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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2019 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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high stakes diplomatic drive to save the iran nuclear deal a mission impossible perhaps today germany's foreign minister talked about iran and europe's common goals his arabian counterpart talked about the war america and israel are trying to start a war he says america and israel will not end i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. the time if the latest tension in the region is through the results of the economic war that the united states has declared on iraq. that the dish goes with these tensions are worrying i'm going to at that single events can trigger developments that could lead to violence that provide was. the only way to decrease the tension is to stop the economic war. or what i guess that's what everything that's to preserve peace here at. the top of the u.s.s.
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constellation economic war against me reigning in people that can expect that nothing happens to those who start today. but you decide the king john. also coming up mass protest against beijing's ever increasing authority over hong kong a david versus goliath conflict but the ending may not be the one we expect. mainland china all sorts of way. to exercise the so-called the fate of ships and hong kong. to kidnap. whole patriot act and. well to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all the around the world welcome we begin the day with a diplomatic bridge that may be 12 for today germany's foreign minister visited tehran for talks about. hell europe and iran could work together without the u.s.
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to save the iran nuclear deal 2 hours of closed door talks which germany's top diplomat called constructive yet when reporters began asking questions today iran's foreign minister revealed just how raw the mood in iran has become and just how wide the divide between iran and the west remains over nuclear weapons israel human rights and so much more 1st here is what was said today about the nuclear deal. will stick by the nuclear agreement we want to implement our obligations under it. we can't work any miracles but we will try everything to avoid its collapse. for example we're working intensively with france and britain. also with the rest of the european union to introduce a special trade mechanism with iran. i'm going making progress you would get us off
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on them as volume on the high that our demands in all countries who remain even nuclear deal especially for europeans is that if they have good intentions the need to focus their efforts and take steps toward stopping the economic terrorism that has been unjustly directed against iran. they must work towards normalizing economic ties with iran and stop the economic terrorism and the economic pressure that this official europeans should not be part of the problem. well the nuclear deal known as the g.c. p.r. way was struck back in 2015 between iran france germany britain russia china and the united states it was meant to restrict iran's ability to make nuclear weapons in exchange for relief from economic sanctions it took years of diplomacy to reach but once donald trump became u.s.
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president he pulled america out coaling the deal a disaster. the iran nuclear deal requires to limit its atomic enrichment in verifiable ways so that it cannot make weapons and requires it to submit to international inspections in return tehran is supposed to get relief from sanctions and gain access to frozen assets but the us has pulled out unilaterally and really imposed sanctions president obama made a deal the iran nuclear deal which was a terrible deal because it was a short term deal didn't do the trick and i was very much against it i was very much against the deal i terminated the deal and iran is a much different country today the u.s. has also sent additional warships to the middle east as part of a pressure campaign that some fear risks escalating into open conflict the other signatories to the nuclear deal insist they can still make it work. french president emanuel has tried to project unity from the european side while
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accommodating washington relief to do some of the what do we want to do 1st you want to be sure they don't get you know. meanwhile the re imposed economic sanctions have hit the iranian economy hard logic it was the employment situation is a catastrophe those who had a store had to close it and look for another job those who have studied need to look for a job where where are they going to work. the broader danger should iran break completely from the agreement is that a new nuclear arms race will take place the u.s. recently announced it wants to renegotiate with iran but tehran says the u.s. has not shown good faith. whenever they stop cruelty against a nation that put aside the cruel sanctions fulfill their commitments and return to the negotiating table which they themselves left the road is not closed for them.
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the road is open how do you sure. as president trump has made clear over the past year the u.s. is unlikely to agree to any of that and trust among the parties is in short supply . i'm doing now here at the big table by daniel girl like yours editor in chief of the magazine that's it up in the public even here in germany focusing on the arab and islamic world it's good to see you again. if anyone thinks that these talks are only about a nuclear program they should listen to what the iranian foreign minister had to say today that the let's. get them out for problem for our region is not the united states under the euphemism of the deal of the century has committed a new crime by forcibly walking away for the rights of the palestinian people. it is this that has brought danger to the region. kind of explain to us the plight of the palestinians in the iran nuclear deal in one basket how does that happen. well
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it's obvious the administration president trump himself said we're not happy with the outcome of the deal we think it's a disaster not only because of the nuclear weapons because that's in fact what it was designed for and successfully even the americans cannot doubt that but because it buttressed iran's destructive role in the region now the iranians are saying we didn't conclude this deal to talk about our regional politics or involvement in the middle east 11 on the israeli palestinian conflict in yemen and syria that was not part of the deal the j.c. a it was clearly about about iran running nuclear program a program everybody at the table agreed now later on the americans were saying you know we have to talk about the missiles the missile program the iran iranians are developing a ballistic missiles the rain said yes that's what we do but this is the only means we have to defend ourselves because we don't have a strong f. oss and we don't have a strong army that can match that can keep up with our neighbors military capacities so they that the problem here is like mixing all the regional conflicts
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as you say like putting them into one basket is something that a lot not only the iranians have been doing but in particular the americans have been doing recently and that makes the situation very complicated because you asked the iranians or the iranians us q what do you want us to do exactly withdraw from syria stop supporting the it is in yemen we can talk about all these things maybe but on a different file this is not part of the nuclear conflating issues here in germany for i'm going to ask you about what happened to the press conference today a german reporter posed 2 questions to the iranian foreign minister do you accept israel's right to exist and why does iran execute people because of their sexual orientation why do you execute gays and lesbians and why why do you think the 2 questions were posed because they drew rather. heated response from the foreign minister yes of course you know there are 2 points here they are not exactly connected to each other. i've talked to high ranking
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reigning diplomats for many years and also quite recently in tehran and i told them also you know you have weak on this on the side of israel if you if you don't open up if you don't recognize the right of these areas to sit at the table you will never move forward with your plan to organize as they have reiterated they want to do a regional conference to peace and stability and security cooperation in the region so you have to open up you have to accept israel is a reality now the existence of israel or the denial of the existence of israel as a state not of the jewish people of of israel as a state in historical palestine has been a reason on death row for the iranian islamic republic's propaganda for many years its strategic hostility they want to be the champion of freedom of the palestinians and so it's very difficult for them to admit something that imaam khomeini the founder of the islamic republic has stated before. that the opposite is true now
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with the the the issue of gay rights and the coup criminalization of homosexuality in iran that is a completely different issue it is it's true that iran has violated human rights. for a long time and they have been executions related to homosexuality quite not recently but of course in the eyes of the iranians this is being used as a propaganda tool to do to legitimize iran and frankly speaking and there i think the arenas do have a point not the standing the human rights bad human rights balance is if you were allying with saudi arabia a country that constantly executes people for all kinds of of criminal offenses one of them is just a critic criticizing the regime at a minor age if you deliver weapons and of like the value of hundreds of. of dollars then the human rights argument doesn't really play well in the ears of the iranians and i think that's that's at least understandable in this situation maybe that
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would have been in answer to the foreign minister could have given are you surprised that he was so easily baited by the question today when i was not in this room when the question was asked i know the reporter who asked it and i know that built newspaper had to make this point and they have all rights to do so but yes i think that if it is a bit at the end of his nerves i talked to some diplomats who later said he's very much himself as he always was controlled and kind of trying to keep the upper hand but yes i think he was easily provoked and it's right to do to address this issue even in iran of course we're not. trying to save the iran nuclear deal for another time are the attempts to save this deal europe's attempts without the united states are they realistic. they're not unrealistic they can save the deal because what do the iranians have to gain from from from dropping it that's the question that you have to us and that's what the iranians know very well if they violate the deal if they don't comply with but the deal then automatically you'll have united nations
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security council sanctions sanctions and where the russians where the chinese in this game now all the focus is on the attention is on the europeans the europeans could convince the iranians to respect the deal and we've seen also recently that even in washington the tone has come down of it and i think that is a positive sign which you could tell you that since i guess the the chance of the deal surviving. i don't like this is of that's a really story i think there is that there is a good chance that the deal will survive evolve sides. keep coltan but then again like as always we appreciate your insights and your forecast thank you thanks to. well iran has been under sanctions for years there were international sanctions before the 2015 nuclear deal and now there are u.s. sanctions the economy is suffering and the effects are being increasingly felt by the people of iran. a wealthy area in northern tehran it's known for its chic
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betakes and modern fashion but even here the stores aren't doing well economic sanctions imposed by the u.s. have hit them hard to hide meantime i don't know what our future holds but one thing is sure it's getting worse here every day that goes for the economy as well as unemployment. most iranians no matter how rich or poor at being impacted is part of northern tehran is also a cultural hub. many young people made up here at night they too are hurting due to the sanctions. be on holiday daily life is hard and now young people concept foods have their own stores and he will that's why they come here to sell their products so they can and their livelihood that way. is in the ignition yeah. as things get hot a summer bell many conservative clerics wouldn't approve of these musicians because
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they're playing instruments. we also filmed this from an openly defying the country's head scofflaw but the authorities are cracking down on street vendors. when there are too many people here it attracts attention to please come and move us on if confiscated my things 5 or 6 times and i've had to set up my stool again every time. but enforcing the country's strict foss rules isn't the government's top priority at the moment and people know that they closely following the country's dispute with the united states and the growing threat of war with washington among some that's fueling discontent. moments in your blood only government is to blame for this crisis they can go ahead and kill me for saying that i'm old and i can't do much more anyway damage to that law for that. but others disagree like this cafe owner she told us ordinary people just want to be left in pace. so yeah it's much if i have nothing to do with
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politics even i figured out that this could mean wolf we're rainy and a very patient icons imagine that it would be us who would stuff it will like to know that we'll stay. in the square is called the garden of paradise and amidst all the fear and uncertainty in tehran it offers a glimpse of the freedom many of determined to hold on to. the organizers of mass protests in hong kong say they'll continue their. campaign against the new extradition wall this weekend so huge marches against the legislation the largest since the u.k. handed over hong kong to china in 1997 it's estimated that more than a 1000000 people took part over the weekend the legislation it would pave the way for hong kong to send the suspects to mainland china to face trial but critics say it would give beijing free rein to go after political opponents in hong kong here's
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more. they're fighting for justice and these protesters know that if they don't make a noise and i then the rest handing over their independent judicial system to beijing organizers say more than a 1000000 people joined that march but that's not change the minds of the people in charge. of what we will continue to do the communication and explanation there is during the civil matter to be gained a tool of delaying the bill it will just call small and and do this if news in society the protests have had broad support attracting not just activists and students but also businesspeople and lawyers are normally supportive of the establishment. if in that there's a rebel there's an investor or you know you lose confidence in hong kong and because of this. you know you go bill then you know the whole goal will be you know economically it would also be the straw that mainland china use all sorts of way.
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to exercise the so-called dictatorship in hong kong. to kidnap the people they treat us and in many. many fear china's legal system with its high conviction rates and liberal use of the death penalty. come comes government says it's included safeguards in the bill and amended it to only apply to cranes carrying a sentence of 7 years or more critics say this is a not to quit the protests are expected to continue to keep up the pressure on lawmakers as they prepare to debate the battle on wednesday. well enjoy not here the big table by karen change she is a university student from hong kong she's been involved with protests against the new law which have taken place right here in berlin and she is also in contact with other students and with protesters back in hong kong kiran it's good to have you on the show taught me
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a little bit about what you've been hearing from protesters back in hong kong and what were they seeing right now so actually yesterday a 1000000 people are on the streets to against. extradition all but hong kong time 11 pm their government announced that a 2nd reading to be resumed on wednesday so now political parties and also organization are calling for a strike on wednesday and we hope to gather people enough people in fed off the palm and on wednesday so to stop reading on that day and realistic is that you could get the 2nd reading to be stopped he may begin to postpone but do you think that she will get it stopped indefinitely. i mean it depends on how many people will get on wednesday and also because it's show no signs that the government of beijing will give in because today minister off the foreign affairs
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of china and a stat that they feel is a put down madmen of the law so it really depends on how many people are getting involved on wednesday so far as i know more and more shops and people are joining the strike and the protest on wednesday the official line from hong kong is that with this legislation only fugitives from justice would be extradited do you believe there are no we don't believe because the government can probably cage any you know crimes and also voted yes and so and also the prima facia africans is already a sufficient photo quality to send criminals criminals to china as i actually don't believe that in its own kong considers itself to be a place where fair trials take place the rule of law is paramount how can you extradite someone to mayville in china because china cannot guarantee
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a fair trial in the way that we understand it in the west right yeah yeah so with thing that is actually weakening our division of power and hong kong so we hope to stop and if there is this is people talk about the creeping hand of china reaching into hong kong you know you've got the one land 2 system system that supposed to be guaranteed until the year 2047 you're student you're going to see that year. do you think that beijing will wait that long or do you think that the hong kong that you were born in will slowly disappear. well i'll say that this year is 20 seconds of a year ahead over to beijing and we can see the government is trying to amend to last throughout the years like in 2014 we had to enroll in this in because
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they want to. give us a new election right rights and so and this year they said that we want to amend the extraction all so i would say i'm not that optimist but see how it goes would it be a reason to leave hong kong permanently. so 5 i kissed it after hosts in demonstration and i hope i will need to make that decision so i'm now a sad hope i get have to choice to choose to stay in hong kong leave hong kong you have to have that for you as well you're enjoying a university student from hong kong we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us and sharing your story with us thank you thank you very much. well heavy rains have given a temporary reprieve to historic town in turkey which is threatened by
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a dam project. is one of the 1st places where humans said will go along the tigris river and the construction of a dam there will flood the town and that will uproot tens of thousands of people and the city the remains of 12 cells and years of human civilization underwater current heavy rainfall means there's too much water in the river tigris to begin flooding the valley but in the long term the threat remains. that are used to tend to the garden of his small guest house every day people who stayed here could enjoy his home grown fruits and vegetables he always felt he would lose more than his guesthouse with the construction of the dam. they don't think about how they will be changing our lives and our cultural heritage but that's what concerns us most losing our culture that's why we have freedom of the world continues to hold.
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our goods guesthouses in the ancient town of hudson kids over 12000 years ago it was one of the 1st human settlements on the banks of the tikrit river. the elusive dam is about 60 kilometers south east of here planned as early as 1950 s. the dams purpose is to produce hydro electric power but from the beginning there was opposition to the project local residents like more at stake in try to have it stopped. more lumens always ses would generate electricity you know only of what can be gained by flipping a place like this. but this dam will produce just one percent of the energy that turkey needs think. about 50000 people who lose their homes to the dam most have been resettled in a new town along with some of the historical monuments. to secure his
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livelihood feel that article important part of land for a new hotel in the new town. i'm going to take up everything here and take the soil with me or that's the only way anything will grow here it's like container gardening. shop owners in the old town center also have to start from scratch hasn't he if was a popular day trip destination for tourists. merchants like more again now warning about how they'll end and living. where they would as they paid us far too little compensation they tell us we can buy new shops in the new town and pay them off in installments but how there's no work for. when i lose. an old arabic poem from the region say's these traces show that we have existed if they are lost the memory of they create has also disappeared as and keeps residents
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fear that this age old saying could prove true. or the day is almost on the conversation it continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me at brant t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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