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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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the news on the go down the drops from the google play from the apple store gives you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news though so you sometimes 1st names unfinished. business africa with monica jobs up next more world news of the top of the top of the. climate change. sustainability. environmental. biodiversity species on sufficient exploitation egoity. human rights displacement. current to
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a local or. global 3000. foot. link to moves from africa and the more story link to exception stories and discussions from the news of easy i want with safety debbie to come smash coffee cup join us on facebook. africa. it's time to kick off the world's biggest free trade area the african continent a free trade area came into force today but some major players are still missing we go live to nairobi for the latest also on the show what to do about all that plastic waste don't send it to malaysia was prime ministers telling wealthy countries. to keep their rubbish to themselves. and to china's favorite alcoholic
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beverage arrives for cocktails in a trendy berlin bar but will germans buy by jew. welcome to business africa i'm going to jones and berlin good to have you with us now and big day for trade within africa the african continent a free trade area came into force today its main objective to create a single continental market said to be the largest free trade zone in the world $52.00 out of $55.00 african union countries have signed on and about $22.00 have ratified the agreement now the potential market covers more than $1200000000.00 people including a growing middle class with a combined g.d.p. of almost 3 and a half trillion dollars and hopes are high by 2022 the agreement is expected to boost trade between african countries over 50 percent it will eliminate imported duties hopefully creating new jobs and investment but there are obstacles nigeria
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one of the strongest economy on the continent hasn't signed up yet neither have been or every trio doing away with borders customs and bureaucracy on the african continent to stimulate the economy is easier said and signed than done it seems now for more let's cross over to joy during barrow who joins us in nairobi joya good to see you so this big african continent free trade area kicked off today what's changed. well we can say for sure that things have changed as of to date because what we're seeing is that they're just about 27 african countries that are now allowing fellow african citizens to fly into their countries these are pre but that said i think for the african continent since the 15th century what we have seen we've traded on the african continent is that it
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has been directed outside of the continent and so the africa continent of free trade area coming into force today is actually meant to redirect that trend bucks into africa so we can be able to treat freely amongst ourselves in the african continent if you look at what countries are exporting outside of the continent kenya for example exported goods to the united states what $500000000.00 in just a single year the same country that is kenya exported goods worth $1000000000.00 to europe but if you compare that to what explorers to a country like there was just a paltry $69000000.00 and sort of the continental free trade area is seeking to increase more treaty with african countries save by about a 1000000000 dollars a year right at that sounds really great so tell me why does the strongest economy
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nigeria white why hasn't it signed on to this yet. well nigeria. first of all the most populous country on the continent and also that means it's the single largest economy in africa and so it's trying as much as possible to make the most out of it the president has previously said that the reason why the taking time is to allow public participation in the country for nigerians to be able to understand what's going to change after the ratify or become signatories to the trade ackerman's but this is taken longer than expected you know they also said that you know they were seeking specific technical assistance and also. against external shocks should there be any where the countries are not how can i sing in terms of border controls as well as other trade abdomens or i just very briefly joy
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how big an impact does this delay of nigeria joining have not much of an impact if you're going to look at the bigger population of the african continent $1200000000.00 people on the continent that's about $2.00 and us dollars worth of g.d.p. saw in nigeria delaying is actually a disadvantage when it's parked right joy the reindeer out there in nairobi for us thank you so much. i think kenya of course was the 1st to ban plastic bags that was last year tanzania will be following suit next month other regions still have a long way to go to stop the avalanche of plastic waste malaysia is also a major plastic waste important but now the country's prime minister has taken a stand against the wealthy countries who produce most of it. plastic has been making the world go round for decades but the bulk of it is not properly recycled
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most of it is produced by the world's richest countries and they have grown accustomed to shipping their wares problems to poorer countries for disposal last year malaysia was the world's biggest plastic waste importer but it's had enough and announced a ban on the practice earlier this week speaking in tokyo on thursday malaysia's prime minister issued a stark plea to the rich nations of the world you know prudy seen too much and you have a problem trying to get rid of that we lend fields and all that doesn't serve any purpose anymore you can a burn that we because of the the small and all the pollution pollutants so you idiots cannot see and pay for research and trees to send their wishes to pull countries simply because the poor countries have no choice may be going to be silly to their economy. the top 5 exporters of plastic whereas last year the usa
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germany japan the u.k. and belgium are among the world's wealthiest countries china used to account for around 50 percent of the world's plastic imports on till it issued an all out ban and 2017 since then malaysia has become the world's number one plastic waste importer followed by tightened vietnam hong kong and the us. much of the plastic waste that's been arriving in malaysia for the last year can't be recycled making it more likely that it will simply be dumped one day but please remember that we you put blue went by the word you will pollute goodness or the world's will tile and feared now are expected to soon follow malaysia's ban but the flow of plastic west probably won't stop as a result wealthy countries will more likely simply seek out a new home for it. and now to some other business stories making the news.
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discount a german supermarket ality is to open its 1st 2 stores in china next week its flagship operation will be based in shanghai the retailer already launched online sales and the world's 2nd largest economy and 2017 including china has over $6200.00 stores in 11 countries including the u.s. and australia. car production in britain was hammered in april output fell by more than 44 percent year on year factories shut down to sidestep the risk of a potentially chaotic no deal breaks it in march when britain was originally planned to leave the e.u. the latest date is the end of october. the head of a japanese business lobby says a planned sales tax hike should proceed as planned in october japan needs revenue to pay for bulging welfare costs and could the industrial world's heaviest public
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debt burden a number of influential makers had suggested perspiring the hike on concerns it could tip japan into recession. it is father's day here in germany and many dads are out enjoying a drink or 2 with friends and family while those in berlin could even get a taste of china's most popular lick here that is called by jew it's hardly known outside of china but a small group of foreigners is trying to change that. by few of robert fridges clients in berlin might have ever heard about it and that is although it is the most popular liquor in the world hundreds of millions of chinese usually drink it it is a must to tranquility booze and you need rampant straight shock brilliant bomb and drove a trooper has long been known for his creative cocktails but by geo the grain basically has been on his boss for just a little over
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a year. who're i don't think i guess would be open to straight by joe but it works well in mixed drinks especially with fresh juices it has a very interesting note something that's very hard to define what. he is trying out new recipes together with mathias he got the german has been living in china and is a co-founder of ming river by joe designed for the world market bomb and robert is one of their 1st customers. in fact in the 1950 s. vodka came from russia to the west in the 1970 s. tequila from mexico made it recently mescal which is basically a smoky tequila also did logically buy you would be next it is the last big spirit catch agreed to remain unknown and moreover it is the biggest of the it was a category they have it is. dark all is made in lieu joke a small town in southwestern china by joe is traditionally served at banquets expensive bottles are used to bribe officials but a few years ago president xi jinping kicked off an anti-corruption campaign. in
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2012 there was a new policy budgets for official spending were cut and that affected the by your market after 2012 we had a steep decline in sales i just. thought i should. die by jewish fermented in mud covered earth bits that can be several 100 years old they give it a very special earthy aroma something most westerners find hard to adjust to it was 1000 years old and we were one of these outer barbecue places in beijing drinking beer and some chinese people the next table gave me a small glass of something out of a little green bottle so i don't think your drink this so i had it i thought it was the worst thing i had ever had in my head at that. but with time you started to appreciate there are hundreds of brands and types of by joe this distillery alone produces dozens of brands the range from a few euros to several 100 euros per bottle depending on their age by joe has
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embarked on the world johnny and drinks have to be created from scratch. usually it is not bad but not as smooth as a choice of. this could work but this one is too dense it needs more and more water . the hope is that one day buys your will be found on bosh herbs just as naturally as whiskey vodka or. well just to that and that is your business update on business africa here on t w for me and the team as always thanks for keeping us company and if you want to find out more just go online follow us on twitter and on facebook thanks for joining us.
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eco africa. these people used to make money by hunting elephants. now only earn their living collecting elephant dung. queen elizabeth national park in uganda. their work plays an important role in protecting this endangered species
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. in 16. page the fact they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets and because we're tired of business. try to show. taking the stand global news that matters to me. this is deja news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes south africa's new cabinet has been sworn in most of the faces will be familiar to south africans mold notable is that there are more women but has president sort of managed to read that after all corrupt elements. and the off were made out of calm down we have a revolt of one does. how would survive the $9094.00 genocide and the women
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