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if you feel what you think. is. still no one is more popular than jesus. rock and religion clash that brings many. more to really soon your reconcilable card. june seventeenth. this is deja news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes south africa's new cabinet has been sworn in most of the faces will be familiar to south african soil molder notable is that there are more women but has president sort of managed to rid the packed off all corrupt elements. and the off work made out of calm down we have a reporter one does. how would survive the ninety ninety four genocide and the
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women preserving it's today. i'm christine wonderwall come to deeds every news africa i'm glad you didn't we begin in south africa way of president settled on the poll says a new cabinet has been sworn in stemming corruption and mismanagement that has cost the country hundreds of millions as a key tossed for this cabinet it's a major issue also facing the ruling a.n.c. whose election win this month was the weakest in its twenty five he is in power age increase has this report now from the legislative capital. the cabinet announcement received mixed reaction c. and south africa president was praised for the gender equality fifty percent of the ministers are women he was also praised for reducing the number of. ministers from
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thirty six to twenty eight although at the same time he increased the number of deputy minister the president also decided to leave some controversial party members out of the cabinet like the former minister of woman who is accused of mismanaging government funds but at the same time the president said that those who were left out of the cabinet will be able to help the government in other rules and this to many south africans does not sound like the strict fight against corruption that the president initially promised he also decided to reappoint the deputy presidents david once again who is actually also facing allegations for corruption and money laundering as well as public enterprises minister gordon who the public protector says should face disciplinary actions for improper conduct the opposition party of the economic freedom party fighters even goes as far as to say that this is a declaration of war more on this i'd like to bring in south african journalist very
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rationally pele welcome to africa very rationally so how clean is it i'm a forces cabinet did he manage to get rid of all the former president jacob zuma people appointees who are perceived as being corrupt. haggis and things like having me on the show indeed i hope was i did do as promised are killing out most egregious appointees under former president zuma people like but to be is i mean he who was found to have lied in court people who have really poor brought the government and the party into disrepute now that's not to say that all of them of so-called allies have been cleared out really what the cloud really hard not to make it look like a witch hunt and it's not to say that all the candidates are computer eighteen but i didn't view those who were involved in the state capture project mostly because he had out although we must realize that evidence still coming out over
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a lot of people who might still go on to be implicated alright freshly out there is there is that he's had to do two things he's had to manage expectations from within the parties also had to manage expectations from the public in compiling this this this cabinet how do you think he say it look at what he was a balancing act no drama of course. famous for being a skilled negotiator someone who was instrumental in bringing about the end of apartheid and a negotiated settlement so he really consulted widely and extensively to try to keep a very divided party and government together and to buy into the changes he was trying to make so that means that no one was really very happy the public was hoping for deeper cuts to government less minister. fisher energy. people names are probably hoping for more of their allies to be in some different actions ok so he didn't entirely make it that he. right but just on that
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point by genetics want us to listen to it on the horses speaking out because money is a big factor with the way south africa's economy is that it's a central force and i want to get your reaction to that in a second. also africans are acutely aware of the great economic difficulties that our country is going through right now. but they are also aware of the constraints that have been placed on our public finances it is therefore impertinent that in all areas of the spheres of government we place a priority or revitalizing our economy wide at the same time exercising grades k. in the use of public funds ok so the use of public funds these ridges the cabinet by about eight ministries but some critics say that he could have done more for example there's a lot of data that he could have x.
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how do you think he did in this regard very picky well obviously didn't do a very good job looking for a lot more and i think he was hoping for a lot more but adding to the price he's paying will keeping it on a same page and we must remember that cutting down on ministries is not the only way to save money so does my view for the school fees pain so that he can reduce money outs when he's already started doing that they do seem costs out so it all right south african journalists fresh talking to us from johannesburg thank you thank you very much ok so while on the subject of public servants i want to introduce you to this lady behind me this will be honorable francisco attainments that at just twenty six he is the youngest member of parliament in guyana and sais she hopes to inspire the next generation of young female lawmakers. twenty six year old francisco or teen he's gotten his youngest member of parliament
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she was just twenty three when she was elected in two hundred sixteen apart from make you laws or team finds time to respond to late is from head constituents. i think politics is one to give so much as especially when it comes to member of parliament it's spears and i hope to learn more each and every day i seem to be a little imposes for me than a house two hundred seventy five m.p.'s and thirty six of them are female that is still short of the entire tree. thirty percent representation. explains why it's so tall for young female politicians their position is. you don't have the strength you don't have. to fit into the politics. and then of course if
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you're young different like you do that is period you know how that is pulled out to make meaningful contributions when it comes to decision making there are seven to one kenyan m.p.'s below the age of forty five francisco is the only one and that's eighty so the question of inspiring younger politicians falls upon hey i have a tax same issue i succeed because if i don't succeed i want to be asked to. come up and see. at this is a defense to. give a young person an opportunity she came and messed up many female politicians who look up to our team for inspiration so five young women have been very impressed by his story and actions is making a case for you and your son is. right i think we have
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a new generation w.c. capacity that believes in the intellectual ability of people hopefully some of these women will soon join francisco in parliament. all right our next story is the role. and away cow dung just as you see it behind me is the made element off a popular art form known as inequal it's believed to date back to the eighteenth century ad during the night united for genocide in google skills almost disappeared but a women's initiative rescued the art form and it continues to thrive in the country . the manure is mixed together with soil and spread out onto good nords after drying these artists file the relief smooth and paint them with natural pigments made of plants or ground minerals. this form of ours is called him a gong go. it has
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a long tradition in rwanda that goes back to the wanted monarchy a prince invented it not to hang on the wall but to turn the wall itself into a work of art. that too much is when you can love this decoration was seen as an important symbol in all of the houses in this region. when he made congo was there to keep the house nice and clean but after a while people gave of this tradition. just before the rwandan genocide a few women got together to revive in the congo but then the country fell to unimaginable violence. across rwanda radical hutus incited members of their own ethnic group to wipe out the tutsi minority almost a million people were killed and one hundred danes including most of the in my
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congo artists. the few who survived lost their entire families. we had nothing. no houses no food for our children. but because we women work together we could support each other. that was the biggest difference between us and the other villagers. and everyone had problems and was traumatized but we had each other it helped a lot. the artist taught other genocide survivors what they knew since then fifteen women have been working together in the cookie cooperative. their motifs are traditional rwandan symbols often from the natural world the spiral represents an elephant's trunk. the zigzag crocodile.
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the women consciously avoid portraying the horrors of one thousand nine hundred ninety four. with. some artist write songs or books about the genocide. but that's out of the question for us we. cannot create a picture showing someone killing a person. our picture should help people and have a positive effect on society. in the known killer who like me trying. their hard work is already shown in many different countries pictures made of cow manure have helped the women to earn a living and to heal their songs. and that's way it will leave it for now from africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page today will leave you with some stunning pictures for training muslims
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observing ramadan across the african continent still makes time by buying. what secrets lie behind the small. find out in our city experience and exploring fascinating cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage for sixty. minutes
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time to take stouffer and face. time they're all just such. and fun for the troops. to over come down trends and connecticut. it's time for. a new government is coming up ahead. james. hello and welcome to our arts and culture news i'm karen homestead and here's a quick look at what's coming up on today's program. we'll check out europe's oldest city plovdiv in south central bulgaria a must see as it celebrates its european capital of culture status all through twenty nineteen. a new documentary film about the legendary opera singer luciano
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pavarotti's explores the musical genius of the twentieth century's most successful tenor. and on the high end restaurant scene is no longer just about food but also about fashion as establishment up their game with stylish duds. well it's listed by many travel advisors as a destination to visit in twenty nineteen and nearly halfway through its run as a european capital of culture so time to get cracking garia second largest city is often overlooked by tourists as they savor the more quirky post soviet charm of the country's capital sofia but plouffe divs with its eight thousand year history and beautiful roman ruins is seizing the opportunity to use culture as a binding thread for its social fabric. that it.
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cannot just sit has a turbulent history it was once under threat.


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