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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2019 12:15pm-12:30pm CEST

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radical islamic groups and holocaust deniers also among the crowd participants see it differently it was in this we're not protesting against jews or judaism but against israel and against zionism homebodies here why am i here because i think it's wrong the palestine is gone it's our rights to defend this time and this is always out based on policy that's about that. in response to the annual protest germany's anti semitism commission a call for all germans to take to the streets in solidarity with jews and israel some protesters jews and non genies keep this year's protest was made all the most significant after a reported increase in anti-semitic crimes especially to them my aim is to end all this against the jews that they are no longer targeted i think it's a disgrace for germany that's why. we want to make a clear statement against our stay every year as they march through berlin and spread their anti-semitic and empty zionist slogans. so members of the jewish
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community was skeptical of the pro israel protest in general supporting palestinian rights and criticizing the state of israel and holding the state of israel accountable for its actions is there no anticipate eric and i'm actually quite offended when. people make that conflation between anti-semitism and criticism of israel these demonstrations hey remember just a small part of a much wider a much more complicated discussion and debate going on in germany right now concerning the issue of the semitism and how it should best be tackled not an easy task given the tangled complicated web not only of culture and religion but of history and international politics well joining me now is benjamin steinitz he's projects director of the research and information department on anti-semitism here in berlin benjamin welcome to our program so. so the al quds march has been held in
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berlin for more than 20 years now is it inherently anti-semitic we have to consider that the main objective of the could stay as it was called all. iranian leader is that elation of israel as in its current context as a jewish state. surely disk can con of x. be expressed from the organizers of the codes they in that openness but individuals did shout yesterday jews and as we will defeat you and god as our witness they were very very aggressive sayings by individuals their regulations put in place by the police or by the by to broaden state where really. tame down the organizers and they were very much looking forward to keep this thing silent
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but especially conspirator a chanel series a very much present also within the organizing team and also the glorification of its by terror organizations well this year's march in berlin in particular garnered quite a lot of attention amid a sharp increase in the number of anti semitic offenses that have been reported in germany we even had german governments anti semitism commissionaire recently caution jews against wearing their traditional skull caps they keep in public are jews in germany unsafe. i think this is more complex year our department and we have. led to several surveys various regions in germany and what we found out does us a base among jews living in germany where we found that there's
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a constant appearance of anti-semitism in the daily routine of jews in germany that means there's a constant negotiation they are forced into to negotiate their own jewish identity on the one hand and avoiding anti-semitism on the other hand so many strategies to . not show the visibility not go to certain areas just to avoid anti-semitism from our own reports and better than last year 73 visible jews were affected by anti-semitism in the city of bone and it means being identified with his or with the market and so there is a threat and this is constantly felt in the daily experiences of jews in germany as well your organization runs a website called report anti semitism dot de isa people can go online and
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report incidents what kinds of things are people reporting basically we are recording any sort of incident so desire penno or non pennell incidents these are attacks on threats for example last year in september there was a lady in a small shop in. kern and when the owner saw her. necklace or. bracelet. having a mug and we as she was immediately shouted at as a jew slot and thrown with small items on her. late on she had to flee as though no want to to threat and kick her so all kind of incidents panel on panel incidents. incidents that people feared to go to the police and they can come to us and we try to figure out how to help them best. benjamin stein is from the research and
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information department on anti semitism here in berlin we thank you very very much for coming in and sharing your insights with us thank you my. all right let's turn back to our breaking news at this hour the head of germany's social democrats on draunidalo has announced she's stepping down from her posts including his party chair and from her seat in parliament the announcement comes after her party suffered a double election defeat knowledges came under pressure after german voters handed the social democrats their worst ever result in last month's european elections and the s.p.d. also lost a state election in the name and for the 1st time in over 7 years senior party members are due to meet on monday to discuss the party's future direction. we have now in the studio kate brady political correspondent for some more analysis
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on this so kate what does knowledge of resignation from these posts mean for the s.p.d. as a whole i think it was interesting that you mention are in other words a future direction which is going to be interesting for the social democrats what direction are they going because right now it seems that they're only head in downwards in the opinion polls this is get another sign of instability without doubt within the social democrats. and others had already pulled the vote on her leadership group leader forward from september to chuse day but what's the surprise here is that she's already decided to step down pati leader as well and of course as you mentioned they says all of the back of the diet results that we saw in the european elections i'm so there's going to be some big questions to ask now whether the s.p.d. wants to take itself of course and draw in all this was supposed to lead the social democrats forward in this renewal and this revitalization of the party a move them away from the center ground of the political spectrum in germany which
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had drifted further and further towards during those times in a coalition with conservatives so now the there will be a question there. are we going to see the social democrats really start to move left are we going to have a radical change of leadership there we'll have to see in the coming days who's going to step forward and put themselves down as a candidate and i think that another question on people's minds is what this means for the ability to govern as part of the grand coalition with angela merkel's c.d.u. party are they going to be able to stay on government exactly this is a big question and it was open for the whole coalition and it was supposed to have a bit of a temperature taking test later this year that was written into the coalition agreement with the conservatives to see if this marriage as it were is really working out of course the social democrats were very reluctant to go into yet
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another coalition with. conservatives they've lost a lot of that profile they've lost a lot of key issues to the conservatives which in turn has weakened their position among voters in opinion polls and it's become difficult for voters to really see exactly what they stand for but also the same goes for conservatives as well who on having a great time of it either right now both parties both governing coalition parties as social democrats and the conservatives made huge losses in last week's european elections and a lot of those votes a 1000000 more than a 1000000 voters from both sides of that grand so-called grand coalition went in fact to the greens policy here were celebrating yet again this week after a couple of new polls came out showing them as the strongest party now in germany they've surged through the polls in recent months particularly since the 2017
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federal election here in germany so it really is going to be a question of whether the whether this grand coalition which right now is anything but grand can really keep it together the the c.d.u. . merkel's conservative c.d.u. they came out this morning saying that they want to push on with this grand coalition but whether we really will see this coalition make it through to the end of that term in 2021 but still i've been well kate it's not just within germany that the center left party was struggling and so poor results in the european elections we saw this happening in other european countries as well with the the social democratic parties suffering losses. is the center left as a whole facing a real crisis briefly if you can this really as a pattern that we're seeing across europe as you say but this doesn't only affect the social democrats but it's these what we call traditionally big tent parties
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a centrist parties so the mentions not only something that's effect in the social democrats slightly more to the left of this and but also the conservatives on the right we've seen across europe these 2 parties are 2 for factions ready moving towards the center of the political spectrum for a long time now sorry a lot of personality crises going on here in europe right now. political correspondent kate brady thank you so much. now it's june a time when many l.g.b. t. people around the globe hold pride events to call attention to their communities but for older people aging can pose particular challenges manila's golden gays are a group of gay men in drag queens in their sixty's and beyond rejected by wider society and limited to low paid jobs many face homelessness and poverty in their old age u.w. is on a santos reports. there are days when river of fog was a dazzling beauty queen decked in glittery make up sparkling jewellery and
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sequinned gallants days when relives out her inner diva as beyond say. rain is a member of the golden gate a group of jolly flamboyant gay senior citizens who call themselves grandmas they perform as drag queens to make ends meet. grandmas are amazing we can sashay down a romp in 6 inch heels at 92 years old but because we need help in the summer frail they just become strong when there are parties we needed an organization where sponsors who want to help the senior citizens can donate to our group and. the golden gate you're looking for a home you my lord we can all get together so in a gun up. in the recent high bottom of some. current all this difficult for senior
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citizens in the philippines the usual social safety nets like pensions and health care are often limited in scope and the problem is worse for bts who do not have children to look after them or may have been abandoned by families the golden gate is regularly hold pageants to supplement their income private and corporate donors sponsor these pageants by providing lunch and a few days' worth of groceries for contestants. many of the golden gates take on odd jobs ray work says i'm a soused makeup artist and cleaner she also takes care of some of the older grandmas. sometimes one to take care of me the way i've looked after the other school. for the golden gates all this made a bit easier because they have each other. and that's the latest from d.w. news this hour i'm marian evans staying for me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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