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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2019 3:30am-4:00am CEST

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how do germany's will be used people who live why do they keep such a thorough. snoop around to catch a glimpse. of good it is hard. to describe the super very much starts to take. this square and this building has witnessed history. the grand gilded flight of stairs has led major statesman then to bomb city hall and why bomb well for 40
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years it was capital of the german federal republic this edition of check in is a journey through time in 2019 the german federal republic celebrates its 70th anniversary it all started here and bonn when the german constitution was passed in may 949. today i want to invite you to join me on a tour of 70 years of history from germany's provisional capital bonn all the way to the current capital berlin together we'll discover what a giraffe has to do with the country's constitution or basic law as it's known here and we'll revisit the places and locations that tell the story of post-war germany . we take you to bonds museum of german history. we kept an open air film and berlin government quarter. and we share
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of viewer video sent in from the hague the state of the dutch government. to get things off i'm taking a walk down bond's path of democracy along the route you'll come across the alex and that kearney museum. don was heavily involved in world war 2 so there weren't enough venues in the city for officials to meet when it became the new capital the parliamentary council got together and this natural history museum to draft a basic law for post-war germany now the country's constitution. like. this is where all the important people gather. clothes it was all very grand and formal. the base of an orchestra performed that was the day i know was asked to create a government and draw up the basic law. but
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it was already a museum back then and was. yes it was this is always been a museum and there voice been lots of stuffed animals standing around they all had to be removed for the ceremony back then the problem was that one animal could not be removed the big. so the taxi dermis didn't do a great job. contained. and they were worried that if they moved it it might fall apart. they were a wonderful old 1st has of all the people sitting here over a serious and ceremonial was it a wrong appearing over their shoulder is. off the shore. so what exactly was the basic law and feel it's here and bond it cleared interim capital of the federal republic of germany you'll find out in an overview of the 1st. after the war displayed in bond's house of history.
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it was helmut cole's idea to create this museum of modern german history which opened in 1900. it's permanent exhibition is entitled our history germany's since $945.00. with the approval of the basic law constitution the federal republic of germany all of west germany was established in 1949. looking back on 70 years of german history and here we see kind of adenauer signing the basic law. and when the loss of germany was still in ruins but no i wanted to emphasize the importance of this historic moment. so he used the very grand gilded silverware from cologne town hall and gruden of the start of the
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establishment of west and east germany in 1949 sealed the division of the country. became the provisional capital of west germany and the seat of its parliament. its 1st freely elected members sat on these chairs. and you all this tells us something about the 1st west german parliament. we got some of the original seats and created this display also the podium and lectern from which are no and others address the assembly element. we have some speeches about nuclear weapons which was a major issue back then and. i look at some and also lighthearted and even rowdy ones which show how parliamentarians sometimes let it rip.
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important moments from east german history are also on display such as the uprising of $953.00 and the building of the berlin wall. in the west soaring prosperity went along with burgeoning protest movements and alternative lifestyles. the v.w. camper van came to be an icon of the hippie era. it stood for change individual is i'm breaking with society one's parents and grandparents. and for the search for peace and freedom by. the fall of the berlin wall and german reunification are key moments in postwar germany history. but as time passes the common attacks a vision has to be updated. here
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this object tells a number of stories. it started out as a fishing boat then it was used by refugees trying to reach europe since then and it was selvage during a rescue mission in the mediterranean near malta it's been on their own here since we reworked the exhibition last year we wanted to devote a section to the theme of migration and integration of an inside. the museum and is a great place to learn about germany past and present. another stop along the path of democracy is below how much meant besides berlin is bellevue palace it's the 2nd official residence of the german president. so is there a way to know if the president is home do they hoisted the flag. like buckingham
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palace the buckingham palace the other no other ones yes exactly you can see the flagpole at that. as soon as the president comes through the gate they raise the flag. fair out look to the font to get his and just as he leaves again they lower it also but the font of the guy goes up and looks a bit like the white house you know it's sometimes called the wise house on the running. old and in fact there are lots of it as along the river village and this one was built in the mid 19th century during the romantic period with. the romantics were very keen on the wrong one too shall i and i will slip all of this fear talk. time for our e-mail this week it was a minute by yuri parla door and takes us on a tour of the hague a dutch t.v. that may not be as well known as the capital amsterdam but nonetheless is a great political relevant because of the feature of the dutch government.
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one person you won't be able to miss on the path of democracy is this man right here. in our one of the fathers of the basic law and the federal republic's 1st chancellor. this bust a work of sculpture of a battle's from pilgrim displaced some of adenauer was biggest influences in life. are those beginning to fozzy very much as does here the knee feels right if with cologne cathedral because i didn't know was mayor of cologne until 953.
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when the nazis came to power he not only had to resign he also faced persecution. that's what the balland had represent a period of persecution. you wouldn't. see the rhine river. valley go behind it some hills. they stand for this didn't get to go each. other now it was very much a rhineland. it's really important especially nowadays with all the talk about europe is the goal with the woman on its back. she's hard to see her arms and head hanging down. ok you have a bit hard to read i don't know i'm actually yes it is. that's you wrote on the
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back of the greek mythology. no it was an early champion of a united europe. along with the french president child to god. they were both through all the old and had both been through 2 world wars by. the by the way they came to the conclusion that they would only be peace when different communities got to know each other and neighbors became friends. with and. i'm now going to catch a train to berlin because after reunification parliament and government return to the old capital.
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i make my way to berlin you guys get to check in with our globe try to stay payment he was in iceland where he was at at the capital reykjavik and i'm going to lose her outside this baby to see that geyser is at the golden falls. stock brings up a deal and part of preparing. for this among all the structures in the capital city and the best place to see the city from across the street about. $74.00 metres it's the country's tallest church and it's named after the icelandic coach and clad humans. of the passion to. my next stop is the bridge every where traditional fishing industry meets monday some of the company's restaurants richard. but the top of building right behind me
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. papa is a conference center and a consequence for the iceland symphony orchestra the building features a distinctive colored glass facade inspired by the landscape of iceland. got another great. name. not. be used. when you were in reykjavik is good looking but located just 40 minutes out of the city a good time to visit sexually at night because it's very relaxing and not as many people. do that the blue lagoon geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in iceland. i think. the warm water is rich in minerals like silica and sulphur and painting in the blue lagoon
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is reputed to even help some people suffering from skin diseases. if the finale started having to go so. it's a popular tourist route covering about 300 kilometers from break into the southern up lands and back and the 1st step is to guys. get. the most impressive form you can tell but if you post this work with shorts for a 20 year every 6 minutes or so everyone there is waiting for it to pass such. a . sad oh. my. god i.
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revving up this valley close up there this. spring and there's a river where you can jump in river. after a 3 kilometer hike up the valley you get to a river in which you can base. right guys. from berlin's main station it's only a stone's throw to the government quarter. right after crossing the river surely you'll pass by the chancellor. and the right stock. and since we're commemorating the 70th anniversary of the republic you can be certain there's a reason for my visit to this stretch behind the rocks chalk here you'll find the
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1st articles of the constitution not set in stone but in glass. article 3 has a particularly interesting history. all people are equal before the law men and women have the same rights. the male dominated parliamentary council trying to keep that out of the constitution but the 4 female members persevered and won. as you can probably tell the right the building itself is a lot older than the federal republic it was built over 130 years ago a lot has happened since then the fall of the german empire the fire republic the nazi dictatorship the division of germany and ensuring unification since $999.00 the rice building is the seat of the german parliament the bundestag and the such the political heart of the. actually. there i
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start is a symbol of germany's troubled and complex history it was opened in 894 by kaiser wilhelm the 2nd he loathes democracy and fear the power of parliament in 1900 the social democratic politician philip addressed the crowd from the balcony and declared germany a republic geyserville held the 2nd abdicated the young democracy would be shaken by many political crises. in 133 hitler became chancellor an arson attack on the reichstag was a welcome opportunity for hitler to dissolve parliament and suspend the constitution 945 nazi germany was defeated that reichstag was in ruins germany would soon be divided and to berlin as well. in 155 what was left of its dome was demolished the rest of the building was restored in the 960 s.
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. in october 1990 half a 1000000 people gathered there to celebrate german reunification it was soon decided to move parliament from bond to berlin. in 1905 the artists christo and john claude wrapped their i start building in some very fabric . a comprehensive reconstruction then got underway to designs by the british architect norman foster who added a dome of glass. since 1909 the building has been the seat of the german parliament the bundestag. foster's design is all about transparency light and openness as befits a democracy the building has become one of germany's most popular tourist attractions. especially. when the weather's nice on sunny days huge crowds gather in front of
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the rice talk i'm interested to hear what other visitors think about germany's evolution throughout the past 7 decades. is a fish out one set of years of the german constitution and the german federal over public what comes to mind and. now you know the end of the 2nd world war and the creation of a democratic state and start as vico how do you think germany has changed over the past 70 years and tickets. it's it's incredible how much free it things are compared to when i was young. women used to have to get permission to guys who were. just not active women and nowadays i'm 74 and i sometimes do it work too much. as you know. i am rather concerned about recent developments. things that are emerging once again
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that i thought we had left behind us once and for. all what do you think as an outsider has changed in this time over the decades after the 2nd world war. a lot i mean just. considering that you had the berlin wall and. for 50 years basically it was an island in east germany and then you know really unified and you know they're part of the e.u. and. you know kind of a bigger you know political entity i want to see this building because it's a very great it's amazing it's. it's big it's human goals it's a very beautiful and this is history or. only germany it's she's sort of for a world and i want to be a part of this history i want to see this. the government corridor between the rice
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talk and the should play has definitely become a significant and lively part of the capital there's plenty of space and lots to do . if you're like me and you can't get enough of german history check this out if you come to the government quarter and summer here and for a treat on a big open air screen it's only taken on a journey through time. when the sun goes down the steps of the high stuck building become cinema stalls. on. the big circular window in the parliamentary office building opposite the marquee elizabeth. becomes a film screen a window into the past from the german empire into the bomb our republic the nazi
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era and the post group period. piece on. this soviet located of west berlin and the allied airlift are represented on a foot bridge across the river play. it's a great institution in that dark box about the testimony to the freedom of all the people around the world there's a great film. this is also footage of east germans risking their lives and escaping to the west. on the 9th of november 1989 the burden ball came down. we hear from people who were there that night. we want to finally be reunited. this is i think this is the day germany becomes one again it's an incredible
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feeling. to such a gripping historical footage a light showing compass is the entire facade. no with the lights in the background it was very special. does not seem like a spot on the banks of the spray and the building of the rock star gets lovely as he shows ricky served well i thought it was really good really impressive and. it was amazing. a film about the history of democracy in germany is shown on sunday evenings in german with english subtitles the last showing is the motto business the day of germany's unity.
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and this is where we come full circle just a few meters down the road from the parliament you'll find a piece of bond in the standard defense gates on the permanent mission was the embassy of the federal republic and communist east berlin today it's a meeting point for fans of the rhineland way of life. it was founded by 2 men from bonn in 997 and quickly became a hangout for prelims political elite. that was our look back at the history of the german federal republic from its birth and gone all the way to its present home base ember a letter germany's a medical history has taught us a lot about the value and fragility of democracy and about every citizen's duty to
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contribute to its upkeep here's to the next 70 years to let me more. good.
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point surely god what happens in the brain. and why are more and more germans taking up this makes. up for a long time there was an immersion into firearms in germany but not all gun sales folks legal and illegal are rising. why this new interests. wake up. new gun law sure just to keep telling.
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what. we know we were. 80 percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen up. top. collins time to take one step further. than face. time you're up just such they are nothing and fun for the troops. it's hard to overcome boundaries and conditions of the war. and it's time for. a new debit is coming up ahead for minds in the finest burleson good interest guide for germany's booming i love berlin.
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new guinea. i. united states secretary of state mike compare has met german chancellor angela merkel during a period of tension between the 2 allies compo pushed germany to join us sanctions against iran and to shut down china's while away from the german 5 g. network merkel warned the us against a trade war with beijing and vowed to stick to its.


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