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cities anymore. and a new weekly look at european wedding customs where on location in ireland when wayne and he tore the. german directors the boss township had his international break through with the art house heist thriller victoria and that film was impressive for its radical single take approach which is why his latest offering might seem a tad conventional by comparison rhodes as the name implies it is a coming of age road movie but it's angle on the migration crisis drives home a powerful message that the same road might lead to different destinations but most important is the journey itself don you're driving slow pretty 5 something pull in here almost stop because you don't know sebastian shipper's new film road to say coming of age road as he was with a difference between 2 very different 18 year old boys meet in morocco. william is
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from the congo he's flying to europe to search for his lost brother. rich kid gillen on vacation has stolen his stepfather's caravan and is heading to france to visit his birth father so nasty cravenly bidens he has come to amiens going by when they 1st meet it's like 2 aliens greeting each other for william from the congo gillan is an absolute extraterrestrial he can't understand how he has this car which he obviously doesn't know how to drive it's all very strange for them at the beginning as a family. but together the 2 set off what they themselves call a crazy stupid risky adventure this is a refugee story but one told with a glimmer of hope friendship not trauma is at the center of the tale near the end the film becomes more documentary as the pair try to sneak over to britain via color. because the country could be booking prison. ship or work with real refugee helpers to be whose work he admires having so many
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problems as police right now. as it is clear. there is being pain and tragedy but there are also these committed people people who say if you're hungry we'll give you food. any amount in the invest in. the european road seen through the eyes of 2 boys it is a golden rule this one the grown ups shipper says have long lost sight of their values and decency. that's a feeling that's very widespread obviously amongst today's youth and with good reasons my views moving and my movie that's got rocco as doing in the studio scott this isn't the 1st film that we've seen soon to look at the migration crisis in a drama what does this one add to the story yeah i mean you're right there biddle a quite a few since the migration crisis started a number of years ago give a lot of filmmakers with looked at the issue. what she has done
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a bit differently is he's combined the story that maybe we know from the news of the migration crisis with a very personal sort of coming of age tale and he focuses very much on these 2 young boys and their sort of journey of self discovery really and that i think is quite interesting is it does put more of a human face on on the headlines that we're used to seeing and so does that work for you yeah it does and it's a good film and it's a solid movie the very important subject i just personally expect a bit more something more radical from well i'm not disappointed but shipper his last film victoria i was so impressed by this is a one shot drama said the berlin night night live famously he did the whole thing without a single edit. that was so radically different and it was such an impressive. presentation of directorial talent i was really hoping for this story he would go for something as radical rhodes is an incredibly good well made movie it's a very important subject as i said the acting is very good very strong but it
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definitely is a radical ok so you've got another film that you brought for us the documentary this time the document it's called push and it's also a very important social topic that's in the news a lot here and around the world the issue of rising housing prices and rising rents and how people are being driven being pushed out of their homes and out of the cities so let's have a couple of look at a couple of excerpts from the documentary push. it's a global problem rents are soaring in cities worldwide but housing is a human right. fighting for that right is lani haha the united nations special rapporteur on adequate housing swedish director for. over 2 years for his documentary push the result is a picture of a global social catastrophe over the past 10 years real estate prices have exploded but salaries have stagnated. people are priced out of their homes and forced out of
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cities the poor people who really. like. the middle class i'm able to afford to live in cities and provide services. in london's notting hill district it soon becomes clear that the business of real estate has changed radically if you could get. it would be 30 or $40000000.00. and nobody lives here and nothing is happening there was news agents there were pubs there were a couple of restaurants i could stand in the middle of the street with empty car parking spaces all around me and no traffic coming this place is now a bit of a dead so we're very it's a little indication of who the owners are. each red dot on this london map is a property owned by
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a foreign company. 80 percent of them stand empty. when i hear people today saying it's gentrification wondering action an ironic reaction is if only. real estate is no longer about living space. has discovered that apartments have now become a speculative commodity in the global financial market for these sort of investors renters are more trouble than they're worth. housing is being treated like a commodity. like gold but gold is not a human right housing however is a human right and you will find it in human rights law and that's the difference so you can't trade housing michael. the market value of all real estate is now more than double that of the gross national product of the entire world john investment companies like blackstone have bought up tens of thousands of properties worldwide
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but people are fighting back in berlin politicians have begun to react buying back thousands of apartments for use of social housing and there's even talk of evicting owners and seizing property for the people. who own in those dark investigative pieces scott this is obviously such a huge social issue can films like this actually help to shape the debate i hope so i mean the important thing close this is an issue that's been talked about a lot but having a film like this where it really lays out what the issues are and shows quite clearly it's not a problem gentrification you know people coming in hip hip stars coming in and open big building big cafes and driving up prices but that it's a change in the way financial investors are working with their traditionally a property truck is a structural issue and there's also provide solutions about how you can go about it it particulars idea that housing is a human right western countries which western countries have as one of their human rights that they have to defend so that's a way of legally challenging what's happening and i think
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a film like this is coming out at just the right time to to address the situation particularly because politicians now will wire start to pay attention who obviously a bit late for some people is there is there hope in this scenario there is because there are solutions that. present legal solutions but also solutions going after investors who invest in these type of properties and say what are you doing look at the social damage that you're doing so the film is quite dark but it has a lot of hope at the end and driving home the message of housing is a fundamental human right so that's a roads just opened in germany last week push hits theaters next week scott rush for thanks very much for bringing us that back story. well something old something new something borrowed something blue that's the traditional checklist for an english bride in france she might auction off her garter to start a nest egg and in germany they're still very fond of smashing crockery well here on arts and culture were crashing weddings all across europe to see how couples exchange their vows and in 2015 ireland became the 1st country to legalize gay
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marriage by a popular vote which made it possible for wayne and hate or to tie the knot in stock. once upon a time not far from the irish capital dublin 2 groups found out their tailor made suits wouldn't be ready in time for the big day so when a hater went shopping. it's for a wedding and it's kind of an emergency last minute so the ones on this only. once they have their outfits sorted out the 2 could concentrate on more important. like practicing their wedding jabs in the kitchen. this marriage for me it's everything it's something they're. just to be. out chimera the person that you love i'm sure
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especially for anyone who is going to marriage. for us is just so. an achievement. their wedding location was set a certain century country estate. the guests were all there waiting to see the groom's walk down the aisle. my. it's such a delight to welcome you here today. to perform the wedding ceremony of patron wayne what i now are the family and wedding party i want these strings by passing them just down the 1st 2 rows.
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so they. can. appreciate your. perspective and support you. those are best friends also as a host with. we've come to some challenges and ask them times they got a. command as that we wanted to go through things together. it was a traditional irish wedding at least in some ways after the vows of the rings came back handfasting ceremony each ribbon signifying a different aspect of the couple's life and well being as this not is tie so your lives now. i pad. when a man hater and there are 200 guests will always remember the david to be cam husband was. you. and i have to admit i needed my hank you for that 1 may they have many happy years together well that brings us to
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the end of the show but we've got lots more for you on the w. dot com slash culture anytime and of course you can always find us alone. facebook and twitter so for me and the crew here in berlin thanks very much from washington here's wishing you a great weekend of you doesn't end up on. eco
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africa. these people used to make money by hunting elephants. now only earn their living collecting elephant dung. here in queen elizabeth national park in uganda. their work plays an important role in protecting this endangered species. odd. 13 on de da.
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how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of merging of. things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain the different reality. i'm out here at the heart of the european union in brussels where you have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of this. fight in the back office i work at the dublin. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self in the road and rail.
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located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and trying our services. biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from. the united states secretary of state mike compare has met german chancellor angela merkel during a period of tension between the 2 allies compared pushed germany to join us sanctions against iran and to shut out china's while away from the german 5 g. network merkel warned the us against a trade war with beijing and vowed to stick to its hard to go she had to accord with iran. mexico's president says he'll respond with restraint after the trumpet ministration announced a 5 percent tower.


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