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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2019 9:30am-9:42am CEST

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in a televised address. accused lawmakers of front have struck the fight against kraft after they moved to one of his proposals a series of corruption scandals have discredited major political parties and institutions in recent years. more than 20 people have died in a bus crash in the southern mexican state of veracruz dozens were also injured most of the victims were catholic pilgrims on their way home to mexico city the bus burst into flames after colliding with another vehicle on a steep highway. a man charged with the bombing in france has reportedly confessed to the crime the explosion last week injured 13 people the suspected bomber a 24 year old algerian citizen was arrested along with other family members in what is being treated as a terrorist attack. in the united states former special counsel robert muller has broken his silence over his 2 year investigation into russian interference in the
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2016 election monitor has contradicted white house claims and says his report does not exonerate the president of committing crimes he added that it is the job of u.s. congress to hold the president accountable reason the prospect that house democrats could begin impeachment proceedings. the justice department gave washington's media less than 2 hours to prepare for the special counsel statement in the 2 years since his appointment robert miller had never publicly commented on the investigation but on wednesday with his office formally closing down he seized the opportunity to push back against president donald trump's repeated claims that the investigation had cleared him of any wrongdoing. if we had had competent that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. we did not however make
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a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime and also stressed that charging the president with a crime was not an option his office could consider justice department policy holds that it is unconstitutional to charge a president with a federal crime while he's in office. trump reacted with a quick tweet saying there was insufficient evidence and that therefore he was innocent case closed. but congressional democrats believe statement confirms that they are right to pursue their investigations of the president. the congress to respond to the crimes lies and other wrongdoing of president rob we will do so make no mistake no one not even the president of the united states is above the law his testimony he said is contained in the report that he submitted
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mueller made it clear to congress that it could not expect further help from him. one of the sonnets is found in those developments in washington here's what you have to say. 2 years of utter and complete silence for the 1st time since robert a smaller launched his investigation on russian interference in the 2000 election campaign he actually spoke to the public and while many were wondering if this would mark the end of the. it could in fact be the beginning of something new robert muller delivered a clear statement essentially saying that if you could have indicted the us president he would have done it and that's not the exoneration donald trump and his attorney general have been claiming it's a setback for him and his rhetoric calling the investigation an illegal witch hunt but it also emboldens democrats whose calls for impeachment have been getting louder and louder every week. that. the sonnets in washington
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saying the u.s. and georgia. vatican antiabortion could hit the state's economic it's a major hub for the movie and entertainment industry but now some production companies are threatening to pull out of filming their altogether if the government moves forward on restricting women's rights. the story takes you to new york tokyo and even into deep space but this year's greatest blockbuster almost entirely in atlanta avengers and games is just one of many movies produced in georgia the southern states it's one of the biggest production helps in the u.s. even surpassing california as the state with the most feature films produced. but with conservative forces turning back the clock on abortion and threatening women's rights many of the traditionally liberal studios threatening to leave. people
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who work for us will not want to work there and will have to leave their wishes in that regard right now or. very carefully if it becomes law. but i don't see how it's practical for us to continue to shoot there. with netflix also threatening a boycott the state's movie industry seems in peril and the potential damage huge business insiders pick the economic impact of georgia's movie industry at around $10000000000.95 jobs. meanwhile the fight continues and for georgia governor brian camp it is more about faith than business . we are called to be strong and courageous. and we will not back now we will always continue to fight for life george's radical abortion ban and similar legislation in louisiana missouri and other bible belt
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states as expected to be challenged in court. he watching the diving is coming up ahead the mexican forced to search for their own children in a country where cartels have been forced disappearances of thousands of people families take matters into their own hands as in the. push for us the man who's vying to become britain's next 5 minister but it looks like that he and the that conservative johnson we 1st have to go to court he's facing allegations that he intentionally lied to voters in the 2016 bedsit referendum campaign. we could take back control of 350000000000 pounds about 350000000 pounds a week instead of britain sending 350000000 pounds a week to brussels the money could be spent on british health care that's what boris johnson promised voters again and again in the run up to the brics a referendum 3 years ago. but the figure is incorrect as many people pointed out at
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the time. one activist believes johnson misused his office to deliberately mislead the public mark as paul raised about 250000 euros to file a lawsuit against the conservative lawmaker now a judge has ruled that johnson must respond to the accusation in court after that the case could go to trial the test is very low she said there was enough evidence to the issue a summons she won't have looked at the political issues but i think it will be very many months before this is resolved. johnson's lawyers reject the conflicts more than 100000 people to have disappeared in the country civil in guatemala also in that to tens of thousands of disappearances since the end of the conflicts in 1906 the country's also been criticized for failing to bring those responsible to justice argentina on the other hand has been built on
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a group of mothers whose children have disappeared at. i think man amedee now finally found her missing son after he disappeared napped at a gas station because my son was disappeared in the off forties didn't look for him i started my own search local police were no help she says looking for them missing children and joined her they call themselves not that often adult us the trackers they relentlessly untile as the search for traces of their missing children that treasures. for many women here at this has become their sole mission the search often turns up the bones and skeletons. victims are often young men who had no prospects for legal employment minima dina and the other mothers found the remains of 15 people on a single day neighbors who had observed suspicious activity gave them crucial tips on where to dig the search missions are a provocation to the drug cartels with the simply going to him before
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a done seen the dean scoring twice to dash and hopes for one the final score and it was a festive mood outside the olympic stadium the host city buckled it is a bit john chelsea fans were over the moon as the blues a one this could go up in trophy in 70 ad as scored godzilla king of the monsters which harks back to the original views interesting ones correspondent scott drugs there has this report just has already. monster movie fans have had to wait a long time for the new godzilla movie to turn a $1000000.00 blockbuster finish shooting 2 years ago to angeles. and even the king of monsters himself got all spiffed up for the red carpet. the film's director sees godzilla. godzilla in his mind are just sort of the latest incarnation of. planet earth. but there's
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a reason why godzilla comes to humanity's rescue. and as my wife said it's like a bump in the head to mankind you know wake up and so it sort of fits in a day's time as you begin to store a time godzilla can come in because we're always screw things up one way or another but the environmental message takes a back seat to the monster fights fans pollution with another vessel with heavy rain for hampering rescue efforts. up next focus in europe dead months controversial approach to policing immigrant communities is the focus stay with us .
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if something is rotten in the state of denmark. it's a quote from how much mohamed our song feels like got to get up with them or hamas mom it's a case of to be or not to be. the next g.w. . thing is just the children who have already been the boy and that's you and those that will follow are part of a new kind of. that 77 percent. are younger than. me and me and welcome the 77 percent. this weekend t.w. . 11 allowing a very warm welcome indeed to focus sentenced to 300 years in prison for incitement
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