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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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and a war. this is deja vu news live from berlin a record high for germany's environmentalist green party a major opinion poll showing the greens would come 1st in the national election edging out chancellor america's conservatives are we witnessing a major shift in german politics also coming up. a mystery death this german politician has been found dead with a bullet in his head the police say it was not
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a missile i might someone have wanted him dead. and the women's world cup kicks off in france there are a number of favorites to win the trophy and what's shaping up to be the toughest competition in the tournaments history. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us we begin here in germany with what is a major surprise for the nation environmentalist green party has outperformed chancellor merkel's conservatives as the country's favorite party a new poll shows if a general election were held on sunday there would be an historic result for the very 1st time the greens would come in 1st with 26 percent although i'm ackles conservative bloc falls to 2nd place with 25 percent coming in 3rd the right wing populist am. did 13 percent another jolt mackerels coalition partners the center
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left social democrats dropping to 4th place with only 12 percent the markets friendly f.t.p. would get 8 percent and the far left left party 7 percent. ok let's break this down now it's political correspondent good morning hans last year we saw the steady rise when it began of green popularity but the drought that had europe and germany hard is the green rating right now all about climate change is something that is a climate change the environmental issues have come to the fore in the last year or so partly because everyone felt it when that hot sun came across europe last year partly because they have been on the street protests from the fridays for future movement from great atoned and sweden and so on so that issue has been pushed to the forefront very much in the last year or so if we look back at the last general election in germany at the end of 2017 at that time the major issues which one
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might say normal regular issues things such as migration problems. pensions questions social questions and so on at that time and vajra mental issues for the list ok it's not just about the climate moving to the top of concerns about voters assess also about what the greens have been doing and how they've been doing things like a deeper look now at what the greens have been doing that's taking them to the top spot in the polls. it's been a long time coming for decades in the wings on germany's political stage the greens have come into the spotlight they almost joined under the americans government after the 2017 general elections they won big in recent european elections more than doubling their seats in brussels what's their secret the party leader offered his theory following the european election result. it changes its young people involved immediately you don't have to climb a long letter before you get hurt instead you can prove yourself quickly that makes
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us accessible and open to social changes shifts new forms of communication new issues and fresh. but the greens also find themselves at the right place at the right time though no longer a single issue party they've always been foremost about the environment and it seems enough of the electorate now is to climate change has become a top issue fridays for a future has grown from a weekly student strike to an organized movement with political influence meanwhile the german auto industry is diesel cheating scandal has hurt america's climate reputation and her government has had to admit it will fall short of its climate goals this is fertile ground for green momentum but only a national election will show a growing popular support translates into real political power. and it's important to point out that real political power is not new to the greens they've been coalition partners and government at the national level twice they're currently
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having a state government aren't de haan so so yes there is thought of as an anti establishment party when in fact they're now very much part of the political mainstream well that's what's changed in the pos to the greens have been available as a coalition have been in coalition at the national level with the social democrats in other words the lift leaning government that have been part of various governments as a regional level and currently as you say they are leading a regional government in southern germany in that case in coalition with the conservatives so the greens have been available to both sides of the spectrum as coalition partners what's changing all is that they are possibly the strongest party so they can determine what a new government would look like that would not simply because those they would be the people looking for coalition short answer hons could they head a german government could they leave it's not completely out of the question this certainly seen at the moment as the more agile of the more trustworthy political
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party what other political parties are seen as bureaucratic and kind of just state and unattractive ok thanks so much for the. this preview now and some of the other stories making the news at this hour the british prime minister theresa may stepping down as leader of the conservative party today she will remain prime minister and hold successor is chosen may announced her resignation 2 weeks ago 11 conservative lawmakers are now in the race to replace her as party head and ultimately as persons next prime minister. mexico says it will deploy $6000.00 troops was southern border with guatemala in an attempt to stem the flow of migrants heading to the u.s. it's part of mexico's efforts to work off new u.s. import tariffs washington says it will impose a 5 percent tax on message goods getting on monday if no deal on illegal migration is reached. and initial probe by saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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and norway suggests the damage to their oil tankers in the persian gulf last month was likely caused by a state actor photos provided to the u.n. were said to show evidence of a naval mine attack the u.s. and saudi arabia blame iran for the sabotage but tehran denies any involvement. 3 more bodies have been recovered along the danube in hungary following last week's boat collision in budapest now bringing the death toll to 19 a sightseeing boat carrying 33 south koreans sank after being hit by a larger cruise vessel the captain of that ship is now in police detention. well here in germany people are both shocked and puzzled by the death of a popular politician in the state of has. was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head last week he was
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a leading advocate for refugees and migrants a stance that brought him death threats over the past few days disturbing remarks gloating over his death have surfaced online a reporter traveled to his hometown of to find out more. it was a shock to the had a very close friend here in front of his house c.d.u. politician by to look was found by a family member early sunday morning since his death no clues have a much about the perpetrator or the perpetrators and habitants of his home village easter has shocked. it's a very difficult situation for the town and for me too he had his own views views that you could run up against that you could debate with him. at a community meeting in 2015 who looked a stood up for refugees telling those who disagreed that. you have to stand up for
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these values whoever doesn't represent them can leave the country at any point. forward in some members from the far right where i would very much by his words. look even received death threats afterwards now in the days after the killing disturbing cummins appeared on line you don't have to be sad it's a reason to be happy you get what you deserve he was a trader of the people. many people are shocked by the commons german president and my condemns the hateful speech the monks here are true in the way that some individuals on social media are attacking his death. taking satisfaction from it and applauding it is simply cynical tasteless revolting and offensive in every way . they are on a german t.v. show the police issued an appeal for everyone with information to come forward with
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the president they are hoping to find witnesses who went to a fair fight next to look because home the evening of the crime. we're obviously hoping to receive information that can help us solve the crime it's really a unique situation we're talking about a type of crime scene that hasn't been seen and has a for a long time so you can go to the killing of a to look has left many of the people here in his home village in shock a german politician shot that on his own terrace to some it seems like a planned execution the case raises many questions which will hopefully be answered soon by the police we have news from the sports world now and the world's highest paid football player neymar has given a statement to brazilian police denying any wrongdoing after being accused of posting intimate images of a woman was accused of rape a woman recently detailed her allegations during an interview in brazilian. neymar
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has an ankle injury and arrived at the police station to give a statement in a wheelchair. naima how to make his way through a media scrum to reach the police station in his wheelchair he was there to give a statement denying the rape of a brazilian woman he had invited her to paris where he plays after exchanging messages on social media the front of people meant the hope the rest of the way. his accuser appeared on brazilian television to acknowledge she expected to have sex with him but alleges that when he became violent and she said no he didn't stop . i had a desire to be with neymar at 1st it was all ok everything was nice the messages except i thought it would be fine the when i got there he was aggressive totally different from the guy i chatted to in the messages the.
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name left the police station on crutches his dream of leading brazil to glory in this month's cup or america has already been dashed by injury now he must face a different kind of fight. the world over this is what i just want to thank everyone for the support and the messages they sent i just want to say to my friends to my fans to everyone who has supported me thank you thank you for the affection i have to say that i feel very loved so i thank you very. and. he drove off to an uncertain future. to news out on the football pitch now and the women's world cup is about to get underway in the defending champions united states are among the favorites once again but they're not the only former champions seeking to reclaim the trophy as the popularity of the women's game explodes across the globe they face more competition than never to
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retain their crown 7 games separate these players from immortality the usa have won the world cup 3 times making them the most successful country in the competition is history but they've never retained the trophy the team has the quality to do just that this time the round of striker alex morgan is one of the best goalscorers in the world and she has support from stars like megan rapinoe and carli lloyd we are defending champs but at the same time i think the game has a fault so much i think that there's going to be challenges that present itself in there in france the u.s. could well come up against a familiar opponent they face japan in the last 2 world cup finals. captain seche kumagai will lead the team at her 3rd world cup she scored the winning penalty when japan took home the trophy in 2011 and to my guy has an extra motivation to repeat those heroics she plays her club football in leone where the final will be held on the 7th of july. germany to have
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a lone star in their ranks creative midfielder jennifer marijan will be one of the key players for the 2 time champions in front of her captain alexandrov pop will have to be on top form for germany to have a chance of a triumph a 3rd title would be a monumental achievement for coach martina voss tech limbaugh given that she only took over the site earlier this year. not to we have to look at france but also england spain and the usa japan have shown time and again that they raise the game at tournaments there's the scandinavians we as germany always get mentioned the netherlands are european champions i've already mentioned so many teams. indeed the former champions are all in contention to win football's biggest prize but with this year's world cup promising to be the most open tournament ever many sides will arrive in france dreaming of glory. and in men's football the netherlands host portugal in the finals of the inaugural nations ling that's on
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sunday they beat england $31.00 in their semi last night to climb in england in extra time and dutch victory for tickle beats was a one in wednesday's 1st 75. up next doc film on the power of corporations i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for joining us have a great weekend amrita will be joining you at the top of the hour i've. got to get through the disney good break without a football thanks again. sticks . in motion. some. 69 to list. the results on t.w. .


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