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this is due to every news coming to you live from berlin and the world remembers the historic d.-day landings that led to the end of the 2nd world war britain's queen elizabeth is joined by one leaders and veterans at the portsmouth naval base in southern england to mark the 75th anniversary of one of the biggest invasions of this kind in military history and also coming up we need a student in the czech republic a mic last minute who is trying to topple the nation's billionaire leader the demonstrations he's helping to mobilize some of the biggest since the ford of
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communism in 99. and chinese president xi jinping lands in law school for talks with brushes as a bloody image 14 as beijing and moscow continue to spar with the u.s. . glaspie for president and china in fact infantino is rejected unopposed to football's top job despite continued concerns from many that the games industry just lack financial transparency. i don't have a warm welcome to you i'm not that cheap. one leaders have gathered on the southern coast of england to mark the 75th anniversary of d.-day the day in $144.00 when an odd forces landed in normandy and began to retake europe from nazi germany.
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representatives of 16 nations joined britain's queen elizabeth at the ceremony in portsmouth where many of the troops in box for normandy on june 5th 1944 among them among the leaders are french president emmanuel mccraw and german chancellor angela merkel and u.s. president honored from 3 attributes the allied soldiers sailors and airmen who gave their lives in the invasion the stars of the day are the veterans of that campaign some 300 taking part in the commemorations. now did began with operation overlord a massive naval operation to ferry american british canadian and other allied forces across the english channel to the french coast and i drew means the largest sort of its kind in the history of modern warfare some 7 pounds and ships and landing craft headed for a 50 mile stretch off the french coast and the code names of those landing beaches
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are etched in history utah gold juno and sword and today's commemorations didn't begin in france though but at the english naval base of portsmouth from where d.-day veterans are to depart on a ship for france also imports look that is our correspondent shot of parts who has come covering those commemoration ceremonies for us tell us what's been happening there so far to mark the day. yes it was here in. force of the thousands of soldiers who were leaving in 44 you can see the hobbit behind me and this is where the ships were departing from normandy this is also where this commemoration ceremony just took place with 16 leaders there on stage reliving andrea and acting that memory of the day and keeping that memory alive with musical performances the world leaders read poems a diary entries from soldiers in parts of very emotional events and there's also
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something that concrete that came out of this event a d.-day proclamation from those world leaders to ensure that those horrific events. never be repeated again and that conflict should be resolved peacefully and that lots of. money is the queen is that $16.00 world leaders up there but the may be heroes really the veterans also attending the commemoration. absolutely 300 veterans that attended the ceremony here they are all over 90 years old of course now and they were really at the center stage of this ceremony it was all surrounding them on entering them the queen the queen address them and her speech she said i am part of that war generation and i know the sec rafah is as
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you have made for us to live in freedom so very emotional there and those veterans. with leaders with the queen it must be a very interesting experience for them at that age and those veterans will be departing on a ship tonight from this harbor to normandy you where those events will continue to take place those come immigration. events will continue tomorrow so much of symbolism and so much of history shall we continue our conversation let's take a look at the events of 75 years ago and at some of the day's legacy. at 1st glance it's hard to see any sign of the horrors that this stretch of sand played host to. but 75 years ago on june 6th the fate of an entire continent rested on the soldiers who came ashore here on omaha beach. operation
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overlord saw a combined force of nearly 160000 american british and canadian troops land on the beaches of normandy. gaining a foothold in nazi occupied france came at a heavy price. the fison on d.-day and in the weeks afterwards claimed the lives of tens of thousands of allied soldiers. but their sacrifice hastened the defeat of hitler's 3rd reich. commemorating the fallen became an important ritual for the victorious allied powers a reminder that they fought on the side of right in a just war. the germans also suffered heavy casualties but it wasn't until 2004 that france invited a german chancellor to take part in the end you'll commemorations. what was once viewed in germany as a calamitous defeat is now seen as marking the start of the long road to peace and liberation. do you do. the successful invasion
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completely changed europe for the best they brought us democracy we lost the war. we've had 70 years of peace here. all the people lying in the cemeteries there. this is what goes through my head when i visit them on d.-day. all those people died for us so that we could live in peace. you know. when france and germany 1st commemorated the invasion of normandy together it was seen by observers as a sign of deepening european unity in the face of strained transatlantic ties. and face with threats both foreign and domestic the bond of european unity continues to be put to the test 75 years after the events of d.-day. there telling that a shot of fonso is in a pool with one shot german chancellor angela merkel is also attending the ceremonies explain to us the significance and the symbolism of having
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a german chancellor at these commemorations. yeah of course i'm retired there's a huge significance behind that it wasn't until 2004 we just heard that a german chancellor participated in these events of course huge significance there and also this day is just it was a key event. that really changed the course of history and created a new world order a new world order established on democracy and peace created after that the united nations and the european union and these institutions and values have now come under pressure by the u.s. president but also for example by the british decision to leave the european union so it's interesting to see these world leaders uniting today and coming together in a peaceful way 75 years after those nations really fought each other to the death.
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rush on a box covering the commemoration ceremonies in portsmouth in southern england thank you very much. let me not bring you up to date but some of the stories making news around the wind industry are the most senior catholic cleric found guilty of child abuse has launched an appeal against his conviction 77 year old cardinal george pell is asking an appeals court to overturn his conviction for molesting 2 choir boys in the 1990 s. appellant was sentenced to 6 years in prison in march. denmark is voting in a general election leading in the polls of the opposition social democrats led by a met a free dixon seen here casting card ballot and the fact is likely return to power comes after the doctor the hard line stance of rightwing parties on the issue of immigration denmark's socialist party is also expected to see a surge in support. the words have been celebrating either 5th or which marks the
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end of the holy month of ramadan in the indian capital delhi thousands gathered to pray at the country's largest mosque. the timing of it depends on the sighting of the new moon and it varies from country to country. not of the czech republic progress tens of thousands of protesters filled the streets and tuesday demanding the resignation of prime minister andres bobbish it was not the country's biggest political demonstrations since the fall of communism bombay is a multi-billionaire who's vote to stay in power despite allegations he illegally profited from e.u. subsidies in his own private business dealings. on one student against a billionaire. last min our has been mobilizing big crowds for weeks. this evening more than 100000 came out to demonstrate against. obama some of
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them we're afraid that the czech republic could become more like hungary or poland a powerful guy. because state institutions and puts them to his own use and if someone wants to call on him to resign because because he'll go to jail. but there's more does it isn't. true the czech prime minister these demonstrations are a political campaigner andrea babbage is the owner of agra fair told ing now when a blind trust at least in theory the company isn't just involved in agriculture bobbish also owns major newspapers critics including the ngo transparency international say he has too much power why. he's a huge industrialist and at the same time he's prime minister and owns media interests he gets huge amounts of public money from e.u. funds and national subsidies he's sucking up all this public money that's
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a level of power that even below scorning in italy never experienced in his best years and you know if he thought even if. the e.u. commission is halting subsidies on baddish companies according to a policeman area reports that accuses him of conflicts of interest now parliament has raised the issue as well but bobbish is firmly in control of his party and his coalition partners the social democrats bobbish says the report is baseless. and how they develop this reporter's extremely questionable i consider it as an attack on the czech republic an attack on czech interests as a destabilization of the country this is. this stuff believe the. czech authorities are supposed to investigate the reports accusations that the opposition has little faith they're demanding real consequences for what the report describes they want bobbish excluded from upcoming e.u.
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budget talks then indeed in these negotiations he's going to try to limit the use influence in order to increase his. own power polman has rightly challenge that for months now this conflict of interest means he must be excluded from budget talks if wilson ben. demonstrators say they won't quit as long as babbitt isn't power but his supporters don't care the economy is humming along and they don't want the e.u. telling them what to do. chinese president xi jinping is meeting president. in moscow and the 2 leaders have met dozens of times in recent years and are looking to fun to deepen trade ties between the nations today's talks take on extra urgency amid china's heated trade war with the united states in the interview with the russian state media ahead of the trip she called putin his best and bosom
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friend saying he cherished a deep friendship. friendships must be cultivated to that end china bestowed an honorary doctorate on russia's president last month at a press conference for the event vladimir putin praised the 2 countries relationship to finish to the east. china is by any measure a strategic partner so we biggest trade turnover is with china. last year trade between the 2 countries rose 27 percent to $107000000000.00 russia sells china raw materials while china sends back machinery transport and consumer goods to increase trade the 2 are investing in new transport links like this cross border bridge over the hammer river it's set to open for traffic next year. in france we've long said that we need to build more infrastructure. right
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now 2 friendly countries with a long shared border can't trade normally because they lack the proper infrastructure to go at this mission about roots of this mission for. both presidents have promised to remedy that they've met dozens of times in recent years and the kremlin says they have good personal chemistry as well. the presidential visit to st petersburg has been in the works for a long time. yet china and russia support each other diplomatically against ansi globalization protectionism and unilateralism this fully reflects the high level and special nature of the 2 countries strategic partnership. both russia and china are permanent members of the united nations security council where they often block resolutions from western countries especially relating to syria and venezuela. and other key part of the russian chinese relationship is increasing
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military coordination russian t.v. news recently showed joint military exercises 3000 chinese soldiers joined hundreds of thousands of russian troops on maneuvers last year alone chinese numbers a sign that the russians don't completely trust them yet oh. we don't intend to become dependent on china that's why we're developing relationships with japan korea as the end countries and india russia's asia policy is more than just a china policy but it's. a sign that russian foreign policy is based on pragmatism and can be easily adjusted depending on which way the wind blows. and for more on the meeting between the leaders of russia and china indeed obvious emily should have been joins me now from our moscow bureau every what is an important visit what is planned for the day.
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well she has already arrived in moscow where he was given full on earth he was received with full honors and he's already behind closed doors in a meeting with vladimir putin at the kremlin palace there's a lot on the agenda for today it's expected that during this visit 30 deals will be signed and the 2 leaders will be discussing a lot of the big issues on the agenda in international politics today including the denuclearization of the korean peninsula the crisis in venezuela and also the iran nuclear deal which both sides want to salvage but one of the main things on the agenda today amrita is a display of kind of bombastic friendship head of the visit both sides were making remarks about the depth of that friendship just now in the opening statements the 2 leaders made we heard the mere putin saying that relations had gotten up to an
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unprecedented level this this visit is rather long but chinese leader will be here for. 3 days here in russia and he will also hand over today in a ceremony to the moscow zoo 2 pandas in a symbol of friendship and the 2 leaders tonight will be visiting the bolshoi so a lot on the agenda including the symbol that signal of friendship but what they miss it do the 2 leaders want to send a with a meeting to the outside. well both sides as i said sending this signal that they are a united front and that signal particularly is supposed to go to the u.s. and to the west on the whole both sides. are united in their kind of anti u.s. position both sides have talked a lot in the past about the unilateralism of the u.s. the way that the u.s.
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is trying to kind of create this world order that they are in charge of and how both sides do not agree with china and russia china has been pushed into that position as it were by the trade war that the u.s. has started with it # but russia is there ready to welcome china with open arms russian fact has been trying to kind of pivot towards asia including towards china since 2014 when it was hit with international sanctions after the annexation of the crimean peninsula so this is certainly a convenient situation for russia right. thank you. australian police in sydney have raided the headquarters of the public broadcasting a.b.c. over allegations that hit publish classified material if you see executives of the search time get it through journalists involved in the 2017 investigative report on
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the alleged killing off of dance of billions by australian troops is the 2nd high profile probe into a news outlet in 24 was the home of news corp editor with us today earlier in what police said was an underlay to probe the raids have prompted complaints of an assault on press freedom in australia. joining me now is presenting. at the a.b.c. headquarters in sydney welcome corrina 1st of all can you tell us more about why the a.b.c. offices were raided what exactly what the police looking for. i'm raise it's been an extraordinary day at the a.b.c. had courses here it me where just before lunch time life time the arrived executing a search warrant in relation to. the $27.00 screen
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a series of stories that became known as the afghan files they search warrants it was in relation to those stories which detail and unlawful killings and misconduct by a stranger in special forces in afghanistan and those reports were based on hundreds of pages of secret defense documents that had been late to the a.b.c. on that search warrant to the great a.b.c. employees when the into the 2 investigative reporters that involved in those reports dan i accept and sam clock as well as the director of a.b.c. news gavin morris said extraordinary scenes taking place right here at the a.b.c. what ended up taking place is those those a.p. offices were taken out of room on level 14 of the building it was 6 a.p. offices they were joined by who of the a.b.c.'s in-house lawyers as well as a.b.c.
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news is executive editor john lyons managed the live tweet the developments as they took place over the course of the day what the a of p. offices will looking for in the search warrant which was extensive but it was anything related those reports and so when they conducted a search on the a.b.c.'s database it came back with something like 9000 results and they spent more than 9 hours at the a.b.c. looking through those 9000 results for any information that. it's the last case sorry. at the end left only but i'm the girl a few hours ago they left with to us they said as documents were placed onto us base they are basically stealing those documents so that the a.b.c. has 2 weeks now to take a look at what it is that the a.f.p. has taken away with them so the a.p. can't do anything with those documents for 2 weeks while the a.b.c.
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sees exactly what is in the end and can potentially apply and injunction or seek to have i asked them that if i just. wanted to organizations like yours about the implications of such raids on the freedom of press in australia but if you again yes of course. it's been an extraordinary 24 hours as you mentioned the raid on anna conspiracist morning she's a news journalist and her home in camp road was raided and so what has what it's done is it's really put a focus on press freedom in a stranger many people in australia would believe that it is implying is is legal but it's actually not it's implied in a straight we don't have a bill of rights like the united states and so precise freedom is something that many people our many journalists train has been at it for granted it really is the
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too long and that may be most. race to. kareena covello from the a.b.c. in sydney thank you very much for that update and i'm afraid we just have to leave it there. news in the world of sport in chief us president johnny in front you know has been reelected for 4 more yes he was the only candidate in funkiness foster home so dramatic reforms introduced to the game they included the controversial video assistant refereeing system and the future expansion of the world cup from $32.00 to $48.00 teams and p. 5 every use of those 2 a record $6400000000.00 u.s. dollars now stand. by to talk more about johnny in front you know his reelection i'm joined now by tom good night from sports says welcome tom went on the team i was going to need to kiss on the idea was that he would read fifo off corruption has he done that well i mean. sepp blatter left the institution in
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a lot of disrepute there were f.b.i. investigates as you know swimming around that was a real time of disarray for free for. unlucky say infantino came in saying he was going to clean up the game get rid of corruption increase transparency obviously the elections in which only one candidate stands don't tend to be the most transparent. the some one time jani who is the president of concord coffee association of north american football associations was also exactly that question yesterday whether or not he thought it might not have been a bit healthier for somebody to contest the election against in fancy knots his answer. was not the thief as an institution it's not good he says to have elections every 4 or 5 years for an institution like rich they need to consider violence in the immodesty with institutional stability so i think you can see. some of the priorities of a lot of these delegates then why is it in fun to you know so popular with fee fine delegates well i mean it does bear mentioning of course they it's not been that
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rosy from fans you know he has butted heads with you a felon in occasions over the club world cup over the global nations lee he's faced plenty of criticism over the issue of transparency not least when he basically sacked the chief of the ethics committee in 2. 1017 he has of course been reelected they're obviously happy enough to let him go through you know take the example of monk again north america will host the world cup in 2026 there are going to be $48.00 teams like you mentioned robin $32.00 at that tournament that means increased revenues. and by that measure which continues to be a crucial one the game continues to grow so you know if these revenues are an all time high we're going to hear about a lot more and that's enough to keep smiles on faces and be featured if you cannot and from in front you know it was a 1st a few for under his control as the new fee for what can we expect from him in the next 4 years i think certainly probably the crucial thing is going to be a bit more of an involvement in club football previously fief as revenues have been
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very closely tied to the world cup we see now with the establishment of a new club world cup competition a new global nations league this is. the example of the club world cup of course trying to expand its revenue streams i think. is a busy man he has a lot of things done very ambitious and he probably visits a busy time busy time and lots of revenues but he's also been getting.
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eco africa. looks at eco friendly mobility in a special edition from bhargava so what can we do to make getting yourself from a to b. more environmentally friendly. we look at the mobility of the future in africa. on.
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a clash that brings many parallels. for the 2 really super reconcilable. god of the devil and rock n roll. 17 o t w. u e. hello everybody and welcome to this special edition of equal africa n. but one in germany yes and did we came for the global media phenomenon thought we should do a piece from europe for a change and now we're here great time i see who gets a. feature. so how can we get from point a to b. in.


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