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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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super rich definitely around 20000000000 or less. germany's wealthiest people live to be such a low. we have a snoop around to catch a glimpse topple the discreet mothers who disagree starts june. w. . trump is showing off his goal to move. tariffs on mexican imports in an attempt to curb illegal immigration look at the latest from our correspondents also coming up meet the farmers who are helping to fuel china's extraordinary coffee and a galaxy far far away might be as close as california where disney is opening a $1000000000.00 star wars theme park fans are excited and tickets priced.
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to the program yes president has announced he will add a 5 percent tariff to all goods coming in from mexico as a way to curb illegal immigration at the u.s. southern border mr trump says. mexican authorities to do more to combat illegal entry to the united states and added that the terrorists would be raised if the situation at the border improved this comes just after mexico's president. gore said his country would start ratifying a major trade deal with the united states and canada it's not clear yet how mr trump's decision will affect the united states makes eco. agreement. let's get more on the story it was clifford coonan from d.w. business here in the studio and e.w. financial correspondent ali bart's in frankfurt clifford this announcement came quite as
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a surprise particularly to the mexicans tell us more about the well he's done it again just as we were all eyes were focused on china on the trade deal there so when he comes out with a new very political move i think aimed at mexico which has opened up everything again in terms of international trade in terms of how america looks at it on itself and its protectionist mode as it is at the moment so yeah a complete surprise and we're all trying to work out what exactly this means for the for the broader trade issues that are going on at the moment and i think surprise is the key word here only looking at the share prices in asia this morning investors are shocked. as the shares went on quite considerably when the news came they didn't end up quite that low but for example the nikkei lost over one percent and hong kong was also down the sort of the mitigated effect at the end due to some bargain hunting we hear why that because may was such
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a terrible month and some people even though there was this news from trump thought that the last day of the month might be a good idea to cut back just a little bit into the into the into the trading but the fear is out there you can see it here in europe the dax is in pre-training and they are the shares are going down i wouldn't say they're under pressure but the effect is there people taken completely by surprise and the indication for what wall street will do later is the same also share losses projected while investors are going back into safe havens of the u.s. treasuries the government bonds there and one trader i just talked to just a few minutes ago raised an eyebrow and said you know in the old 4 german bonds has gone down again to the 0.195 percent is really shocked that that that means that they're in demand that means that investors astaire clifford back to you in the studio the united states is mexico's biggest trading partner tell us what
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implications this move has well i think strategically it's very important because if you look at it against the background of the china trade talks this is a move against the supply chain he's going for the companies who are producing goods cheaply and selling them in the u.s. and even just trade deficit so i think it's a very targeted move but again a surprise thanks clifford only for now we'll come back to you in a moment now the german chancellor has been speaking out in favor of free trade and multilateral cooperation during a speech at harvard university on thursday and go america took a swipe at the u.s. president and his policies without calling donald trump out by name here's what the german chancellor said. but 6 in this most protectionism and trade conflicts jeopardize free international trade and us the very foundations of our prosperity more than ever we must think and act multilaterally instead of unilaterally. not soon lobel rather than national.
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this also is about sinister outward looking rather than isolationist. german chancellor i'm going to marital speaking there cliff let me come back to you the u.s. china trade dispute is the most prominent example of the of the shifts and policies that angle america is criticizing there do we see any progress in that u.s. china trade. i think i think we're seeing the opposite we're seeing a new tariffs now coming from china at the weekend it's going to 2 sides are entrenched in their position even more and i think this this move in mexico is going to throw things into even further confusion only back to you in frankfurt what are investors preparing for in the days weeks and months ahead they're preparing for trying to continue on this path staying true to herself and they're fearing that it might lead to
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a recession 1st in the united states and then in other parts of the world but they're also expecting central banks to act and are somewhat comforted by the fact that that might medicate the effects of arts in frankfurt and clifford cohen here in the studio thanks to you both. it's been an ugly dispute that the world's top economies have been locked in just this month the united states ramped up terrorist on chinese products china quickly retaliated with its own terrors that kick in on june 1st not just weeks ago the 2 sides seemed close to a deal but now china and the u.s. are digging in. the trade wars escalating and the message donald trump wants out there is that the u.s. is winning. we very well with china we'll see what happens but i can tell you that very much wants to make a deal because the companies are leaving china to avoid this carol china is becoming a very weakened state. in the battle of wills between the world's 2 economic power
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i was as trump as confidence china would see could be learn his terms but beefed up by decades of growth and modernization china is convinced it can hold out far from rolling over the reaction has been defiant don't say we didn't warn you thundered the communist party mouth piece people's daily as it started to the big guns after the us took aim at tech giant while we're beijing has threatened to use its dominant position as a supplier of rare earth metals for leverage they're essential to everything from wind turbines to missiles china could also targeted u.s. companies like the vastly popular starbucks or aapl china is opposed hard largest market with nearly $52000000000.00 in sales mostly selling i phones the trade war is impacting on america too. there's
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a lot of pain in the short run and as i said earlier a lot of that pain is falling on sectors like agriculture. and i think the calculus is how long are we and our farmers are willing to accept that short run pain in exchange for potentially the long run again of more open markets and more opportunities in china china's president paying an trump or jew to meet at the june g. 20 meeting in japan until then there's little chance of an end to this increasingly bitter conflict. now you just saw there in the report coffee is becoming very popular in china big name coffee shops pot boehm popping up everywhere it has the reputation of being the land of tea but china now produces more beans than coffee powerhouses costa rica and kenya combined. never arrived in every major
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city international coffee chains are popping up all over china with a caffeine fueled enthusiasm starbucks opens a cafe here every 15 hours and suddenly everyone has their favorite coffee down to a tremendous black no sugar for them aka. a latte but as well as serving domestic demand china is increasingly helping the rest of the world get its coffee kick in recent years many farmers have converted to the crop some of them doubling their income to around $10.00 a day something with singing about. what. before i grew corn and potatoes but i made much less money than i do now with coffee. because. once famous for tea is now china's coffee capital the 1st plants were reportedly brought here by french missionaries some years later china is now the 13th biggest producer in the world called you by which you are to have plantation is located near the tropic of cancer it's
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a very favorable area for coffee cultivation there's altitude climate and 1900 millimeters of precipitation per year it's ideal. going from being to cup china is embracing coffee whatever form it takes. a galaxy far far away might be closer than you think star wars and those yes are now in for a big surprise at the disneyland in california galaxies edge is the name of the new attraction at the legendary theme park and it brings visitors really close to people and places they've been loving for decades. here's some really good news for fans of star wars galaxies surge is now over. with it one of the company's most monumental tasks to date disney after buying lucasfilm in 2012 for $4000000000.00 spent another 1000000000 on 2 identical parks
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this one in anaheim california and a 2nd island which is set to open in florida's disney world resort in the fall. we have given so much care and attention to all of the details and i mean everything right we're talking about the lighting we're talking about what you see on the ground there's droit tracks on the ground we use the original model of our 2 d 2 to make some of these tracks on the ground from the 1977 film. galaxies it's just the largest settlement on the planet called but which appeared in star wars books but not on screen the park's centerpiece is a replica of the millennium falcon that will take passengers on simulated flights riders will be pilot gunner or engineer and their choices will change the outcome of the ride. there's also restaurants and bars one way for disney to recoup their investment the other way so many years and tickets at an impressive cost of
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$149.00 if they're available at all for the 1st few weeks galaxy's edge has sold out. and you can tell a really 150 bucks to see to barca my word that wraps up our show for more particularly on the latest developments on the tariff threat against mexico twitter or facebook or a website at d w dot com for now thanks for watching have a successful.
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rock n roll. with us. by the church. i know that. feeling that you feel when you think. stop no one is more popular than jesus. and religion
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clash that brings many. to late. for the soldier reconcilable. card. june 17th t.w. . hello and welcome to our arts and culture news i'm karen homestead and here's a quick look at what's coming up on today's program. well check out europe's oldest city plovdiv in south central bulgaria a must see as it celebrates its european capital of culture status all through 2019 . a new documentary film about the legendary opera singer luciano pavarotti's explores the musical genius of the 20th century's most successful tenor.
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and on the high end restaurant scene it's no longer just about food but also about fashion as establishment up their game with stylish duds. well it's listed by many travel advisers as a destination to visit in 2019 and nearly halfway through its run as a european capital of culture so time to get cracking garia 2nd largest city is often overlooked by tourists as they savor the more quirky post soviet charm of the country's capital sofia but plouffe divs with its 8000 year history and beautiful roman ruins is seizing the opportunity to use culture as a binding thread for its social fabric. to come periods 2nd largest city has a turbulent history it was once brought.


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