i mean i said. it took 3 years for man to find her son at last she says he can rest in peace.
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do not assume sports and football are chelsea on the new champions after an impressive display against arsenal in the all england final chelsea took the lead early in the 2nd half with a goal from olivia's head to rodriguez made it to nil on the hour mark and even hasn't scored twice to dash osman's hopes for one the final score and chelsea pick up this 2nd europa league. a south african runner caster semenya has filed an appeal to the swiss supreme court challenging a decision that prevents her from competing on this she takes medication samina has said her appeal is based on fundamental human rights under new rules from these vast aquatics federation the after so many is not allowed to run in a favorite distances of the she magically lures 100 natural justice to levels earlier this month the court of arbitration for sport in switzerland rejected her
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challenge against the f rooms. the swiss supreme court's 2 way and. she's believed to have been born as the world's smallest recorded baby her name is c.b. and she was born in california after just 23 weeks 17 weeks premature initially weighing just 245 grams she's been discharged as a healthy infant weighing 2 kilograms after nearly 5 months in intensive care. you're watching me is here's a recap of the top stories that we're following. for tourist board has sunk in the river danube and budapest killing at least 7 people down after a collision with another vessel with heavy rainfall harboring a rescue efforts. to dissolve parliament after prime minister binyamin netanyahu feel to form a coalition government to store over
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a dispute between his right. to conscription the countries are headed for fresh elections in september. coming up next admits shortcomings of its accident 77 max christophe. we'll have that story coming up for you shortly for me under dutch law by thought.
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the familiar. with. something is rotten in the state of denmark. it's a quote from hamlet mama to us mom feels like that today. look at copenhagen 1st 30
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here and now the authorities have officially declared his neighborhood go. look it up mohamed osman it's a case of to be or not to be. in 60 minutes on d w. i was fishing when i arrived here i slept with people in a room for the 9th in mount it was hard to shred. i even got white hairs that. benjamin language and not often this keeps me going to make a bunch maybe to entrust the lives of slaves you want to know their story the life blood spurting and reliable information for margaret. planet early the global tourist guide from germany's booming capital i love berlin the discover the multicultural metropolis you know where your attack series if
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a man got out of bed in the sun like stars and anything i love even once you should once again swiftly looks like a tough choice like me just like to see the 50 nations 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best in terms of food. food now planet earth let everyone kong t.w. . cut. hold on to your smartphone china says if it could interrupt the supply of rare earths to the united states to boost its leverage in the 2 countries trade dispute we'll talk to our correspondent what to make of the threat also coming up media juggernaut disney says it be very difficult to keep filming in georgia if the u.s. states controversy.


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