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delivered a clear statement essentially saying that if you could have him big calling the investigation an illegal witch hunt but it also emboldens democrats whose calls for impeachment have been getting louder and louder every week moves ahead on district to women's rights. the story takes you to new york tokyo and even in the original inside look at the lowdown from our movie man scott roxboro who's got this report for us. the world is changing. the business extinction we fear. has already. monster movie fans have had to wait a long time for the new godzilla movie the 200000000 dollar blockbuster finish shooting 2 years ago now just in time for the summer season godzilla is back. the film stars were out in force for the movie's premiere in los angeles. and even the king of monsters himself got all spiffed up for the red carpet. the film's
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director sees godzilla as a universal tale. ever since we're telling stories around the campfire stories about demons and dragons in giant sea monsters and so godzilla in his mind are just sort of the latest incarnation of. planet earth. the 35th godzilla movie has added an environmental subtext to the story godzilla and the other big beasts have come to save humanity from itself our heroes have to unleash the monster. global catastrophe. gastro bring him in for beer not this time we join the fight there's a reason why godzilla comes to humanity's rescue unit is my wife said it's like a bump on the head to mankind you know wake up and so it's sort of this any of these times you're going to have this already to. godzilla come in his role he
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screwed things up. but the environmental message takes a back seat to the monster fans criticize the last godzilla movie from being too much. as it was well he says live it down right star millie bobby brown nicely sums up godzilla's who is the son you. go back only wonder what he's a mom you know i'm not somebody. 1 with less plot and more bad ass battles this godzilla movie is one for the things. and the fans are eating it up i love that don't bother us with too much plot scott roxboro has joined me in the studio ok i know that you are a huge godzilla fended if this superlative of wants or felt. live up to your expectations well the new film ok it's it's credibly cheesy the dialogue is horrendous it's basically the plot is basically just
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a series of excuses to get to the next big battle between lizards and godzilla monsters yeah so in short i loved it but. that's exactly what i want from a godzilla movie i see a lot of critics who complained who said you know there's no character development in this movie and you don't go to a godzilla movie for character development you go to a godzilla movie theater see godzilla kick but to see godzilla go up against mothra rodin and then the the huge 3 headed alien lizard king did dora yeah and that's exactly that's exactly what this battle ok so it's really delivering godzilla has been around for ages i think it's 65 years so that makes it one of the most enduring film franchises of all time what is the secret of its this incredible longevity i don't know it's interesting i think it's maybe a combination of the silly but also but the sublime i mean the movies have always been awesome as well there's there's that that's always sort of been there but i mean the original movie goes back to $1054.00 was the original one and it was sort of a rip off of. monster movies from the us king kong come up 2 years earlier there was
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a film called the beast from 2000 fathoms and so this was sort of a japanese rip off of that and the 1st the 1st one was ridiculous lee cheesy i mean it's basically just a guy in a rubber suit laying waste to a certain train version of tokyo but you have to remember this came out just a decade or so after the 2nd world war where tokyo had panicked suffered a comedy or structure. and this really resonated godzilla really resonate it was seen as a as a as a warning of the dangers of atomic power godzilla because i was the baby is a version of america and the threat is served to japan so it does have a deeper deeper resonance yeah and. and i think also what made the movie so interesting the figure was also interesting is that he's always ambivalent he's sort of an antihero sometimes is viewed as a dangerous monster threatening things i mean he's laid waste to tokyo so many times that right tokyo the japanese construction industry must be must be thanking
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i mean it may create so many jobs those people but but at the same time he's often then also seen as in this new movie as a savior someone who protects tokyo or the world but i'm from outside so i know this so this this this this ambivalence is quite unique to the do the monsters that we're used to seeing on t.v. it's amazing that godzilla is one of japan's most recognized pop culture symbols and that doesn't show any sign of stopping to it no it doesn't and it's interesting to me japan japan's got centuries of cultural tradition it's one of the most advanced. industrial societies in the world and what they're mainly what they're best known for maybe internationally is a cheesy radioactive lizard but i grew up with godzilla movies watch them on saturday afternoon t.v. and pop culture in west pop culture is soaked with with with godzilla and you seen that it turns out the parody started coming almost immediately in the 1960 s. we had 1st parodies the. bambi meets godzilla don't know if you know
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a classic. from 1969 bambi doesn't get off too well in this cartoon let's just wait for it. great for the. moment and then after you saw parodies all through advertising. took over this is a commercial from nike of the ninety's with charles barkley confronting. this you see that you know western culture has adopted as sort of parodies of godzilla and that's something that shows how the character is and has been really for decades fantastic stuff thanks very much for bringing us that scott ross perot godzilla king of the monsters obviously want to see with lots of popcorn going to donald trump's going to have a look at it i don't know i think the environmental subtext. which of the seems like a film for thanks so much for joining me. more testosterone coming up as hooligan is the title of the most recent book in our ongoing series 100 german must reads
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a debut novel for authors and it promptly got him shortlisted for the german book award while his narrative takes us into a violent world of social misfits who are always ready to pick a fight and soccer is just one of many outlets for their rage. most books don't require mouth guards for most books are about bringing people. to. whom. sorry hooligan by philip think law isn't most novels it packs a testosterone filled punch from the very 1st the lines it's a book about rage about soccer hooligans fans who care more about beating each other to a pulp and they care about the sport itself. the messed up hero in this novel is heiko a misfit in his late twenties raised by his alcoholic father abandoned by his mother
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and his girlfriends up and left them to for him the hooligans or the family he doesn't have a family he beats up rival gangs with. the bros don't take place in the stadiums the real action is in the woods or in parking lots places where the police won't find the hooligans so fast. i swallow my mouth guard down the nervousness is only just an aftertaste we form 3 rows across the width of the path the adrenaline courses through my body i get light headed hooligan is the psychological portrait of a young man who has given up on everything except his own rage you enter a world that plays by its own rules written with such wrongness that you'll think that author philip finkler must be a hooligan himself. some people complain that literature doesn't have enough to do with real life or what could be realer than a punch to the face. once
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upon a time a europeans referred to africa as the dark continent and in many parts of the world african stories still only make it into the news when there are things like political crises disease outbreaks or even environmental disasters which is why a collective of photographers african and non african alike created the instagram account every day africa and in recent annual media conference the global media for on the platform had its own exhibition to shed some light on the stories beyond the headlines. ordinary extraordinary and africa beyond the news and the stereotypes these are the images of africa that every day africa wants to get across. the. u.s. journalist austin merrill co-founded the project while on assignment in ivory coast and he and another co-founder
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a photographer were supposed to be telling another typical story of an african country in crisis but then we felt like the most important thing we could do in that moment was to look around and see that for most of the people around us they were living very normal lives much like i might be back home or anyone might be here in europe. what started off as an instagram account and 2012 rapidly group of people shared the hash tag every day africa and other photographers from around the continent began sending contributions including ethiopian photo journalist my header hi lissa lassie. really it's almost like a sketch book for me it's really almost what i see every day watching every day and it's sometimes it can be sad sometimes that stop you or sometimes it's just ordinary. the images in everyday africa show the interconnectedness the common experiences of people across the continent you know this is buying stuff home so my you know it's kind of froze up or someone came cheese. is
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a concentration in 3 choirs but it's the same time it's her really a very normal and ordinary scene you can find anywhere enough with piping that we have like a lot of scenes makes us think your fiance is kind o. for you it's for me. after 7 years on line every day africa has evolved into more than just an instagram account they published a book and they show their images to schools both inside and outside africa they're trying to change the image of the continent in the international press while they may still have a long way to go every day african success has highlighted the desire and the need to see africa through a different lens. and just so you know every day africa has almost 400000 followers on instagram so i highly recommend that you check out some of their fantastic work well that does
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bring us to the end of the show but don't forget to check out the website at b.w. dot com slash culture and with that it's time for us to sign off so until next time all the best interests and bye bye. the funny. thing. is. when you shoot a gun what happens in the brain. and why are more and more germans taking up this
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country. for a long time there was an aversion to firearms in germany but not all gun sales folks nagle and your legal arising. why there's no interest guns where does it come from. new gun laws sure this wasn't some d.w.i. . into the conflict zone with tim sebastian closes in the european parliament elections so shaken off the consonants politics my guess is free beer is stuccoed is due to tom and me feet a memory a collapse of bill flew south some so recently on the founding of the european peoples posse what did she on the hot seat do wrong conflicts of the minutes of the double.
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birth. home is of species. a home worth saving and. yes those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. but muslim countries goodness noosed drainage solutions and reforestation. community interactive content teaching the next generation doesn't. took the church. channels available people. and more determined to build something here for the next generation along with the environment series of global 3000.
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coming to you live from bonnie and little hope left in the hunt for survivors of the boat accident spokesman says the search for missing passengers could be few time after a storm sank a sightseeing boat. on board also coming up.


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