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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2019 7:30am-8:01am CEST

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what secrets behind. find the experience and explore these cultural heritage sites. where 60. well come to the 77 percent africa smuggles in for the youth why the 77 percent you ask well because more than 3 quarters of africa's population is under the age of $35.00 and hopefully you are one of the. thanks for joining us and stay tuned you're watching the 77 percent how you ever wondered how you could better shape africa's image on the was stage we discuss this
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and all a lot more on today's show. the radio reports out beatrice theory from zambia is fighting for the future of young african by talking climate change to our 7 to 7 report a meeting with african journalists and activists in germany to find out how they search that you need to have their part in it. and senegal the most successful robert takes us on a tour through the west african feet of the top. climate change isn't just a global issue it's a pastoral one as well and africans a set to take the brunt of a 21 year old radio journalist beatrice fieri knows these a better than most after taking part in the united nations used a few years ago she learned exactly ringback how climate change would impact her home country zombie oh she's now taking to the airwaves in lusaka. to share
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knowledge and power to young people to take action before it's truly. a chuckle markets in lusaka trees that once protected the zambian savannah i sailed here as who can feel climate fight have beaches feel real reports how felling these trees has an impact on daily life in communities in lusaka milling with merchants in the market the young radio reporter is looking for allies in white against climate change. our ways be that what i'm here to look for problems but rather look for solutions together we don't come here to look at what negative things people are doing but rather to help as come up with solutions that are going to help us you know a collective collective so those are the things that we actually do and this is why we always have to come here to collect stories that are inspiring and what it.
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really has her own show at a lusaka community radio station in an hour long broadcast each month she talks about environmental issues in lusaka and what to zambians can do about them to my tire. gauge how you. see reds. today she's talking about have visit to the shuttle market later she really needs says about her childhood telling how her neighbors would fight over water before the well ran dry due to persistent droughts. 3 believes that many zambians are already affected by the climate change but that most are not aware of it. so overpriced and needs to have adequate information and that is what my pigeon is about in all the registers that actually gets to do its about. creating or giving out information that is powerful information that is
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actually able to stimulate every person's mind to say look i have been affected by this situation by climate change and i think it's high time we get to do something about it that's not. climate change is deeply and just although african countries account for a tiny fraction of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere droughts floods and rising temperatures heat the continent with full force but theory is convinced that zambians i'm not helpless and can need to get to the effects. that starts with educating people. most of the vendors and the whole market have never even heard of climate change for many theories show is an eye opener helping them to understand the changing with the patterns they have witnessed. already.
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going to continue on 2016 some experienced erratic water supply due to reach out to lead to or no rainfall and also that was caused because many people were busy cutting down the truth and this is what we're actually going to get to see more if no action is actually implemented by we the people. she really wants to inspire the people at the markets to fink about ecological alternatives such as chuckle made from banana peels or maize commitment shows how young people across the globe are becoming increasingly aware that climate change may compromise their future and that action must begin now. it just goes to show if you raise your voice and strength knowledge you can help bring about change and that's exactly what we hope to do with our street debates where we ask young africans to share their opinions on controversial issues but this week's debate is a little different i was 77 percent reporter bruce almighty meets with african
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journalists and activists who travel all the way to germany for the global media forum he wants to know more about how the media can change people's perception of what rekha. hello and welcome to the 77 percent debate coming to you from the global media forum in bone and today we're discussing about of very interesting topic how can african journalists ship the image of the continent both locally and internationally so i would have a very interesting. group of other lists you are a blog and a social activist from nigeria how difficult is it to tell a story about material without mentioning. for example corruption well it's one of the major things that people recognise nigeria with that is boko haram corruption and such things but there are stories that are missing from the conversation so for
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example in northern nigeria we know stories about oppression when it comes to women but people do not realize there is a new movement of northern nigeria and women who are beginning to advocate for really important issues such as you think lucian and more recently a movement called me to i mean to north inhouse the language it is spoken in northern nigeria and you have a lot of young women coming out to speak about abuse and sexual harassment and that's a growing movement right now in northern nigeria well what i'm saying is they're still going on and that needs to be told globally but for a lot of social activist from cynical. about the things that we see on the international scene i mean the negative negatives. my opinion is they want to show . the but things in africa in order to make us dream in order for us to need to come in europe because america we don't need it we have not a positive things in africa like young people. involving in politics
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trying to make social change we have a lot of things a lot of positive things showing of. you in terms of your activism from chord changes on you know. how difficult is it to try and change these things in an environment that is restricted i believe that one of the things that we ought to understand is the context i think what gets lost in international news is not that they write about bad news or news that we may not want to have it in the public or hide but what is the. boko haram has got a much bigger context than just saying that their terrorists are taking away young girls there's poverty there's all that but there's always a story of hope in any story so it's up to us to find that hope most of the time the only reason we have negative news in the international media is because people within the country are not given the freedom to tell the story the way they want to if the media is free they will tell the good and the bad story inside the country
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and that gets outside as what should international audience have a full picture about africa for example of course yes i just want to go question to people as a journalist you don't need to come with a template in your head you don't need to come weave a photo in your head and you want to see the photo is always in your head on the ground no you are talking about facts and people behind the screen they want to see those facts. my role is not to give interpretation my role is not to guide people to say ok you see this is go well you have to see this one this is no just give the facts and tell people the story thank you so much make the choice ok thank you so much when the when he talks about fox but it's the pressure in trying to deliver the stories yeah. yeah i feel like there is pressure when you look at the media house if the media owners and i either affiliated or associated to
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a certain party so we don't have we don't have rules and guidelines which sotto the media house of independent from whatever is going on 5th of all a journalist has to be independent in the context of the local content into the venue for them to provide content so you have a very good you know it's very great content but they don't want to go there if they don't want to be received published by mainstream media but so much well. first of all elect to say that i agree with everything that's been saved here but i'd like to add something to that i think that as journalists what we have to do is to just create this piece and let people tell their stories we do not have to be the ones that have the monopoly you know to tell the stories or to decide what's going to make news and what shall not make news. i'm noting because of so many comments that have been made on the strong points that are coming out on how many media houses secure their journalists provide that security that safety net for
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journalists to go out there and come back with stories if i am a small african journalist an in less than $100.00 a month and you want me to investigate a media conglomerate or investigate. an iron ore mine or or somebody who has everything to put me down and kill me how can i do it these are the things we have to look at let media owners also be strong let them stand out in africa and help the young people coming up so many young john. well as with potentials but just him to move around i think the greatest challenge for us african journalists is to step beyond just publishing a story we need to deal and fix the problems as well see what we can do of course with our plans not with anything else. thank you get out of this. i just want to say i don't want us to run away from the fact that the media is a powerful tool to set the agenda for conversations in the entire society as one of
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the people who were leading the not too young to run movement in nigeria i can assure you that the traditional media as well outside of social media there's so many people who still just listen to only the radio and can access only the radio so such tools such as the radio and the newspaper as well as social media all contributed and general is one of the 4 people who pushed the movement so it's really important that we understand that the media does still have the power to said the agenda for conversations and just as everybody has said i would like to echo that in the sense that it's our responsibility not just in activism but also in shaping the way people look at issues so i think in terms of even promoting our own country's development journalists do have a role in beginning to shape the way people think positively about what they can do and what is happening in africa she's a very important things but i mean this topic for example environment and business of the things that. some of the things that i realize as
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a journalist is talking about very mundane things about the rise of price in bread and just have a conversation around that but then set the context populism that you talked about is so easy to sort of say the traders are the ones to blame how do you as a journalist explain that maybe there are some issues within the environment the business environment is different i can assure you that us a person who's been in a lot on social media and in mainstream media people want to know how. anythings affect the everyday lives and they're also open a lot for positive stories but you need to find the good news which is going to show the side of us that most of the time we don't think about that you know of ation the fun i mean i think we africans have for fun let's show we can have fun sometimes we laugh and we're also very very creative so i think people are interested is just for us to go and find the stories thank you so much and yes on a lighter note as journalists i think we should also not forget we might be corrupt but we are fighting corruption the my every problems in africa but we're trying to
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solve them not just thank you so much that's a good way to end this debate i mean thank you so much wonderful people for attending the astute debate. this continue talking you can visit us on our website and our social media pages and because so much from of doesn't. have any of our stories so far spot to curiosity that would be sure to check out our you tube channel where you'll find the full wash and i was trying to bait and more interesting topic. now if you think the manoa next segment looks for media then well done that means you've been paying attention for my lad musician and activist from senegal and before giving us some insight into africa's future during our street debate he was kind enough to give us apostle to our own he city.
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let's go. welcome. someone down. at the synagogue. in the capital of 1000000 people who live here. yes. he's also. just as well as hospitality and solidarity that's really that. solidarity is more than just the word for for my lot in 2011 the rapper and activist co-founded the movement. which means for them to bring down an offer to constitutional change the test test occupy the landmark independence
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square to make their voices head. we used to sleep in front of the police station until the 20 fast of june and the law was not passed in the end this place of independence it is a place of indignation because there are also protesting here in the seventy's so a lot of movement. it's a very symbolic place for democracy but i think through song and action inspires a generation the symbol of the era of illusion is the hearts one on their heads even today there. is a symbol of resistance. it has become a symbol of culture. if you go to new york or chicago you'll see the baseball camps but here it's this one. from a large invites us to his studio in west for our working class neighborhood this is where he creates the soundtrack to his protest before going inside we grab some
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energy to go just on the other side of the road on every street corner and a car you can buy a cup of coffee to a local speciality for 50 francs you get the heart and the peppery coffee mixture sometimes with lemon and always very sweet to meters below ground in his answer rection basement to mullard which has this is new album together with rap on the guy's songs call for african soften parliament and solidarity. with us once we were in fronts i was worried that me aghast at the seans. and we also young cynical. running trying not to get caught by police because they were vendors on the streets. this inspired us to write this song. delusive is a song asking young people to come back to our country because it's our country where they received their respect and value. in value you have to repairs
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or food my lad meets his fans at sweetheart's beach and here even the angry rap starts to smile for him this is what doc aspirator revolt is about getting together out of 10 something negative into a positive feeling. now if that left you in a good mood then i think you're really going to love our next report 12 year old worries karim from nigeria has a unique talent which has turned him into a social media sensation was draws amazing hyper realistic or treats he even drew the french president in under 2 hours with more than 100000 followers on instagram wires has become one of nigeria's most talented young. and this
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by the once to use his skills to give back to his country. every little detail of martyrs what is crimps him is to make history look like a high definition photograph it's just 12 years of age karim is the youngest religion practiced in nigeria. his drawings a huge really inspired by the environment around him and his family's struggle to survive. he says the moment he saw this image he knew he wanted to create it. and what's close to my late. because. and so. it's me and. it's what's called.
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vision is the title of currency drawing he started drawing comics when he was just 3 years old he later joined the e.u. to condemn me an art school that began as a makeshift learning center for children in this poor legace neighborhood. tutors help him to improve his natural talent within weeks of sharing his 1st drawing a line his name and story spread around the world especially after he drew a portrait of french president emanuel crowned last year this is the level of sound then we have it like you. did this it's you. i think the thing is the. one screams rare talent has also brought fortune to his family. his parents proudly displays awards. his mother says she only is encouraged her son
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to follow his passion for art but she never expected this level of success. i didn't think he'd be an artist who would be a cog made by important people at the stage i just decided not to stop him from growing because you never know what path a child would follow in the future. after his big break with president micron the government for the curry family a new apartment. was transferred to a better school according to an official statement the government wants to make sure worries it's in the best environment to nurture his talent meanwhile article anywhere worries go to start now as a formal studio that's more suited for young students studying at. be back in song because i didn't do not visit something which is the root of you doubts fruits and feelings to. be. so if you've been good to see
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does look like trying to impose on about children isn't is one of them plain i know and you know not having a car to have something. worth comes that i couldn't eat every weekend in a green he's not drawing his learn a new techniques from art textbooks he says art has won has been a way for him to escape hard times. that's kill my team. when i'm the finished good i can just pick my sketchbook. when i'm really in the know that anybody i just. today with over 100000 foreigners on instagram would murder his drawings writers and i become something of an international celebrity culture downloaded that says. you know some of my books. in. and out that's not supposed to be equal to like when i was
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a. nigeria's only and not a divinity that's what water's cut him to be by the time he's 15 why don't. we wish him the best. i hope we are enjoyed all program where we've seen the end of the show but please keep in touch with us on facebook and on you tube our email us at 77 dot com. and here's what's coming up on the next edition of the 77 percent. of our reporter indeed kimani heads to dine out for ice cream to learn more about what you did you think they should be having on one of our because fastest growing economies including the benefits and the challenge you. and now as always before we go we introduce you to a young activist who is making waves across the continent this is
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a nigerian seeing us song right up courageous with these hours be truck show me that we hope you enjoy and we'll see you on the next 30 seconds oh the 77 per cent buy for no. reason oh ok.
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3 cities in one go a. new coach really a new christie could go to saxony. like this is a city on the move with a lot of positive energy time got planned for today i want to cover as the next as i can here in jets and one day in one season but 2 countries that scores emma's opponent and a girl that's been in germany. coming up on d w. more
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visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. at least 12 people have been shot dead in virginia united states by a man shooting into a government building complex the shooting happened in virginia beach a coastal resort town and according to authorities the gunman was shooting indiscriminately until he was shot dead by police. united states secretary of state mike compare has met german chancellor angela merkel during a period of tension between the 2 allies pompei o pushed germany to join us sang.


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