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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2019 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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i want to say the only words we can thank you. living veterans of june $6944.00 unveiling a memorial to various soldiers who gave their lives on that day here on a gently sloping hillside above gold beach with a commanding view over the landing areas we gather to give thanks to almighty god for the loyal service given to crown and country by all who served in the battle of normandy we commemorate the victory of the few achieved on land at sea and in the air for the liberation of the many and to bless
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and dedicate this british normandy memorial let us pray eternal god you are the shepherd of our souls the giver of everlasting life on this day when we commemorate and commend to you those who lived and died in the service of others we are glad to remember that your purposes for us are good that you gave jesus christ for the life of the world and that you lead us by his holy spirit into the parts of righteousness and peace are meant would you please stand.
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we dedicate this memorial to the memory of those who lost their lives in the battle of normandy and whose names will be recorded here. for those who we knew for those whose memory we trace. to lived and die in this piece of that country.
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me. there were 2 w.'s live coverage of the 75th anniversary of the d.-day landings in normandy on june 6th 1000 ording 4 is alive and has from the un belling the new memorial to those who died from
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britain. on the shores of normandy 75 years ago today.
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thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks did a lot of thanks and listening as commemoration abounds for d.-day on this day 75 years ago. british soldiers and other allied soldiers as well
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150000 of them landing on the shores of normandy the british prime minister 3 some one in the french president manuel mccall there. having given speeches at this unveiling of that memorial you're viewing right now. striking very. much a sense of thanksgiving for a humbling sacrifice for freedom and underscoring the 2 nations france and britain's common destiny. in light of the sacrifice for talking to veterans now. there's about $300.00 surviving normandy veterans many of them there. at these commemorative events. as part of our live coverage we have in the studio. i'm on your show is our political correspondent mark softens out there in normandy for us among you well we've been talking about what this means to france today. having looked at this ceremony what what really struck you in terms of the tone
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that both leaders. were bringing to their through their addresses to the better ensign to their nations and to both nations as well i was very much struck by how humbled they were by the sacrifice of the 5 years definitely it was humbling i think also for for do as a so for us a president a man on the cross saves he was intolerable to sacrifice of those british so honored does small and being. a memorial so far prince charles who is the royal patron for doc memorial i was talking about them all they do you gesture a long overdue you morio the both leaders both the moment and it's the reason they reminded that 400 british soldiers died on that day and 222008 british soldier has took part.
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to lend more than $326000.00 sole duties and each day they wanted to make $30000.00 soldiers $40000.00 tons of supplies. brought ashore and there was such an infrastructure and this sacrifice was on edge during those 2 speeches both of them out there michael. and the reason may say every mine did that to victory and it came to me at sacrifice from people who often well read professional soldier that's very much a theme that was picked up by george potts as well as the veteran who began the addresses saying it was citizen soldiers young men and bloodied that had never certainly killed or even seen a dead body pointing to the innocence of these many of them young men who
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a storm the beaches of normandy and that's something that also bears consideration to the use. on the shores of normandy that day 75 years ago. representing not only britain on that day but other allied nations canadians as well and of course the americans will hear more about the american contribution later from president trump what what struck you. especially as as a german 75 years later viewing the unveiling to the british were dead just moments ago from the german perspective i think these kind of occasions show that there was one side of this war that was allowed to be proud of what they were doing they were fighting for a good cause they were fighting for the liberation of europe from fascism from naziism. sacrifies in many senses was with was sacrifies
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a sacrifice that is on the 2 of those day if you look at the german side there were obviously on this day also thousands tens of thousands of german soldiers involved german people who died i think you know fighting and dying as well but they were not fighting for a good cause they were fighting for a bad cause and in germany that kind of sacrifice is not really on a in that sense it's really if there is a memorial. there's a memory of saying this may and this should never happen again so a direct line from today 75 years ago to the current military approach to german politicians and the german public isn't a very deep sentiment if you do your instrument is a manual there's also was also mentioned by prism a call about the civilian sacrifice of the french resistance is that getting as a result of these commemorations the role of the french resistance
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a new consideration in france definitely has doing to day operation end of days off followed 20 taz and civilians were killed by strikes that aspect as well the civilian casualties factor so do obviously the strikes weren't a doc killing civilians but they were aimed at destroying german defenses and fortunately there were those casualties nonetheless and this year the highlights like i said before by a minute michael was a so good to recognize and acknowledge the rule the plight of french people and. for example yesterday he he did he participated to a ceremony. which paid homage to 70 french resistent who were killed in car. by german soldiers on the morning of june the 6 for fear they would actually join. so it's old is the sacrifice of civilians and people that in
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france go people of goodwill who wanted to free us and have our friends that is highlighted is also out today and shortened to underscore that as well the civilian sacrifices. as much as today's they have thanksgiving and certainly a sense of truly being humbled there is also a day of contrast when you look at this beautiful sunny beach in normandy today 75 years. later and think about how far the state of europe has come the european union has come how far everything has moved in the direction of what those young men died for 75 years ago europe living in peace absolutely i mean i think that's something 101 should be thankful for every day in europe that there have been 74 years of peace since the end of the 2nd world war the longest period of sustained peace in europe ever in history. but i think what you
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also should obviously the the european union as a whole and its predecessors is a project that was put into place in order to achieve that in order to reconcile the countries of europe the nations of europe in order to bring europe forward as a whole and maybe we should also say that in this case today that project is probably in danger it was remarkable that among with my own took a little bit of time to think to reason made to kind of acknowledge to reason made because this is really one of the very last official ceremonies that she is a prime minister even giving up a post as prime minister so when the background to that is that the european project is being put into question a lot of people in britain but this moment especially especially this moment today just moments ago was one that transcended politics and addressed the common destiny
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of both nations let's go to max often standing by for us at the american ceremony there max you were no doubt following the unveiling of the british memorial common destiny being one theme today what what jumped out for you. i think nowadays you always have to make an effort to put things into perspective and that's what's the tough part because france. is the country that was liberated with the help of the british and the british as we've heard repeatedly now sacrifies a lot to get there so it's from and today if you look at the position that theresa may on her last day in office by the way because she's stepping down tomorrow is today compared to france where france is clearly in the driver's seat and the u.k. is aiming for braggs it you see how those roles have shifted and i think that's what the money in my column was maybe hinting towards when at the end of his speech
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he said we always need to keep in mind who actually helped liberate us and we shouldn't forget you know the british really had total control of operation overlord operation overlord was the whole operation here in the area in normandy trying to get 5 beach holds for example behind me i don't know if you can see the blue there that's where omaha beach is also called bloody omaha so that is the beach or the landing dock cost the most lives americans in this case but the british were absolutely a fundamental for this whole operation to function and i think that's what michael wanted to underscore and no matter what the situation is right now with brags that with this chaotic probably chaotic pull out from the european union france will always have the special relationship with the u.k. for what happened 75 years ago here france does have this special relationship one
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that extends deep into the past and deeply beyond d.-day as well events like this max we've covered so many of them there they're so important aren't they in reminding us of what the values are what the values are to that bind then the nations together that make up your. well you know it's not for me to judge how important this is to every individual but we do know that when you look at the european union today we encounter that a lot in brussels that usually work out of brussels to report on the european union then the values that were these people were driven by it back then if they were conscious of what they were doing because a lot of those veterans told us that they really did have no idea what they were wading into but those values freedom peace and although and all that are sort of on the backburner if you ask people what's the most important thing for them today in the european union that they are agitated by topics like youth unemployment by also
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by migration by populism those things and back then it was very clear cut you probably never had a clearer fight between good and evil than back then so the soldiers that came here knew exactly why they were doing it what they were up against what they were fighting and what they were trying to do with a clear goal and it's hard in in our era to have these clear goals because the lines are more blurred it's the world has got more complicated it's not black and white anymore so to really tell young people. what this fight was for and what it was worth and what is just worth you have these decades of peace in europe because of the european union because of the developments that started right here on these beaches behind me that is the main message that the people that experienced it back then that are still alive and here today are trying to convey
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and that was that's what makes this particular commemoration so important the veterans being so old there's only $300.00 of them left right now at this commemoration many of them. max is there a sense that after these veterans this greatest generation passes on that exactly getting that message across especially to young public will be that much more difficult. it's always difficult the farther you are removed from events like d.-day or operation overlord but it gets more complicated when the leaders that are in charge in their daily political lives stand for something else and you have 2 of those right here today theresa may for example she does not stand for what the u.k. was about after world war 2 when it did notice it couldn't control the events on continental europe or influence those events as much as they wanted to or as much
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as they could before that so that's when the initial decision was taking in the in the u.k. that they needed to be more integrated that they eventually wanted to join the european union those developments started here on these beaches and to receive a of course now is a symbol for something entirely different for the u.k. pulling out of the european union trying to distance itself from what's happening on the continent so that's example number one example number 2 is donald trump of course although he is the one giving the speeches here commemorating this anniversary he is also in a very old american tradition that we really haven't seen that much ever since world war 2 that of isolationism trying to pull out of those developments keep out of that if donald trump had his will he likely just pull out of nato he's been kept from doing that by his to rounding stuff by people say you cannot do this but his will seems to be to pull out of those international ties international engagements
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and organization so theresa may dollar trump stand for something very different than what happened here or the spirit that actually started here and led to decades of peace in the european union max thanks so much for that analysis that's next often for us right close to normandy beach there the center of so many of these commemorations tonight we're going to be getting back to these. so out the morning as they proceed let's go back to our guest in the studio max now thanks very much and pointing to a lot of contrast there that this day 75 years ago was the primer genitor as you will the birth hour of the european union at a time when and here's a contrast when so many forces are pulling it apart and pulling apart global multilateralism that we've seen for decades it's a real irony yes indeed it is an irony and there are 2 reasons you may being on the way all to nobody knowing what will come off to her. europe at this time in
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a very very crucial and tenuous situation we don't really know how it's going to go on so maybe under the circumstances this particularly good to be reminded of what was at the beginning of this and what 2nd face faces were made in order to bring this about bring this to your opinion a bunch. for that to wrap it up with that our discussion here on set brandt our political core spondon and among you all she says well thank you for that wonderful summary a manual as well of manual mccrone speech there this is a live coverage of the commemoration of events that have been underway to mark the d.-day landings in france 75 years ago today a new monument to the british troops who landed in normandy was inaugurated by the british prime minister troops and i and by the french president to monitor war across these landings marked the beginning of europe's liberation from nazi germany
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. and. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with our special coverage will be back in normandy live throughout the morning for now though for me in the entire team thanks so much for being with us. believe me.
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i'm. going to. europe. unite. divide. the money and tragical or. what binds the continent to gather. the answers and stories aplenty the a. spotlight on people. on d w. o.
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discovery. documentary. hello and a warm welcome to our program thanks for joining us today europe's coastlines are littered with ticking time bombs remnants from the 2nd world war that are becoming ever more dangerous in the north and baltic seas alone around 1600000 tons of war and the mission lie on the seabed like this huge underwater.


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