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tut you are just search deal. and fight for the truth. it's hard to overcome drugs and cut. it's time for. w.'s coming up ahead. barnes. welcomes a global 3000 this week we meet because that family's desperate to track down relatives detained in chinese reeducation camps in india employment opportunities are helping women break out of traditional roles in a male dominated society. but 1st we head to sierra leone where domestic violence
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is still common now some innovative schools are teaching men about gender equality . according to a un study in 2017 around $50000.00 women worldwide were killed at the hands of intimate partners or family members that's an average of $137.00 women every day and those are only the reported cases it's like a many more such murders are recorded as suicides or accidents globally one in 3 women have experienced sexual or other forms of physical violence more than half of all countries have laws against domestic abuse but in many places such brutality has a long tradition. in sierra leone the problem is being tackled through education . not the why did. i use the. i meet my wife i would come
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home late and bang on the door. and walk out without pause. we never sat together and talked there was no peace between us. again be use. time and time again he'd be beef and no apparent reason not just because once to boo talking openly about domestic violence has become commonplace and. ever since male villagers were sent back to school almost all of the husbands here regularly battered their wives just like them are us where i come. from many families life was hell. sometimes i close either end up with my uncle and i saw how he beat his wife me so i copied that he behaved content as an adult i did the same to my wife that he will be out. of my. nowadays ammara treats his wife with respect
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he helps with the housework and accompanies her to the doctor things he never would have dreamt of doing before instead he regularly got drunk and spent time with a girlfriend and beat his wife. as you might think. i lived in fear and i cried a lot i know that it's awful i couldn't leave him because i didn't want my children to suffer. it was he treated me so queerly and had a mistress who say he had. one and well who would go for. the father the mother a mother and the others attend her husband's twice a month. what are they going to do with the loss of. ringback discussions can get he went teachers like but mount a nurse educate students on the necessity of changing their behavior one that's
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deeply rooted in sierra leone male dominated society. a man is the head of the family he's the breadwinner and has all the rights many see violence against women is a fact of life and poverty makes the situation worse some of them sometimes if men can't bring home any money then the women ask about food if they don't let up after that and the men get even angrier gets angry. also didn't have any money or a job and he beat his wife. now and husband school he learns about gender equality and that his wife is his partner not his property. i mean i drank and smoke which up and then i'd let my frustrations out on her and me do we if i came home later and my wife was there i would kick the door off she asked questions i would hit her. we took up be done. and his wife hala are carrying
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water home together. it looks harmonious but however remains traumatized by li experience of abuse. has been helping out at home ever since he joined the husband school is still how is a wary from memory is. now coming out when he started beating me i just used to hide but then it got so bad that i had to leave for a year now things have got better he doesn't beat me anymore and the children can finally attend school but he still gets in a bad mood and is threatening when he doesn't have money. gender based violence isn't confined to husbands beating their partners every year thousands of women in sierra leone fall victim to sexual exploitation. 14 year old sought help at a women's health care center in the capital freetown. she was sexually exploited by
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a man known to her family now she's pregnant. there's not enough to eat at home. the man gives me some money if i sleep with him i. violence and exploitation were a part of life during sierra leone's decade long brutal civil war in the 1990 s. the country passed a domestic violence law in 2007 punishing abuse by up to 2 years in jail but it's difficult to enforce women's rights even with a special police force designed to assist families and women in particular. if women give me an education. because we only have free education without extended as far as i know and. economic women are not given the power. do business they don't have the source is like getting loans from
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you know and being said freelance you know that is something to do for the i have to date about a 1000 men attend the 15 husbands schools in sierra leone when they're accompanied by their partners the sessions are called how mama and that's when debate can get heated and loud. but they are dealing with their problems openly and without violence. which signal make out they want to get rich on. their own money order that we set a good example to our children then perhaps the next generation won't be to it's women. we need to show that. it's difficult to change social structures that have existed for centuries but here in the village. they're trying to do just that. women worldwide regularly campaign against physical and sexual violence including in india where thousands of
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women are killed every year by intimate partners sometimes all it takes is not bringing a sufficient down to a marriage the world health organization lists poverty as one of the main reasons for domestic violence and ng income can give a woman the highest social status and potentially save her life. it's 8 o'clock in the morning kailash pressure up if he is making breakfast and getting her children ready for school her husband is a day laborer at a marble mine in the area she'll be leaving for work soon as well unlike most other women living and india's rural areas pressure up with he has a job. well gotten out thank you it's very difficult because my husband had to take care of all the bills and expenses that's why i started working now be a find because i can help is where the. dole water is
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a small town in the western indian province of raja stan. the streets are filled with men going about their business women are a rare sight traditionally they tend to stay in the background. times are changing but slowly pressure up and he still feels safer when she covers her face out in the street. before work she drops off her son 6 year old kush want has just started school. for a few years now present at the has had a job at sad now it's a co-operative that employs many women in the region around would a port. the organization teaches the women all the skills they need for the job the clothes they sew are sold online and in a dedicated shop the profits are split wages aren't based on working hours but on
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output. and i thought settles on the fact that there is it isn't as easy to get the work and real fast. we. will not usually get 3 pieces done a day. to day porter is a picturesque city that lies about 30 kilometers to the south of water hope it's a popular destination for tourists. yes it's only a sadness headquarters are located here as is the shop. it sells a range of accessories and clothing manufactured in the area to any. the cooperative was set up over 30 years ago starting with just 15 textile workers now over 700
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work for it it's enabled women from nearby villages and poor neighborhoods to earn their own income and garment forms with financial independence and the woman is able to own something. she has a status in the family otherwise the family members were looking down on that she didn't have a say in the family. members some of the men's they themselves i'm educating their children are striving professional goals like medicine and so i've been busy as we are finding 3 ready generations of the ring walking. in many areas people still stick rigidly to old structures not everyone is allowed to go to work at a factory to reach as many of them as possible sudden also lets women work from home the project is bringing change to society here in the past women of different castes would never have sat next to each other but working
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together has fostered respect because of them bad luck again with the i can get work from the outside and work at home in our family we're not allowed to go out and work. so we set up this group of family members a told me that you know i don't have a little bit initially we were 9 of us women then be invited others to join us and now we're 17 to 18. but he argued with a good view of abuse that are totally that. the women of not have come a long way they have health insurance coverage and are eligible for bank loans and scholarships for their children kailash pressure up i think he wants her daughter nice to have access to opportunities she never had she hopes the 13 year old will one day be able to pursue a career a nice is also determined to follow her dreams she wants to become a doctor. the people's republic of china was founded nearly
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70 years ago alongside the hand chinese the country has 55 official minorities the autonomous province of region jang is home to most of the country's muslim minority including 10000000 we go and $1500000.00 ethnic kazakhs but they're banned from practicing most of their religious traditions and conflict in the region it's rife surveillances also widespread more than a 1000000 muslims are currently thought to be in chinese reeducation camps many ethnic kazakhs have fled across the border but has extern is economically dependent on china and offers them little protection. sophia is an ethnic that was severely traumatized by what she went through in china. she was held in a detention camp for a year it was like prison. due to the danger involved there are no photos of
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conditions inside. instead she's drawing illustrations of what she went through. she's now in hiding in kazakhstan she doesn't want to show her face on camera because she's still scared of the chinese authorities. we were only allowed to shower once a week. after 15 minutes they turned the water off even if we still had shampoo in our hair there were cameras everywhere even in the shower in the toilets it was total surveillance they could watch every single one of us at all times. even in kazakhstan she was terrified they might find her. 2 were seized and imprisoned in china because she'd used it because like sim card captors put a black sack over her head she spent a year in a camp then she managed to get to kazakhstan. i'm up for
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clues in what they call them ridge occasion our training centers but you're locked in there is no training you're not there of your own choosing. they put us under pressure they didn't torture us physically but mentally like in prison is it that we were held captive and denied our freedom they bombarded us with communist party songs and speeches in chinese. that the wall of. china says its combat in islam is terrorism engine john but says most of the people in detention weren't even religious all that everyone felt terrible in the camps we were locked away scared frightened of being interrogated and wondering why we were even there we have not committed any crimes. all of us. many ethnic kinds acts imprisoned in china have relatives in kazakhstan who are
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deeply concerned. i tell you it is a human rights organization in marty it helps people find their relatives in china its head is said it john b. lash the organization collects testimony about what's going on in china's camps it's mainly intellectuals writers teachers and nurses who were seized and held in the camps china has now officially acknowledged the existence of these camps which it says an educational purpose is setting estimates that half a 1000000 cars x. are or have been in chinese detention. organisation collective the warzone every day more than 150 people at the we at that is that information and we think it is really officious in short is war said jane people. inside the party should i go forward to it came forward to sleeping because of his
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campaigning for the rights of kazakhs in china he's now under house arrest in kazakhstan in the summer of 2018 he posted this video on youtube. 5 year old wants to find his father who's disappeared he's a cook working in china where the pay is better. months later and the father was back home with his family and. he's also frightened of the chinese authorities and doesn't want to be identified. and they fed us a constant stream of chinese communist songs from morning to night. and then they tested us again and again to see if we had learned them by heart. methods that are
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familiar from the days of miles cultural revolution. we weren't allowed to complain about the guards they tormented us all the time they shouted at us and they beat us and we couldn't say a word they treated us like animals. since 2016 china has been cracking down on members of the cons that is and weaker ethnic groups in the province of sion john their majority muslim. is among the many kinds of acts to flee china she's a seamstress and hopes to find a job in our marty. to me that. was we can't live in china anymore. however they want to destroy our cars our culture and that of the kirghiz and we gores them. they want to make us
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all chinese. but i want to keep my religion my identity and my roots. the humor says detention so-called reeducation surveillance and torture will only breed hatred. for now she's found a new place to stay. sophia 2 is better. than the gods and the chinese company like wolves. with their arrogant and that eyes are so cold. in. the fears drawings bear testimony to her suffering and that of her people still in the camps . this linking global ideas we discover how centuries old traditions of protecting coastal regions from the effects of climate change are reportedly defeated heck i
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travel to mexico outside the town of. an old aztec planting technique is helping prevent flooding along the coastline. because here i think i see myself as an aztec that way if not i carry the roots of my culture within me. i've worked in farming since i was a boy my grandparents once grew vegetables such as letters on this land today the work is done by my father my brother and me. this paddling to his part of a sustainable farming system established by his aztec forefathers 500 years ago champus are artificial islands made from modern reeds and separated by come out there to pick li 300 meters long and 15 meters wide to this day farming is done by hand with no help from tractors or plows that most of buckets to take the water and
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the mud that we need straight from the canals and we transport it all in our boats . after drying out the mud we plant the seeds in the resulting soil it's a technique used centuries ago by our ancestors the aztecs and it's very efficient . if you see in this. style harvests the produce from his chin on per up to 5 times a year he sells the vegetables to restaurants in downtown mexico city. the historic center is just 20 kilometers away. the chain on post a one of the last remaining i way seas in the sprawling mega-city. 500 kilometers away on the coast of the gulf of mexico floor on this cruise is hoping 2 numbers will make her life easier. it will be empty again she catches fish and craps for a living but today's catch is modest she set up 20 traps which vince not just ate
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craps. at the sea every other than there used to be a lot more crabs here at this time of year there already be really big ones but there was nothing today normally we'd have more crabs on the current comes but that's not the case we're really noticing the change. for the craps finding refuge along the coast is becoming increasingly difficult due to deforestation mangroves have suffered especially heavy losses and have been depleted by over 30 percent over the past 40 years. that means the disappearance of a crucial protective habitats for local animals. these people are determined to revive those havens in a regional mine very planting scheme nobody here is bothered about getting their fingers dirty. it's
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actually kind of fun. you know. the men are building champus just as the aztecs did 500 years ago the little islands of athenry will provide homes for the mine grapes to thrive in that we've got enough to put it on the market but we're using the technique because the land is so deep in the water the plant wouldn't grow without the support of that you know it would be blown over by the 1st gust of wind. and. among grave reforestation scheme it's organized by city . team from the pro nutter a conservation group. they initially had difficulty reintroducing mangroves in the coastal regions. they wouldn't grow because the water level was too high. and. it's surprising to see their celgene ampad technique from central mexico one
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that's being used here on the gulf to help replenish mangere. and it's great to be creating a link to our heritage and also that people from that region are involved in the project. migrates used to be everywhere. but they've now been replaced by post right up to the shore grazed by cattle and the traditional fishing region. if you are honest creosote and her family a pinning their hopes on the conservation group and the champ has. once the mine gray forests have been restored that hole of fish and crabs should grow again as well flo and her husband and son took part in the planting project helping to reestablish the old ecosystem. my moniker i was practically born in the water in the river i never went to school well up at all
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a lot of baggage but one of the few things i do know about the world is how important the mangroves are for us and the entire system for all the species for everyone and everything. will be basically built. back in the center of the country the suburbs of the capital have been creeping ever closer to the champ has in recent years a sale and the other farmers are concerned about their fields the biggest danger for this old method of sustainable farming is humankind itself. when the wherever people go they pollute they leave trash everywhere including in the canarsie and benchley they fill up and dry out and you can't row down them anymore the canals become dirty. i mean. must say i would like to see his children take over his
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chin ample one day passing on a piece of that heritage and. that's all from global 3000 this week what did you think of today's show send your thoughts to global 3000 i d w dot com and check out our facebook page d w women see you next time.
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loneliness church behold i need people around me i can talk until i needn't come. zeps magnify not even my friends know how lost i sometimes feel so much. for simple of course there is no magic remedy for loneliness it seems to me. loneliness . coming up on g.w.
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. pipe or hysteria. artificial intelligence and daily life certainly has its perks but also its downside. is this new technology actually intelligent or just cleverly programmed scientists to tackle that question with surprising results to oral tradition than 30 minutes double. their super sharp. many hide themselves away soon secretive then you'll hear the jingling of corn and super rich definitely around 20000000000 more or less. how do germany's wealthiest people live why do they keep such
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a low profile. have a snoop around to catch a glimpse. of the good it's hard. to describe the super rich starts june 10th from dublin. how's it feel i don't know. where i come from but oh is that it doesn't go it's just like with chinese food doesn't matter where i am a reason winds me up home after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things. i missed the most but that it was that bad i see fit and it's a different story now. plenty of fluids press as a regulation that exists the other part of the war hasn't been implemented in china catch me if i'm not a chinese people wondering if they're going to take but if people have
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a ride to another rally is this is the job of just that of them how i see it and that's why i left my job because i tried to do exactly that every day. by name of the only 2 and i was at the top you. german chancellor angela merkel's coalition government has plunged into crisis with the surprise resignation of the social democratic party leader under analysis the s.p.d. is the junior partner in the coalition and honest enough senate parcher after the s.p.d. suffered its worst ever result in last month's european the election is. so president the move troubles left the us for a state visit to britain the trip comes a little.


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