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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 3, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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turnouts across london and other cities in britain to protest against his visit. here watching you know we have news of from burrowing coming up to our business africa and news africa shows don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock by heading to our web site that's in d.w. dot com i'm little rock n roll and i'll see you again tomorrow starting at 700 c.t. . he needs to know a sex phone operator to work her masters thesis on the potato. to greet. not return on wrote it it's more words it was from their. truest. strange. land really be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan looked into or you should. say nothing is kiss on the children who have
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always been this way and that's you and those level of follow are part of a new kind of. they could be the future. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. battling fake drugs a company in guyana takes on counterfeit pharmaceutical producers and allows people to determine where their drugs are the real thing also coming up don't get caught with a plastic bag in tanzania violators of a new ban now face massive penalties and chinese company huawei fights to keep customers made washington's efforts to sideline the text. welcome to do africa i'm chris colburn berlin and we start the program with efforts to tackle
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a global risk counterfeit pharmaceuticals kill an estimated $1000000.00 people each year while calling for agricultural inputs hinder productivity and keep smallholder farmers in poverty a company in ghana has made it its mission to help people determine whether their drugs or seeds are real or fake and as you might have guessed your mobile phone is playing a vital role. combating crime in protecting consumers developers at canadian tech company and pedigree are fine tuning a program that does just that the company's main technology product called gold keys takes aim at supply chain crime by exposing counterfeit products on the market gold keys allows users to run an items barcode through centralized product registry if the product is authentic the app will notify the user around 2007 when the concept was being thought of. there was
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a very big problem of counterfeit singa and what you realize was that they were put out for example in gun in nigeria about 20 to 30 percent of it was being fixed and there are a fictitious of that the web that people were going to die of who had died from malaria or spending much more than they shoot on treatment of very common diseases like malaria goldie's offers complete plan protection so customers buying products have no doubts about quality. we have moved into different segments of products says 27 where we go through operations we have moved into the area of agriculture where in kenya. we are protecting seeds because one of the biggest things that we care about this area of health care and the area of food and nutrition. and malaria kills 3 people every
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day in ghana gold keys mobile technology means consumers buying anti malaria drugs among others can text special scratch codes to a designated short code to check for quality instantly. and pedigrees technology is also helping the textile industry consumers can equally know whether the print is fake or otherwise using their mobile phones. this year and pedigree will launch in 21 countries in africa and aid. helping to check quality of products in the agric sector. we have a vision to be for our system to be able to be used to standards not only in africa but a lot of the developing world a show that in america that vision seems closer for the emperor agree team. a counterfeit pharmaceuticals remain a massive problem in many developing countries for more on the story let's bring in and pedigrees founder and president bright simmons he joins me via skype from akron
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welcome to the program dr we learned about the service your company provides in the report we just saw what impact do you think has it had. first of all the most important impact the fact that a solution that was developed in one african country has managed to expand to multiple african countries and now it's in south asia and the middle east i think that demonstrates the degree to which african innovation can transform societies and solve problems that the rest of the well find baffling remember kind of in medicine is not just an african problem it's been but for and there well global authorities for many years now and for several decades the u.s. have all been trying to find solutions to this problem so to develop a solution 1st in ghana and then see to expand to other countries to my mind is a very important impact on its own secondly every day you have tens of thousands of people mother a dozen countries checking their medicines i generally are not and also not only
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knew that distance but in multiple other categories of life impacts and products and i think it's quite close to me to now protecting people from dangerous drugs that's quite a noble intention how do you make money with it. so 1st of all the important point to highlight is that this service is delivered for free to consumers and to governments so the government agencies that our strategy pattern has and you don't have to pay for it and neither do consumers however because of all the detail that we collect we are able to provide additional commercial services beyond humanitarian venture able to provide additional commercial centers that pharmaceutical companies and other companies approve very willing to people to get and i like well what are those other reasons and. indeed for rank stands able to tell instantly in real time from the a backstop they've literally says patents of their products the able to tell for instance where that particular geographic i've been better and i do a graph is able to tell for instance where that seasonal trends in markets and i
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have an impact on the way that consumers uptick in their products the able to reach out and engage directly with consumers from get their stuff before we learned this product this wasn't possible right now and that it's those people those people making money off of counterfeit drugs surely aren't willing to give up their lucrative business illegal as it may be where do you see growing problems that your service might have to tackle in the future. so obviously cyber security is a huge one and we've invested considerably zisa gritty and initial partnerships that we've from regular to back and in other companies has and showed that we built very robust systems to end to protect the sanctity of our data and our 6 times so that is number one on our minds and number 2 is being you know that the sheer fact that some of these criminals in the past and having gauged in vallance against regulatory agencies and so we are very careful about how we structure our physical
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security access to our beat and systems but also to our are looking for an example so those are important to us and deadly we have to contend the fact that there is also corruption in some of these parts of the world where we're where we are pretty and there are people that will pay off law enforcement authorities a lot of touch the dissolution and we take all of this into account when we build talks not shapes that strengthen our capacity to respond it can't just be empirically doing this as the input to the governments and really it that's not the look logic companies the telecom company stories that are strategic but they have the resources to buttress this solution as an example and as we said basically the x. prize simmons founder and president of m. pedigree thanks for talking to me. thank you very much for having us. a 400000 dollar fine or up to 2 years in prison that's the maximum penalty and waiting anyone violating tanzania's new ban on plastic bags that are just nation
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came into effect on saturday in an attempt to curb pollution and clean up the environment now the european union has issued a ban on certain one time use only items which will take effect in 2021 meanwhile 34 african nations have now issued a ban on plastic bags according to the united nations and by many programs. plastic is the past according to the tanzanian government a country has banned the importation production sale and use of plastic bags for those in possession of plastic bags will be hit with hefty fines and manufacturers could face up to 2 years in prison and. a unique gun once the ban takes effect the government doesn't plan on any extensions and we will not tolerate anyone caught using them and this will even apply at all supermarkets no plastic bags will be allowed in the country that. uninformed tourists are not immune to the ban visitors to the country will be subjected to legal repercussions if caught in possession of plastic bags the prohibitive move signals
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a global trend towards environmental awareness however not all tanzanians support the ban. me coming up when you have a sticky as you know there used to be a lot of plastic bags in our local markets and they still exist and the government is banning these plastic bags even though they clearly know there aren't enough replacements yet so. tanzania now joins can you know more want to add morocco in a growing list of african countries that have outlawed plastic bags. now to some of the other global business stories making the news boeing has announced that some of its medium haul 730 seven's could have a defective wing component the plane maker is telling airlines flying the model to replace the part which should take just one day or 2 boeing says more than $100.00 aircraft are fact kenya central bank is introducing new bank notes in an effort to combat counterfeiting and money laundering the governor of kenya's central bank said the new $1000.00 shilling note will be the 1st to be phased out beginning in
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october the notes also contain braille characters a u.s. poll of economic forecasters put the chances of a recession by the end of 20 twentieth's 60 percent almost double the forecasts 3 months ago respondents said they had cut growth forecasts as donald trump does battle with major trading partners over 10 years. for months now chinese texas via huawei has found itself on the receiving end of a washington last campaign to have it shut out of creating 5 g. networks around the world is left where users worried about what that means for them at the thailand mobile expo why was it pains to reassure them. here in bangkok huawei distributors j. mart are hoping an army of smiling faces canal shine the bad press always phones run google's android operating system. and the search giant was recently forced to
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block the handsets from using its software thanks to u.s. sanctions. something that's weighing on the minds of potential customers. i made my day was they made would always have it but i more add that the old phone will not be able to update. because of what has happened with huawei. and those concerns are likely one reason why customers interest is dropping was sales have dropped by more than half of it was and there were far fewer customers compared to last year it was. but it's actually antennas like these that are at the heart of u.s. concerns about huawei. the chinese telecoms giant is the leading producer of technology used in fine g. networks and washington fears the company's technology could be used to funnel information to the chinese government something while he denies and it's gotten
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some support from the u.s. base institute of electrical and electronics engineers that's the influential research group that recently lifted its ban on huawei employees participating in their publications. but back in bangkok news like that is unlikely to do much to assuage customer worries. and that wraps up our show for all the latest business updates follow us on twitter or facebook we'll leave you now with a quick look at how markets are trading at this hour. thanks for watching and have yourself a successful. claim
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. the my crime a connection to. the mineral spirits the coccyx. the river still runs its natural course. the current government has big plans to develop the region. to the forum intimations people's. homes up to 60 minutes. of footage.
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from africa. or link to exceptional stories and discussion. of museums and wild with safety deputed. comes to join us on facebook g w for. this news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes or so the protesters are under attack the army has fired on the outside the military headquarters in half and the death toll is rising by the demonstrators are defiance and say they'll keep up the fight for the country's transition to civilian rule. after the dispersal of the city we went back to the streets and squares and thank god with the help of the youth we closed the street and we will close everything again god willing.


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