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card. rock n roll. 72 w. . this is d w news live from berlin anger in hong kong as the government oppresses on with divisive legislation the territory's largest protests and decades erupt over proposed laws allowing extradition to mainland china protest organizers are demanding more rallies on wednesday but hong kong as leader says she will still back the legislation. also coming up germany and iran take steps to salvage the
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landmark 2015 nuclear deal iran's foreign minister tells his german counterpart we will cooperate with the european union to save the fact. the ancient town in turkey that's about to be lost forever beneath the waters of a dam 12000 years of human civilization flooded to provide electricity. and a controversial ruling all floors german drivers a bus in fact all of the canadian grand prix leaving lewis hamilton jumping for joy . i'm sorry so misconduct it's good to have you with us. organizers of mass protests in hong kong say they will hold a new rally on wednesday opposition leaders say more than a 1000000 people turned out over the weekend to protest a planned. extradition law now the legislation would pave the way for hong kong to
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send suspects to mainland china to face trial but critics say it would give beijing free rein to go after political opponents in hong kong there's more. they're fighting for justice and these protesters know that if they don't make a noise and i than they were standing over there in japan to judicial system to beijing organizers say more than a 1000000 people joined that march but that's not change the minds of the people in charge. why we will continue to do the communication and explanation there's very little merit to be gained tool delaying the bill it will just cause more and divisiveness in society the protests have had broad support attracting not just activists and students but also businesspeople and lawyers are normally supportive of the establishment. if they invested in the rebel visit investor. you
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know you lose confidence in hong kong and more because of this see you know you go bill there you know the whole goal will economically would also be those wrong. mainland china use all sorts of way. to it's a site of so-called dictatorship in hong kong. to kidnap the people they treated us and in the. many fear china's legal system with its high conviction rate and liberal use of the death penalty. hong kong's government says it's included safeguards in the bell and amended it only applies to crimes carrying a sentence of 7 years or more critics say this is inadequate the protests are expected to continue to keep up the pressure on lawmakers as they prepare to debate the bell on wednesday. our correspondent bellinger is standing by for us in hong kong where he's covering the story for us hi mathias we see really huge crowds take
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to the streets the opposition leaders say more than a 1000000 people turn out to protest but can these massive demonstrations really make a difference can this extradition bill still be stopped well if you listen to the hong kong government the answer is no carry lamb the chief executive. issued a statement today she's sad that she thanked all these people for expressing their opinion but she would not consider this opinion she would push ahead with her bill and she would not step down. this of course will most probably spark further protests and more anger in the city that is you've been covering these protests and we did hear from authorities that there were clashes last night between police and these protesters what can you tell us about that. around 12 o'clock when most protesters had left a group of students said that they would camp outside of the building you can see
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here behind me. the parliament the city's parliament until. wednesday that is when the bill is due to be discussed in let's go. and. then there are several words one version is that part of these people tried to storm the government headquarters which are just next to the parliament and were then dispersed by the police others say that when time according to the protests ended at 2359 at midnight the police dispersed the people who were gathering around and that erupted into clashes. it's both both things did happen it's hard to say which one was the 1st and then the clashes continued until the early morning their own 6 o'clock i think there was news that all everything hot been terminated around the streets around here much a spelling of reporting in hong kong for us thank you. now at least 95 people have
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been killed in an ethnic attack in central mali it's the latest massacre amid an ongoing conflict between rival communities in the west african country the attack happened in the village of so beyond coup which is inhabited by members of the de going community official said identified unidentified gunmen attacked overnight virtually wiping out the entire village now fighting between doggone hunters and rival fulani herders has already left hundreds dead in the past year and a half let's bring in journalist pasta matthews in mali's capital bamako and joins us on the line graham do we have any information on why this attack on this village took place. we don't have any information exactly on why this particular attack took place but you can put this in as you've already said in your introduction you can put this in the context of the why the cycle of violence that have been going on in this region which is in the center of mali. and which have
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seen an escalation off attacks since the beginning of this year went through villages were attacked with similar numbers or victims in the hundreds and this seems to be the latest one in this ongoing cycle ok so this is an ongoing cycle of violence from your sara and saying so what do we know at this point about the perpetrators. there are now rumors circulating year older these have to be confirmed that there have been that this attack was perpetrated by. people who came in with arms at 3 am in the morning and when everybody was asleep obviously and attacked us with a burned most of it down or at least cause great damage to the marrow of the village is on record saying that at least he had counted something like 95 victims this is likely to go up and in the online media here in the mco the feeling seems to be that this has been perpetrated by pearl and this is quite clearly
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a revenge for earlier attacks that were blamed on global militias in which many pro people were killed in attacks against their villages braniff this is an ongoing cycle of violence what are authorities local and federal doing to prevent attacks like these. very little because there is very little that they can do the army is overstretched it can't cope with levels of violence of have been going on for years now and 1st in the north and then in the central the country and the state has absent itself from large swaths or this particular region in central mali because of the uncertainty and because of the high levels of insecurity so the state is largely absent being calls obviously for the state to be reinstated but that presupposes that security which can which nobody can guarantee all right journalist from posthumous reporting from mali's capital bamako thank you very much for speaking to us. let's get
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a round up now of some other stories making news around the world an indian court has sentenced 3 hindu men to life in prison for their role in the rape and murder of an 8 year old muslim girl last year 3 others all police officers caught 15 years in jail for destroying evidence the girl's death sparked outrage and inflamed religious tensions in indian controlled kashmir. international observers say sunday's presidential election in kazakhstan was tarnished by human rights violations the electoral commission in the country says the winner of the vote is cast in joe mark the hand-picked successor of former president nursultan nazarbayev the election was overshadowed by the arrest of hundreds of office ition protesters . and the race to become britain's next prime minister is officially underway former foreign minister boris johnson is the favorite to succeed to reset may candidates need the backing of other conservative lawmakers to enter the contest foreign minister jeremy hunt is another one of the 11 tories vying for the top job
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in british politics. iran's foreign minister says his country will work with the european union to save the 2015 nuclear deal those words came after talks with german foreign minister in tehran mohammad javad zarif said the discussions had been frank and serious he also warned the us against waging what he called economic war on iran. let's go to tehran and a correspondent for the news agency a.f.p. joins us hi i'm aware that the talks between moss and edge of it sorry seems to have seemed to have had some success what do you make of the words that we've heard coming from them today. hello and thanks for having me well the 1st thing i felt was that if you saw the press think the thing to be going that's great it's going to be a little tension between the 2 men and. the 1st question was came about israel and
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the lack of the difference between the 2 major the even more significant because coming from the words that they say during the press it does not seem there's a. clear result you could say that iran still said what it expected from the european union to happen germany was not exactly able to give a. clear understanding of what that include offer it was if they didn't mention instict again that is old news that it's been in more than a year and nothing has happened so i mean from iran's perspective what is iran looking for what does it need to see from germany and europe to say the scale. although i do want to show us just what is wrong with its being able to sell its oil and its being able to have its banking relations without the u.s. interference with that would be that is definitely ideal and i think may be hard to have and that seems rather crossly impossible for europe to make happen because of
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the close financial relations and defendants they have on the u.s. market so is expecting europe to step in and be able to live on this commitment to the nuclear deal but it seems very unlikely that europeans would actually be able to do that especially if they are trying in other requirements or talks with just talking about iran's missile program or its regional policies which iran really emphasize again today that that is want to be part of any negotiation any talks all right i mean i have asked a correspondent for the a.f.p. news agency in tehran thank you so much for joining us. now the deal was struck in 2053 in 15 between iran france germany britain russia china and the us it was meant to restrict iran's ability to make nuclear weapons in exchange for relief from economic sanctions but since donald trump pulled the u.s.
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out of the deal there's been a rising tension between washington and tehran. iran nuclear deal requires care and to limit its atomic enrichment in verifiable ways so that it cannot make weapons and requires it to submit to international inspections. in return tehran is supposed to get relief from sanctions and gain access to frozen assets but the us has pulled out unilaterally and really imposed sanctions president obama made a deal the iran nuclear deal which was a terrible deal because it was a short term deal didn't do the trick i was very much against it i was very much against the deal i terminated the deal and iran is a much different country today the u.s. has also sent additional warships to the middle east as part of a pressure campaign that some fear risks escalating into open conflict the other signatories to the nuclear deal insist they can still make it work. french president emanuel has tried to project unity from the european side while
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accommodating washington. that you should see some of the if you will we need to do 1st you want to be sure they don't get you killed with meanwhile the re imposed economic sanctions have hit the iranian economy hard logic the employment situation is a catastrophe those who have a store has to close it and look for another job those who have studied need to look for a job where where are they going to work. the broader danger should iran break completely from the agreement is that the new nuclear arms race will take place the u.s. recently announced it wants to renegotiate with iran but tehran says the u.s. has not shown good faith. whenever they stop cruelty against a nation that put aside the cruel sanctions fulfill their commitments and return to the negotiating table which they themselves left the road is not closed for them. the road is open how much. does president trump has made clear over the past year
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the u.s. is unlikely to agree to any of that and trust among the parties is in short supply . let's bring in our political correspondent simon young for some analysis on the story hi simon we heard there trust is in short supply this is the diff i think if it unravels in the international community we're looking for another way of solving this but given the list tough rhetoric that would be a very worrying situation the security implications are serious for not just for iran but for the whole region of course iran is involved in the conflict in yemen and also the situation in syria and so on so you know who knows what they might do if they're sort of unleashed in this way there are also economic implications here as well germany of the european countries and the filling of the illicit down will completely submerged the ancient town and its historic ruins thousands of people
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have been operated to a newly built town to make way for the dam. that's out who used to tend to the god in a few small guest house every day people who stayed here could enjoy his home grown fruits and vegetables he always felt he would lose more than his guesthouse with the construction of the dam. they don't think about how they will be changing our lives and our cultural heritage but that's what concerns us most losing a whole culture that's where we have freedom of of the world into the private sector the. guest houses in the ancient town office and kids over 12000 years ago it was one of the 1st human settlements on the banks of the tigris river. the elusive dam is about 60 kilometers south east of here planned as early as 1950 s. the dams purpose is to produce hydro electric power but from the beginning there
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was opposition to the project local residents like more at stake in try to have it stopped. yani did it look them and always say yes would generate electricity. only of what could be gained by flipping a place like this. with a stamp will produce just one percent of the energy that turkey needs to. about 50000 people who lose their homes to the damn most have been resettled in a new town along with some of the historical monuments. to secure his livelihood phaedrus uncle important part of land for a new hotel in the new town. i'm going to dig up everything here and take the soil with me or that's the only way anything will grow here is like container gardening for you go to the. shop owners in the old town center also have to start from scratch as an keefe was a popular day trip destination for tourists. merchants like. now one of the about
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how they will in a living. will have a bit of pages far too little compensation they tell us we can buy new shops in the new town and pay them off in installments but how there is no work for is. an old arabic poem from the region ses these traces show that we have existed if they are lost the memory of the creator has will also disappear as and keeps residents fear that this age old saying could prove true. now a nationwide strike against sudan's military rulers says entered its 2nd day most shops in khartoum remain closed but will ports now say life is slowly coming back to the capital opposition leaders are urged people to stay home to protest the deadly crackdown last week when security forces violently broke up opposition sit ins army chiefs have stepped up their troops presence in the streets to counteract
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protests the demonstrators are pressuring the army to hand over power to civilian. rule amid these protests internet has also been disrupted again did it ms miers schwager has been looking into this for some joins us in our studio maya tell us more about this or we're looking at sumi is blackouts basically near total blockages of any information coming in or out of sudan this is as reported by an internet observatory group called the net blocks they've been investigating this we saw some parts. disruptions as of monday of last week targeting specific providers focused mostly on mobile data we can see this huge dip in this graph right here and this these outages were happening at the same time as when there were reports of protesters being shot at pro-democracy sit ins in khartoum and then after this monday by mid week last week the blackout and spread across the entire country now targeting all internet providers nearly all mobile access and we saw with that
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graph that huge disrupt internet activity which means now access everywhere has been descript skinny disrupted so we're looking at this near total restriction of any information in or out of the country and all of this is happening at the same time as there are more and more reports coming out of attacks on pro-democracy protesters we now know that around $100.00 people have been killed in these pro-democracy sit and that is troubling and we should say it is not the 1st time that internet has been disrupted and so dense that these protests began what is that absolutely not we saw from december through april there is kind of these rolling outages of access to social media whatsapp instagram facebook twitter all taken out the longest consecutive disruption was 68 days between december and february when there was no access to any of these services and this is all happening as traditional media is also being censored and full access was finally restored on april 11th which is coincidentally the day when omar al bashir the
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former ruler of sudan stepped down all right so what are some of the reactions to this we've seen a lot of sudanese ex-pats have been taking to twitter under the hashtag i am the sudan revolution to try to spread the word about exactly what is happening we see this tweet here i'm sudan revolution because sudanese people set an example that we can do better we can move forward the struggle they are going through speaks volumes for what liberal or liberation really is and what really means to want better living conditions because that's what we deserve just trying to raise. alarm and really alert international governments to try to. pressure the sudan government another one here my people cannot die in vain they cannot die in silence under an internet blackout because peaceful protest was met with a massacre because my people deserve dignity deserve freedom and deserve for the world to know us and our fight sunni we have to remember that social media was really one of the only ways and certainly the easiest way the sudanese people could
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get information out about what was happening in their country because the media was being censored but so far unfortunately we've seen no clear statements from anyone else denouncing this blackout or supporting the pro-democracy protesters and this is all coming in as there are more reports saying that the sudanese people are not only being shot and killed but are simply struggling to stay afloat of information of what is happening where safe spaces are informed of where the violence is and what further is happening with their protests all right our reporter my actuator thank you so much for bringing us the story. lewis hamilton has consolidated his lead at the top of the driver's world championship after a controversial win at the canadian grand prix the englishman was 2nd to the checkered flag but he got a boost from grace marshall's after a new miss with german sebastian. the 50th canadian drum prematch 2 of the modern masters side by side at the front of the grid england's 5 time world champion lewis
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hamilton and germany's 4 time world champs a best invented starting from pole in a much improved ferrari the rivals would hold that formation through the early parts of a hotly contested race before the decisive moment unfolded on lap 48 when the englishman was finally applying sustained pressure to the race leader vettel on the breaking. the german overshot a chicane and took a detour through the grass on reviewing the incident race marshals deemed that the former world champ should have allowed the englishman to pass vettel was hit with a 5 2nd time penalty that meant that hamilton them aside his driver was the rice winner despite getting to the chicken flag 2nd the decision sealed a 5th race win of the season for the running champion. actually it is not the way absolutely not the way i wanted to when i was pushing to the end to trying it must. force him into an era the german stage his own
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unofficial people and protest held no grudge was think i said enough you should ask the people what they think you know i think we had a great show. it was show some respect so yeah us the people hamilton will take a 63 point lead of the faithful to the next rice south of france. now england kicked off their women's world cup campaign with a 21 win over their old bible scotland handball gave him the chance to score from the penalty spot and the key to paris converted to make it one nil england double their lead before half time when alan white house on a loose ball in the box to score their scotland then get one goal back to clear and play in the 79th minute but england held out for the win. meanwhile australia and italy faced off in a thrilling group c. clash it was one on one for the final the final minute in injury time when italy
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put a dagger through australian hearts far barbara bonus thea quarter 2nd goal to seal the game $21.00 the final score there. coming up next on news asia justice at last the court in india convicted 6 men for the rape and murder of an 8 year old girl in a case that sent shock waves through the nation and the world. series founder she has that story and much more coming up on news asia don't go away.
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laura nyro is the coffee bomb from the amazon in the midst of an entire lives it's not. to brazil's most populist outrage now it's really not enough scale looks of chemicals. institutionalise on this drug known as the traditional way of
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sustainably and for you pesticides but they are struggling to survive in the face of mass production of the 2060 minutes on d w. gentlemen let's bring any time any place. news video never. have had the benefit of pop. songs to sing along to come down to is to combine the 2 from soup. to do such. a varied course is plentiful into at the table exercise is the hard thing about d.w. djoko moustache adoption and on facebook and the app store. jammin for free with the w. a little tourist guide to the tremendous booming capital
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i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know were during that series to put. on a plane seems like choices to me i love peter english and once again switzerland looks like such a source like me despite the 15 nations 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best in terms of the play. book no fun to play. with kong t.w. . this is the doctor news a show coming up in the program are no on the streets of hong kong hundreds of thousands of protesters can provide for extradition be able to govern. this. was going to mean for the $33.00 struggle to hold on to its autonomy. just
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after last. 6 men for the. bridge india's religious divide.


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