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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2019 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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from politics to flash i sometimes like to think a good time this is what. welcome to the seventy seven percent. this week d w. i. five years ago there was no far right to talk extreme right populist did not have. the earthquake they expected politics is full of mistakes voters in the european parliament elections have shaken off the continent's politics turning away from the major power blocs that have dominated brussels in recent years and boosting the smaller groupings the greens the liberals and the far right my guest this week here in stockholm is the two term n.e.p. and the maria corrupts a built through sats until recently under the banner of the european peoples party
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what did she and the party do wrong. anna-maria carets a build welcome to conflict zone thank you tim apparently european voters weren't so keen on the status quo anymore do you accept a share of the blame for the for the first voter participation has been very very high historically fifty one percent more or less in medium in and out of europe but they don't like the status quo and i came out to say that but this is your general crossing legitimacy to european institutions shows that people start to understand how relevant to european union is and that it really affects their daily life and they future their one mark can't ability that one more transparency i think they will. ask much more participation for whoever is going to run europe in the future
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so my damn way of spinning it isn't the fact is that the party you sat with the european peoples party is still there hey guess what it's hailed the us is growing the way you're europeans who say we don't want the status quo status quo does doesn't work extreme right populist did not have the earthquake they expected there have been actually have an earthquake of scandals and the liberal liberal conservative forces are stronger than previously the greens advanced the socialist collapsed dick stream left the last almost fifty seats fine as another was far right at all was that so you hold the door open for them during the last five years i think this is not the time for blame game this is the time to sign for the truth isn't it time to look at what happened the achievements of the last five years i think if you go one of the now they want to have politicians that take responsibility build a stable majority to run europe in
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a way that it responds to day problems or connects with them and gives answer to security. migration but also free trade economy jobs and they don't want to be left behind the un says that the last five years didn't you because the story of the last five years for the has been one of missed warnings has been warnings about growing inequality warnings about climate change fears about identity and culture these kinds of things which will probably addressed in the last five years hence the door was left open for the far right which didn't really exist five years ago where the fire right in europe have has unfortunately all a success that is extremes always existed there because there are martians so exotic and you know sonoma not it wasn't winning elections five years ago was it well we haven't been in australia the extreme right party has collapsed left the government and they lose very strong moment in swaying they lost import together lost in
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denmark they lost their one very strong in italy and you have a strong point there and belgian italians feel left behind generally in migration and he has been stirring emotions and fears like that's what populist do but not getting any answer but there were so many huddling and a solution include with all migration for instance in twenty sixteen the head of the refugee center got wind of an elephant in the room he said that no one was prepared to acknowledge it was the fact that the great fear among europeans was the fear of islam and that cyclone created a vacuum which the until parties hurried to fill and filled with a certain amount of success than without giving any answer because they are putting people against people they are scaring people with propaganda against islam against muslims even against other europeans but so far they have not given any solution on
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migration their reality tell us and that was handed over and nor has the we have to because the problems have been changed we are not responsible for the warrants. syria or iraq or what happens in part of the demographic boom in africa poverty under development where there are sixty eight million more or less people on the move now in the world you cannot blame all of the european union for the events of the whole point of the european union was to find common solutions to common problem with that if you didn't do and you know that you didn't you know block that to. the our bones. the extreme right politic politicians who went close to power or sitting governments are the one who are blocking the entire as island package and migration package that the european parliament majority has voted including the reform of the dublin regulation i was there for ten years to do it ourselves by politicians like orban who say not only
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we don't like it we don't even want to negotiate it's a going against the whole way european politics is not so nationalist populist are already so we says why do what you have here you do it. the problem they hurt you yes first to turkey the council to you as well first of first to turkey and then to libya. and that and well either of those two warrior league laureus lee did that we did we need to work with our external partners of course also so it's ok in libya where they can be incarcerated for years no one and i don't know as i've beaten mark that's not what i said sexually abuse that's ok that's not what i said i was using i work with external plan we have to work with the partners of those who these are clearly the wrong ones that we are worth millions the wrong part of the food we are working to stop the lies libya according to united nations plan to have a stable government there be able to have elections the situation now is of civil
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war and look at what's happening to the people in those camps as you work to stabilize the situation could take years to stabilize the city may i have been one of those announcing more than others to schumer right situation in libya as unacceptable i went to i got there i went to niger i have been i've done one and my political group promoting a marshall plan for africa to make sure that we really solve the problems that we invest there and we make sure the people can go they can take their kids could the problem is now look at the deal with turkey which is whole spin off effect since in greece as he says is to write rhetoric dire are no quick fix. tim and the idea here i'll show you the right says those iraq around the wrong way fifty three sir it's long term problem standing the stronger she night at an open europe not a divided and destroyed and broken europe its problems there are over borders and it common solutions and the populace are doing exactly the opposite anna-maria
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corrado leader save orderly migration i pointed out one mary regime was great the deals with the wrong people the wrong deals with the wrong people you take the deal to return to regular migrants the one with turkey for instance now it's apparently come out that it has led to knock on dismal policies and practices in greece that are said by n.g.o.s to be shortsighted ineffective and dangerous you've got as many as twenty thousand people who've been left stranded in these camps these so-called i visited centers i mean it's terrible conditions they said are due to the european policy of trapping asylum seekers in your hotspots it's down to the use wrongly if this is what is wrong people did you visit to see it i need to yes i saw the reports well i visited them i thought you've got nothing to be proud of my visit i only asked him can i was answer because he gave me a chance to answer. i visited lesbos and the camps both in the islands and the
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reception centers and the situation greece is bad it is due to the fact that a communist government in greece could not put up the institutions that are necessary since we don't have a for the ration europe to work with european union situation which are strong which give enormous support to greece which are really doing a lot in greece from europol to the fundamental rights agency to from tax to yes i love office greece has a lot at the refugee fund greece has a lot of help from the european union but it takes two to tango and it's not easy i have been the one denouncing the situation and a company in my notes there there is not sufficient capacity in greece for that and there are not enough which one always is the ones which was named there aren't enough member states in the european union who are willing to do relocation which means to live up with they agreement to relocate from both italy in greece
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so there's a lack of solidarity among member states don't blame it on brussels with turkey it's impossible to deal with. the solution for migration and asylum without working with turkey like you i don't you don't like they are in turkey what you can blame it on you for is that it has moved to the right itself as in the trying to beat the populace at their own game as an e.u. summit in twenty eight in the leaders called for so-called regional disembarkation platforms basically a place where migrants who got fished out of the mediterranean could be parked while someone tried to work out what to do with them and the e.u. muncher became if we don't get tough others will get tougher you remember scuse me donald tusk of the summit some may think i'm too tough in my proposals on migration but trust me if we don't agree on them then you will see some really tough proposals from some really tough guys so you shifted to the right the view shifted
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on here talking to me like i'm the spokesperson of the european union i'm not i'm not talking to you and i'm not what you are part of the european party yes when the along with these things we stand up for fundamental rights for human rights we want to share main rule based common european asylum and migration policy some member states don't want it and you're planning on is down about college friends and compromising your people started does the party did not have much r.a.t during last month that. and we don't have a federation the member states can block can hinder cannot implement and legislations that i really important for europe are blocked at the moment in the council but you accept that the council moved to the right in that the airlines beat the populace of the zone go a long way from all the last deeper management if you want to venezuela a lot of them is rock stars in that of course. politics is full of mistakes but we
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have been trying with a very strong value based compasses to bring forward the reform agenda based on the rule of law and rule of law is the strength of the european union and populist want to close borders or raise wars we want to manage migration legal orderly safe we want to control and manage the border not to close the border contacting trafficking smugglers illegality stop belies africa that's not easy to solve libya we need unity between france italy and other member states member states have to work together talk about we have going to the u.n. being you know i'm saying in the future we need to strengthen our common and security foreign policy and speak in one voice as long as member states are not united europe would be weaker people are losing faith to leave here's the paradox isn't that pious level of support for membership since nineteen eighty three but
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more than half the people of europe think he is likely to collapse within a generation all the while for the first breath to see also the legacy of that arch so it is out of the chaos and implosion that unfortunately we have seen in the u.k. has been a vaccination rather than infection for the rest of europe we have seen so you should be stronger so as a result of that we have seen if i can finish my sentence do your a barometric counter of to count tree your planning and popularity has increased even him hungary with a few exceptions of czech republic and we have seen one after the extreme right. at political parties dropping the agenda of leaving the european union and leaving the euro so why do citizens of all these day why liberals and greens have gone forward and your actions they want to stronger europe they don't want to weaken euro why all the doubts about whether the e.u. can actually stay together i mean spain's foreign minister yours a burl was asked the interview if it was so fragile europe was so fragile it could
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break up his comment was honestly yes honestly yes yes a europe has always been growing start out of big crisis we were born out of the ashes of world war two. and there we are it is that is one of the best places in the world to live we never had it so good in europe we had two thousand euro you say about dozen years on or three thousand and three our turns of conflict and some seventy is a possibility it is now if the nationalist restaurant continues to put people against people like sullivan has been doing attacking the people of sweden yes that's a risk if you have a weakening of european institutions together with that higher rising rhetoric which is not only to migrants and to muslims but also on to other europeans we know when you put nations against nations in europe what happens and what about its alliance with hungary i was the friend the ones who are not your shoes i was
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a force some to denounce it i have been taking big fights within my political group i wrote an article in political a year and a half ago i have a you did very well i was saying that it stepped up to the elements i did not call for the party to be or bounce party i has failed to do due i have done it time after time to be suspended to be expelled i took all the battles and i think that may be too little too late but i do admire some of the leaders after european people's party who took the courage to take that step and in the parliament we have activated the rule of law mechanism which is asking the commission and the member said to take steps towards those kountry like poland like hungary who don't live up to our common values which is article two i don't really know how to build your party the european polity waited and waited and waited and didn't want to do anything about who did it that's true for a long time i've been i mean what did they do a slap on the wrist the wink about on the bike and then they were suspended
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something which all about himself or both had was a good decision e.p.a. has taken a good decision he said it maintained its unity and we can continue a unified campaign that's all you did. celebrating in the contra everything because the day before he had said that he would leave the european people's park if he was suspended and then he did and so his word does not impress me give fast the saw through this didn't he the leader of the liberal only paid group who said the parties were the people who did was a political trick and a stitch up that shows the e.p. people always put parliamentary numbers ahead of the collective european interest and he was right wasn't it well now i think we have to look at the future we need politicians got our dancer though he was right this was a stitch up this was a fudge wasn't it well let's see what happened it was a million let's say a while seven i said it was too little too late and everybody knows that i've been taking a very strong stand against him against my own lappin against boris johnson against
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salvini against fire edge i am not afraid to take debates with those who i think are want to adventure the future of europe in our chip children instead of build a better future is that true that the d.p.p. and its diminished party now after the election has had way too much power for way too long it's dominated european institutions for the last fifteen years that's got to be unhealthy for any democratic process that is for the people of europe to say not for you to say about dominance has allowed the party to do what the financial times called pre-cooking positions on treaties bailouts and the sort of e.u. disputes that certainly stretches the concept of democracy doesn't well create is still a member after your everybody started trick would collapse pressures have been a complete failure which i'm very sorry for the people of the u.k. and showed that stability is when you are in the family and implosion is when you want to leave the family and their reality is that people want to be more involved
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otherwise they wouldn't go to vote as they did you were criticised nigel farage for his views on the you called him the biggest liar in europe but we have thrown that he was run by a bunch of faceless be. crowds there was more than a kernel of truth in that was well he is the elite of dealey distribution of the establishment and but the point he has belonged to that this really was that for a long time what i have been elected twice directly by the people of sweden for ten years i don't feel like i'm a bureaucrat and together with my seven hundred fifty elected colleagues we have fifty percent of the power in europe if that's bureaucrats and the rest of the fifty percent of power is elected governments to same that sit in the capitals and then in brussels take the decisions and the european commission is an executive body is not a legislator and they are like the departments in any government in any member state and a very corrosive bill walk down any street in europe last really one if they've
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heard of joseph dole the chairman of your european peoples party who lectures national leaders some of the most powerful people in europe what they should be doing and why they should be voting how many european citizens of her even heard of this man who wields enormous pride within the you've been you haven't have that i wouldn't go with that criticism useless. he was a french beat from his he's on the like the politician he's been the chair is a chair of a political group is not a bureaucrat of course is a political group the european peoples party is a political family it's not a strong he's really it's all really powerful figure in brussels really well here's the leader of the free guess political group in the european union believe the people of europe only ever heard of but the point you're making is very important and i think it's the lessons that i'm saying for instance here in sweden we need to continue to take responsibility to make the case for europe and to connect we see to sense i am
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a grassroot politician i have been elected by preferences by the people with the support group of voluntaries i'm not the party politician so you don't have to to convince me we have or we'll task and that's still we are most important task ahead of us. to continue to keep the people involved and much more than we have done little during the selection which could have been so much better addressed in the last year we are looking ahead on how to make sure that no one is left behind and that people really feel that they i involve that there is something for them induce europe there's a difference between some countries where the election campaign has been breasts as you are to create cory doors and share my kountry let's diminish the powers repatriate the powers less europe and more europe or the counters like in germany where the debate has been our common future how europe the future germany and the future of europe go hand in hand a strong united an open europe is is the basis for
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a better germany we're now going to see in the wake of the european election what one report called the longest and least transparent job selection process for those who are going to hold the top jobs in the european union well i think it's not going to be an edifying so i have been in charge of the european parliament on the liches that their knowledge is that they work on the access to public document or more transparency of the trial are so again you don't have to convince me i think people have shown into selections that they want to know what's going on and they don't want closed doors decisions so anyone who wants to represent them now i think has to deliver on this and be more open in the way we take decisions in the european union the mess one of the messes that was left behind after this last parliament has been money hasn't it the lots of money money lost my don't waste is discounted as a yes you're right being funded by things i didn't know very reform was very
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serious expenses for a lot of misusing julia gunning of using their staff or do european parliament for national purposes that's all the extreme right in your has been doing that started from faraj omarion lappin and i was struck talking about. expenses there are all incidences of no receipts no bills nothing no accountability forty million euros worth of european taxpayers more well i have been voting for making this more transparent and all this office money so i have no problem with that making in the in the next month they didn't like my party will do it and next month it but the reason why this has been done is because the people of europe want less bureaucracy if you give i want more honesty don't send that's not about honesty because we are following the rules and there was i what they are as long as you don't change the rules you're not is all about the nine billion that we lost in two thousand i actually wrote as a servant to you you can lie cannot like the rules but as long as politicians follow the rules you cannot accuse them for that then you can change the rules for
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not like them and i have i'm in favor of changing the roads the court of auditor's accuse them of losing between about nine billion euros between two thousand and two two thousand and seventeen with member states they said doing little to prevent or punish those i don't divide as suspects for the poor is a pretty poor example as we in sweden here have for maximum accountability when it gets taxpayers' money and we are been driving very much a strong agenda to make sure that the cohesion fund assertion the social development funds to regional funds the agricultural funds are used in a way that is effective go to the end users and we have been calling the commission to have more powers to do that but there's always a balancing act between not wanting more bureaucracy but want to mock entre more control of the quest more bureaucracy that's the way it is you're going to miss the european parliament your party well i wrote you from the list i love to be i love
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to be a member of the european parliament i'm very very grateful for the confidence i got by that from the people of this ten years for what i could achieve today enters into force a legislation that i've been responsible for which creates the fifth freedom internal market the freedom of the data that's going to being that it and i make sure a more competitive bidding job brings but you complain that your party has become an all boys network. yeah but let's not talk about that wasn't true was let's talk about europe well the reason but other than a few seconds we will need more stronger europe stronger women in europe of course and i hope there will be strong europe in physician to list this fifty fifty and that is never to not in that sense to me it means in the sense that a strong women need to be. appreciate it not weekend and that isn't feel appreciated don't know your party
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that's still in sweden and that's true everywhere in europe and i really have been committing myself to making sure there will be more women in leading positions at the end there would be more respect for women there are other forms on me to it as sexual harassment which is of course the wars that we have to continue to stand up for there are other forms of harassment against women in politics very basic business you know what should you be bitter about not knowingness not not now i look forward now i have so much to give more help than my experience my networks my knowledge my multiculturalism my being a strong european and devoted engage european can be useful in other ways i don't reoccur that's a bill thanks for being on the conference on thank you. eco
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