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this is the news live from berlin president trump's top diplomat is in the german capital for talks on tough issues secretary of state mike pompei oh and chance for all a mac. all stressing they have the same values but agree a little beyond that from china to ukraine and trade the 2 have a tough time finding common ground look at the latest. and hungary's prime minister promises a thorough probe of the fatal boat collision on the danube with 7 confirmed dead and $21.00 still missing almost all south koreans
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a delegation from the country's government is demanding answers. and cigarettes have been hailed as a safer substitute for cigarettes but what are the real risks of that. alone thanks so much for joining us i'm brian thomas u.s. secretary of state might pompei o has been meeting with chancellor on a macro for high level talks here in berlin his visit comes 3 weeks after he canceled a trip to germany at the very last minute differences in policy over iran and china are thought to be high on the agenda which was also taken off with the german foreign minister heiko mosse. or earlier i talked with the w.'s chief political editor michelle asked her how difficult talks and wrapped up. there are some serious fault lines in those key issues of iran and how to deal with china
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over iran of course the rhetoric in the region heating up both sides have the same aim they want to stop iran from actually achieving a nuclear weapon further weaponize in that particular region and there was a clear message from the u.s. that they certainly won't change that course which is sanctions and stepping up the rhetoric whereas the europeans and the germans would have preferred a continuation of the so-called iran nuclear deal that doesn't look like it will really survive and be able to contain that particular conflict and if you look behind me there's already the chinese flag up because the chinese vice president wanky challenge is expected here he came in short succession of mike pompei oh so that u.s. flag went down the chinese flag went up germany of course being more open for dialogue with china with the u.s. currently being able in a potential standoff that could lead to a much feared trade war so both sides going back all said the u.s.
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secretary of pompei or and herself wanted to approach those issues in a spirit of partnership they keep stressing common values but they certainly don't have a common line on those key issues right now the short term the chance for thanks very much for that for now michel. well as the u.s. secretary of state left the chinese flag went right up the talks with both of them having to do with war perhaps centering on the 5 g. network provider wall way clifford couldn't for the business desk is here to talk about that high clifford what about the timing of these 2 visits mike goes and the chinese vice president arrives yeah well it's has to be significant doesn't it it's just the fact that you know there's no coincidence is all roads seem to lead to trade these days and it looks like that's what's what they're probably talking about while way is kind of become the poster child for the trade war with china. is a huge issue for the americans and the chinese are going to be pushing their side
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of the argument too so definitely the timing is that if you're ok now might bump a 0 today in berlin said there would be consequences for any country including partners that continue trading with or doing business with wall way and that would these consequences include sharing the u.s. sharing security data. is germany prepared to forgo that security data too to suffer the consequences of doing business with way well it seems so far that it is germany's own intelligence services by advise the government against doing this but the government clearly sees that 5 g. it's a competitive advantage it wants the 5 g. ways the company to provide this so it's prepared to take this chance really of souring relations with the u.s. to introduce the technology ok it's not just germany though that wants to deal with huawei there's other e.u. countries involved as well the netherlands for example that's right also britain is another come country people were surprised about because britain and the us relations are very tight particularly with bracks it coming they thought that
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britain wouldn't go the way of huawei and it hasn't actually been confirmed yet but it looks that way. so european countries clearly see the need to to maintain good relations with china as well as get the great technology has to offer in this area ok so it's more it's about more than. just walk away it's about the larger picture of trade with china yeah i think i think particular when you look at germany its reliance on china is so enormous with the big car companies and. chemical companies all these big firms in china they did it's a real big part of g.d.p. so i think they need to keep the chinese on side ok well i covered u.s. tariffs on a close regional partner mexico have been announced as well president from saying he's slapping a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into the u.s. from mexico the president says the tires will increase until it's clear that mexico is doing more to prevent margarines from crossing the southern border illegally
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a national emergency has been in place at the border since february and the terrorist camas the trade talks with mexico continue. 2 years after negotiations for a new nafta began everything seem to be working just fine. today we will send the relevant information so that the senate of the republic can ratify the free trade agreement with the united states and canada you can either. then an unexpected shot fired from washington u.s. president trump tweeting about a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico trump threatens to credibly increase tariffs until the illegal immigration problem is remedied their reaction in mexico shock it's. exactly and i just read that right out there i just read it as something to sastre us because that threat taken into action would be very grave very serious extremely serious.
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at the same time it's no secret to anyone that president trump is very active in his use of tweets. but mexico can hardly afford to ignore the threat the u.s. as its most important trading partner trade between the neighbors was worth 670000000000 dollars last year. also crossing the border so-called illegal immigrants as seen in this video from u.s. customs and border patrol recorded in el paso the migrants most of whom are from honduras guatemala and el salvador crossing through mexico trump says the government there is not doing enough to stop the flow of people and to be instead passively cooperating. clifford can you flesh this out for us what kind of impact will these tariffs have on mexico and when do they start. well obviously
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it's going to be a huge impact on mexico it's interesting because mexico in a way was kind of taking up some of the slack where china was going because they a lot of companies were looking at mexico as a way into america because after the shutdown in china with the tariff there so it's going to have a big impact and we'll see it will be over the next in coming weeks with it will become clearer how it will actually on fote ok so that closing the back door to imports from china that might have been one of the ideas in there to impose these tariffs along with of course the migration issue and now simply the announcement of these of these tariffs they made themselves felt immediately on the dax i mean it was it was unbelievable the impact they had on the auto sector the auto industry as you know they went down about 4 percent that's right it was it was immediate and the car makers are very exposed their folks who are going diameter and b.m.w. all have big they do a lot of manufacturing there for export up to north america b.m.w.
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is about to open a 1000000000 dollar plant there are in wood in coming weeks and it's the 1st plant in mexico so it's having a big impact on them these because the time is is not good for them atoll ok so it's as we were talking earlier it's not just wall way it's not just you know the tech industry it's also the auto industry that that's involved in this and this is all wideout to effect yet the auto industry is playing a big role in all of these trade issues europe has been told that it has a year or it's a year now since europe was told that there will be no terrace in the u.s. but europe must be nervous about being introduced that could be the next step that he would go after the european auto industry so it's a fairly fraught time i think if you're a european auto company and that concern making itself felt on the dax today down 2 percent clifford thanks very much for coming in. well yesterday in boston chancellor macro made
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a plea for global trade to remain as open as possible when she delivered the commencement address at harvard university her speech to the graduating class there was laced with indirect criticism of american domestic trade and foreign policies tega own walts of ignorance in their own mind that this not the thing has to stay as it is. it was one of several standing ovations for the german chancellor during her keynote speech she ended and began in english highly unusual for under the makeover at such major events. then gets off if we step out and embrace new beginnings everything is possible. so the normally cautious pragmatic politician this was a far reaching to do list she spoke of halting global warming eradicating starvation eliminating diseases giving people especially girls access to education and fighting the causes of displacement and forced migration and forced migration
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that's how we can do all of that at. the harvard commencement speech is by tradition inspirational setting the bar high for graduating students merkle urged them not to act impulsively but to take a moment to stop and think during laughter as well as applause. explore the none cynical seem to conjure up donald trump without mention of his name. that that means not calling a lie is truth or truth lines. except chancellors mixture of the political and the aspirational seemed to resonate with the graduating students. before me the main message is about believe in its walls can be broken and for me i think wallace is sort of a metaphor for anything it could be sort of your own close mindedness or your own servant violence to how you see the issues of the world whether you know whether or
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not you think they could be solved i think the speech was very well done and well received and i think that she's struck a balance between inspiring the graduates to make change in the world and also sending a political message. merkel has made it clear this is her last time as chancellor and her speech was a nod to the legacy she hopes to leave behind especially a firm commitment to strong transatlantic times. struck out on the other stories where our heads of government from the arab league have been gathering in mecca what they're calling an emergency summit on iran that meeting was opened by king saul mall of saudi arabia which is. iran's regional rival he's asked the international community to confront tehran and stop what he described as its threatening policies. hundreds of sudanese protesters marched on sudan's military headquarters in khartoum after protest leaders issued a late night call to do so sans military says the protest camp outside the defense
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ministry has become a threat to stability and is also warned the closure al jazeera t.v. offices. 1000 year old palestinian man has been shot by police after stabbing and wounding 2 israelis and east jerusalem is old city the area has been the scene of numerous stabbings in recent years security has been stepped up across for islam during the muslim holy month of ramadan. a dutch birdwatcher has been held by islamic state linked militants in the philippines since 2012 has been killed and evelyn's has confirmed that a waldhorn died during a gun battle between his captors and the military. well south korea says it will not give up hope in the desperate search for survivors after a fatal boat accident in hungary killed at least 7 south korean citizens foreign minister congo wa arrived in budapest today to pay her respects to the victims and
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to get an update on the search and rescue operations on the danube 21 people are still missing. on the banks of the danube visitors and residents of budapest paid tribute to the victims of this tragedy. a 6 year old girl is among the missing. rescue work has been hampered by strong currents and high water levels making diving attempts risky as hopes of finding survivors fade the search is increasingly turning into a recovery operation. the missing passengers are all south korean and soul has sent their own emergency task force to help local authorities south korea's foreign minister has also arrived in budapest on friday she visited the site of the accident accompanied by her hungary and counterparts. can you walk called for budapest's full cooperation in determining the course of the
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accident the hunger in government has promised ounces been pretty good you mean by ask the authorities for a strict and thorough investigation we want to know precisely what happened and how and when we know it for sure we will inform the public that it mean you know and you shall die most of them for you security camera footage captured the moment that the mermaid the small boat seen on the left was struck by the viking sigyn ever of a cruise ship 5 times its length it took just a few seconds for the moment to capsize and sink. the captain of the largest ship is in custody on suspicion of endangering waterborne traffic resulting in multiple deaths. joins us now from the banks of the danube in budapest stefan the south korean foreign minister arrived in hungary with an emergency task force what you've been looking at which will she is also
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looking for answers of course she was here to respect but she also made it very fast clear that she really wants and how do you have it and one of the things you want to know how did common occasion was between the 2 vessels. negations were not good and also there have been questions raised how is it possible that this accident happened knowing that usually this vessels have also g.p.s. equipment as well or so older perhaps satellites or equipment if you will so they are definitely looking into debt i can also tell you that the foreign minister did not arrive alone there are also relatives. and they are also expected to be here very shortly ok so there's questions about the g.p.s. equipment about communications do we know anything as to what might have caused this accident. well what
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a heft on the detainee the captain of the main ship that lawsuit responsible of course has been linked to the coalition and actually the police wants to know how this was possible and that they want to know it from him that has been some suggestions that the captain a 64 year old ukrainian reckless about it all to hand seems also to suggest that a captain of a small boat in fact steered to logs departs a lot your ship so that is still being sorted out and i guess that investigation will take time to really establish why dispute happened is really just made to try to do you feel hungry one of the worst the sastre in decades if you talk about. accidents ok now a search and rescue operation continues as investigation goes on a south korean team is helping out with that is this still
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a search and rescue operation or is it at this point. operation. well officially to have not yet told it a recovery operation as far as i know but course every hour there is little hope that they will find survivors as a matter of fact it is expected that the death toll will rise to at least $28.00 it's also interesting to realize many people are believed to be in the boat that says sunk in 7 seconds here behind me and it is expected at least somebody will be found there as well and of course all that may never be found or at least that's not being forthcoming yet they have only found 7 survivor so far and unfortunately all the people are killed that's what they believe now including most likely
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a 6 year old girl stuff for us with the latest details in budapest thank you very much stuff on and we'll have more on that story as the details come in. well today may 31st marks world no tobacco day that's when the world health organization puts the spotlight on the perils of smoking more than a 1000000000 people smoke tobacco on a regular basis that's one person's oven on the planet now tobacco consumption has been declining in many parts of the world but there are exceptions of regions in africa for example and a number of countries in the middle east w h o's says the tobacco problem kills more than $7000000.00 people each year a graphic warnings on cigarette packages advertising bans and even high tobacco taxes have discouraged people from smoking some of now turned instead to ease cigarettes but as we are next report themselves also cause health problems.
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strawberry is among the most popular flavors for a cigarette smokers or vapors others mullan. there's a huge range to choose from the cigarettes are claimed to contain fewer harmful substances for users than conventional tobacco varieties the liquids which generally have added nicotine and aroma are only heated and not burned the image is a healthier alternative is likely a major factor in each cigarettes becoming increasingly popular among young people but the reality behind the image is not done simple liquids such as the jewel brand smoked by many teenagers in the u.s. contain over twice the amount of nicotine permitted in the u. as a result one in 5 high school students are now already addicted at the end of last year the us health authorities declared the rapid rise in rates of youths using these products to be nothing short of an epidemic. we have never seen use of any
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substance and by america's young people rise this rapidly. this is an unprecedented challenge we're at risk of a huge share of a whole generation developing an addiction to nicotine and that is not a future anyone wants for our country. but tobacco companies are busy expanding into what they see as a lucrative new business philip morris has since acquired a 35 percent stake in jewel small british american tobacco owns the high end smoked chain of 8 stores while sales in conventional cigarettes are falling in europe in the us to buckle remains hugely popular in emerging and developing nations. despite the rising demand for liquids the tobacco industry still earns over 90 percent of its turnover from conventional cigarettes last year their money factor has made $700000000000.00 worldwide with them the industry even expects that figure to increase. it's
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a thriving business for the corporations but for consumers it could mean dependency on long term health risks whether they smoke the conventional or electronic variety of cigarette. we have some football for you now and for the 2nd straight season liverpool reached the champions league final here going club's team falling to ryall madrid last year klopp is of course no stranger to losing finals he's been runner up in his last 6. club has been braced by more than just liverpool the entire footballing world seems to love this guy but there's been a dark cloud hovering over the current liverpool coach's head for years now a streak of 6 trate final defeat has kept his trophy cabinet empty when it comes to the biggest prizes. women financially and if you lose a final it's like taking medicine that tastes disgusting. you know when i was a child i learned the good medicine has to taste bad but then it helps so when you
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look at a final as bad tasting medicine it can actually help and recharge you know that recharge must have work liverpool made some changes at the back since suffering defeat to reanimate driven last champions league expectations are high due to having back to back final appearances people don't always know about that the world out there expects from all of us that if we're in the finals that we win in my particular case we've tried so many times you expect even more. but that's ok i desperately wanted not for me but for my players and this great club and it would make me happy if we manage that with the smugglers including when no other manager in europe has lost finals like clock the 201112 season he managed final success in germany but since then he nor liverpool have won anything will their next final
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image read be a new beginning. now to the woman as who is perhaps the most famous d.j. in all of warsaw perhaps even in the whole of poland she began when she was 55 and . is now 80. these disco dancer is may not be the youngest anymore but they're in great form and this woman is getting them in the mood. welcome to our party hope you all have a good night d.j. vico is 80 years old and in poland she's a pretty big deal she's proud that she can play a lot more than just the oldies. clue what will i play a lot of different music when i do sets and clubs for young people i mix club music with popular artists like madonna jennifer lopez and lady gaga here in warsaw there are plenty of people on the dance floor thanks to d.j.
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the retired special needs teacher has been working the crowds for 25 years now. she is well didn't talk to the lot of young deejays and learned how to use the computer i bought myself a mixing console because the young people said you can't just use a cd player i then watched how they mix and scratch is going to show you know. her children left home long ago and her husband passed away and just sitting around the house was never really her thing. was not learning new things keeps me on my brain regenerates itself my curiosity comes to life and it's wonderful. is. sure to make another point clear beauty is not something just for the young. but it was of his that everyone should follow my example and try to live like i do no one of this party in warsaw has any intention of quietly slipping into old age
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that says never party with d.j. rekha is always great to think about this. discovery is the best medicine. and what better evidence do you need than someone. d.j. v. the at. this is deja vu news live from berlin coming up next on news asia rubbish relations as the philippines sends over 2000 tons of trash back to ghana. and thailand's trained elephants activists say they pay a very heavy price for their performances but 1st. i brought in thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for joining us and don't forget there's always plenty more of these and other stories at our website that's the top 5.
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to know that 77 percent laughing are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and. you know what time of course is. the 77 percent talk about the. front part of the flash from housing boom boom boom town this is where. welcome to the
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