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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin mexico's signals tighter migration controls as u.s. tariffs loom record numbers of central american migrants are heading through mexico to the u.s. but their numbers could windell this washington ramps up pressure on its southern neighbors. a mystery death this german politician was founded with a bullet in his head the police say it wasn't suicide so who might have been behind his killing. also on the show all aboard the space walker so says the 1st
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commercial smitten to the international space station could take place next year but one of the space travelers will have to foot an astronomical bill for the trip . hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the white house says it plans to follow through on threats to slap tariffs on mexican imports that's despite signs of progress at an ongoing set of talks between the 2 countries trump is trying to ramp up pressure on mexico to stem the flow of central american migrants through the southern u.s. border vice president mike pence says that although he's encouraged by mexico's latest proposals the 1st wave of an escalating regime of tariffs is set to take effect. on monday. hundreds of migrants sent back into guatemala every day
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in the future most of those coming from the south won't be able to enter mexico at all the government has pledged to deploy up to 6000 troops in the area to stop the flow of north bound migrants despair spreads fast among those being turned away. more do we going to go back to our country and suffer we have no choice like killing us back home. an agreement on illegal migration between mexico and the us could see an overhaul of asylum rules across the region with central american migrants having to seek refuge in the 1st country they enter after leaving their homeland it's thought that would drastically reduce the number of migrants reaching the u.s. border. mexico has repeatedly rejected the so-called safe 3rd country agreement but the increasing pressure could make the country buckle is. where to go i hope we
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reach an agreement. i'm confident that we will reach a deal. put in place the unilateral measures expected to start on monday but. this. due to its strategic location free trade agreements and low wages mexico has become an attractive destination for international companies companies that what all be hit hard by the tariffs. according to donald trump they would start at 5 percent and steadily rise to $25.00. minutes and you go this is bad because the decision makers they don't have a red line that the united states is violating the rules of the free trade agreement. that. struggling to appease u.s. decision makers mexico has broadened its migration crackdown in recent days not
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only turning back but also detaining hundreds of migrants and freezing the bank accounts of suspected human traffickers. but there is a risk none of the measures will be enough for donald trump despite mexico's efforts many in washington still expect the tariffs to go into effect on monday. or for more on the story let's talk to louis c. pedrosa she is a research fellow at the giga institute for lot of american studies in hamburg thanks for being with us thanks so much is planning to deploy an extra $6000.00 troops to try to stem the flow of refugees coming up through its country what impact do you think that's going to. 1st of all that's going to have an impact in the lives of so many people that live that make a living out of trans border. that's going to make life very difficult for them and that's going to of course make my friends very wary of trying to cross the border to mexico if you think it will actually solve the problem no.
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border it's a problem that is deeply rooted in those societies in the. countries of the north. central america if we don't address those costs is the problem with. what is driving migration from central america up through mexico into the u.s. because if we don't address those problems are the sources the drivers of course will be very difficult to stop what is driving a political crisis we have a government that has been posting. a big driver of. us it's the lack of economic opportunities for so many migrants is the widespread criminality and violence. that is especially threatening for young men young boys that's why the use. of people. working with mexico and other countries in the region to address those fundamental causes of
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migration it is not that is mexico to stop migration flow and that's the president plan to stop migration flow would be to address those more fundamentally by investing in the economy so these 3 countries that the u.s. is ready to join such a plan what options does mexico and its efforts to. address the flow itself getting away from the causes now but to avoid the sanctions or the tariffs that are that the u.s. is threatening and it looks like when the. well very few options if we just look at the economies of mexico and the us the huge power imbalance the huge powers symmetry between these 2 countries it's obvious that mexico has very few options also because it's very powerless on the economic side because we have the mexican economy is very dependent on exports to the united states but the only option that
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mexico has is to try to separate these issues and 2 they have mentally reject the connection of migration to economic policies migration is a social issue and that's what the current government government is trying to to portrayed as a social and economic issue but not an issue that should be addressed with terrorists and we see thank you very much for talking with us today luis you pedro's a research pro at the institute for latin american studies in hamburg thank you. now are you ready to boldly go where few earthlings have gone before well if you've got a taste for adventure and money to burn you can start counting down nasa has just announced it will open the international space station to commercial travel beginning next year space tourists as well as astronauts from private companies will be able to visit the station but only 2 short missions will be allowed each
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year the charge for staying on board will be just $35000.00 a night but getting to the space station will cost a cool $58000000.00. well let's go to washington to speak to journalist keith cowing he blogs about space travel as editor for nasa watch dot net good to have you keith 1st of all what does this mean for mere mortals like myself should we start saving up to go to the international space station is it going to become affordable at some point. it's probably going to be expensive but perhaps the likes of al would like to send you out to cover a story in the space station it's going to dispense of and it's to be that way for a while i'll be i'll go i'll go with you but it's the important thing here is that it's now possible to walk up to nasa find out how much it costs let
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a check somehow and go what could space tourists expect from a trip like this king will they have to go undergo training and squats or special tests before going into space. you know you will and there's actually some people have bought seats to go up before but before they got them from the russians but there are specific requirements in terms of health and training that anybody visiting the international space station has to go through you know what to do in an emergency they want to make sure you're not going to get sick up there and so forth so they'll be some tasks and not everybody can pass them but they tend to be pretty much straightforward if you can you know ride in a jet for a few hours you can probably go down to space you know a lot of people do that for you surprised to hear about nasa's announcement why would it be doing this kind of thing now well as a journalist who covers nasa know i kind of knew this was coming but it was inevitable that they had to really look at how they're going to use the space
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station they've got some things up there right now that allow some commercial companies to come up with their limited to research and nasa has talked about an increased role for the private sector and things in addition to the space station like going back to the moon so it was inevitable that they had to start expanding in clarifying their policies are they have so is this just the start of a beautiful friendship between tourists and space are we going to say that an exploding industry in the future. not literally or course yeah well you know but there's already several private space companies that are going to be flying people to the edge of space and actually into space and if you look at the things that you and musk jeff bezos and richard branson talk about this may be just dipping our toes in the water within a 10 or 15 years that need be maybe not commonplace not unusual for you know somebody who actually went into space keith thank you so much as always journalist
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keith cowing there the editor of nasa watch the net in washington. now to some other stories making news around the world today ethiopian prime minister is in neighboring sudan in an attempt to revive talks between that country's military and pro-democracy movement called for a quick democratic transition after meeting with sudan's generals in khartoum he also sat down with protest leaders who say over 100 people have been killed by a paramilitary group in a recent crackdown. germany's environmentalist green party is enjoying a surge of support and opinion poll found the greens would get more votes than chancellor merkel's conservatives of an election were held today it's the 1st time the greens have emerged as the number one party in the country riding on a wave of concern about the climate crisis. well staying in germany
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people have been both shocked and puzzled by the death of a popular politician in the western state of has so while some of the was found dead with a single bullet in his head last week he was a leading advocate for refugees and migrants a stance that had brought him death threats over the past few days disturbing comments gloating over his death have surfaced online the reporter travelled to lubeck because hometown of 2 hours from frankfurt to find out more. it was a shock to the had a very close friend here in front of his house c.d.u. politician by to look was found by a family member early sunday morning since his death no clues have a much talk about the perpetrator or the perpetrators and habitants of his home village east has shocked. the world it's a very difficult situation for the town and for me too he had his own views views
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that you could run up against that you could debate with him. at a community meeting in 2015 look because stood up for refugees telling those who disagreed that. you have to stand up for these values whoever doesn't represent them can leave the country at any point. audience members from the far right where i would very much by his words look even received death threats afterwards now in the days after the killing disturbing cummins appeared on line you don't have to be sad it's a reason to be happy you get what you deserve he was a trader of the people. many people are shocked by the commons german president. condemns the hateful speech the monks here are true of indians of the way that some individuals on social media are attacking his death taking satisfaction from it and
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applauding it it's simply cynical tasteless revolting and offensive in every way. they are on a german t.v. show the police issued an appeal for everyone with information to come forward with the president they are hoping to find witnesses who went to a fair fight next to look because home the evening of the crime. we're obviously hoping to receive information that can help us solve the crime it's really a unique situation we're talking about a type of crime scene that hasn't been seen and has for a long time so you can go on the killing of has left many of the people here in his home village in shock a german politician shot that on his own terrace to some it seems like a planned execution the case raises many questions which will hopefully be answered soon by the police. you're watching d.w.
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news i'm terry martin coming up next it's business africa with ben physical and ben will be here taking a close look at what's happening in global trade talks on a couple of different fronts stay tuned for that. rock n roll. band. with us down by the church.


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