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this is g.w. line from berlin a last minute deal on migration helps mexico avoid potentially devastating us terrorists as president trump says the spending planned levies on mexican goods indefinitely after mexico agreed to do more to stem the flow of migrants crossing its territory is also coming up. bad news for a stingy internet giant g 20 finance ministers meeting in japan james they'll make it harder for a big tax to avoid big tax we'll have the details. and germany's women kick off
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their world cup campaign with a one victory over china. welcome to the program the united states and mexico have reached an 11th hour deal to crack down on migration from central america earlier the white house threatened to slap tariffs on mexico if it failed to stop record numbers of migrants from traveling through its territory to the u.s. border but the deal appears to fall short of the key u.s. demand that mexico accept the designation of safe 3rd country that would have forced it to permanently take and most central american asylum seekers. for these migrants the trip north to the u.s. good and cheer on the border between mexico and guatemala. mexican authorities have
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agreed to crack down on illegal migration as part of a deal to avert an all out tariff war between the u.s. and mexico. u.s. president donald trump heralded the last minute deal on twitter saying tariffs would be indefinitely suspended and that mexico had agreed to take strong measures to stop central american migrants heading through mexico to the u.s. mexico's foreign minister said the deal was a fair play. people crossing into the u.s. to seek asylum will be rapidly returned to mexico while their applications for asylum are processed in turn mexico will allow these individuals to enter for humanitarian reasons in compliance with its international obligations. speaking on the sidelines of the g 20 finance meeting in japan the us treasury secretary stephen minucci said trump's goal of fixing immigration problems on the mexico border have been achieved he added trump could still impose tariffs if mexico
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failed to follow up on its pledges well tariffs have been averted the human toll from migrants many fleeing violence in guatemala honduras and el salvador has gone up the final conditions are said to be hammered out in discussions within 90 days. mexican journalist from our spanish department joins me now in the studio is right a last minute deal how pleased they are both sides with this agreement well i think for makes it very important to stop this these 3 they can count on me so for now i think for makes it. a very good deal also for. interpreting urson enterprises in the u.s. because world makes us are very very close partners to the think both of the economies of the people there so i think right now people are happy also because the mexican president shows that he can handle she's not like some people said at
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the beginning of his period that he could be like some kind of model he's open to protect the economy he's. here and he's not thinking with the stomach like some other presidents around the area what is the reaction in mexico been that he's open to negotiate but has he possibly made too many concessions there well i think some of the some part of the society is not happy because well they like things to very intellectual where it's so they they say well we need to start. the amounts of appraising but that's mixed things up because well they were speaking about the economy some months ago. nafta was santo and right now he's using these other topic migration as a measure of pressure but there otherwise i think in general. the businessmen are
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happy because well we knew it was important to stop this at this moment. as part of the deal mexico says the ploy is 6000 troops to the southern border how likely are they to stop the flow of migrants coming in well i think the most important thing is that they are going to start to have some control over what's happening there because in the past some other presidents just ignore these stop a decision on their word like throwing if it wouldn't exist because it was not affecting mexico directly because people was just passing through and i think it's very important to point out that mexico asked for our long term strategy in order to reactivate that comics from central america to tackle these problems not just in one month but for the future. thank you very much.
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a russian court has put a prominent journalist under house arrest even golon of known for investigating corruption among moscow city officials was detained on thursday for a legend drug offenses earlier on saturday call enough was temporarily hospitalized for medical tests after he claimed he was beaten in police custody. by our correspondent yellin was at the court hearing she sent us this report russian investigative journalist of on has been put under house arrest for 2 months that was completely unpredictable because investigators accused him for selling a large amount of drugs these can put him in prison up to 20 years people who gather to support him in moscow today took it as a victory journalists human rights activists and friends came to the court in the early morning and state here till midnight in the court of on going north has not admitted his guilt and pointed out that it might be connected with his last still
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unpublished investigation about funeral business in russia and high ranking officials him mention that he has been receiving threats iran will stay under house arrest till the 7th of august. on the 2nd day of his visit to the middle east germany's foreign minister a high colossus traveled to the iraqi capital baghdad where he held talks with president barham salih last praised the country's measured approach to the growing tensions in the region and urged the international community not to turn its back on iraq at this crucial time. this transport plane is leaving jordan and heading for baghdad germany's foreign minister is getting ready for another sensitive mission in the middle east the growing tension between the united states and iran hangs over the region with iraq right in the center of it there is a u.s. military presence in iraq and iran has considerable influence gemini's ability to mediate is limited. that's why rock is taking over
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a counterbalancing role here in the region and tries to deescalate situations on its own initiative using dialogue and talks to resupport that. the german military is supporting iraq in the fight against the so-called islamic state and plays an active role in training the police hike a mosque is greeted warmly by the country's prime minister and president no one's expecting quick fixes neither in baghdad nor. transputer to simply appear many doesn't play any role at all in iraqi politics the federal government has tried to change that with this training mission for the iraqi military however this mission is mainly symbolic and not to a hike a mosque also find time to meet with a group of women's rights activists fighting for a better future for that country. the g 20 finance ministers have kicked off a 2 day meeting in the japanese city a phone call cut the group of 20 is expected to step up its efforts to collect
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taxes from big tech companies facebook google and many other internet giants have come under fire for cutting their bills by booking profits in low tax countries regardless of the location of their end customers. has the reputation of being a city for startups it's also a showcase for finance ministers like all of schultz who want some changes together with the o.e.c.d. the organization for economic cooperation and development they want to rework the international tax system and in contrast to trade issues this time the u.s. is on board. sounds like we have a strong consensus so now we need to just take the consensus that's across here and deal with the technicalities of i would turn this into an agreement by next year it should be clear how corporations should be taxed which earn revenues around the world from digital products despite having few physical locations facebook's european headquarters are in ireland
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a country with low taxation it's possible that google will also have to pay taxes in the future in every country where it earns money germany and france are recommending a minimum global tax rate which should prevent funds from being diverted elsewhere and to subside theory companies or tax havens in a live countries we've talked to think that's important that's why considering all the work that's going into it we can assume it should be finalized by next year and then we'll put them into effect in europe and in germany the g 20 summit of finance ministers will end on sunday after a joint meeting with the heads of central banks. of the women's world cup and france and to go over all the action ali moving from sports as with me now ali germany. kicked out the tournaments day with a match against china how did they do yet this turned out to be a really tough task for germany they were the favorites going into the match with china china gave them
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a real game of it and on another day with some better finishing they could have come away with the win as it was though it was. exciting racked up that all important victory at this world cup thanks largely to one of the youngest players in the squad now we've got the highlights in this game so let's take a look about right now. germany almost got off to a dream start with this opportunity in the 3rd minute to be a brits firing just inches why china had a chance 10 minutes later one showing sharon should have pulled the trigger sooner i do is encourage a deflection of the shot in the nick of time. china came close again is young lead curled an exquisite effort into schultz post. a huge lead off for germany. germany's big break arrived in the 2nd town adores to encourage a corner was cleared but only as far as julia when the midfielder smashing home to
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put herself in the lead for good. one nil the final score coach martina fostex lim board could be happy that her team came away with a scrappy victory i. sew a rather tight make 3 there for germany but what a moment for into what did you think of her performance absolutely is very impressive for a while to come out with a moment like that a match winning moment for a 19 year old as well playing a 1st world cup game ever just over the moon after that i thought her instead you hoops the 2 wing is where germany's best outlet talking out ledger in the game when they struggled really to create chances those 2 were the best options that they had so that was one plus and i think youth generally was a big plus for germany in this game as well aside from julie had when they all. he was just 17 years of all come on off the bench. just 21 she is someone with a very bright future i think as a goal scorer so yes certainly the future is very bright for germany with these 3
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players already making an impact on the same woman as big as the world cup nigeria took on norway how did that one play out yet this one turned into a bit of a walkover for norway unfortunately for nigeria we've got the highlights from this one too so we can take a look at those it was good or right and who opened the scoring for norway in the 1st off a show called routine here and thanks for deflection from nigeria today. and not too long after that lisa marie slams harmonies were not really finished for her. surely off about the guy was pretty much over although it was still the 1st of. all holiday scoring and go for nigeria and picture perfect result there no way now it really shows time presses this norway so i do because they did this they won this game without not just their best player but arguably the best player in the world ought to have you back who is missing from this tournament as she has been
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from the norway team for the last 2 years due to a protest against the treatment of women's football in female football was nor why she hasn't places the european championship in 27 c. now it's a big story for all these reasons in terms of equality in football and it's certainly been making waves but the no white same this world cup in this game at least it didn't seem to hamper that young says the movie of the deadliest war thank you very much to their male counterparts now in qualifying for next year's european football championship germany came away with a comfortable 2 no away when against an early goal from leroy sunday and another in the 2nd half from marco roy's field the deal for germany now won 2 out of 2 in the euro 2020 qualifiers. you're watching t w news life from berlin coming up next as world stories the weekend reports today with a look at armed vigilantes at the u.s. southern border and detaining migrants trying to enter the country make sure to
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stay tuned for that and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website if you don't come on the phone late for me and everybody at the newsroom here in berlin thanks for joining to. iraq and kuwait. by the church. and oh oh.


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