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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin mexico avoids potentially devastating u.s. tariffs with a last minute deal on migration president trump says planned levies on mexican goods are suspended indefinitely after mexico agrees to do more to stem the flow of migrants crossing its territory also coming up the. german foreign minister heiko mass makes a surprise stop in baghdad on the 1st day of a tour of the middle east and the top diplomat is hoping to reduce tensions with iran we have expert analysis. and the women's world cup soccer flying's down for
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the tournament hosts a look back on a big night in paris a look forward at what's to come on day to day. i'm rebecca routers welcome to the program the united states and mexico have reached an 11th hour deal to crack down on migration from central america earlier the white house threatened to slap tariffs on mexico if it failed to stop record numbers of migrants from traveling through the country to the u.s. border but the deal appears to fall short of a key u.s. demands that mexico except a designation of safe 3rd country that would have forced it to permanently take in it most central american asylum seekers. he's known for the art of the deal but returning to the white softer his trip to europe u.s. president donald trump was uncharacteristically tight lipped about how talks were
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going. after 3 days the tower of strength had threatened were not indefinitely suspended and you implicated people crossing into the u.s. to seek asylum will be rapidly returned to mexico while their applications for asylum are processed in turn with mexico will allow these individuals to enter for humanitarian reasons in compliance with its international obligations that must be malice in mexico we take on the president it is to. the peace enforcement to curb it with our make ratio that is going mental to its national guard mexico even though you repeated soudan border. on the border with guatemala checks are being stepped up while these measures were enough to avoid the tariffs the details are not yet finalized the united states and mexico have agreed to continue their
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discussions and nine's the final conditions in the next 90 days. for more on the story i'm joined by louie rose there she's from a research fellow at the gate institute for latin american studies lisa thanks so much for coming in so the dispute between the u.s. and mexico seems to be settled down for now where does this leave the 2 countries. this leaves the 2 countries i would say not in a better position than they were 2 weeks ago when these trade threat started. the 2 countries have managed in a way to save face but it's really not in a better position mexico has avoided the shame of accepting to become a 3rd safe country and has also managed to squeeze seeing its plan for a new interim growth development plan for central america with no commitment to from the u.s. to the amount of money that the u.s. is ready to invest and the u.s. has managed to press mexico to enforce and militarized the southern border.
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you know not no better off than they were about 2 weeks ago but what options does mexico have to address this issue and try and not really reaganite these tensions between the 2 countries the options i would say in the short term are very clear it has to apply the measures that it has promised you with regard to the deployment of the national guard but in the mid term. i think that the options are to establish alliances with other actors to try to be less dependent on the u.s. economy so that these threats are less harmful for mexico in the future and under that deal the mexico has agreed to deploy an extra $6000.00 troops to its border with quite a model of what effect would that have on the migration issue and the flow of migrants one has to consider that the economy so mexico in the south and guatemala are quite well integrated to a degree that got to modern workers come over to mexico to work there so this is
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1st of all going to make life very difficult for those people who depend on them transport or livelihood and i don't think that it's going to stop the flow of migrants in the long term because the problems that cause migration in the northern triangle of central america are not yet addressed that's mexico's plan but we will see if it gets implemented yeah well. to pick up on that you know what are the problems that are driving people to migrate through through mexico into the us the problems are connected to political instability to very corrupt governments in the us in guatemala. to instability in to widespread criminality and violence that threatens young boys and young men and pushes them to any great as the only way to save their lives so very deep seated problems and those without solving those problems they're not going away. these issues likely to be resolved by these measures that mexico has put again no absolutely not it will only make migration more difficult to do increase the cost of migration it will increase the cost of
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the smuggling industry of migrants if you doesn't address the root causes of migration that are very connected to political and economic issues being central america it's not going to stop migration in the long term louisa pedro's a research fellow at the gate institute for latin american studies here in germany thank you very much thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world the u.n. says the number of venezuelan refugees is now reached a few 1000000 it's one of latin america's worst ever humanitarian emergencies more and more people have been fleeing the socialist country with little sign of a solution to its political and economic crisis. in budapest rescuers are preparing to try and raise a sightseeing boat that sank in the danube last week 9 people are still missing after the vessel collided with a cruise ship 19 people are already confirmed dead in the disaster.
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turkish president wretch of time has served as best man at the wedding of german soccer star and arsenal midfielder mesut ozil quit the german national team last year amid a round of public rout over his turkish roots which came after a photograph of him with murder one drew criticism from. when german foreign minister hiker masses touched down in baghdad on an unannounced visit after starting his middle east tour in jordan he'll also travel to the united arab emirates and iran mouse is hoping to deescalate regional tensions and salvage iran's nuclear deal earlier i spoke to add on top of the by iran expert and head of germany's compo center i asked him how much influence moss has when it comes to keeping the deal afloat. i think we have to be realistic here germany germany's position itself might not be so sure to really influence the situation in the way that it is that we can safeguard the agreement but i think if the foreign minister
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who must speak on behalf of these 3 and from these a strong political message from these 3 from the european countries france germany and. great britain to tehran in that can be important and that will be an important signal to try and see what can be done to save the euro agreement the u.s. has impose new sanctions on iran yesterday and iran is refusing to talk to the u.s. could germany b.m.a. to. what we're seeing right now is that there are various countries various heads of state coming to the fore can be messengers messages back and forth between tehran and washington and we are seeing prime minister abbott from the road traveling to europe on next week as well and i think the entirety of the interlocutors may help to deescalate the situation to some extent so i think it will not be just on the shoulders to mediate here but it will be on a lot of people who will step in and try to deescalate the situation right the u.s.
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has stationed warships in the arabian sea to detail what they call iran's aggressive behavior what's at stake here. i guess a lot is it sticky i mean we can everybody who who ever it starts thinking about what the implications of a armed conflict or even a small incident between the iranian and american troops in the region would be and what escalation potential the myth that neon fall everyone knows that this has to be prevented met him this is why we have seen so many different officials from different countries both in the region but also but also outside the middle eastern region trying to make sure that there are some messages sent back and forth between tehran and washington to try to deescalate and to prevent at least in the 1st some sort of war military action and in the longer run try to prevent on the ground or pave the way for direct talks between the 2 middle east experts at the time by
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speaking to us a little earlier ethiopian prime minister med is calling for sudan's military to ensure a rapid transition to democracy and made a statement while in the strife torn country trying to put talks between the army and opposition back on track and gushy ations broke down this week after security forces killed dozens of protesters. terror on the streets of khartoum the secretly filmed images show security forces on the rampage dispensing of their violence as they seek to protest. car whips and guns uniformed men for civilians to dismantle roadblocks. this has become a city with a militias can do as they please. they are beating up people in the street so when the houses. are on the they came into the house of our neighbor and shot vests on your legs. months long protest toppled the autocrat. and put pressure on the
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military junta to hand over power to the people. but on monday the military struck rock the fader up its support forces a militia accused of genocide in darfur peaceful protesters camped in front of headquarters violence that's been ongoing ever since an opposition group of doctors estimates that over 100 people have been killed. stuff say the militias even stormed hospitals overflowing with the wounded. many of the medical staff were beaten back this case to one doctor that would killed that day and there are they were beaten they were subjected to all sorts of violence. on friday if you're just prime minister of iraq and the 2 minute time to stop the bloodshed. he met with general up to the. head of the transitional military council. neither side disclose what was said but it is keen to bring the military and the purchases back to the
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negotiating table. after his meeting with general the prime minister drove to the ethiopian embassy to speak to leaders of the protest movement. since the bloody crackdown does not they but the military that rules the streets of khartoum. turning to sport now and rael madrid have confirmed the signing of eden hazard from chelsea for a favor reported to be around $100000000.00 euros the belgian forward signed a 5 year deal with the spanish giants bringing to an end 7 is fellow chelsea the 28 year old won 2 premier league titles 2 europa league and f.a. cup during the time of the west london club. intending to women women's football now in the women's world cup is up and running hosts france kicked off the tournament against south korea and les bleus showed a force to be reckoned with in front of some 45000 fans in paris they ran their
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opponents ragged to rack up a resoundingly. for the french players in paris it was a night of immense national pride. they didn't have to wait long to take the lead 9 minutes in some fantastic work by mundine on reset up the open up usually listen thumping the ball into the back of the net via the underside of the cross bar to make it one. half an hour in grecian but back tees small volley was disallowed after the video ref court heard just centimeters pa side but front soon made it to nil anyway thanks to a powerful header from center half a windy renard. about one meter 87 renard towered above the korean defense and had an easy time out corners she repeated her earlier feat to make it 3 male just before. the 2nd half produced only this late highlight from on monday on reef the dream goal from the captain to round off
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a dream start to the tournament for the hosts. now are you ready to boldly go where few tourists have gone before well if you've got a taste for adventure and some serious money to burn you can start counting down nasa has announced it will open the international space station to commercial travel beginning next year space tourists as well as astronauts from private companies will be able to visit the station though only 2 short missions will be allowed each year the charge for staying on board will be a mere $35000.00 a night but getting to the space station will cost a cool $58000000.00 even if i could afford it it's not something i'll be doing any time soon you're watching daily news live from berlin coming up next world stories looks at night crime in britain don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the
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clock on our web site that's d w dot com i'm rebecca rivers here in berlin from me and the whole thing thanks for joining us. there are some sharp. many cars themselves away some secret.


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