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and then died in a shootout with police at least 4 other people were wounded. there watching d.w.i. news up next is dr phil with a documentary about illegal logging in borneo american adam stand from the entire team thanks for watching. state school in the jungle. first climbing less of a minute doors ground a moment arrives. to join your regular jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary story and on running time returns home on d w dot com tank.
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this is the final kimmage of bruno munson. taken a few days before he disappeared forever into the borneo jungle. we had been making a documentary. all amongst the last to see him oh god. it's a those faulted many years or so when bruno had left his home in switzerland in order to escape the developed world. but soon he realized that the paradise he had found. was under threat.
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together with his best friend most times they decided to rally the people and make a stand by building book aids to stop the locusts. we have been indicted for use in the jungle and release i don't know but these and when people come in it is like they are coming into our house and steal and take things away without the police or educated but looking green. some people say that. we are fighting a loosing battle. tonight against the company and against government.
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when the blockades were right. it was no with the choice to take the fight to the next level. together they traveled out to rally the world. to the show's action. must be so behind it would be no man said just a moment of serious d.c. to tell madame nutri simply did no study finds this film i see it would sound like . me trying chills diplomacy and met leaders of the world. the price he paid upon his return to sorrow uk. was prison on torture. bruno became more desperate and confronted those he held responsible. way.
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they are doing this. an accident or a stunt or could have been murdered a swiss environmentalist a major irritant to the law. of malaysia in borneo has mysteriously disappeared last may he crossed the border from indonesia and tripped into the dense jungle of sort of walk and has not been seen since. when new time was released from solitary confinement he felt he had no choice but to flee into exile. in the years that passed. we could never forget. what happened to me. after the disappearance of. a bunch of the people he left behind.
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for the 1st few years when i came to canada i always ask myself why me you know. i was very young and i was away from my own community you know i'm all alone. i didn't really want to be in canada i didn't mean to be you know and when people on the street you know said to your country you know i often hear that. when i pass by people and i said you know if you know me i really want to be in
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your country because of what i you know i went through it i am i'm here. yes. if. if. i'm just going saddam and going on radio free surround what was on the site joan job on i thought of it acknowledged the guy who got young. good enough to go with my son took me home i could not believe the russia who got. to break up 2 might not go he didn't complete it in the moment please so i want you don't give me one break you got my
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throat i want them. to be complete come eat eat eat eat eat on the phone was a nice young dublin young good ya know. we were thinking that stopping them logging would be the end of it. if they did we know about its relentless this attack onslaught on the line of people. to me is almost like a final solution. for. 15 years of to bring those death we find ourselves speaking pulled back into the story again. we decide to seek out the source of the tongues and use. i am. i am.
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when we tracked down malicious. and you can depend to a greater station. he was surprised to find them working in a cramped apartment in central london. i just got stuck but they got rid of 3 saw what. i wanted to show under the tree front and they were strong for that yeah i'm sure. it's like 5 mins to walk and that's not what ya i am radio program yeah well one thing i do is those apartments too short they wipe but. i grew up and still. say why cops now the people are so fast found in as if i was
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one of them because that's who i grew up with. very few people i met nature in life and i've heard of this place. but i kept my ears open and i began to hear about the british very worrying things that were happening to the environment and the people and. it was a good 13 years before i went back to borneo. it was not a pretty situation to have to say what has happened in increasing us many seen a lot of devastation. he got to the stage where i was finding myself lying in bed at night thinking you know how can i just ignore the least. knowing what's happening. in a country where the media is dominated by the governing clique and then when he was
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able to express dissent. but i'm kept mentioning it to people. saying what we really means radio station and cyrus that found out that actually the world specialised in this sort of radio is about 2 miles down the road from me in london. with a window of opportunity to reach the people in the jungle when pretty it. up to get jacked him is to give a voice to people who have never had a voice before. i'd heard about this activist x.t. jam. i found out a contact form a snuck into surround well we had a 10 minute meeting do you fancy coming to britain to run a radio station and that was it.
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i've always been a. but i never knew that one day i would be of such deeds in my own country. nobody dares to speak out and nobody dares. to say things about the government or criticise the government. so i was thinking to myself let me break the ice and tell everyone what's going on. during the quarter a london hello. melissa. scully like the sandwich of concealment but the under under under done under. scalia give me some of my biggest mobile opening up. got me to go but i don't. know what. i
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did not do. i'm. down with us myself why me know. how we are from people i love away from the forest that i care for. this was the longest look at we had 9 mobs. and about 20300 people staying at a time you this was no time when i said well you know to heck with my consequences the land is more important the force is more important so that's why right there and then on somewhere on this mountain i decided ok i'll go on under one.
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for the 1st time $3000.00 and natives lift their homeland to tell the world of their plight. we went to 24 cities and 13 countries. living in the planning their airports and between the borders. to me there was so much hope in the world to save us. when i went to the unit the next and i thought the state government often government where they can make decisions over and above. saddleback indigenous peoples alliance. as a very naive person at the time i thought that was it things will change.
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mr president distinguished guest fellow tribal leaders let 1903 be of indigenous people bring peace and hope a year for the restart action of the bleeding forest let this year kerry's message . into the forests of borneo to do woman. praying in the night that the days of our children. will not be like hers. in the air and i said what am i doing here you know. if i do all these thing outside the world north about it but nothing is happening to protect our forests. it doesn't help.
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save one point i became. disillusioned about it about all this campaign overseas. if my voice if my what does not carry weight back home is useless for me. welcome back our little crime watch your host. how can a civil servant of just personal fortune. $1000000000.00 easy just destroy the very ring force you have been trusted to protect that's the charge
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being leveled against this fair is they those. are the. high evil is the chief minister of surat. a lot are just of malaysia's keen states and one of 2 states located on the rain forest which island of borneo. how did this gentleman he then asked such a fortune. time mahmoud 1st came to power 33 years ago. from
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a simple background he had been granted the scholarship to study law. soon afterwards he gained the powerful position of minister of forestry. time i preached modernization. he sold the 130000000 year old rain forest. is the fuel that would propel sato walk into the future. ready ready borneo with the i am in the game winning i mean it don't come just once again thanks to how to do it is to find out if i know that i can't go.
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on the tides or a satellite because being a dog just exports of tropical timber in the world. today almost 90 percent of the primary rain forest is gone. let me put to you means allegations that person me you have benefited but your family a benefit in that maybe you have been easy on muggers who want to develop land in
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return for benefits to you 1st of all i would like to see. my family and myself by doing without it has nothing to do with sex but they should taking anything i. of discounters. the laws of the state strictly forbid politicians from earning money from private business. the question was how to tie the must so much family wealth. over the years. anybody can get it if they had put something up there but if you don't have it do you. can do.
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it. it's extraordinary really because neighbors he has really got down to systematically investigating tied moment. tada newt has absolutely no legitimate right to be a wealthy man he has been a public servant since he left university i spent a couple months researching it 1st looking for stories we asked about him got a few breaks on time and i soon began to get some really good information. i have heard that somebody was taking legal action against the thai family.
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and i spent about 3 months trying to find out who lost for i was in trucking and. it's easy hearing. you want a piece of your good luck. he was in the realm estate business and what with the time family for traffic years. until we fell out with. the key thing was that he was able to give me documents. worth 0 exterior that time to time personally for the very 1st time to these fast properties in the united states. he was a director of the company that owned them and he was also privately shown to be the chief shareholder. something he's always appointed being made public. that was very
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valuable information but ross was able to provide me with. a year's iover of the scope that all these assets. i had no idea whether anyone was going to read my blog and suddenly i was getting fountains of hits a day and. we went out to 100000 a day kids if they had to get all sorts of new provisions in place to way to cope with such a huge number of readers. to begin we turning up the on thing the more you drink the more you run disturb on and then people start coming to you. people from right within within time in a circle. clear became something of a whistleblower hotline is the radio station developed into the voice and position .
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back in montreal. is becoming more distressed as he learns that the dam survey is have already moved into his own valley. commute. therefore they. wouldn't from what. i know i have this wonderful phone they are here in kind of. their way 1st thing in their life. but in the same time. it began continuous i don't know what do we call home.
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how can you ever detach yourself to something to be so so close to your heart. even though i tried to go out of it. i can never forget. i have to go back i have to rally mike to me the last opportunity the last chance.
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to maybe want him back on going to. buy the. dam and me. all. the good bits look like a sea goodness but some loud dark but nothing no done to me but somehow to me death by the law goes on and on modern to follow up by office overly. built by. going having been a ok o'reilly i'm not gonna. do it out of no my bottom what part of you know when to. move in
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a company that was a boy in the pan about the level of the bible to look at doesn't want the love that i. don't know. if you bring the elders back you're looking at me with right. when we meet claire again she's deeply involved in thinking through the labyrinth of companies that seem to have links to time. she travels to the bruno mounts a fund to meet her closest ally lucas strom. ross with keeping everything by the end he wasn't throwing any pieces of paper away
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and you know i think this is interesting. all these beds are very interesting i mean the smoking gun it's these yeah i mean all this is supplementary everything's but with this i mean he really has a problem. shortly after bruno disappeared lucas took over the reins of the foundation that bruno had established. he knew instinctively that they had to take a new direction and since then he had been at the forefront of investigating the timber industry. everyone knows there is a huge corruption involved in the tropical timber business and the world bank says it interpol says it everyone knows it. my impression was we have to do more on the legal side. we have to tackle the system and we have to follow the money. the raw spoils papers are
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a real breakthrough for the thai prime an empire is bigger more complex and more global than we ever imagined we even found that his family owns the f.b.i. building in seattle what we have to do now is dig deep roots and try to find out how much they really are and all over the world. thank. you tom. no. doubt they're going to remember to. do thank you but if you're a defendant you know what if. you would tell yeah yeah 1 o'clock am for me being
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made yeah yeah my knowing them can mean to me you have nickel unity yes. but not a rule. i. only thought. nope not me so i know. the how money i'm not wanted to. and i'm done i'm in the. 4th an epidemic of my own making. and economic there too it may well mean i'm going out to mumbai knock it if it's not for my to forget. finding an opening. i think everything by knocking.
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a small town reflects over the flooding of his home busy his mind to this to what he can do to stop it. we follow him to switzerland we travels to meet up with those who took a brutal fight for the rights of the pie mom. don't give luther here wealth is a piece of. paper on which i. got the count
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down to earth and they have been succeed here in the u.k. . this is the 2nd way. i've been to last a day and so much well there probably is. lucas and close investigation into companies linked to tie and introduce them to the inner workings of the global financial system. yeah i see. their research i don't covered an international web full of offshore bank accounts holding companies and wealth managers. the scale of money laundering from lobbying worldwide is massive. interpol has estimated that more than $30000000000.00 on norms a day here. in the banks money laundering regulations lay down strict
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rules for doing business with politicians with these regulations or any policed by the banking industry itself. the. tide has always denied personally profiting from the land but many have questioned how a public servant on a modest salary has apparently become so wealthy. we've linked time and those close to him to $400.00 companies in $25.00 countries. goldman sachs u.b.s. gave massive loans to the type administration. his b.c. had all the major plantation and local companies on their books the biggest of them all probably would be dodger bank. deutsche bank has had a very close eye on lasting a cessation with the time family. they said of
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a joint venture with a type family in malaysia. through which the tide family's personal greed estate in north america is being held. often corruption is referred to as the crime without its victims but it's not true. we should not base our allegations on the rumors or suspicions we should try to base a truckload of complaints on the facts and the evidence. that. it's now an interesting moment in history. that we keep attacking the type now and the pressure that all the different channels and shame them internationally . on its current there's a huge story just come out of malaysia are all the blood stained with it. after 3 years of green river for sure i might as well exports myself.
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when you try to scare you if you are afraid your own risk for it. i decided to call back. anything happened to me at least the media are wrong what's going on. we watch this to come pain become to create a momentum of its own. and the international media begin to shine a spotlight on school plays a stage of sarawak is touted ensures a mad as paradise but it's lush tropical rain forest is disappearing at an astonishing rate a section of this tropical rain forest the size of england has been cut down tell us what you think 12 new dams will do hundreds of square miles of rain forests tropical rain forest and will be flooded in strong plug on. such and
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such. but not up to me. i'm. not. getting. right now think of it. just like i. was told. but the sad. sad sad sad. thing is that it. was. all the money we absolve. the oldest son. finally old the hard work was paying off.
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sarah chief minister. mahmoud has announced that he successor. this. mission that's. types is this the trust of not only the other candidates for chief minister but that of the whole but the present the woman. when the new chief minister comes to look to play lucas on the time to gather to the embassy to listen to what he has to say to see if the kids get messed up and splat ok and the emphasis is on the right place ok. i'm. sorry. but. you.
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really should. not. israel was very well being. careful about. moving on from. your question. but. do you promise right. do you know we're. i. mean moves to. know. more of them or you know more.
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normal. thanks to my. right to. do that i don't know whether this is too good to be true but the onus is on us that they came with his words and without him this is what he said we're going to take you on your road and we'll going to help you if you if you want to out ok yeah i want to. know more. nimble you. i mean what can i say wow my. business that i'm.
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no one ever imagined he'd leave his post. he had all the major political power and he was acting within a normal transparent environment. and all it did was actually take a bit of dedicated investigative activity. why don't we do you casing up we need people doing this. this is a global crime and every jurisdiction is dying to offload the investigative job on to somebody else. that's what's happening. in malaysia civil society started to flourish as free media outlets started to
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multiply and that's a. lot. now. they've lost their sense of moral authority their legitimacy. so i'm going to be a little bit braver to you and my view is that we challenge them. they're not we started looking at i love a couple of those are. really coming out of what everyone was like thing one on. one planet the story accusing the malaysian prime minister himself of musset corruption over 500000 people took to the streets. a warrant was then issued for the rest for activities detrimental to. paula she democracy.
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in sorrow walk the new chief minister announced that the building of the law just would now be suspended. but no promises be made to all the remaining doctors. it's on now regularly reaches to the country. he is helping to build a legal case to claim the law is safe one of the last pockets of forest that still remain. and i. suppose of going to about i mean the love but not any. good when you got it about food no i said if i don't have you don't know that i've got
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you i'm going to look like we're looking fine but. if you don't know your history what are you. and how can you proclaim yourself into the future if you don't know you and. for me this is important not just to i called you but also for me i'm going to miss and to see you could be proud of who they are what their parents what their grandparents were.
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lawyer. culture. a hair. superfood stylish style icon. led a. lifestyle you're a. 30 minute strong.
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what secrets lie behind the small. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 36050 at. home the something nice for inspires came from jurors or dealing with any of that i killed many civilians in the irish coming flooding my father was the 1st and i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself lactase the but suddenly life became alledge kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin syrian government forces launched an all out assault to capture the last rebel stronghold human rights groups are warning of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis indeed lived in the region is home to some 3000000 people. also coming up another mass shooting in the united states a disgruntled public utility employee in the state of virginia killed 12 people with a handgun the suspect then dies in a shootout with police.


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