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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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as handling of bricks it to date u.s. president donald trump stood next to mrs may and said she's probably a better negotiator than he is and the irony it is stop there what does a british prime minister give the us president and 1st lady to remind them of those special times to england a tea set perfect for a trump tea party. golf in berlin this is the day. as the u.k. makes preparations to exit the european union the united states is committed to a phenomenal trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. obviously it will be phil who has that succeeds me is prime minister to take this issue forward there is tremendous potential in that trade deal. paramount's i believe is delivering on bret's it for the full the british people he believes it
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works and he doesn't believe that they should stay he thinks this comes to a whole lot better and a good deal for him is one way the benefits and the rich people off that i don't think that should be encouraged specialist on the price it is that he's going to take advantage of that look i think everything with the trade deal is on the table when you when you're dealing in trade everything's on the table. also coming up china has trying to erase all memories of the tiananmen square massacre 30 years ago but in hong kong the lessons learned in 1809 are as alive as . we teenagers we found that the government tried to. try to pass our language try to class identity as a hong kong hong kong and we don't want that to happen and we don't want hong kong just to be comments like and not to see tea in china. or to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world well we begin the day with bricks and britain seen through the donald trump lens of the moment even before he became us president donald trump made it known that he thinks britain's departure from the european union brecht's it is long overdue in fact he has repeatedly criticized u.k. prime minister teresa mayes brigs it policies accusing her of being weak and slow in a go she asians with europe were today on day 2 of his official state visit to the u.k. truong stood next to theresa may and praised her handling of brecht's it even saying that she's done a better job than he could have done to resign may's reaction simply repeating how important that u.s. u.k. relationship is and will remain this was however no transatlantic turnaround for truck waiter in the day chief city or nigel for raj one of 3 surveys fiercest critics met with the u.s. president and then he tweeted about it the message when it comes to brits it both
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men are on the same page. it was a date the special relationships u.s. president donald trump and the outgoing pushed prime minister to resign made on stage together for probably one of the last times for the past 2 and a half is the president and i have had the privilege of being the latest guardians of this precious and profound friendship between our countries as with our previous s's when we have faced threats to the security of our citizens and our allies we have stood together and acted together that included cooperation to stop iran getting. weapons and encouraging nato members to pay more into the alliance and a big part of that special relationship is trade. as the u.k. makes preparations to exit the european union the united states is committed to a phenomenal trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. there is tremendous potential in the trade deal i say probably to get even 3 times
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of what we're doing right now tremendous potential. but in the streets around the british prime minister's residence there was a less than friendly welcome for the u.s. president i. was. they want to impose a horrible. standards on us in britain. and it's all because we look as if we're going to be so reduced by threats that. we're going to have to accept this. but i pray it's not going to happen. the crowds are smaller than for previous anti trump protests but it's trump's policies not his promises that cause the most upset almost every single thing is wrong has done is un-american and i'm pleasant and nasty and i think america deserves
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a better leader. climate change women's rights gay rights. control he's done absolutely nothing. everyone knows that the british prime minister is on her way out and it will be up to her successor to make sure the special relationship remains milk or deal. but let's talk about that special relationship if you that i'm going through the big table by been doing for her though she is european correspondent with the economists it's good to have you on the show i want to ask you has it become clear if it were not clear already how. porton the u.s. is too bright says britain yes it is maybe the most important relationship that britain has with any ally in the and of course at the time where the country is deeply divided of approx it and whether uncertainty over its leadership this very special relationship is even more important than in the past so breaks it means that britain needs america more than ever. to $0.70 yes
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70 when it comes to trade because of course the hope is that they have. a phenomenal and mr thomas was trying to cream and following britain's exit from the european union but of course the details off such a treaty with the need to be negotiated and can we trust donald trump he has the changes his mind about trade deals all the time and look at nafta and what's happening right now with with mexico why should the u.k. trust mr trump when he says you know we're going to have this great trade deal there's no reason why the u.k. should. i mean the u.s. is an incredibly important path now for the u.k. at a concert 80 percent off british exports and 11 percent of its imports the biggest single trading partner of course the european union as a holistic but as you say it tends to change mr trump hence the changes mind
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trade agreements and the same could happen to britain too how do you explain what we saw today you know trump has trashed theresa may over briggs it many times he's tweeted terrible things about her negotiating skills then today he says she's done a better job probably than he could do after then he leaves and he goes meets with the chief brigadier you know some people said brooks it's your big daddy nigel for raj how do you explain all of that it's difficult to explain that trump tends to be often very in. pressed by people who he needs and the neatly off the it's very complementary about them we've seen that with president obama he used to say terrible things about president obama and then once he met him he was really chom him and i guess the same assessment today but that doesn't exclude the president president trump criticizing miss may tomorrow or even before tomorrow yeah i mean it was interesting seeing driessen may react to his is compliments today and
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she didn't you know she didn't take the bait she kept she kept pounding of the idea of the special relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. but you know every prime minister has that right absolutely i mean she knows how divisive mr trump is don't forget that 2000000 people signed a petition to prevent mr trump from coming to the u.k. this a huge inflatable figo for mr trump and then knocking the baby trump and nappy that and i think there was even a crowdfunding campaign to have an even bigger trump a month reduce or tells me that it was stabbed today do you. think in my producer maybe me if i'm wrong but they couldn't get it in the air because some someone stamped it sabotage 7 times you could say why this big show for donald trump is it because of the the desperation surrounding brought suit.
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or is it because of the anniversary of d.-day anniversary. a mixture of i mean don't forget the invitation was made shortly after mr trump was elected and then his visit was delayed several times because of the protests and the resentment against mr trump in the u.k. but of course once you and by the head of state of your most important ally you don't go back on the invitation and of course all these other factors play a role too. and it was a state visit with a lavish banquet and all the rest of it but certain things like this leave buckingham palace didn't happen nor right in the gold carriage and central and so he didn't get all the all the goodies that sometimes head of state's office by the british government if we didn't have briggs looming it breaks and we're not in this equation do you think i'm just i'm wondering if theresa may for example i'm
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wondering if she would have. behaved differently because i mean i think people around the world looking at what happened today in london have to scratch their heads and say how can she smile when she has i mean diplomacy yes but how can she is if the past nothing of the past happened well 2 things one is said and this very fragile moment and british history you don't forget that 1st of all countries deeply divided of ranks in the 2nd awful mrs macy ought to tottenham's these are sort of almost her last days in office so i think she simply doesn't want to upset the apple cart and not create more tensions more problems and just get the state visit over with what about the us president giving his opinion of who would be a good prime minister a good successor resubmitting well that's normally not done he really express and he did that standing beside her today at the press conference absolutely and repeatedly he expressed a preference for boris johnson a city that has a feature
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a prime minister that is not diplomatic and i think through creative teeth this is may was smiling about it but of course it's deeply embarrassing for do you think i mean you talk to a lot of people here in europe about the transatlantic ties do you think at the end of the day will the special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. will it be stronger or weaker because of donald trump's presidency. i think it's been a strong basically ever since america was founded evidence that very start of this country. and i think it will certainly remain strong mr managed to weaken as yes a little bit far moment but i think you know this is the special relationship to speak of and one president knows that the new leaves in red are european to correspond with the economist and is good to have you on the show your insights they thank you for inviting you. well the world is remembering what
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happened on this 4th of june 30 years ago want to get them in square in beijing the world except china that is beijing has never released an official number of the taliban's from the massacre of pro-democracy students in fact beijing has done everything to race the tragedy from history china is usually silent about what happened unless others such as the us or the e.u. invoke the elements where to argue how the communist party retain the ignores human rights of its own citizens the almost reflex of response of the chinese foreign ministry stop interfering in our internal affairs while in mainland china the square crackdown cannot be found in history books or on the internet in hong kong memories have been kept alive today tens of thousands gathered for a vigil in victoria park on kong is the only piece of chinese territory where people are allowed to publicly remember what the rest of china is forced to forget
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. or the memories of the elements where we're still fresh when britain to go she added the conditions of its handover of hong kong to china back in 1970 the u.k. insisted that the right to assemble and protest be protected we met up with 2 hong kong dissidents who have found asylum here in germany they like many others in hong kong and say china has been steadily chipping away at those rights. they're the 1st time kong refugees to be granted asylum. and. now feel safe in germany they were threatened with a prison sentence in the homeland for having taken part in an anti-government protest. is a very very sad thing actually because i think no one wants to leave their home country and never go back. and. but anyway we we thing
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that. we must do this because we as we should let the let the whole growth know what what is happening in hong kong. they look back to 2014 many young people took to the streets of hong kong calling for civil liberties and more democracy both sides became violent. i've. long and ellen lee were also there they later found at their own movement hong kong indigenous they are fighting for hong kong's independence from china. we teenagers we found that the government tried to cleanse our unique culture tried to cleanse our language try to class our identity as a hong kong hong kong or and we don't want that to happen and we don't want hong kong just to become and like another city in china right you won't and were taken into custody in 2016 the accusation there where involved in violent riots one of
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their fellow companions was sentenced to 7 years in prison on the same charge but the 2 feel the punishment is disproportionate fearing what might happen the 2 fled to germany while on probation they lived in limbo for 6 months until germany granted them political asylum. i think the history of germany trip for me personally is quite encouraging because after i came to help with some. they told me that. when they were young they had never imagined east germany and west germany would be fine no need of united reunion again but somehow it happened so. that those german told me don't lose my home because everything could happen both men hope for hong kong homeland where democracy and the rule of law prevail just like in germany
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. oh i'm joined here the big table by barrett becker he is the head of asia programs with the german council on foreign relations good to have you back on the show i want to ask you how responsible is germany in china's ability to abuse human rights. in its own territory with total impunity. well germany has done a lot in the past to engage in dialogue with china there where rule of law looks between both governments. german has always. maintained to diplomacy that was very tried but very effective with the pointing fingers but pointing out the problems in the managed to get people out of the country and in germany has that the same time maintain good relations then and not try to use pressure approach which usually doesn't work with the communist party would you say that germany has found the right. you know the right balance the right next year
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in dealing with china i think germany has done what occurred at this stage there because i think the shoes that will come up in the future such as taiwan or just in hong kong where the need to be new compromise is also in for germany how to overdo with it in return of course compromises read ready to accept but in the end of the day china can only change itself it has done that if you look at the time until 2008 there was very strong changes in civil society in present dyna which abruptly changed after that time but but it has to come from outside the country from inside there from us government science have about that we cannot change it would would we feel differently would would would germany look at china differently if china were not the world's 2nd largest economy and if china were not an emerging superpower. well this is a big problem china has and display china's increasingly incompentence from
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competitor in technologies in trade you name it and of course people look much closer what's happening in the country and it's and time the influence that comes with china do to influence international decision making and influence international agreements of course well over so. look because look closer at because people think it's an authoritarian regime so that will have an impact on these agreements but so far this deal for the i know many times reporter with the germans has i'm going to marital when she has visited china she always takes a large business delegation german business leaders with her we really don't hear about her taking. the say larger representatives from n.g.o.s that are working for human rights should she be doing that i mean is that the image that we see there is that the head of germany's government is going to china with business people they are not that not that she's going to china to talk about human rights abuses but
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usually there are a lot of journalists coming with her and i think it would fit very difficult. diplomatic protocol to have activists in the group but what germany is represented in china was political phone to asians which were partly also with the party on the issues of reforms at the moment is that more difficult than it used to but you don't know what's happening in 510 years that might become easier again i remember back in the 1990 s. there was the thinking that we should engage with china you know it's the factory of the world and if we do that then democratic reforms will follow but that has not happened. i think it also wasn't supposed to happen their goal of a gauge meant was to to open up china and to convince china to become the greatest stakeholder internationally to engage with international norms and and due to
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international standards and to some degree also n.g.o.s and others could get into the country and interact with civil society actors inside china's of its of of that they existed so there were a lot of exchanges about how to change the rule of law inside china holds true for the man's work they were represented asian well to some degree is has were if you have to see also what triggers the counter responses in the moment they had made inside the party entrenched factions inside the party which brought development in the social domain to a standstill but that doesn't mean that with changes inside the party and different things and now that will change would you would you say that china is in a position today to be as as easily influenced by it by germany the outside world. just as it was 20 years ago i mean it's not is it i mean it is it is incredibly strong now why does it and it doesn't need to be influenced by other thought i
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would argue that china's mainly influenced by its internal development and problems which are dominated into internal and external agenda and that is to begin with that it has of course not gotten to the development stage that it once did has kept to get over the middle income trap it has to develop technologies that it can be a big player so in reality china at this stage is much weaker than most commentators were dizzy and we when you say technology though i think about artificial intelligence and we know that china leads the world in facial recognition technology and using technology to control people not allowing technology to be a tool for the people is are you concerned that we're headed for a future where china will be so strong that it will be able to to dictate the of the paradigms that we live in and went for example with technology. well 1st of all these technologies have been iran china has been buying these.
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technologies from other countries and improve them but you should forget that and china so far then very little indications of money that china is trying to export its own government's model is not the case so i think if other countries adopt these kind of technologies and methods it's really a matter of what's wrong in those countries big missile into more kristi's they have to defend their own democracies at home but with their hands to do was done. with the german council on foreign relations this bigger as always we appreciate your insights thank you very much. well when he ran for president. himself as for europe. or russia for that matter selenski won the election well today he was in brussels to meet with the european union and nato allies he needs both the e.u.
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and nato as he tries to reinvigorate efforts to bring peace to eastern ukraine ukrainian army has been fighting russian backed separatists there since 2014 his efforts are being watched closely by the more than 2000000 displaced people who have fled their homes in the region. nikolic reports. until 5 years ago this was a place where the people of the region came to pray and enjoy. when conflict broke out and 2014 just quickly became a place of refuge for thousands fleeing the fighting for refugees outnumber the locals 10 to one. and some of those refugees are still here around 200 people have found home in the ministry taking the place of pilgrims who once came here in large numbers it's mainly the elderly and single parents who haven't
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been able to move on. is one of them. all of a sudden they were how it says around where we lived and they were firing but we waited for a few days before finally leaving i thought would only be gone for a short while so i didn't even take much with me but i was wrong it all seemed ridiculous i couldn't believe it was happening to me even once i got here. without the free food and accommodation provided by the ministry alone and says she wouldn't be able to make ends meet back into she worked in the family business but the war has scattered her family one of her sisters is living in russia while her mother stayed behind to daniel's. look at the cameras ready say hello to grandma. before the war religion wasn't a big part of aloneness life taking part in daily worship isn't compulsory for
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those living at the ministry but it has become 2nd nature and a source of hope alone a tells us. i want peace i want to be able to bring up my kids we didn't understand the value of the life we had internet school until we've lost it at leisure. it's. almost gone the governor say she continues online or find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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read definitely read. or just you know if that's what you prefer. couples are very special actually georgia choose your favorite color. welcome to global $3000.00 this week we meet comes out families desperate to track down relatives detained in chinese re-education camps in india employment opportunities are helping women break out of traditional roles in a male dominated society. but 1st we head to sierra leone.


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