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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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am from a truly exceptional spirit the abundance of courage came from an abundance of faith the great deeds of an army came from the great depths of their love as they confronted their fate the americans of the place themselves into the palm of god's hand the men behind me will tell you that they are just the lucky ones. as one of them recently put it all the heroes are buried here but we know what these men did we knew how brave they were they came here and saved freedom and then they went home and showed us all what freedom is all
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about the american sons and daughters who saw us to victory were no less extraordinary piece they build families. they built industries they built a national culture. that inspired the entire world in the decades that followed america defeated communism. secured civil rights revolutionize science launched a man to the moon and then kept on pushing to new frontiers and today america is stronger than ever before.
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7 decades ago. the war is of d.-day for a sinister enemy who spoke of a 1000 year empire in defeating that evil they left a legacy that will last not only for a 1000 years but for all time for as long as the soul knows of duty an honor for as long as freedom keeps its hold on the human heart to the men who sit behind me and to the boys who rest in the field before me your example will never ever grow all.
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your legend will never die or your spirit brave unyielding and true will never die the blood that they spilled the tears that they shed. the lives that they gave the sacrifice that they made did not just win a battle. it did not just win a war. those who fought here won a future for our nation they won the survival of our civilization and they showed us the way to love cherish and defend our way of life for many centuries to come today as we stand together upon this sacred earth. we
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pledge that our nation will forever be strong and united we will for ever be together. our people will forever be bold. our hearts will forever be loyal and our children and their children will for ever and always be free may god bless our great veterans may god bless our allies. may god bless the heroes of d.-day and may god bless america thank you thank you from the.
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you. know. the nixon president of france and the president of the united states ole arete and their members all by a moment of silence. over there on the monitor most of the team 2nd. loss it is it isn't me their place you know that the report says it is it is me i didn't know that was in jail he upset them on geno's. for 2.
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i mean this presidents and presidents from. world war 2.
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this is the obvious live coverage of the 75th d.-day commemorations now underway in normandy watching a lot of images there of the u.s.
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and french presidents greeting the remaining veterans on stage i'm just a few dozen of them there at the commemoration say we're waiting for the laying of the reste to the were dead on the beaches of normandy 75 years today. a very emotional day for the veterans and for the presidents as well. dresses to honor their memory their service and sacrifice on this day this very day that. was the beginning of the end for the nazi regime not only in germany but in the occupied nations of europe.
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well the greeting of the veterans at this commemoration is going to continue for a while it appears before the laying of the reasons for the veterans begins let's go to a max hoffman are our correspondents standing by for us on location for our special coverage of this event max we've heard from both presidents honoring the sacrifices of the american veterans in the highest terms thanking them and the other allies forces as well for for making today's freedoms the ones we enjoy every day possible
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. yes and it seemed like a matter of marcotte the more political speech compared to donald trump very memorable speeches in their own respect both of them in many way my call and goal mentioned institutions like nato and the united nations saying that they were constructed in the ass to martha of world war 2 to make europe and the world in general a safer place and that could have been understood or interpreted at least as a direct jab maybe towards donald trump who is known not to be a fan of those institutions on the other hand donald trump the u.s. president more emotional speech he mentioned some of the veterans by name for example roy lambert a an army medic who was in the 1st wave here to crash onto omaha beach that is the code the piece of coastline that is right behind me maybe you can see the blue back there by the way also that part of cosigned where most of the allies
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that lost their lives that they perished and he went to those veterans and shook their hands even given the hug embrace them so that was very emotional and with the crowd here which is mostly american that went down very well that one i'd like to pick up on and some of that max mccrone received a standing ovation from the veterans on the stage after he thanked them and then as as you mentioned he pointed out that it was d.-day that led to the creation of the institutions that have protected europe's freedoms for so very long including nato and the e.u. . yes he did and. the thank you part of course is what they have to do here this is the reason why they came and this is the reason why the veterans came and of course they remain the stars of the whole show in the most important people also given that it's probably one of the
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last year. where you will have actual survivors from from those attacks i mean there was one veteran that donald trump talked about the u.s. president who was the last of his of his company to be here so you can see that the numbers are dwindling significantly but then and that's what everybody was was waiting for you know which direction would gold would hit with there would there be some direct hints because between the money my call and donald trump it hasn't been going so well in the last well in the last years we really did have to say and that's why what in money in our call said was politically more significant he also called for renewal of the pact of friendship between the u.s. and fred c. he really welcomed donald trump with open arms saying we need some kind of restart some kind of renewal and donald trump on the other hand was very conciliatory he stressed and emphasize how important those partnerships and those allies were and
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still are it's probably one of the most mellow speeches i've ever heard by the u.s. president so politically more significant the speech by monday when michael. 1st part of president trump max was talking about a lot of issues that would certainly go down well with his base talking about out was the heartland that produced the heroes and i'm quoting some of his text here and that it was the small communities and the churches that created the young men that raised the young men that died on on the beaches of normandy and it was a sacrifice as you put it in absolute opposition to what mccrone was talking about for sovereignty and the survival of the nation so the president trumping president trump getting completely different notes. well i would i would disagree with brian if i may because i think the part about where these
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people came from from the small communities that's something that any president probably would have said any u.s. president and it's important to run mine people that these are not just aliens dropping down on the ship and then sacrificing their lives but that they have families back home and ties and all that and that's an important part in one remark call also did that but he did it with you know in a more european way with less emotions and with with less with less examples what i thought was interesting in donald trump's speech and something that really needs reminding when you talk about this he said that some of those soldiers that fought here had never left their communities before coming here and you know that's true it's also almost never has been mentioned i have to cut in there. where you know it's all a vision thank you i need to get in 1st 2nd there were we're about to get to that juncture where the 2 presidents and their respective spouses approach the location
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where they're going to recognize the reason or laid the reasons for the moment of silence that we've been waiting for. ok this looks like a continuing. effort to point. out the ceremonial firing of cans it's very usual during these type of commemorations. amat let's go next let's pick up on what you were saying there about the similarities that you were noting between the 2 speeches. yes but the part that donald trump says in mentioning that really needs reminding in our day in time is that people some of the soldiers of the 17181920 year olds
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that came ashore and you probably can see the 21 gun salute right at the moment that's the shore they came they came to and they they landed had never left their communities before in the united states nowadays we you know we know a lot of things because we have the internet we see everything on our t.v. it's easier to travel most people don't just stay in their community actually i don't know a single person that has stayed in their community their whole lives without even going on vacation to a different community and all that so just imagine what these young soldier must have thought when they were stuck in those boats and then brought it brought to shore here and just thrown into hell what kind of resolve and what kind of courage does it take and what were they you know thinking what what what was awaiting them that is something that that really struck me today when i listen to donald trump because it is true you know you you you fight so hard and in the aftermath everybody can say you're
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a hero but what are you thinking just in the seconds and minutes leading up to this when you come from a small community that say in the heartland of the united states that you do have a left yeah there's a lot of commonality too in terms of what the the men who are fighting for what mccraw was talking about was it was freedom as well this was the really the theme that they went through both speeches and really cut to the core of what these sacrifices were made 75 years ago today we're all about. money when i call so had 2 other interesting parts when he said america is never as i think he said as good as when it fights for the freedom of others and also i believe he said america is never as good as when it defends the values anchored in their constitution he reminded the americans also that the french supported the american independence but he he showed that the french were very grateful for what
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the americans did here of course they had a big part in liberating france in the 2nd world war but also during what is known here in france as the great war which is the 1st world war and so 1st of all. i think heartfelt thanks but at the same time also reminding americans what makes them great and you could maybe see a little interpretation they're. adding silently and that's not what they're doing at the moment but like i said that's interpretation. ok let's get more of that here in the studio with our studio guest among the shapes our political correspondent. brandt our political correspondents while we're getting these live images as the commemorations of continue to all of france is not forgotten that was direct quote from from across something that he emphasized in a speech at the sacrifices of the veterans. how much of that is true that that
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memory for people every day people in france today when i. mentioned it in his speech although all of our friends on france's votes you can see my style. to be gracious of france you know so on a chronically perhaps closer to the gift of the statue of liberty to us to remind. the french u.s. and french it goes way. back the food even overboard were to end and. he said something quite significant towards the end of his speech he talked about friends being ready to renew the friendship between the 2 countries so he really made sure to underline does undying friendship even at times where there are disagreements with trampy insisted. that nato and the e.u. were borne out of victory and he also underlined that that victory was
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a collective effort to victoria's side so he really made sure to highlight the importance of the american auction and action during d.-day and the importance it had on the future of europe hans we heard from the u.s. military chaplain well in the ceremonies we just heard taps. the final goodbye for the fall soldier in the american military a month we heard from the u.s. military chaplain timothy mallard saying that the sacrifices of 75 years ago on those beaches that we're looking at right now are the moral touchstone for america today i would imagine that applies just as well to europe. yes indeed i think that's something that trump also picked up on it was a fight against evil that it was a very clear. goal that one had then a very evil and destructive and murderous regime under the nazis in germany and
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that was fighting against. the moral courage that was required from each one of the people that landed on these beaches and fortune about those there and elsewhere obviously was directed against that evil. is a very much for that among us thank you very much for your comments today as well like to thank max often his deal right now following the commemoration ceremonies there we're getting these live images from our special coverage of the 75th anniversary of d.-day commemorations still underway to mark the d.-day landings in france 75 years ago president trump joining the french president on veterans of the ceremony in normandy tribute to those who gave their lives thank you so much for joining our special coverage is much more our website dot com i'm brian thomas.
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place. blame. this is live from birth land remembering d.-day at the moment when allied troops stormed the beaches of france to free europe from nazi 70. 5 years ago u.s. president donald trump joined his french counterpart emmanuel buck trying to honor the veterans at the fallen during an emotional service at the u.s. military cemetery in normandy. also coming up
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a life sentence for one of the world's most prolific serial killers a german court convicted former hospital nurse neil spoke.


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