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this is deja vu news live from berlin president trump's top diplomat is now in the german capital for talks on china and iran mike. has already met with the strawman counterpart tycho moussa missed rising tensions with the united states the secretary of state has also been meeting with german chancellor all of acol. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us well the chancellor and mark pompei
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are starting a press conference at this hour after a 1st round of talks let's go straight to the chancery where that press conference is now taking place. on how can we make sure that iran doesn't have any nuclear weapons how can we work to prevent further aggressive actions on the part of iran and of course we would also be talking about afghanistan i presume both our countries have substantial numbers of troops on the ground and syria is also going to be on our agenda today as the situation is very french and indeed when the north by teams and ends give no 3 all badmouth in a fog of all slant one gets you know nothing in a presidential. well not really opened up about suing them by this confiscating the intel with most as asean feel from one foot even with number in the future funding to push placing even guys that have helped us off this place and we had an. well
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and the fight for the intense evil conduct and that's good. to name 2 other issues that we will be peace talks upon that is undoubtedly going to be our cooperation with russia and also the future with ukraine presidential elections have test taken place in ukraine of course we've been all super if you touch on the issue of how we can call prey to fight terrorism so you see we have a whole host of issues on our agenda here today we only have 45 minutes we'll make best use of fact of course in the spirit of partnership and with every intention to continue the very close cooperation between both countries and people. thank you but i thank you chancellor merkel for having me here today i truly appreciate i'm looking forward to our conversation very very much germany is a great important partner an ally of the united states that's why i'm i'm so happy to have this time today with chancellor merkel had a good conversation with the foreign minister a bit earlier i won't go through the issues i think chancellor merkel articulated
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them. and indeed i'll be very brief so that we can use most of these 45 minutes for our substantive discussion again thank you for having me here today there is important work for our 2 countries to do alongside our our nato partners and alongside all of our allies to achieve security for our own people and stability and peace in this much of the world as we possibly can so thank you for having me here today thank you please does make a handshake like the microphone. 5 minutes of talks with me here in the studio is our political correspondent simon young to discuss the issues that will be discussed over the next 45 minutes simon that doesn't sound like a very long time to discuss so many issues no indeed a bit of a surprise especially given the deal. lays in my palm
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a coming to berlin he's been in office for just over a year but this is his 1st visit and as was mentioned he canceled a visit just 3 weeks ago because he said there were more pressing matters to deal with. in relation to iran so he's here now but not long to talk about a big range of issues ok it was a big range what is topping the agenda today yeah i think the the thing that's been picked out is this dispute while why the chinese telecoms manufacturer the united states is already embroiled actually in a battle over why president trump is blacklisted the company as part of his trade war that he's waging against china but the u.s. administration also has a security concern they say that you know if the european nato allies in particular are not the telecoms networks to this key chinese company that's
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a security risk they say and you know basically they don't trust the german foreign minister just earlier was speaking he said well we've got high security standards if companies don't meet those standards then they won't get the wook of installing the 5 g. network to pump a 0 says well you know you couldn't make the standards good enough this is right this is this and this is important as a 1st round of talks with the with between pompei oh and the german foreign minister. saying he wants to educate european allies on quote the dangers of huawei and saying there's going to be consequences as well for partners who do business or continue doing business with far away what might those consequences be what i mean we've seen them threaten the u.s. side threaten sanctions in other areas. that's a possibility i suppose it's not clear at the moment what they might do clearly making this a security issue as well as perhaps somehow. a trade issue that's really ramping up
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the referee it is it is difficult to to read too much we don't want to read too much into what we're saying at a press conference like that but my pump a.o. seemed pretty pleased coming out of those talks with with heiko moscow and he referred to germany as a great and important partner for the u.s. it's difficult for me to imagine america or the trumpet ministration placing tariffs on for example the german auto industry but that remains a possibility doesn't it well i mean yeah i mean and we've seen the robust attitude all of trump in regards to international trade and he regards it as a political tool so don't think you can rule it out the sanctions against. german industry for instance mooted in relation to another dispute that namely around russia of the nodes the gas pipeline project with me in russia or in germany the americans are very unhappy about that as well they say it makes germany and the
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rest of europe e.d.t. dependent on russian energy and they're prepared they say to back up that policy by imposing sanctions and you know this comes at a very important time the discussion about ukraine and russia nor stream the liquid gas supplier coming in there at the same time compare has been in ukraine has been talking to the new president as well do you think we could see some movement on the fighting in the eastern ukraine some kind of agreement with russia bringing peace to that troubled area so that's a very intractable issue and certainly not one that can be dealt with in this very brief meeting with jones the medical today and we've seen german and french foreign minister is. just yesterday trying to push the peace process forward again but it's a terribly difficult one to solve ok something else surprising in this brief press conference so we'll probably see another one after the talks i would imagine would hope about syria talking about syria that is issue is still alive. it is and the
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americans won't do them in force is the german air force capacity there to continue to be present at the moment they're flying reconnaissance missions which are an important part of the mission obviously the americans want to see acts now to secure the sort of long term or medium term anyway from the threats that they face on the ground they want german help to do that is going to be controversial but i think that is one area where germany may well look and say ok we do share values with the americans as was just said there we are a military allies possibly this is one where we can do something of course short of actual combat role for the germans which they always pull back from ok hopefully we're talking after the discussions between the chancellor and my pump now in underway in the transfer of this is the. visit to berlin comes a day after german chancellor merkel delivered the commencement address at harvard
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university in boston her advice to the graduating class there was laced with indirect criticism of president trump and his policies. don't waltz of ignorance and narrow mindedness on nothing has to stay as it is. it was one of several standing ovations for the german chancellor during hurricane speech she ended and began an english highly unusual. at such a major event. then gets awfully if we step out and embrace new beginnings everything is possible. for the normally cautious pragmatic politician this was a far reaching to do list she spoke of halting global warming eradicating starvation eliminating diseases giving people especially girls access to education and fighting the causes of displacement and forced migration and forced migration that's how we can do all of that at. the harvard commencement speech is by
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tradition inspirational setting the bar high for graduating students merkle edge them not to act impulsively but to take a moment to stop and think during laughter as well as applause. explore the none cynical seem to conjure up donald trump without mention of his name. that that means not calling a lie is truth or truth lines. the chancellor's mixture of the political and the aspirational seemed to resonate with the graduating students. before me the main message is about believing that's wallace can be broken and for me i think wallace is sort of a metaphor for anything it could be sort of your own close mindedness or your own servant violence to how you see the issues of the world whether you know whether or not you think they could be solved i think the speech was very well done and well
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received and i think that she's struck a balance between inspiring the graduates to make change in the world and also sending a political message. america has made it clear this is her last time as chancellor and his speech was a nod to the legacy she hopes to leave behind especially a firm commitment to strong transatlantic times. because i mean what do you think all americans objective was with a speech at harvard university politically here i mean she was responding to an invitation of course they invited her to want to give an all or every. degree and in the citation there they said that it was mainly for her role as an international figure and one he's brought people together i mean i think you are supposed to be hard to do with making a political statement somehow with respect to donald trump they said in particular they were impressed by angela merkel's can do attitude of we will sort out the
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refugee problem with all the difficulties they have they also praised some policies that she initially didn't really espouse like changing course on energy for instance the pullout from nuclear power something that angle of medical came has come around to rather than something she led the way on but they gave her the credit for all of that so she was making a speech i think it was sort of legacy speech you could call it we can see the angle america in have final term as chancellor she is and there was a lot of speculation who got wrapped up last week basically that might move to brussels and take a position with the european union but that's been put to bed hasn't well she's denied it so many times of course as with some politicians the more they deny the more it's likely to happen i don't think that's true with angela matthews she tends to be straight talking so i think you know she is on not exactly victory lap yet because there are said to many open questions in international falls city that she
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still wants to deal with and i think she still is a figure who commands a degree of respect but she won't be running again in in 2 or 3 years time so she's she's looking to sort of set down the markers for what her legacy is and that's what she sort of summed up in this speech and she setting down those markers at a time when the c.d.u. is having a very difficult time isn't it i mean after the european elections and lost what 7 percent or compared last european elections and the as we're showing ever so this is a. difficult time for the christian democrats as well it is i think that's part of an ongoing story the many conservatives here been wired for a while the their policy and the sort of angle medical effects the magic was wearing off that's why they kind of pushed her to change to relinquish the policy leadership and her successor has now been in the job for 6 months as you say
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intellectual test at european elections was rather failed the other day so you know their fortunes are a little bit in the hole at the moment but i dare say they can come back the other parties at least the other party in government the social democrats bills are not doing well ok well on the macro is in those talks with us secretary of state mike compare right now he has already been in talks with michael moss the german foreign minister let's go to michelle are tough there and she was at that news conference there with the chancellor and secretary secretary of state pompei oh michelle if you could fill us in on on the atmosphere at that press conference what was that like. well this is very formal and it really was only statements there were no questions allowed we had the german chancellor go basically through the laundry list of important issues that they need to talk about primarily of course iran stressing that they both have the same aim to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons but just have different ways of going about it she also mentioned afghanistan syria the destabilization of libya these are all issues that they're
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currently discussing behind me in the chancery and we saw my pompei you know you just pretty much a couple of sense than saying that they're really running out of time they have very little time and they really appreciate the opportunity to discuss these issues with nato allies of course hinting once again one thing more commitment to particular from the german side in terms of defense spending i'm interpret in that because it was a much more elaborate press conference following his meeting with the german foreign minister basically at the same working level just over an hour ago ok what's interesting michelle is the lack of time to talk about so many issues just 45 minutes for the 2 of them where you are at the chancellery what do you make of the. yes well is the foreign minister meeting or chancellor we do understand that you know it wasn't that terribly well received that might pompei
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our councils his visit 3 weeks ago he was due to come and then discounts old notice all the press invitations were already out so that was really quite embarrassing for the german government but we did see a rather substantial exchange as we heard with the foreign minister and we're also the fault lines in this relationship became very apparent that they have very different approaches on iran that the americans are clearly unafraid of potentially escalating the situation through the implementation of sanctions that the germans and the europeans are taking a very different approach but also that there's an expectation on the american side for germany to potentially become more active in this talk of a kind of safe zone in northern syria for. there might be a request to the german government to actually extend their mandate in the region and to provide assistance from the. living important data in photographs this is not really that terribly far progressed but there is
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a clear expectation there and both sides particularly struggle on the issue of china to find a common line there's a trade war looming between the u.s. and the chinese and one does wonder whether it's simply a coincidence that the chinese deputy prime minister is up next here in the chancellor behind me in just under an hour's time ok with so many differences on some of the big issues you just mentioned the looming trade war with china and how germany is or is not going to line up with that what areas are there for some some common interest some common ground some progress. well both sides to stress that they are they share the same values and that's what we particularly heard from secretary of state pompei o when he was basically laying out why the united states is so against the chinese technology provider who a way to actually play a role when germany allows its tend to 5 the g 5 telecommunications network and all
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germany is not prepared to rule that out from the word go it says it will set very high security standards in any company that meets those will be allowed to bit is a very very fundamental differences also in terms of how international policy is down the americans being very unafraid to see. any kind of economic pressure they can put on countries or companies as part of their foreign policy and germany takes more different approach particularly in relation to china where we heard tyco ma say that china. aiming towards its kind of just place in the well there's a recognition here that china will play a much bigger role in the international world order in the future and quite clearly the americans seem to be set on limiting that role as far as possible whereas the german and the european line is trying to find a more constructive engagement and that's where the word riseth paucity comes in to actually open chinese markets for european foreign investors as much as european
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markets already open for them right now ok if we boil this down this yellow what does that mean in regards to walk away will china continue to indeed be doing business here in germany will germany continue to be doing business with wall way this huge tech giant that america is so concerned about. well germany is currently doing business with huawei if the americans actually implement sanctions and actually. so the companies countries that it will see seriously harm them if they would huawei that will definitely have an impact but for now the german position is that if huawei manages to meet that very tight catalog of security requirements that still currently being worked out it would be allowed to bid but this is still early days and we do see yet another major fault line opening up there in how both countries approach doing business but also how they tackle china shark up there for us thanks so much for that down the chance for
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michelle for now ok well president trump has announced that the u.s. what a 5 percent tariff to all goods talking about tariffs coming into mexico as a way to curb illegal immigration at america's southern border trump says the terms will increase until it's clear that mexico is doing more to prevent immigrants from crossing the border illegally. 2 years after negotiations for a new nafta began everything seem to be working just fine. today we will send the relevant information so that the senate of the republic can ratify the free trade agreement with the united states and canada uganda. then an unexpected shot fired from washington u.s. president trump tweeting about a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico trump threatens
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to credit really increase tariffs until the illegal immigration problem is remedied . the reaction in mexico shock. it's. exactly and i just read that right out there i just read it as something to sastra because that threat taken into action would be very grave very serious extremely serious. at the same time it's no secret to anyone that president trump is very active in his use of tweets. but mexico can hardly afford to ignore the threat the u.s. as its most important trading partner trade between the neighbors was worth 670000000000 dollars last year. also trusting the border so-called illegal immigrants as seen in this video from the u.s. customs and border patrol recorded in el paso the migrants most of whom are from
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one douras what tamala and el salvador crossing through mexico trump says the government there is not doing enough to stop the flow of people and to be instead passively cooperating. let's check out some of the other stories making the news at this hour a number of people have been injured in kabul after car bomb targeted a u.s. convoy exploded. u.s. military said 4 servicemen at also received minor injuries this is the 2nd suicide attack in a city in as many days. hundreds of sudanese protesters have marched on sudan's nor terry headquarters in khartoum after protest leaders issued a late night call to action sudan's to dish the transitional no terry said the protest in cap and outside the defense ministry has become a threat to security it's also ordered the closure of al-jazeera t.v. offices. heads of government from the arab league it gathered in mecca
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for what they're calling an emergency summit on around the meeting was opened by king solomon of saudi arabia iran's regional rival yes the international community to confront iran and stop what he described as its threatening policies and interference. south korea's foreign minister has arrived in the capital budapest following the sinking of a boat carrying a group of south korean turrets he visited the spot where the vessel sank into the danube after a larger cruiser vote crashed into it wednesday night police have detained the captain of that larger. bessel so far 7 south koreans have been confirmed dead 21 people are still missing. the walls of budapest size korean embassy bear witness to a city's sorrow one of the missing so far from home is a 6 year old girl who was traveling with her parents and grandparents the tragedy has shaken locals and tourists alike is that there. was
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a. very. high water levels and strong cover and a hampering efforts to recover victims experts say it could be days before the boats whole is raised. the size career is sending its own teams to assist they flew out on thursday together with the families of some of the victims. the hunt gary and government has promised on says about what caused the accident. the government has called for a thorough and in-depth investigation it's a criminal investigation has been launched. taking up to 10 tickets. c.c.t.v. footage captured the moments that the mermaid the small boat seen on the left was struck by the viking sit in a river cruise ship 5 times its length. it took just
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a few seconds for the moment to capsize and sink. in the search for answers the captain of the largest ship has been detained he is being questioned on suspicion of endangering waterborne traffic resulting in multiple deaths. and we have more on that story at our website d.w. dot com we have some sports now and for the 2nd straight season liverpool have reached the champions league final you're going to abstain fell to real madrid last year plop is no stranger to losing far and also he's been runner up in his last 6. club has been braced by me. more than just liverpool the entire footballing world seems to love this guy but there's been a dark cloud hovering over the current liverpool coach's head for years now a streak of 6 trate final defeat has kept his trophy cabinet empty when it comes to the biggest prizes. in a phenolic league if you lose a final it's like taking medicine that tastes disgusting. you know when i was
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a child i learned the good medicine has to taste bad but then it helps so when you look at a final as bad tasting medicine it can actually help and recharge you know that recharge must have work liverpool made some changes at the back since suffering defeat to reality last champions league expectations are high due to having back to back final appearances devoted to those of out that the world out there expects from all of us that if we're in the finals that we win in my particular case we've tried so many times you expect even more. but that's ok i desperately wanted not for me before my players and this great club and it would make me happy if we manage that with the smugglers including with no other manager in europe has lost finals like clock for 201112 season he managed final success in germany but since
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then he nor liverpool have won anything will their next final in madrid be a new beginning. this is d.w. news live from berlin up next eco africa the environment magazine i'm dr thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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eco africa. these people used to make money by hunting elephants. now only earn their living collecting elephant dung. here in queen elizabeth national park in uganda. their work plays an important role in protecting this endangered species. the body. double.
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described as. it seems. to understand the. need to take a closer. experience not. to get 16. their super. cells away super secretive then you'll be the jingling these points and super. definitely around 20000000000 more lives. how do germany's wealthiest people live why do they keep such
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a low profile we have a snoop around to catch a glimpse. of top of the world the disc of the super rich starts to take on w. . welcome to a new edition of. the environment magazine co-produced by channel starvation in nigeria d.d.l. being germany and quaint say in south africa. in lagos nigeria hello to all our viewers again and hello to my colleague in south africa hey andy and hello to everyone i'm zico to go vote coming to you from.


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