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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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really some reconcilable come. june 17th. this is news coming to you live from hong kong's leader pushes ahead with legislation that fueled the territory's biggest protests in decades. the proposed extradition is necessary to uphold justice the critics say beijing really wants to target political opponents in the city protests against.
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minister flies to tehran to try to save the iran's nuclear deal we find out how radians are managing to get by as u.s. sanctions by. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us organizers of massive protests in hong kong say they will hold a new rally on wednesday opposition leaders say more than a 1000000 people turned out to protest against a planned extradition lol at the weekend that would allow hong kong to send suspects to mainland china to face trial police clashed with protesters on sunday critics say the law would give beijing free rein to pursue political opponents in hong kong which has kept its own justice system since returning to chinese rule in 1900. i the territory's probation leader has vowed to press on with the bill saying
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it's crucial for hong kong's future this is a very important piece of legislation that will have to uphold justice and also ensure that hong kong will fulfill the international obligation in terms of cross boundaries and transnational crimes. but the organizers of the protest say as many as a 1000000 people took to the streets on sunday they had hoped such an immense show of rejection would force the territory's government to shelve the bill. met some of the organizers. pro-democracy organizations have been preparing for this demonstration for weeks christopher among is leader of one of the most prominent groups involved. immobilization is going through. the hole so sad he's been feuding. including secondary schools including.
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committee on those days yet. they're demanding kerry lands hong kong government scrap an extradition bill which would allow suspects to be sent to mainland china the government has amended it twice already and says concerns that would be abused are unfounded. international spotlight will be on every surrender request put forward by. complete transparency of the capo seizures in whole cause i don't think they will put trumped up cases to hong kong. but that is exactly what christopher among fears just a few days ago this a memorial in hong kong to a labor activist who died after serving years in a main than chinese prison. hong kong's trade unions have been supporting labor activists in china for a long time but the bill has increased their concerns he was. trying to
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snuff money who make use of this. amendment. punishing. people who live. in the 9th ward on. similar fears have been voiced by media associations hong kong free press is an independent news website that was launched in 2015 amid worries about shrinking press freedom. i don't think there will be any immediate sort of changes or or or exercising of the floor when it kicks in because there's been such a course of criticism but i would not be surprised in the years to come if it was a new thing in a very broad and for conan way and that is what worries of the journalist and many other factors in hong kong. as protesters gathered on sunday it quickly became
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clear their hopes for a large turnout had been met if organizers estimates that they numbered a 1000000 or correct it would be the biggest demonstration here for 30 years. did. that report joins us. as you were at the protests yesterday and saw the huge crowds scaling is massive demonstrations make a difference do you think this extradition bill still be stalled. well the demonstrations certainly make a difference to the pro 2 stitches to their own estimates of strength the hong kong government has announced that this would not make a difference carry the chief executive. she would not step down and she would not back the back down from the bill but she thanked the protesters for expressing their opinion all we can expect that this will of course. food if you will.
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the protests there those massive demonstrations became violent clashes did occur. what can you tell us about that violence. around 12 o'clock that was when officially the time granted for the demonstrations expired around that time about a group of young people students mostly localist as they're called gathered outside the. pledge code legible legislative council which is here behind me. and said that they would stay until the bill would be discussed in parliament which is scheduled for wednesday now there are 2 versions one version is that they then try to storm the central government offices which are next to that edge go the other version is that police cleared the square off to. the time for the
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demonstration has expired and done police clashed with the protesters who were moving around metal barricades metal fences that were put in place to shield off the government offices and police men with betances clashing with these protesters. stand that organizers are planning further protests this week what can we expect in the days ahead. well as you can see behind me now it's very calm around the government central government's offices there are a few minor events planned throughout the days as there have been. before but i guess we can expect some larger turnout of protesters again on wednesday that is when the bill will be discussed in parliament and according to the government
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should be passed already. tastes like you very much they don't as much as pulling other reporting from hong kong. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world an indian court has convicted 6 hindu men for involvement in the rape and murder of an 8 year old muslim girl last year girl's death sparked outrage and religious tensions in indian croll controlled kashmir india has a director for violence against women who are seeking the death penalty. authorities in kazakhstan say jo moto kaya present won the country's presidential election with more than 70 percent of the vote. is the hand picked successor of former president knows what on the her bio. boat was overshadowed by public demonstrations protesters decried what they said was a fixed election. polling crane has killed one person and injured several others
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in the u.s. city of dallas a crane collapsed into an apartment building during a storm crews searching the building found the body of a woman 6 other people were taken to hospital. and in haiti at least one person has been reported killed in the capital port au prince during violent protests demanding the removal of president more weeds government auditors have accused modise of embezzling public funds and in public funds intended for repairing the country's infrastructure. germany's foreign minister who is in tehran for talks aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal between iran and a group of world powers the reigning government is putting pressure on germany saying mass must deliver more than just words on his visit and state t.v. has said the european union has failed to salvage the deal here's what must had to say before he arrived in tehran. we want to exchange views in tehran
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on what further steps can be taken to help us to fill our obligations but just as much iran to a discussion of less for less is not as if they were prepared to have that's why i hope that we on both sides will find constructive ways of preserving the agreement at this discussion. i believe after all that iran must also have a political interest in ensuring that this agreement continues to exist in the future. does this does this it's who qualify for crypt well joining us now in studio is our political correspondent simon young simon what's the current state of play here what is the status of the iran nuclear deal without the us on board what is in a polish state because as you say the us pulled down to a year ago and they believe the deal doesn't work and the thing to do is to ramp up sanctions as they've done they've also increased their military posts to putting an
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aircraft carriers in heavy omas and all the military assets into the region. it's a serious situation iran on its side ease threatening to pull out of the deal rather they've set a deadline of early july for european the european partners to the deal to as they say normalize economic relations with iran you know that's quite difficult to do efforts are ongoing analysts say you know that otherwise the consequences that iran says it could impose if that doesn't happen could mean really still wanting then nuclear program of course that's exactly what western countries want to avoid being in western countries what is the german foreign minister want to achieve on his current visit what's at stake for germany and the other signatories are trying to keep the deal going what the german foreign minister said what he's trying to. promote dialogue and deescalation so he's just
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trying to keep the talking going and keep the iranians in play and he said that this year as you heard him say there the idea of less palash is not acceptable in other words a new iranian effort so watered down the the deal watered down their commitments in return for a lesser commitment on on the other side that's not going to work for him either he said both sides are going to keep their promises and what the europeans have got to do is implement this instinct payment system which is a way for european countries german companies that want to do business in iran to avoid the threat of u.s. sanctions on their side he said it's a difficult system to set up that have been done before and of course the problem is that your european companies may still worry that the more important trade if they have some with the u.s. may be affected they may face sanctions if they do business with iran so that's what all this is about he's there to keep the talking going. simon thank you so
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much political correspondent. and i guess a sports for you in england kicked off their women's world cup campaign with a 21 win over their old rival scotland and a england the chance to score from the penalty spot the key to a pub he's converted to make it one nil the lion misses doubled their lead before half time when ellen white pounced on a loose ball in the box and showed she's got an eye for goal scotland hold a goal but clare m's emsley in the 79th minute but england held out take all 3 points. meanwhile australia and italy kicked off their women's world cup campaigns with a thrilling group c. clash a game was all square at one all going into the last minute of injury time but italy would strike a dagger into australian hearts when barbara bowden c.e.o.
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scored her 2nd goal of the game to seal the result informatic fashion to one the final score. tennis now rafael nadal is the french open champion once again in a repeat of last year's final nidal faced off with dominic team for the title just like last year the spaniard continued his phenomenal spell of dominance to rack up a record breaking victory. it was a quick turnaround for a dominant team he only finished his mammoth 5 cent semifinal against novak djokovic on saturday then on sunday he faced the king of clay on his favorite course so it came as no surprise when rafael nadal took the opening set 63. not i team foot back to win the next set but nadal was back to his ruthless best after that securing a double break of serve to claim the 3rd $61.00. the 4th was just as brutal when
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team sent to return long on match point and oust 12 friends. open victory was secure. susa no other player has won as many titles as a single grand slam tournament and while team's time may yet come the now that king reign supre. it watching t.v. news up next close up all the what life might be like in the year 2060 suniel be with is top of next hour thanks watch. her 1st day at school. the 1st congress of. the doors grandma is arrives. joining a regular chain on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour
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an orangutan returns home on t w don't come to tanks.


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