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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 3, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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and efforts to sideline the tech supplier. this is d.w. business i'm joined now the milan in berlin good to have you with us more problems for us plane maker boeing the company has admitted that some of that 737 planes they have faulty parts on their wings now this comes as global airlines met in seoul to discuss the industry's future direction not long ago the south korean capital was at the center of a region seeing strong growth in air travel but now that's all in doubt. at the annual gathering of airline heavyweights the picture is grim surging oil prices a faltering global economy and fears of a passion just safety it's been a turbulent 12 months. that's under demands robbers the trade was and for tips in this measures are taking the toll on the cargo business and rising costs for fuel labor infrastructure asked pleasing margins the industry has cut its profit
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forecast by a 5th expecting to take home 20000000000 dollars this year that softer icelandic airline while air went bankrupt in march the latest in a flurry of field flight operators and not referred to in the profit warning the 2 feet tall boeing 737 months crashes and the continued groaning of the fleet has plunged aviation into a crisis well news that hundreds of 70 seven's may have faulty wing parts only added to the uncertainty. back in south korea yet as boss said trust had been damaged but try to summon some positivity look into the future the outlook is optimistic demand is forecast to double over the next 2 decades. with the cost of travel 14th the cent lower than the decade ago the sit in to fly is reaching more people than ever such growing demand has forced the industry to reckon with its
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environmental impact members but calls for an international carbon offsetting and reduction scheme. for more let's bring in d.-w. thought been kratz for who was at that conference in seoul high 5 and it's good to see you know this is a tough 1st they gather in since those 2 deadly boeing 737 max crashes how was that discussed there. to be honest i think i wish it was it would have been more openly discussed than it was the message of the yacht a conference was more like it's in the hands of the regulators on where and when the boeing model can be in operation again that's the time frame yet but not the meeting was scheduled that will be called held by the end of 2 and there they manufacture us regulators the outer areas will need to discuss that some people tell me here that this might be actually by the end of june that the boeing 737
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mexican fly again up us tell me they are surprised that this will happen even before christmas so that's really conflicting but there was also a lot of self criticism that the public trust has been shattered and why because in grounding the boeing there was really not a coordinated approach it was very confusing the u.s. was lost china was 1st and that really. was a wrong signal to the customer. so still some confusion regarding the future of boeing there but there's also a trade tensions cast a shadow on the airline industry now airlines our airlines are dealing with that situation. q the biggest issue the trade war has basically slashed the profit outlook for this year. $7500000000.00 to now $28.00 and a $1000000000.00 that's one 5th less than what they suggested for the growth outlook in just december of this year and the message is set by the director of the
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iata yes no easy money to be made and in general the operating costs are rising labor costs infrastructure costs etc and you know the whole operating costs are rising by 7.5 percent this year while saying it's going up to 6.4 percent so much and so are going down. thank you 5 and credit for there in seoul for us. india has called a u.s. decision to end preferential trade with the country unfortunate stressing that while new delhi has made efforts to accommodate washington it would always act in its national interest on trade this comes after u.s. president donald trump decided to cancel india's classification as a beneficiary developing country trump said india had not assured the u.s. that it would provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets. now it's not just india that's in the throes of trade woes ties between the u.s.
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and china remain strained china now releasing a white paper outlining its position daniel cole is at the frankfurt stock exchange to discuss this with us hi daniel good to see you now that white paper must have been closely scrutinized where you are what stood out to. yeah there and now well i can tell you that the white paper is actually very interesting and investors here at the trading floor were also taking a closer look at this well it seems that china in general is still willing to negotiate but on the other hand they also clearly are saying that they are not afraid of a potential trade war let me tell you kind of the atmosphere that's what also traders are telling us here that there is some concern there was some hope in fact some weeks ago that there could be a solution in this ongoing trade conflict but with this new and very strong rhetoric from the u.s. president and ministers don't believe that this that they will be a solution happening very soon now those trade worries had asian markets starting the week in negative territory holding up. you know we're seeing
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a similar situation happening here in europe as well the blue chip index stocks in the rat today also when you take a look at the other markets like the footsie 100 in london or the cac 40 in paris similar situation there is well very interesting this swiss friend on the true year high today it seems that investors are looking at the moment for safe havens. there in frankfurt for us thank you very much. for months now a chinese tech supplier while way has found itself on the receiving end of a washington led campaign to start out of creating 5 g. networks around the world that's left while we users are worried about what that means for the now at the thailand mobile likes though while i was at pains to reassure them. here in bangkok huawei distributors j. mart are hoping an army of smiling faces canal shine the bad press always phones run google's android operating system. and the search giant was recently forced to
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block the handsets from using its software thanks to u.s. sanctions. something that's weighing on the minds of potential huawei customers. i made my day was a neighborhood of the ball always. but i'm more of that the old phone will not be able to update. because of what has happened with huawei. and those concerns are likely one reason why customers interest is dropping the mother was sales have dropped by more than half. and there were far fewer customers compared to last year it was. but it's actually antennas like these that are at the heart of u.s. concerns about huawei. the chinese telecoms giant is the leading producer of technology used in fine g. networks and washington fears the company's technology could be used to funnel
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information to the chinese government something while he denies and it's gotten some support from the u.s. base institute of electrical and electronics engineers that's the influential research group that recently lifted its ban on huawei employees participating in their publications. but back in bangkok news like that is unlikely to do much to assuage customer worries. it's white cold season in germany but if you think that has anything to do with precious metals you're all white asparagus reign supreme on dinner plates across the country from april to late drew a one small town consider itself the country's white asparagus capital our reporter kate ferguson was there in search of the roots of the much loved the vegetable. this is. a town of 12000 people known for one thing and one thing only. sparing guests the people here love the vegetables so much they've dedication oh
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whole festival to us as a foster are you just parroting us nearly every day as mayor are put on a few kilos but that's just how it is when you're the mayor of an agricultural town it's best coach tenderly with hollandaise sauce and served with the pork or veal steak and potatoes there are endless variations of asparagus whether a starter dessert or in a salad it's just a simply wonderful vegetable that. i'm talking yard of the museum each year the town kranz a local woman asparagus queen they all said you know it's monday yesterday full most you're a representative you represent asparagus there's a bit of marketing involved you have the face of it there are a lot of photos but you're also a source of information a lot of people don't really know much about asparagus it's about being able to share your knowledge with them. so i did
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a small town's economic and cultural life come to be defined by asparagus. it all began with this man carla fleet vilhelm head man back in 861 he planted the 1st asparagus seeds in vale it. the loose sandy earth of the region proved ideal for the crop in the following decades billets became known as the spark of the asparagus town. but the good times weren't to last journal world war 2 production plummeted then after a brief for in a sense growth was once again curbed this time because of collectivize ation in communist ruled east germany. after the country's reunification the asparagus tradition was revived and production what's again skyrocketed. since 2018 the european union has even recognized billet asparagus as a protected brand which the authority to order to do the tradition and the quality
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of this asparagus we want to protect the brand it was a long journey for the asparagus farmers in the end the e.u. gave us a seal of approval and last year we got the certification we're proud to have a protected label. proof if everyone was needed to that and be disparaged as is something that's worth making a song in the bios. and that's it for me and the business him in berlin for more business news and features you can always there's a few w. dot com slash business or all of us on facebook and on twitter always you know this quick check on global markets i'm sure nelda malone in berlin thanks for watching.
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carefully. observed. to get. discover. the big. documentary to. plug in a puzzle itself it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about.
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because we can't stay on it's way into. the support that. come slow the global news that matters. made for mines. the big. we like to think it's cheaper to burn the fossil fuels that is to get the energy of the way as the real cost of doing things is the fact of the world around us is warming up. and alternately 50 years from now the sea levels will rise and we'll have the problems in almost all coastal countries of the world. requires the governments to begin to act begin to try to tax. the tax the carbon it's released into the atmosphere it's one of the ways of trying to slow down the use of the fossil fuels and encourage people to move to the other fuels moving to other fuels actually creates jobs it actually creates an entirely new industry.
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this is it really was life for a girl in a deadly assault on protesters in sudan turmoil breaks out in the capital khartoum where a military crackdown has killed more than a dozen people well look at what it means for efforts to end the army's grip on power and put a civilian government in place also coming up allegations of sexual and physical
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abuse against female football players also talk to the director of afghanistan's women national football team was calling for.


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