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time. point. 00. 000. 000. this is the w. news live from a in a meeting of our law is that no meeting of minds the u.s. secretary of state might on tehran chancellor and that will stress play out the same values but they agree on little else china and iran of the main causes of friction also coming up hungary's prime minister promises a full investigation into the state's old boats collision on the danube 7 people are confirmed dead 21 still missing that will most of all south korean and
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a delegation from seoul is demanding answers. and the skull cap traditionally worn by jewish men is the focus of debate as the number of anti-semitic incidents in germany rises we meet some family living with the situation every day. i manuscripts mackinnon thanks so much for joining us. a european thought by us secretary of state might pump a oh go self to a strange start when he and german chancellor angela merkel failed to agree on anything very much in berlin they did agree that they had said values but there was little meeting of minds beyond that u.s. trade policy and relations with iran of the main causes of friction between the 2 allies. friday's meetings in berlin were a long time coming more than
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a year after he took office and after visits to almost 40 other countries u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe finally visited his german counterpart heiko mosse and german chancellor angela merkel high time to put a good face on a strained alliance. germany is a great important partner an ally of the united states that's why i am so happy to have this time today with chancellor merkel americal also stressed the importance of transatlantic relations. and states is and will remain germany's most important side europe. but it soon became clear how big the differences are on iran for example germany is sticking to a deal to prevent the iranians acquiring nuclear weapons the us has long since withdrawn from that deal and is relying on sanctions. we've been pretty clear about trade with iran there are items that are sanctioned in their items that are not
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humanitarian aid for example is exempted the german foreign minister made conciliatory statements. we are going in different directions at the moment but i think we are aware that our goals have always remained the same and i hope we will be able to achieve those goals together. but at the moment it's difficult to find similarities between germany and the u.s. that became clear on thursday when chancellor merkel received an honorary doctorate from harvard university in her speech she clearly distance to sell. from the nationalist and protectionist policies of president trump. for more i'm joined by chief political correspondent melinda crane melinda both sides emphasize the importance of the german american friendship but there are a major policy differences between these 2 countries on the how deep to the rift between washington and. the differences are very deep i'm not
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sure i would term this a rift at the moment but any one of these differences can become a. greater division just starting with the main topic on the agenda today namely iran you heard both sides saying as the report pointed out that their goals are the same the goals being to contain iran to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon and to limit iran's ability to support terrorism or terrorists elsewhere and to produce a list take missiles but the main difference here is so great that it's very hard to see how you bridge it namely the europeans and germany amongst them want to keep the nuclear deal in place they say that is the best means of containing any threat from iran and to keep it in place they want to maintain trade with iran because they say if the u.s.
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sanctions are permitted to essentially completely embargo trade with iran then iran will surely leave the nuclear deal and proceed to with its plans or its former attempts to get an atomic weapon so the europeans move together to establish their own payment system that would allow european companies to go around us payment systems in order to keep trade with iran alive that hasn't proven very effective to date but here's my pompei was saying we will only tolerate this as long. long as humanitarian goods exclusively are involved meaning any other trade with iran will be sanctioned this means essentially a confrontation course between the u.s. not and not only iran but between its closest allies namely the europeans if in fact they try to keep trade with iran alive now under machall has just returned from the united states where she delivered the commencement address at harvard university and she outlined
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a vision that was essentially diametrically opposed to trump's approach can pump a is visit in any way help improve relations between the 2 allies unlikely indeed we have an absolute frontal clash between 2 very different ways of seeing the world and the main difference i think our report mentioned nationalism the main difference there was unilateralism the u.s. is clearly in key areas and other ones on the agenda today relations with china and especially with the company while way relations on the north stream gas pipeline between russia and germany again and again the u.s. tire tick is maximum pressure whereas the german approach as outlined by chancellor merkel is multilateral cooperation try to understand the other side's perspective these are true truly diametrically opposite visions and in fact it's very hard to see how they can be recurrent inside simply by friendly words about the importance of transatlantic relations all right melinda crane thank you so much. and for more
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on the trade aspect of this i'm joined by cliff it coonan from business a clip of thanks for joining us now both china and the u.s. are presenting themselves here as winning the trade war so who's right well in a way they're they're both right because the 2 biggest economies in the world they both have a lot of cards to play the u.s. is bigger and it is more powerful so. introduce a lot more tower of so far china is introducing more tower. so at the moment they're kind of neck and neck but the i think overall the fact that the u.s. is the bigger economy shows that it's probably just ahead right now europe is in a tricky position and this trade talks isn't it because it's kind of stuck in the middle that's right i mean we saw it there with the political picture this is sort of the there are quite uncomfortable in this current row. there's other tariffs that could be introduced could be imposed on europe if it if it does go ahead but while away so there are a lot of areas that europe will be hoping that the u.s.
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doesn't play its cards on and i think it is it is struggling a little bit to try and impose its views on the what the americans are doing now the chinese president xi shan is in berlin today so is mike. is this a coincidence and is there any prospect of a trade deal between china and the u.s. any time soon well i think the timing is certainly has to be significant we don't have any information about whether they're meeting or not but it's very you know there is a possibility that they could meet but it's also it's also a signal from both sides i think you know that. they're aware that europe is sort of this place that they both need to come and pay their respects but at the same time they're trying to keep them onside so i think whether there could be a deal of course is very open there's talk about a deal possibly at the g. 20 in tokyo at the end of the month but the meeting their president trump has
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played up his relationship with president xi jinping and how. possibly he could be creating a problem in order to find a solution we don't know but but there's an awful lot of areas where they still haven't found any agreement so i think a lot of people a lot of the analysts are saying that they don't really expect a deal any time too soon if a train in from the business thanks so much. because some of the other stories making news around the world. police in the city of zurich say a 60 year old swiss man killed 2 women hostages after a 3 hour standoff with police the nationalities of the women has not yet been determined gun violence is relatively rare in switzerland whether it is this month the greats adopt strict gun control laws. and india's prime minister narendra modi has held meetings with many south asian and southeast asian leaders part of his effort to build economic partnerships in the region noticeably absent however with pakistani prime minister imran khan relations between the 2 countries have been
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strained by the tensions in the disputed kashmir region. as south korea says it will not give up hope in the desperate search for survivors after a fatal dose accident in hungary killed at least 7 of its citizens foreign minister kan kong has arrived in budapest to pay her respects to the victims and get an update on the search and rescue operation on the river danube 21 people are still missing. on the banks of the danube visitors and residents of budapest paid tribute to the victims of this tragedy. a 6 year old girl is among the missing. rescue work has been hampered by strong currents and high water levels making diving attempts risky as hopes of finding survivors fade the search is increasingly turning into a recovery operation. the missing passengers are all south korean and
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soul has sent their own emergency tosk force to help local authorities. south korea's foreign minister has also arrived in budapest on friday she visited the signs of the accident accompanied by her hungary encounter problems. you called for budapest's full cooperation in determining the course of the accident the hunger in government has promised ounces as we've grown pretty good i mean that if you tube i ask the authorities for a strict and thorough investigation we want to know precisely what happened and how and when we know it for sure we will inform the public that i mean you know and you will shall die most of them from. security camera footage captured the moment that the man made the small boat seen on the left was struck by the viking sigyn of a cruise ship 5 times its length it took just a few seconds for the moment to capsize and sink. the
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captain of the largest ship is in custody on suspicion of endangering waterborne traffic resulting in multiple deaths and journalist stefan bus joins me from the banks of the danube ended a past 7 the south korean foreign minister has arrived in hungry for what will obviously be a very somber visit what's on her agenda and have we learned anything new since she arrived about how the accident happened. well what we do know is that of course she came here 1st of all sort to pay her respects student many victims that are believed to have died in what is really too tragedy for a hungry on the danube river in decades but it is saying time she is also here of course during mind. to really take this investigation seriously there is concern for instance that the company cations between those 2 ships were absolutely not goot and she wants to know what happened which those communications for instance she already made clear and of course at the same time be rescue operation
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is still underway but there is little hope left that the remaining $21.00 people will be found alive and actually the expectation is that in the end of the day at least 28 people including a 6 year old child may have died trying to do so as you say the investigation is still ongoing but why is it so difficult to find the missing people why hasn't the vessel been recovered yet. well indeed to. die for us have been trying even here behind to be to reach debts a vessel but it is very difficult for us to pull our very waters that the holes are confirmed by john kerry and foreign minister today and at the same time it is extremely difficult to fight to actually solve which that wreckage it wind down we've seen 7 seconds in very bad weather and that he's also one of the problems to
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have they also are coping with the fact that these. are great ship and it's my understanding that they also like the right equipment to immediately start searching for a direct hit it can't be excluded by the way that victims are there eat in that wreckage as well. as a well known tourist destination other any indications that tourists and now avoiding the will in the future. well dead force difficult to say at the moment i don't see people will immediately avoid going to the city but i actually spoke with an american lady she was very concerned and she said you know we do beat the actually. very recently sightseeing tour and she said when i heard this news of course it's a created so much anxiety and i guess the tourist will sink twice perhaps for
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a while at least whether day old so once again a sightseeing tour like a the one we had just a deal today all right stephanie vause reporting from hungary thanks very much. now here in germany a warning to jewish people by a government official has stirred a debate about anti semitism the commission if anti-semitism had has advised jews to be careful about wearing that traditional skull cap or kippah in public the w. message of this man. who lives with the situation every day david pearl wears a skull cap and a prayer tussle as part of everyday life but when he goes outside he puts the tassel in a pocket and he hides the skull cap with a hat. david his wife and children have lived in berlin for 5 years after spending some time in israel there are many things he can't take for granted anymore he's
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experienced too much hostility for my hosts sometimes is a traffic jam on the street where i live and one time 3 arabic looking men got out of a car and they started spitting at me and harassing me saying you dirty jew who stop you today. his experience is far from unusual police statistics show that the number of anti-semitic crimes in germany rose from 1504 in 2017 to 1799 a year later an increase of nearly 20 percent the overwhelming majority are attributed to far right perpetrators. the rise in anti-semitic acts as a result of the coarsening of discourse the readiness to act out in a racist way and against minorities. to hits the spot of movements like a ghetto and a large part of the alternative for germany party. that all adds
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up to a decisive change. people who used to hold back now say it's time to strike that's the danger. and that's why we have to act decisively and make a clear statement that we want no hate crimes. germany guarantees freedom of religion but for some expressing that religion can be dangerous. you don't feel free you don't feel look then take fish because it belongs to you. of life. it's not just a religious symbol it's also the symbol of a way of life. that's something david wants to be able to hand down to his own children. my kids it's hardly normal to wear it and to run around in it it's very hard to explain to a 3 year old that he has to cover the office because someone might run up and speak on him or harass him. that
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david would like to wear his skull cap all the time in public not just on the way into the synagogue. joining me now is felix klein the german government commission on anti semitism that klein thanks so much for joining us here. you recently warned jews in germany against wearing the skull cap pull or kippa openly which you did receive some criticism for but of course anti semitism isn't. isolated since a german isso do you feel that german jews are in particular need of protection well anti-semitism in germany is always something very special because of our historical past difficulties has the past also of course anti-semitism is on the rise everywhere in europe with my statement i want to trigger the bait about the security of the jewish institutions and the jewish community in our country and i'm quite happy actually to have succeeded in that because not even the federal
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president steinmeier made a statement today and i think it is very good to see that. everybody even now it knows that jewish life has to be protected that it's a very special thing to have jewish life in germany particularly after the holocaust and that we. also have to you we see the value of it so in that respect. i quite happy of course i wanted to have it as a as a warning for everybody and that jewish life is not natural. in germany after the holocaust you have also now called on germans to wear a kippa tomorrow in a sign of solidarity with jewish people on al could stay now this is a time when people traditionally take to the streets to oppose zionism to oppose israel is that not a little provoking says maybe to cool an old germans to wear
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a kipper on a day like this well i caused some confusion with that because people said one day he's warning on the other day he wants to have everybody wearing people but it was also. done with. with the great wish to do so to attract attention because i think it's a it's a great sign of solidarity with the jewish community in our country that everybody should wear. because. we have to show as citizens that we do not accept anti-semitism that anti-semitism has no place in germany and with a very visible sign we can do it the key part of course is a symbol for that and i think it is very simple because many people in germany and in europe think that it is something that comes from somewhere else that is not inherent in our culture but that's not true the keypad belongs to germany and always belonged to germany and to your because it's part of the jewish culture and jewish culture is part of german culture in an interview with the new times you
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conceded that the way the german government the message message elegy the temp government uses to track anti-semitism is fluid what needs to change to access besa day and how can you really judge the seriousness of the problem if we if we don't have reliable data well 1st of all we're going to act pretty soon next week if everything goes well the new chancellor and the minister president of the lender will create a commission on anti-semitism and with that new body we will be able to discuss all the issues into in further detail because many of the measures in place are under the jurisdiction of the lender of course police judges prosecution also education so in that respect we can set up. a new structures and i think we have to get a better also a picture of what happens actually then to the to the anti-semitic crimes when when
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they are when they are reportage we need to get a better. idea of. how many cases are actually prosecuted how many perpetrators are high end and what happens until now we don't have that the data so that's one of the suggestions i will make and that commission. looks fine thank you so much for joining to. thank you today may the 31st is a wall that no tobacco day when the world health organization puts the spotlight on the major threats to people's health that smoking poses and more than a 1000000000 people smoke on a regular basis to tobacco consumption has been declining in many parts of the world but there are no simple exceptions regions in africa for example and countries in the middle east the world health organization says that tobacco kills
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more than 7000000 people each year now graphic warnings on cigarette packs advertising bans and tobacco taxes all discouraging people from smoking and some on now sending to east cigarettes but as we'll hear in on next report the cigarettes can also cause significant health problems. strawberry is among the most popular flavors for a cigarette smokers or vapors there's mullan there's a huge range to choose from the cigarettes are claimed to contain fewer harmful substances for users than conventional tobacco varieties the liquids which generally have added nicotine under roma are only heated and not burned the image is a healthier alternative is likely a major factor in any cigarettes becoming increasingly popular among young people but the reality behind the image is not done simple liquid such as the jewel brand smoked by many teenagers in the us contains over twice the amount of nicotine
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permitted in the u. as a result one in 5 high school students are now already addicted the end of last year the u.s. health authorities declared the rapid rise in rates of youths using these products to be nothing short of an epidemic. we have never seen use of any substance and by america's young people rise this rapidly this is an unprecedented challenge we're at risk of a huge share of a whole generation developing an addiction to nicotine and that is not a future anyone wants for our country. but tobacco companies are busy expanding into what they see as a lucrative new business philip morris a since acquired a 35 percent stake in jewel while british american tobacco owns the high end smoked chain of 8 stores. while sales in conventional cigarettes are falling in europe in the us to buckle remains hugely popular in emerging and developing nations.
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despite the rising demand for liquids the tobacco industry still earns of a 90 percent of its turnover from conventional cigarettes last year their money factor has made $700000000000.00 worldwide with them the industry even expects that figure to increase. it's a thriving business for the corporations but for consumers it could mean dependency on long term health risks whether they smoke the conventional or electronic variety of cigarette. some football news now and germany coach who often moves will sit out the team's upcoming euro qualify as after being hospitalized with a problem the german football federation and now that lives will not join the team so the games against belarus and dystonia after he suffered an arterial injury while exercising but he's expected to make a complete recovery in the coming weeks moves assistant marcos dog will leave the
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site in his absence. and in basketball the toronto raptors are off to a strong start in their 1st ever n.b.a. finals the parents toronto defeated the 2 time defending champion the golden state warriors 118-2109 at home in game one of the best of 7 series raptors forward pascal c. a come put up a dominant performance scoring 32 points and also the game the cameroonian said he hopes his performance will inspire people in africa. is amazing these are shows the growth of the current. term as is bazemore not going gentle and kind of being that is theories and i represent the counselor is amazing there are a few blows. are just when the game is going to grow enough occur in. school for kids to see this and you know hopefully that inspires them. coming up next in d.-w.
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news asia rubbish relations as the philippines sends over 2000 tons of trash back to canada. and more coming up in the w news asia with barry spanish he says stay tuned for that don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on a website that's called thanks for watching. there
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super sharp. many eyes and soldier away super secret then you'll hear the jingling of points and super rich definitely around 20000000000 more or less. how do germany's wealthiest people live why do they
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keep such a low profile to have a snoop around to catch a glimpse of. the budget top of the world to discuss the super rich starts to tip off to w a. i was 15 when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was fair. i even got my. parents that have. learning the language know about this keeps me and they go but you need me to interact let's say you want to know their story license her writing and reliable information for margaret. to know that 77 percent. are younger than 60 pot. cuts me and me and you. think you know what
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it's time no voice is part. of the 77 percent he told the issue. this is where you see. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. this is these are very sure coming up on the program southeast asian nations who went off the wilds dumbstruck feasts off of tons of garbage from where the missions . in the philippines i mean is it time for an album of the world's trade human waste plus. the fixed. costs we look at the sometimes brutal training these gentle giant. entertainment. and a retard but simple forming as dry.


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