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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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relates to history. starts june 21st w. . this is news live from berlin germany i'm moved to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal iran's foreign minister tells his german counterparts we will cooperate with the european union to save but can it be rescued in the face of u.s. opposition also on the program in the race to replace 3 separate british conservatives to kick off a contest to become prime minister to take over efforts to deliver praxis.
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wages in cambodia to sing and dance to call attention to bad conditions in the countries essential textiles industry. i'm still gale welcome to the program germany's foreign minister has been holding talks in iran aimed at salvaging the nuclear deal between iran and international powers. revealed the difficulties when he told a news conference in germany it was working to prevent the deals complete failure is iranian counterpart an homage reef describe discussions as frank and serious and the united states against ways you want he called economic war against his country the 2050 nuclear deal was struck between iran on one side and france germany
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britain russia china and the u.s. but donald trump withdrew his country last year reimposed economic sanctions and threatened sanctions against western companies who deal with here. the iran nuclear deal requires to limit its atomic enrichment in verifiable ways so that it cannot make weapons and requires it to submit to international inspections in return tehran is supposed to get relief from sanctions and gain access to frozen assets but the us has pulled out unilaterally and really imposed sanctions president obama made a deal the iran nuclear deal which was a terrible deal because it was a short term deal didn't do the trick and i was very much against it i was very much against the deal i terminated the deal and iran is a much different country today the u.s. has also sent additional warships to the middle east as part of a pressure campaign that some fear risks escalating into open conflict. the other
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signatories to the nuclear deal insist they can still make it work. french president emanuel mccraw has tried to project unity from the european side while accommodating washington relief this is produced in the sixty's when we need to do 1st you want to be sure they don't get you know with meanwhile the re imposed economic sanctions have hit the iranian economy hard logic here that the employment situation is a catastrophe those who have a store has to close it and look for another job those who have studied need to look for a job but where where are they going to work. the broader danger should iran break completely from the agreement is that the new nuclear arms race will take place the u.s. recently announced it wants to renegotiate with iran but tehran says the u.s. has not shown good faith. whenever they stop cruelty against a nation that put aside the cruel sanctions fulfill their commitments and return to
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the negotiating table which they themselves left the road is not closed for them. the road is open how much. but as president trump has made clear over the past year the u.s. is unlikely to agree to any of that and trust among the parties is in short supply let's get more on this from an independent iran analyst. studios in bonn welcome to day to you i went hypo mass asks tehran to stick with this deal does he have anything to offer beyond hope and good wishes. that's a good question i think the. mention foreign minister was mentioned the term miracle it seems as if europe has to pull off some miracles to do some wonders in order to have a european businesses do trade with iran and that's the difficult parts i think the only thing that would really convince iranians would be clear concrete specific
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examples of how trade with iran can be up again can be normalized and that is the only thing that will make the iranians stick to the agreement europe has not been able to provide those those clear indications so why is teheran still listening to them i guess to iran really at the beginning and at the at the initial steps of the nuclear agreement was hoping to normalize its trade relations with europe and this is still something that many in the iranian political leadership are hoping that can somewhat be materialized in the chief but obviously the prospects for that are get are getting more and more grim by the day. the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif warned today that those waging economic war against terror could not expect to remain safe how do you interpret those words for i think for the iranian foreign minister ism it is important to signal that iran can
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respond to these course of measures to what the iranians call economic warfare and that can have implications for u.s. interests in the region and the neighboring region of iran and i guess this is what the president or excuse me what foreign minister as i leave is this pointing to respond how. well by threatening the security of u.s. troops in the in the in the middle east for example by exerting pressure on us allies in the region and what iran has always been saying of the point that iran has tried to make is that if if you run is living in secure environment will make sure that the others are insecure as well so that the solutions are somewhat found to make sure that the security is generated for everyone and not for everyone but iran i appreciate that was speculating but was speculation on that on the basis of these wars that were issued today and when you talk about iran threatening troops in the area you're talking about starting the shooting again starting this excuse
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me the thing is that you're talking about you talk about an armed conflict are you talking about going off each other i think in fact what we really have to be we clear about that is that there is an increased risk of these things happening we have the designation of the revolutionary guards that are present with troops in the region as a terrorist organization by the us and the iranians have reciprocated that with calling centcom troops in the region as terrorist entities and the danger that some in someplace this kind of us collation happens is really high but let me also stress that we have seen in issued to vhs from from different countries who try to make sure that this kind of escalation does not happen could talk to you thanks for joining us adnan it's about about. well let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world because in india has sentenced 3 hindu men to life in prison for their role in the rape and murder
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of an 8 year old muslim girl last year 3 police officers received 15 year sentences for destroying evidence the girl's death sparked outrage and inflamed religious tensions and into trouble kashmir. international observers say sunday's presidential election in kazakhstan was tarnished by human rights violations the electoral commission says the winner of the vote is cassim job. it was handpicked by former president nursultan nazarbayev the election was overshadowed by the arrest of hundreds of opposition protesters. a volcano on indonesia's sumatra island has erupted throwing ash or to 7 kilometers into the air and the positing a fake name of the nearby town of carl cinnabon has erupted frequently since 2010 after being inactive for 400 years no casualties supreme court. the race to replace a recent memory as leader of britain's conservative party is formally underway the
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winner will also become the country's prime minister 10 candidates are vying for the top job in a contest dominated by brains efforts to leave the european union foreign minister and face of the 26 to leave campaign or is johnson in his favorites current foreign minister jeremy hunt is also in the race as is environment minister michael dunn candidates need the backing of 8 other conservative lawmakers to enter the contest . straight to london then where we join didn't lose a shot or pots welcome shall also some of the candidates have been giving statements about their plans to day how have they been positioning themselves. well the candidates all make clear that this is about nothing less than the future of the conservative party because if a general election was held then the opposition labor party could do very well and jeremy corbyn could be the next prime minister so they have called for unity these candidates and what also became clear today is that bracks it really is at the
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center stage of this race all candidates believe that great britain should leave the european union by the next deadline by october 31st and all candidates also believe that they would do a much better job than their current prime minister to resign may who has hashed out a deal with the european union over the last couple of years so the candidates all say they can renegotiate a better deal but the problem is that the european union has already said that they are not going to negotiate so the question is how those candidates are going to convince the european leaders to renegotiate of course and another thing where they differ and what is really important is that for example michael gove and jeremy hunt have already said they would ask the european union for another extension for yet another extension but in contrast to that boris johnson and dominic robb have said that they would leave the european union no matter at what cost on october
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31st. is a clear from drama. well it's very hard to say because this conservative leadership race is known to be very unpredictable nobody bet on theresa may back then and she made it michael gove's is one of the front runners he admitted to having taken cocaine 20 years ago so he is under criticism of course for that at the moment jeremy hunt has received a very prominent endorsement from the current cabinet today so he's a front runner and a foreign a former secretary boris johnson being a clear frontrunner he has momentum at the moment and the backing of hotline us as well as the moderates in the conservative party so what is the timeline for this when will we know who is the new conservative leader and indeed new prime minister . we will see a lot of complaining over the next weeks those candidates will crisscross the
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country and can paint then it's up to the conservative m.p.'s for us they will vote and eliminate candidate by candidate and in the end 2 candidates will stand and they those names will be sent out to the party base to the conservative members and they get to decide in the end by july 22nd who will be the next conservative leader and therefore the new prime minister of the united kingdom. in london thank you. to mali where at least 95 people have been killed in attacks in the center of the country the latest massacre going conflicts between rival communities in the west african country it happened in the village of sabbahi coup which is inhabited by members of the community officials unidentified gunmen attacked overnight virtually wiping out the entire village fighting between duggan hunters and rivals along the herders already left hundreds dead in the past year and
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a half. garment workers are fighting for higher wages despite the minimum wage rising this year to more than $150.00 yours of month they say they still leave some struggling to make ends meet. these women are singing about peace work starvation wages and fainting from exhaustion they're textile workers at a labor union event even though in recent years the minimum wage has increased to about $160.00 euros per month that's barely enough to live on in cambodia what many . bodi is labor protection laws are often not enforced 2 hours overtime is officially allowed but 4 hours is practically standard most women workers only have temporary work contracts they constantly worry about losing their job or the companies keep them powerless. face masks and other protective gear are now
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standard in nearly half of companies here some clothing brands pay external consultants to inform women of their rights but higher wages and more social benefits put textile companies under pressure. the major brands buying agency compare prices worldwide they were contracts of the countries that charge the lowest price that's how it eases i cannot cite if that's right or wrong. international labor organization say that despite the progress that's been made cambodia is still one of the 10 worst countries in the world for workers. england have kicked off their women's world cup campaign with a 2 well when old rival scotland hung bowl gave england a chance to score from the penalty spot if you took paris converted to make it one england double that leave before half time went out of the white house to lose all in the box go go go back in time it was late in the 79th minute and then held out
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of the way. meanwhile australia and it's making a women's world cup campaigns with a thrilling group st clash the game was all square so it was all going into the last minute of injury time but if they stuck a dagger into australia cost went up barbara bought on seeing at senior high school her 2nd goal to seal the gate to the final score. on the jones is up next with the days of big business stories from africa have a good day. rock n roll. band. sinful rhythms condemned by the church. oh oh oh that evil
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feeling that you feel when you think. he'll. stop no one is.


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