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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is g.w. news longer from berlin germany and iran moving to salvage the 2015 iran nuclear deal tehran's foreign minister telling his german counterpart we will cooperate with the european union to save the agreement but can it be rescued in the face of us opposition also coming up the race to replace theresa may 10th british conservatives kick off a contest to become prime minister and to take over the efforts to deliver the
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rights it plus. fighting for higher wages in cambodia garment workers sing and dance to call attention to poor working conditions in the country's essential textiles industry. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us iran's top diplomat has vowed to work with the european union to preserve the iran nuclear deal and that despite opposition from washington he spoke today after meeting his german counterpart in tehran for talks aimed at salvaging the landmark 2015 deal but german foreign minister who must see indicated the difficulties all sides are now facing saying that germany is working to prevent the deal's complete fail. arriving in
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tehran to push for deescalation facing high costs were multiple entangled crises all centering on iran economic sanctions a nuclear deal in disarray and rising tensions with the us his welcome by iran's foreign minister mohammad serif talks went over time afterwards zarif spoke repeatedly of war. even new tension in our region as a result of the economic war the united states declared against iran. that the only way to decrease tensions in the region is to stop the economic war. one cannot expect an economic war to continue against the iranian people and those waging this war and those supporting it remain safe mass responded continuing the references to war week there is war in syria and in yemen fortunately not here. and i want to do everything we can to keep it that way but nevertheless the
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tensions here in the region are worrying what a contrast to the optimism of 2015 when iran agreed to limit its nuclear ambitions in a limb marked deal in return international sanctions on iran would be lifted while put under president donald trump the u.s. pulled out of the treaty and reimposed sanctions which have been crippling iran's economy the u.s. has also sent warships to the middle east part of a pressure campaign that some fear risks still leading into open conflict now asked about rescuing what's left of the deal had this to offer. kind of we won't work any miracles but we'll do everything in our power to prevent failure. iran has already said it will resume and rich in your amy i'm if sanctions are not eased by july 7th at that point the nuclear deal would be all but history are for more of this now i'm joined by daniel grandma he's a familiar face to our viewers he's editor in chief of zenith magazine that
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independent publication here in berlin that deals with the arab in the islamic world and it's good to see you again thank you for having me so let's talk about what the german foreign minister mr. what you taking with him to tehran to offer other than good intentions well not not nothing more than good intentions but here's the thing when the americans announced that they would withdraw from the way from the so-called nuclear deal they didn't tell what they want the iranians to do . now what the europeans want the iranians to do it's very clear there's just like one assignment if you want to say that way and that is remain faithful and respect the deal which they have so far right yes according to the international institutions that on charge of monitoring this they have they have though a couple of weeks ago. and that's a very technical element they have they have. increased their capacities to
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theoretically. increase their enrichment rhenium production by keeping a large amount in the country but that was not very significant not what's good what could happen what happened on the 7th of july is a different story because if you run does not respect the deal anymore if it doesn't comply with with the deal then automatically sanctions will apply there's no there's no renegotiations and then when they say when the germans say the deal would be dead it will be history as you commentators that that's the case i want to ask you about what the iranian foreign minister said today that he warned that there is waging economic war against tehran cannot expect to remain safe. how do you interpret that. as a threat. not as a. unsophisticated threat let's say you know for centuries we've been discussing that to what extent is an economic war an act of will fill or not the british empire has discussed that the americans everybody has his or her views and that in fact the iranians are experienced in experiencing such
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a sensual situation the suffocation of the rain economy has reached a point that makes iranians feel they are already at war and the hostile rhetoric of the us and of the neighbors of the iranian navy respectively sending troops to the gulf and so on these are all signs of an escalation so for many arenas they already fear that they are or even in the worst situation and for that reason says they're waging a war against us and there will be a moment when we strike back though at the same on the like a minute later he said we have never started a war and we have not about to start one in your opinion does the european union have the ability also with this mechanism to bypass us in the keep your financial transactions go where does it have the ability to do all of this. just to instill defy u.s. sanctions theoretically does have it would have the capacity but i don't think at
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the moment they have the political will the 3 powers that have been that are the garron tours of this of this deal where the united kingdom france and germany now look at the political turmoil in the u.k. though the brits have said they're going to they could they're committed to the deal i don't think it's going to be the 1st priority to unite the american ally specifically not off the present trouble just visited the u.k. now france and germany that's a different story i think they have they have the capacity of just like of keeping iran in the deal we're talking about money for oil we're talking about maybe loans we're talking about this instead institution to to regulate trade between the euro and and iran but the question is do they have the political will and i cannot answer that positively at the moment all right you know it is always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you. so here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world an indian court has sentenced 3 hindu men to life in prison for their role in the rape and murder of an 8 year old muslim girl last year 3 police officers received 15 year sentences for destroying evidence the
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girl's death sparked outrage and inflamed religious tensions in indian controlled kashmir officials in new york say a helicopter has crashed landed on the roof of a building in midtown manhattan close to times square the city's fire department says that the pilot was killed new york's mayor says it appears that the helicopter had attempted a forced emergency landing climate activists in the northern german port of kiel have blocked a cruise ship from leaving delaying the weiners departure by about 6 hours the protesters were demanding an end to the cruise liner industry despite police arresting over 40 of the demonstrators organizers declared the operation a success. to cambodia now and the garment workers battle for higher wages the minimum wage for garment workers robes this year to more than $150.00 euros per month but workers in the country's
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textiles industries say even with that they struggle to make ends meet. these women are singing about peace work starvation wages and fainting from exhaustion they're textile workers at a labor union event even though in recent years the minimum wage has increased to about $160.00 euros per month that's barely enough to live on in cambodia. his labor her to action laws are often not enforced 2 hours overtime is officially allowed but 4 hours is practically standard most women workers only have temporary work contracts they constantly worry about losing their job or the companies keep them powerless. facemasks and other protective gear are now standard in nearly half of companies here some clothing brands pay external consultants to inform women of their rights but higher wages and more social benefits put textile companies under
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pressure. the major brands buying agency compare prices worldwide by world contracts of the countries that charge the lowest price that's how it is i cannot say if that's right or wrong. international labor organization saying that despite the progress that's been made cambodia is still one of the 10 worst countries in the world for workers. well the race to replace to resume a as leader of britain's conservative party is formally underway the winner will also become the country's prime minister 10 candidates are vying for the job in a contest dominated by britain's efforts to leave the european union former foreign minister and face of the $26.00 to leave campaign boris johnson he's the favorite current foreign minister jeremy hunt is also in the race for the top job as is environment minister michael gove's prime minister to resign may will stay in the office and till late july. a lot of what's joins us now from one to get even
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a huge challenge and so the race is officially open now some of the candidates they already gave statements today how do they position themselves or try to differentiate themselves. well the candidates make clear today brant that this race is about nothing less than the future of the conservative party because if there was a general election then there would be high chances for the label opposition party to win and for jeremy colgan to become the next prime minister so it is of utmost important to find a new strong leader in the conservative party they all said but what we could tell today is that bragg breaks it is really at the center stage in this race and all candidates are determined to get the u.k. out of the european union by the next deadline by october 1st they all pledge that and all candidates also think that they can do a better job than the current prime minister to resign may they say they want to go
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back to the european union renegotiate a better deal the problem with that though is the european union has already said we don't allow any renegotiation so how are they just going to do that they didn't say and leave that open for debate and i think another important point there is that the candidates differentiate themselves on whether they want to leave the european union with or without a deal on october 31st and boris johnson for example has already made clear october 31st is the deadline and the u.k. will leave the european union no matter what and speaking of boris johnson here is to be the front runner. well a lot can happen in the next weeks i think and especially with the conservative leadership race it's been very unpredictable nobody believed that theresa may could actually become leader she did become the leader of course in the end and the prime
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minister michael gove another front runner on the weekend. he admitted that he had taken cocaine 20 years ago has received of course a lot of criticism for taking illegal drugs not the front runner anymore and jeremy hunt for the foreign secretary here in the u.k. he has received a lot of endorsements prominent endorsements today as appearing to be another new front runner now but we have to say boris johnson former foreign secretary also not to take the referendum he appears still to be the number one front runner and best chance to stand right now he will make it and what's the timeline for the next couple of weeks. so at the moment the candidates will compare throughout the country then 1st of all the conservative members of parliament in the driving seat they will vote and eliminate candidate by candidate in the end you will have 2 candidates remaining and those candidates will be voted
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on by the conservative base by the conservative members should also is there. a clear front runner among those people at the base they will vote on those 2 remaining candidates and then by july 22nd we will have a name and we will have a new prime minister here in the united kingdom just at the height of summer going to be a hot one i think in london for us thank you. well at the women's world cup can they go off to a winning start with a narrow victory over cameroon a can of the put cameroon under pressure from the start and took the lead in just before the half time break tradition buchanan ran on to a corner and head to the ball into the net that goals enough to secure all 3 points for canada. and argentina made history after winning their 1st ever point and they go a strong with japan argentina were underdogs against the 20 champions but they restricted
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their opponents to shots from long range throughout the game that did the trick. you're watching news wire up next to business news with janell's stick around for that. what secrets lie behind piecemeal. find out 1st of experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. w. world heritage 360 8 pm hour. into an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia needly
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