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no way outside favorites my beat so playing without a the heavy bag who's the world's best player by a long ball when i was taking a stand against injustice well lots of exciting games coming up next medal thanks for the input thank you. you know watching it date of the news from berlin next stop at the dock film with a look at how thailand holiday paradise is in danger i have more news at the top of the hour thanks for watching. so if you have to get through the quickest make it break without a football fix think again. let's get. excitement in motion not suck. it swings in 90 lives. because of the results here on t.w. nice.
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little thailand spectacular rocky islands. fine grained sandy beaches turquoise blue water. just how you imagine a holiday destination more than 9000 kilometers away from cold old germany. and this is the reality tourists flocking to sites like the famous james bond on them where roger moore for the bad guys are secret agents double 07 today it's all about selfies and self-expression. images that when you see these guys walking around in swimming trunks was a little undignified i'd say absolutely no good because it was a terrible but it was to be expected it was marketed that way to. thailand's drain
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beaches are suffocating and plastic garbage. untreated waste water is discharged straight into the sea. tens of thousands of snow has explored the underwater landscape and cause a record low damage to the sensitive coral reefs by trampling all over them. in the last 2 years. the. damage at every damage so all we expect that if we don't do anything probably all. so how much damage has mass tourism course that i'll question.
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the 1st journey is the town of the cat in the south of thailand most vacationers here head to the beach but. the wide sandy bay fascinated us when we came here for the 1st time. on the beach and a bit of adventure different. vacation dreams. but the number of tourists coming to thailand has more than doubled since then now
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its more than 4000000 people every year what changes has that brought about. the next morning we see the downside of masters a local diving instructors regularly fish garbage out of the sea by the suck load. their business depends on keeping the natural environment as intact as possible. what do they find in the sea nets from the troll is emptying the sea off the tongue of fish. of course fresh fish is a food staple for both the locals and the hordes of tourists. the diving instructor dave wilson says the fishing nets are endangering the coral reefs off the coast. so it depends on the tiger but if it's a if it's
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a rope type net then they can call and eyes up but if it's a plastic type that going to cause a lot of damage no oil on top nets because a lot of the corals. then that settle on the fragile corals and literally ripped them up dave wilson has found an oil on top and that's because a lot of the corals. then that settle on the fragile corals and literally wreck them up dave wilson has found a lot today in addition to all the other plastic garbage triangles single use plastic this is the biggest threat to the environment. at the moment and a lot of people's opinion. as well stop plastic bags. the wrappers that the plus the bubbles come in. so with the way they just get blown away into the say . yes we have again more examples of that.
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and so the garbage generated by millions of tourists is increasingly choking pick. it's once beautiful beaches. in you. even the monkeys have learned to drink from plastic cups. the internationally renowned marine ecologist tom tom on the us about has been studying the effects of plastic waste on the ecosystem for the last decade. the 1st thing you see is the big question is just how the koranic and covert of coral so if you. breathe the coral can't get the axe yeah the water
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movement is stopped because it's from a cold war like a human if your birthday. you can are so wide that is one big drawback and also the net i think is mean although sort of fishing net or something like that nylon or something like that crack to the hollow and when the coloring pegged it out so then rule strokes wrong enough to crack all the whole role. because at the top of the self we want to find out what consequences the increasing environmental pollution caused by tourism has for the col reefs off the cat so we join a diving trip to the island of cobra chocked so we can forget about spending a quiet day alone in the natural paradise there are dozens of ships out there.
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in 2010 we went to karate chop for the 1st time and found an underwater world of a chanting p.c. . a leopard chock harmless to humans. eat elite. elite. the me in the e.f. . sponges and colorful corals on the sea bed. in the. union. with the others how's it looking now what has
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changed. us. you our 1st impression the underwater world is still in many places species rich and beautiful. but we were still more impressed by the diving here in 2010 than we are today you. know. now the water is a lot cloudier and we find garbage in many places on the seabed. and the karl is showing the effects of climate change as well. if the water is too warm it eats away the sensitive coral sea. but sewage garbage and too many divers are also living and mark. a carpet of plastic waste is floating on the surface of the water the current has
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pushed the garbage from the open sea into the bank. it's becoming more and more common to land. and then later afternoon we return to the fantastic island hauled off to catch. the next day we booked a trip to the p.p. islands probably the most beautiful islands and southern thailand. living la we start with some shopping into cat harbor we're supposed to buy bathing shoes that will protect us from shop edge corals a pair costs around 8 euros and a lot of being sold.
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by the. us and. at last resorts offer the world famous islands. the music on board fights with the sound of a $500.00 horsepower engine. on the way we stopped at a coral reef for a bit of snow. the. few people on board have ever had anything to do with masks and snorkels and a lot of them can't swim either. that. one speedboat after another ferries the snow close to the reefs. thousands of tourists every day trashing the fragile reef.
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protech aides karl polyps have built up their brief millimeter by millimeter. now and a lot of that mr straw and in just a few minutes. it's really hard to make that people understand how to be at the high end is that they don't want to roll but they don't know that they don't understand they come from the lanch a nike landfall ryall whatever that ever made my beautiful country the number have a thorough review fall so they don't have any understanding about a forest because the back country they snow hauritz you.
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the yeah. he'll eat. ringback the b.b. islands are actually especially protected national park. but since the organizers of the day trips discovered them for themselves millions of tourists have been visiting the picturesque rock islands and killing off nature that by day.
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next stop the so-called monkey that a real tourist attraction. today we see 3 monkeys on the rocks with tourists on 6 people that's crowding around the best for. last year we have more than 2 quite free 1000000 we see at the p.p.l. at it's only 14 square. at rio and. so you can expect that when the crowd i think the p.p.i.
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that it may be that. the consequences are devastating. and you it runs a dive center on the piano and so. he isn't prepared to accept that she would have been monitoring the state of the underwater world for years repeatedly diving to count the corals and document the damage. again today andrew hewett is on the way with his underwater camera in the popular diving area.
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we need to really respect that the more people i'd like a show the more impact. he's going to have on call reef so there has to be a maximum limit that we can you. have people visiting an area or any one particular . if we just let it go and let people do whatever they want they can get out of control and you can see there's a big difference in the health of the callers when there's too many people. for the 1st time the thai authorities have reacted to the world famous maya bank where the movie the beach with leonardo dicaprio was shot has been closed to terrorists for several months to give the corals a chance to recover. i think i have mixed feelings about it i think it's very good that we do things like that. but if you just close one area then you have to expect that all the people that go
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to one area going to go to another area and put pressure on another area. you can see what happens here on the main island people don't. since my abang has been closed the day trippers are brought to this beach i need it turns into a gigantic speedboat parking lot. after a selfie at the beach it's a short walk into the village. and maybe some fast food before we move on to the next attraction so what are the people who live on people don't get from the daytrippers we visit the dollar restaurant which offers thai cuisine at reasonable prices.
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but the n.s.a. is he has few customers. as overrun by tourists. he's fighting for his existence. hardly any tourists come here. the restaurants that have the most guests are on the beach the boats out there. the tourists always want to keep an eye on their boats. they're afraid if they come into the village they might get lost. on is the only island here that is permanently inhabited the fountains and day trippers have not brought prosperity to the people here. tourism companies earn money from the excursions but the locals often only have jobs at the time minimum
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wage of just under $9.00 euros a day. the interior of the island looks like many places catch waste disposal is a big problem. this old man is trying fish one of the local staple foods he sells it to his neighbors he tells us. he says he's doing it because he doesn't know what else he can do. he tells us the flies out particularly annoying so he has to keep the fish in plastic bags to keep them away.
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now incomes are not the only problem the people don't have. the island's exposed location means it's. also prone to natural disasters we notice signs saying evacuation route if a tidal wave a tsunami is heading towards the island both locals and tourists are supposed to flee to safety but where does the escape route actually lead. we follow the signs. after a few metres it ends at an iron gate at a death trap in an emergency. escape routes were set up after the last 2 nami with international donations but today the danger seems to be forgotten and not only on the p.p.
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and it's. december 200-4700 people died as a result of the tsunami on people don't. a few 100 kilometers away in the tourist town of kalak it claimed more than 3000 victims. holidaymakers filmed it with their video cameras. but today almost nothing in carlock recalls the catastrophe. the force of the tidal wave hold this coast guard patrol boat a kilometer into the hinterland it was left as a memorial and a tsunami memorial museum was built right next to us.
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here. the memorial lives from the nation's ratchanok one tongue to the curator tells us. these photos from december 2004 show relaxed by this and in the background the incoming tidal wave. the museum does not only want to remind people it also wants to make them more aware of the danger because there is little time left after a sea quake before the tidal wave reaches the coast. this graph shows how the 2004 tsunami spread. but what the authorities in the tourist resort of color lack learned from the catastrophe. we notice that almost the entire coast is covered with large hotel complexes. the guests there will be the 1st victims other hotels past. are there any emergency plans. yet and.
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have any plan to. come. we don't know. how many times that we have to leave. and what about the escape routes that were stopped with international aid after 2004 do the people here and take the danger seriously we follow the signs again. we're not far from the nearest shelter. thousands of inhabitants and tourists should be able to find safety that. eventually find it. it's full of furniture. and there's an elevator for the disabled but it's derelict the power hasn't worked for a long time. after
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this enemy we have many side fog. now many of the broken and not all that. work and it will. now have. many are will kill and many of it is not korea or bad. weather where that we can with. the lessons of the 2004 disasters seem to have been forgotten. we continue on to the next destination of our journey the plan not national park. and. our excursion here is well organized 1st we explore the small base by travel
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but that's a source of income for the locals. both men here about 13 years per day which by time standards is a wage they can live on. for . the next stop on the tour is a case. now at low tide when the water level is lower we can power through the cave to the
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interior of the island. will. another one. but we're not alone here either. dozens of tourists from other excursion boats are also here marveling at the bizarre rock formations and the much unmanned growth routes. the travel brochure says will get lunch here i meet an original muslim fishing
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village built on stilts from the sea. because. the original village quickly turns out to be a collection of tourist restaurants and see the near shops after all 10000000 visitors pass through here every year. all of them pay the to operate as a flat rate for their lunch so the locals get little benefit from it. after lunch we look at the souvenir shops. shock's teeth are very popular this year. this $1.00 costs around 40 euros but german customs duties will increase that price several fold shock shocks are a threatened species so just like corals and shells this object to the convention on international trade in an endangered species of wild foreigner and flora and the import of the souvenirs to germany is prohibitive. otherwise you can buy t.
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shirts caps and scarves just like everywhere else. finally hidden at the back of the village we find the locals hot they are muslims so perhaps they are bothered by the lightly dressed europeans. this local asks us to buy a souvenir from her she lives of the trip she says and has no other income wonder. when they. are ok ok.
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2 hours later we had off to the high point of our discussion. this is probably the most famous rock in the wild. watchable alias james bond shot scenes for the movie the man with the golden gun here. but today the villains are all gone that is left thousands of tourists who all want just one thing. a selfie to show that they were there.
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because how do you like it here. you know it's ok ok ok and all the people terrible but it was to be expected it was marketed this way. what do you think same here the same but still beautiful. but that's another thing we should have come another time perhaps in the morning or evening. but would that have helped. the crowds of tourists surged through the small island from early in the morning until nation evening.
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was this is when you see these guys walking around in swimming trunks a little undignified i just hate. it when the good stuff. at the other end of the island there are more souvenir stalls selling the same travel through than the as for which the scenes are planned it. like this tiger shot right. james bond island and the pun non-national park. income as the island is really called is a natural jane that has degenerated into a tourist hot spot. for
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the last stop of our journey before we returned. we reach the island of cooktown off the southeast coast of thailand. when you see these beaches you can hardly believe that cotto was a prison island until 947. today it's more about wellness time as such as a specialty here young people and scuba divers are particularly drawn to kowtow. we remember the pictures we shot here in 2010.
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and plan. and realize. the a there was an abundance of fish. crossed. he shouldn't get too close to them sometimes they also attack people. who are. back to the present. simon dowling and dorothy moon from an environmental association in cocoa tau take
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us out to sea. they want to show us what's changed since we 1st came here a whole fleet of boats awaits us at the dive site. diving is a mass of m.t.s. thousands crowd the few die sites. in a a whirl of the union suddenly we come across a whale shark the biggest fish in the world it's harmless to humans. in the beginning mean it would have died as a completely over the moon. but now we see the consequences here destroyed coral.
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there are definitely too many tourists here if we could limit the number of tourists or change their marine out status it would help a lot. and limitation as well fishing is also a big impact whenever it is worth we sail back to qatar. we're always under observation because our ships on the island are strictly monitored by the tourist police were meant to just show the good parts. west secretly shooting these pictures of the garbage and many tourists ends up an island interior and unofficial dumps like this. the waste water flows untreated into the sea in many places. $1500000.00 tourists
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visit her town every year. the sea is polluted which also damages the corals. in the afternoon we meet dorothy leaf from the cocoa tower again. she's welding a metal construction the point of which is not immediately apparent. i'm a steel structure in the shape of a triple masted chinese junk for our garden in a junkyard not official reef. this is the plant karl branches are placed on a metal structures of a time they grow into an artificial reef. and.
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it's hard work. and a vigil pieces of half a coral are tied to the construction where they grow over the years. it. will. make it. many diving tourists now look at the artificial reef in all. but you know if we do our part to build and expand the artificial reefs then you know i think it gives the other dive sites a chance to recover. and. as we drive back from qatar to cairns we think. this could be one way into the future artificial coal reefs as an attraction for driving turse to take the
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pressure off the natural environment it's a great idea that has already become reality on qatar. on the way back we constantly meet the fishing boats that are overfishing the sea. every morning fully laden troll a school. the child on catfish includes their catches offloaded by the time. millions of tourists want one thing above all else fresh sea fish on their plates the fish are sorted according to size on the key size.
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of this ship. and me pale light because they're. still in the here and. the pike. not. fish has become expensive to catch this is especially true for the larger fish which go directly to the tourist restaurants. a small amount is sold on the market . that's the real problem says the buyer. to be. meaningless namely unless. business is tough in order to catch the coveted big fish to try to stay at sea for
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days on end. the fishermen themselves and then least from this business. many of the guest workers from neighboring me and mom. they get just 2 or 3 euros a day they say but nobody will confirm that in front of the camera. the tourists who had my other fresh fish and the cat knew nothing about all this. parrot fish for example typically inhabit coral reefs when it cools the nets destroy the corals. while the fish is bought and then prepared in a restaurant for a small faith hill. and
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on the beach right behind a restaurant. this place looks like so many other places waste and sewage from restaurants flowing untreated into the sea. what would be the best way to further develop tourism in thailand the pacific asia travel organization which is committed to responsible tourism says the government in far off bangkok is planning to increase the number of tourists to 15000000 per year. large companies and the most from the hordes of tourists while the people here at the time beach work in the kitchens for a minimum wage or sell chilled drinks on the beach.
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it's already crowded enough for petang beach and high season. and more tourists. to tang's manor she is aware that tourism is the most important source of income. nevertheless she is worried about the plans coming out of bangkok. but up and joy killed you all and had to ladies and there's a lot going on in high season that night oh by the way my think it's ok right now but he said michael but if more come it will be difficult jack make up when i get as far as the water supply sewage garbage and transport are concerned and i think we are already at the limit he went and met half. the country needs a rational and sustainable tourism development policy she says development that
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takes not only economic interests but also the interests of people nature and the environment into account. otherwise thailand will soon cease to be a tropical paradise. and. lady gaga like lady luck. using dollars interest clubs. and even heidi klum if peanuts fashion. photographer down billionaire gets close to the stuff. by selling what they call an airy preferences up.
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to 30 minute d w. rock n roll. ah ah. mood sinful ribs condemned by the church bambaataa know that evil feeling that you feel when you fight. your past. are stopped no one is more popular than jesus saw the good. rock and religion clash that brings many closer to light. are the 2 really
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soon to reconcile believe the current devil. storage june 17th b.t.w. . this is data the news life from birth in mexico avoids potentially devastating u.s. tariffs with a last minute deal on migration president trump says the plan levies on mexican goods suspended indefinitely after mexico agrees to do more to stem the flow of migrants crossing its territory also coming up the. german foreign minister heiko
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mass makes a surprise stop in baghdad on the 1st day of a tour of the middle east and top diplomat is hoping to reduce tensions with iran we have expert analysis.


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