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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2019 8:30pm-9:01pm CEST

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the. link to this from africa was our link to exceptional stories and discussion. is easy and while website the deputy comes to join us on facebook. there are new era why you're not in the kitchen what are you doing here women are supposed to bring this to mean once outbrain just like to see exactly. cool think women around have placed on the pig thinkable the fantastic female players who have
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graced the game existences i believe that it will happen sometimes that everything is equal to the rules what more do women have to do to get respect mine is the enormous winner of the women's ban on don't have to put up with this kind of easiest because it was known. that this edition is all about women the individuals who play the game. some initial fan play on the pitch. my name is going to be honest. women who captured iconic and infamous moments on camera. but i just wanted to get up and have a go. and we began with our raising reports said dana. foster that the playoffs there will be a better place premier league easy. heart never let me off. with
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. nobody. really come on going to sleep got what's going on here. then yes on fire. back i'm sure it would not. stand if you fancy in the woods our partner's been so sorry. tottenham fans everywhere. and the beautiful city of dortmund. he was booked to oh you know it's got to. fashion charmers and i had i was good last 16 2nd leg it came in during the clash between dortmund and taunton has now last year gave us
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a miracle you know rolled out barcelona can happen again next year. to the 1st leg of the 2 buildings round of 16 are over and you know what we've got to say right now as it stands the england versus your money rivalry things are working better for england right now man city played shall carry guns in kitchens and they don't drink too at this and film are decisions fired once a living room park the bus think you know there's a time ok for that and dortmund's up looking ok in the 1st cup we got thrashed you know at wembley so they have a pretty big mountain ahead of them tonight but you know what this might all be part of the bigger picture i mean if you look at the world cup he was a disaster but england looked pretty good also all the monies in the prem really do right now and if you go to the new games in england you find all the germans got there because the talent is in england you just got to ask the question is invalid . finally just leaving germany in the bundesliga and just you know what we're doing
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and let's go was the thing. what do you think better i'm really going to sleep with nobody. really really what do you think is better the bundesliga or the premier league i'm going to fly. past to the playoffs. i said look at. ok so good you think our premier league. which is that it was really yes because it's more compared to a bit this league is the only good part one team or 2 maybe the premier league is a little bit more it's actually more competitive tennis i think there's. you know a few favorite teams in the but this league on and outside of that there isn't a lot of your experience bad yeah i'll just come and listen to what i call a site that really did win this league of the buddha's league or how many teams are
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there really to to exactly start premier league easy the harder meet. in this league up to for its aims only england or germany but i'll tell you off the guy because. i think that's a trend in the autumn when this media in that in a minute to. really. think back with some of the areas some of them want to stake a fan base the fan base for the speakers is a place where you least they have something good going on in germany with the youth of element to the german talents while your brother high a level of the british think you. are right there waiting for the move on we're going to get on our way to the stadium seems going on there usually the fans got to the edge of the game before the big.
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we are on our way to the stadium there it is we're going to you know now i've gotten player that's all i said that the signal is actually not worse than the premier league it's just the premier league is more hyped up so more people see it more people watch it from work follow it with talent is just the same as in the bundesliga now about lack of german legend on the other hand he thinks differently things you can see a noticeable difference in the quality between the bundesliga and the premier league and the crew really is way better and has been for a while. what about the fans but they've been told it. is the best. yeah yeah yeah. fun fact bastian flying star gary when he was asked what he was most
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afraid of so darren's players the coaches the media whatever his answer was he is the most scared the suit tribune the yellow wall so harry king i feel and i think. german fans or english fans that are well why why the german fans but when i say not that i didn't. go into the fans the mood to go definitely still can compete but when i went on the pitch is dortmund capable of making miracle tonight and tipping the scales in the winners because they were but i think. that. some. of. the.
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the 2nd part they thought were hoping that like the one off the series big. enough. it would not be out. now please don't let them or are they just competing looked at nearly killed not enough yet have i and it still felt like that. said. i. think.
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i was but i was. scared hot. shit and bored and right now i think this is like being deceptive. the way the mc so now you don't just stand in front of. all really. operate glamorous and a. chance to. leave money for life with. him if you get a big difference between his life on doing your show you lose your soul to the old one how do you show they all you know i'm special to 1st all the rest of the if you also love the book 1st show last and i think the big problem so with and he didn't consider gold was also been lucky to be able. i'm the 1st to buy the war
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that he made the british save and i think you know this a football you know you. always expect. the best with the best service or is all best the best way is you know results have a life of course they they they did better than us they were shopping we might have played good to have some on their plate to come off something and yet we're for hometown. so i watched that and say that we deserved to go through but as far as i see it still comparable teams the biggest difference was maybe i. should put it that they played more like i don't. you think that tottenham was better you never know the chairmanship of them or this german so you. must go out. and when they're going to sleep when the budget.
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does it goes. i think they made us all feel local to the world but it will be with a bad seed and yeah it might limit better but the fans in germany are good but they are bad at it and i think the wounds the best suit of the words we can move on with. the fans it was for. one of the kids at the end of the day the premier league an englishman but at this moment it's probably just a little bit better than german football but you got to remember that no fans like the german fans and no better place to experience the full 5 years here in germany . ok guys that's enough here for me and in the meantime you know we'll be sure to call you if we can to keep companies you can answer the crowd to steal the cars that are going on and we'll see what looked. women
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around the world fight against discrimination and harassment which will raise their ugly heads in for people. who are you know why are you not in the kitchen what are you doing here we. should be doing this. bizarrely some people still have a problem with women and football. but it is in 2018 our behavior back when the very 1st bad norm dauphine now but an otherwise unforgettable evening was overshadowed by a truly shameful moment. could you imagine the world's best male player being asked if they could do a sexy times last season he got back scored more goals than right now. sexism remains an issue in the women's game one of the biggest problems is women
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simply not being taken seriously if you are the very youngest what are you doing here we're not supposed to be doing this so you get that from this but. you get it from the porch if it's almost like a normal thing. photograph it was about 18 years old sitting inside because they wanted to take pictures said to me who are you know why are you not in the kitchen. and sometimes that harassment turns into sexual abuse and issues the afghanistan national signs have spoken out about. 2 state representatives were drunk. to touch their body how can things change coaches and referees from 25 countries met in burnet to discuss the problems. of. such arrests one
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does occur worldwide and i think there's a certain area which has to be an often overlooked. in the past so we've had in society a very big discussion around the need to hash out and i think this government has already arrived on 4.0 there is fictional all over the world and i think we can still play here in new things to sucker as a tool to empower women so they can say i have always i can do these i have to work i'm a leader i believe that it will probably find everything that is equal to you and then it will be special and walked. to you we're going to get. the beautiful game has the power to change things a beacon of hope and a lost battle in dog awards sent out an important signal this is a fun costly there is one gender always discernible are it's a big step forward one small to how these are mourning. and that's why you need to
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take a moment to really cherish it meant to ensure the importance of pushing young girls to pursue their dreams because everyone can contribute to. the host is also breaking down barriers in 2017 she made history in germany by becoming the 1st female to officiate a top level men's match. my name is. police officer. she's the 1st woman to referee a game in the bundesliga for any top european men speak. she's not too keen on the line knights however is specially not on account of her gender but she is in the limelight because she's a woman a female referee a trailblazer to be honest and house on wonder woman great girl more will definitely a prior. own rules being your call and being
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a referee is very similar. and on responsibility also performing for all the female referees that around the world. the german born disney guys definitely one of the world why it's most respected football league all over and so having a female official here is really a big foot in general for humana fishnets but let's be honest such functions will be honest on our. list of places. in this league it's. the main challenge in refereeing is to control 22 totally different players totally different characters. on a certain number of square metres with
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a lot of spectators in the stadium at home i'm having my close call t.v. and media as a referee she wants ice to be on the match on her general i don't like headlines about referees because that means that you half you have been in the focus of the game and this is definitely where you don't want to be so headlines and read all are not the best for referees. i actually liked the headline from my 2nd game my 2nd one is me again much more because there was just no headlight at all that's a step forward and admit. she's taken charge of games at the highest levels of the women's game from the world cup to the champions league final she's a 2 time world referee of the year. after officiating games in germany 2nd division
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she talked an internal evaluation list of the full rasch see what actually promoted to the top flight school man so women held to the highest standards. they are definitely not allowed to perform the less i would say about i don't really like the general topic and football refrain even if it's not a topic for me i can feel that it's a topic for people around me the performer is what matters and the best person doing the best performance should be on the pitch no matter what sex no matter what hair color no matter what religion. that's all what comment. even if jen did just not count let's talk about female role models. wonder woman. great role model definitely a pyre neo with
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a lot of strength and power and passion and she is she's taking care of the society and she has values and is defending mom. and the queen and also a very bold way to treat people you're responsible for. yeah actually she has a great responsibility for our country and for all these people who are living in our country i think she is a really great role model of how to communicate with people how to treat with respect. communication respects and responsibility. about media bias and by. that i did not magic.
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being your call and being a referee is very same you know you always have to deal with. 2 different sides all like a matter in between so these 2 different sides of the medal house to be guided by somebody neutral from the outside and this is what you do as a police officer and also as a referee at the end of the day the police officer or the referee is the one who takes to the solution and laid to us at this point people will understand that there is somebody in charge. when people see me as a pioneer. and feel for me like both ways so on on one hand it's such a great on urge to be a role model but on the other hand it's
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a lot of pressure as well because people expect you to be on your best every single day every single match you do it's a lot of pressure that people are looking at you in a different way because you're not only performing for yourself you're also performing for all the female referees around the world who would like to make the same step in their own and. i would give the advice to anybody out there no matter what age no matter what. try to work as a referee like enjoy this spirit to be out there that's a lovely sport it's a great challenge go all paragraph or worse for it or work you do. the round of shows which is women if i should grafting the tories movement in football history much enough in money. thank you for watching.
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when germany played one of the lines in 990 emotions spoiled all of us. and this photographer caught it all. off oh look constant yet for the most of us it's quite. low that's going to get me on. the scene as the void is i guess. i got thoughts on the from play footy and also holden dunn. and what. it mean wasn't going for. at least an heiling wasn't the russian media of the blitz but on the internet much. less that nonsense but you can tell it's business have to budge and that's not most
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of the times that side. business while a bite of innocent families in glasgow tends to board $51.00 shots of yvonne within each of them. will be for i'm one of them and understanding that it happened also kendall and fertile and often is fertile in wachusett to someone find i'm couldn't other $1000.00 indians in the long run. that's one of the steve who talk at. best footballers in the uk the senior bush bank in holland can. feel it in english talent by the end of a 3 often a spot the money seized as $1.00 order to his to. launch with us folks who started this whole with. months i said it's not a hot and. humid lot it's been too shall i don and that's not. useful things have.
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a lot in the end that all of this let's not. have to become knocked out of solution by disputes with special interest up. that's us in deference to the secret of. order get it up on top of that and the that is one of them 1st get up and see. if i understand it the best the best i didn't do so not i'm not lying all i might have is the basement people snore. just going to get it on. if i am good as far off 1st but so moved to list when you said i'm just a soloist i'd like. to commence with a cough and how much i'd need to see him for the food yes he's lost i don't think he's had to move in with you up if you look like that if they hold.
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the fleeing suspect is in this mood in the hospital just as i did this. tends to. let me know click up. i think look up i for one. just was. different viewpoint here. with a cop to. find out for me so i learned that he. was. fired so i'm school what. the fuck was going for me and did she. understand left him for her to come by 5 months minutes and be left on a lot of commotion predict. all of us what the functions of interest beautiful young people. i think it's
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a month under the gun since p u. n 4 go all. the muslims no one what we need to islam. because the $1.00 to 2000 is a useful blessedness of.
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multinational companies are suing nation states. for damages worth billions. from lawsuit goes against national laws. but they're made possible by free trade agreements. are they a risk to national sovereignty. sita to you to burn coal the power of the corporations. 15 x. d.w. .
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their super sharp. many i think sells away super secretive then you'll hear the jingling of coins and super rich were definitely around 20000000000 more or less. how do germany's wealthiest people live why do they keep such a low profile we have a snoop around to catch a glimpse. of good top of the world to discuss life of the super bridge starts june 10th on w. b r find his want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan that didn't simply assume. the nothing is just the children who have always
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been the way and that's you and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of the ways it will be. granting opportunities global news that matters d.w.m. made from minds. china burning the global tourist guide the true money's booming capital i love berlin the full scope of the multicultural metropolis you know where you're a back siri the bad it's not like the choices. i love you don't want to show it was a certain looks like some tough choice like me just by the 15 nations of the 50 story. and 50 fairly personal tips on berlin's very best. book now. covering with t.w. .
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place . does this day w news live from berlin to mexico a voice potentially devastating us a terrorist with a last minute deal on migration president trump says planned levies on mexican goods are suspended indefinitely after mexico agreed to do more to stem the flow of migrants crossing its territory also coming up the. oceans are crucial to sustaining life but they face the mounting problems a plastic waste for world oceans day our reporter goes to sierra leone to.


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