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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2019 2:02am-2:15am CEST

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on this edition of world stories. the plight of street children in p.o.p.o. . the end of greece's boats. which began in sri lanka 10 years after the war between government troops and tamil tiger rebels came to an end thousands of civilians remain unaccounted for their relatives refused to give up hope. 10 years of demanding an answer jay have anything still doesn't know what happened to her missing daughter the war was winding down she says when masked men tore 16 year old jeromey from her arms and fled. not do you or did i let go of her hand i was lying on the ground and a man stomped on my back with his boot i screamed and when i looked up a large vehicle carrying my daughter was already a column of dust in the distance that's how fast i took off work. many people
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haven't heard from their loved ones for even longer in some cases several decades their stories might be different but the family share the same sense of suffering without proof their children are dead they hold on to hope. when i hear other children calling for their mothers i have my daughter calling for me i hear her voice and i immediately look thinking she's come back to me. the task of finding out what happened to people like jerome he will land here at the office on missing persons or on pete it's a new commission being set up by the current administration to independently investigate the disappeared the chairman understands some people are skeptical it is extremely challenging because there have been many institutions many commissions established in the past to address the issue of the missing and for the families feel that they have had no oncet we do not want to be people for as. false hopes
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and be very clear that. you strive to establish his office really try to find them to find i'm certain but that is going to take place building trust between state institutions and the people especially in the northeast has been no easy task human rights lawyers the bhajan of his show and in says the o. m. p. could gain the public's confidence once they set up local offices but she also says some families are afraid. people may give testimony today but may have a fear that it will fall into the wrong hands so some families have said they may have more faith in the process if a foreign government or international body works with. some others like you have anything to say they will only accept an independent and foreign led investigation. they did not have and then as a v.o.m. people come and start from the very beginning it's been 10 years and more time will go by and that will be that. the civil war may have ended
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a decade ago but the families searching for their loved ones are still waiting for closure. our next journey goes to where tens of thousands of children live on the streets of the capital addis ababa some n.g.o.s are trying to help by providing a roof over the children's halves prospects for the future but it's a tough undertaking. the youngest children even 6 years old this boy is begging for anything just to survive he sniffing glue it beats the pain of hunger a common sight in the capital's main square. the last official survey put their numbers in the capital at 12000 but that was almost a decade ago many n.g.o.s believe today's figures china will. one of them retrack
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provides temporary housing for street children this place is just for girls. last year a retraction altered more than 500 children and adults here when they have a chance to be children again. this 14 year old girl arrived a couple of weeks ago. to the internet my family promised i'd be able to go to school but instead i had to work. she says she was 12 when she ended up as a domestic helper working 15 hours a day and subjected to abuse after 2 years she flight. retracts main goal is to reunite children with their families and raise parents' awareness that child labor is illegal without much government assistance however there is very little small charities can do to provide long term support these boys found work shining shoes their goal to earn their own living.
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i'd like to quit this work as a shoeshine or go to school and live a better life but it's not easy to get out of the situation so this is my life for now one day i want something better. as a mother night falls in this rapidly growing city no one knows how many thousands of children will be sleeping in this street it's one of the challenges facing the government is to get a fresh count. germany's constitution guarantees equal rights for everybody yet people with developmental disabilities continue to be at a disadvantage in society for example in the workplace natalie a digital who no longer wants to put up with this. down syndrome is actually cool we just want to be like everyone else really under.
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not only did her is 20 years old. she's a seasoned campaigner for equal rights for people with disabilities. not only lives with her family in cologne and has been seeing her boyfriend for a year she's due to move out soon and make her own decisions. for example i want to decide for myself whether to start a family of my own or inside and if i do become pregnant then i want to decide for myself things like how i get out as i see fit over there and there are those i don't want to be checked on all the time and for decisions to be made for me that's how it feels to me. so great were those.
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developmentally challenged people in germany rarely find decent jobs with reasonable paying not only works in a cafe in a welfare center but for no salary she also writes for a magazine published by people with down syndrome unpaid voluntary work. i was from a so i'm natalie did a whore and i'm 20 years old and i still don't live alone i love. a rally in berlin marching for equality campaigners like not only have already secured voting rights for developmentally challenged people in germany now they're trying to prevent more unborn children being tested for disabilities. in the world in the constitution in article 3 it says that all people have the same rights with or without disability so you shouldn't be so scared of us we're really cool well you know.
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natalie's life is already pretty independent but it's something she also wants for others equal rights for all people with disabilities as written in the constitution you know it's about not pushing away people who have a disability it's about allowing them to take part letting them take part is really important the most important thing is that every person is valuable and everyone is taken seriously when. and finally we're off to greece the e.u. pays bonuses to greek fishermen if they scrap their wouldn't and give up their jobs this is supposed to help stem overfishing in the mediterranean but it threatens to spell the end of more than just a traditional craft. there a familiar sight for holiday makers in greece the colorful car yukio fishing boats
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. but the traditional wooden boats are an increasingly rare sight the european union pays fisherman cash if they scrap their car yukiya dimitris maracas is the last boat builder on the island of show us now he has to destroy the boats that he built. over the past decades otherwise the fishermen won't get their subsidy maracas is appalled. after days after i think about all the energy i put into them i want to meant to be over the years now live by them i know i'm supposed to destroy this. i'm sad. breaks my heart. here but the real problem is is that it puts the fishermen in this terrible situation. i don't as owns a fish restaurant he also gave up his boat last year taxes for it kept rising and his catch dwindled it was
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a difficult decision but at least he got $100000.00 euros for the boat. now he has to buy his fish for his restaurant elsewhere and he still misses his boat. calls the mediterranean the world's most overfished sea those are hardly to blame the greek government would like the boats to be used to ferry tourist but that's not financially viable for the fisherman. a museum dedicated to that is being built on the island of somers the greek ministry of culture has rescued 20 old boats all lovingly made by hand. these as an architect and an expert on greek ship building traditions he's fighting to preserve the old boats more and more people including government officials now say they should be protected as an endangered cultural heritage. to have to keep things from the past and to to save memories to save our roots there is the
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traditional boat building which is a very integral part of these of the sculpture i do have to find ways to keep them. to give a few to do to make them a life for the future for the young people. demetrius maracas also gives both building classes for young people and adults he'd like to be able to take on an apprentice rocky's can't accept the greases maritime heritage is on the verge of extinction. as a stopgap measure he's figured out a loophole but instead of completely scrapping the boats he takes them apart to render them unusable. as long as cake continue to be scrapped the craft will die out that's why greek boat builders and fishermen are calling on their government to reopen negotiations
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with the league you even if they can no longer ply the seas they could at least be preserved as a tourist attraction. i'm secure in that volume or that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers we're alliance. what's your story. ready on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take
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part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. are not a very little or nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. if you happen to be watching this online i should tell you that you are not only the viewer you're also being watched whenever we're online information brokers collect our data and use it to assemble user profiles that can on them a lot of money online tracking our topic today on ship.


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