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this is news coming to. international efforts to ease tension between iran and the u.s. move up a gear japan's prime minister is looking to be an intermediary between the 2 sides he follows the german foreign minister. talking about the difficulties on all sides also coming up still fighting slavery as the international labor organization marks its 1st 100 years 25000000 people working conditions little more than labor
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we look at the efforts to bring dignity to work. the race to replace. the contest to become prime minister and take over the to deliver bribes it. plus day 4 of the women's. look at the united states after neighbors. survive a scare from cameroon to get their. fellow good to have you with us japan's prime minister has spoken to us president ahead of a visit to iran aimed at easing tensions between tehran and washington japan is a signatory to the 2015 nuclear deal which sought to restrict iran's nuclear.
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activities iran's foreign minister has vowed to work with e.u. european union to preserve the deal despite opposition to it from washington he was speaking after meeting his german counterpart heiko must who said germany was working to prevent what he called the deal's complete failure. arriving in tehran to push for deescalation facing heikal mosques were multiple entangled crises all centering on iran economic sanctions a nuclear deal in disarray and rising tensions with the us his welcome by iran's foreign minister mohammad java serif talks went over time afterwards zarif spoke repeatedly of war. even new tension in our region as a result of the economic war of the united states to clip against iran. the only way to decrease tensions in the region is to stop the economic war. one cannot expect an economic war to continue against the iranian people and at those waging
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this war and those supporting it remain safe mosques responded continuing the references to war week there is war in syria and in yemen fortunately not here. and i want to do everything we can to keep it that way but nevertheless the tensions here in the region are worrying what a contrast to the optimism of 2015 when iran agreed to limit its nuclear ambitions in a limb marked deal in return international sanctions on iran would be lifted i'll put under president donald trump the u.s. pulled out of the treaty and reimposed sanctions which have been crippling iran's economy the u.s. has also sent warships to the middle east part of a pressure campaign that some fear risks escalating into open conflict now asked about rescuing what's left of the deal had this to offer. we won't work
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any miracles but we'll do everything in our power to prevent failure. iran has already said it will resume and rich in your raney him if sanctions are not eased by july 7th at that point the nuclear deal would be all but history. or more this story we're joined by the very own in money well thanks for being with us this morning german foreign minister heiko mussy went to tehran hoping to sell the edge the nuclear deal but did he have really anything to offer the iranians other than encouraging words well germany is seen as the strongest mediator between iran and its remaining partners in the deal and the e.u. partners and this is 2015 germany had worked very hard along with france and britain for tehran to get the promised economy benefits out of there do you and so i would say there's more done a good way off to remain remaining from the remaining partners of the de france britain and germany it's not just optimism because it could also lead to
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a further talks with the u.s. to was eventually when you do you should occur and do you not survive the tensions and also german foreign minister who acknowledged that we thought the u.s. it would be difficult to have iran economically but his so trying trying well iran's foreign minister in their press conference he warned that those waging economic war against his country could not expect to quote remain safe what do you make of that statement well it's not. a veiled threats. c we could say the u.s. has deployed its military in these to increase the pressure on terror and terror and has responded by saying about well if that's the road that the u.s. wants to take well they're ready for it so that goes on to show that iran is very clear about what he wants don't come to make sanctions no pressure no military pressure but the threat is there and that could make to come. quickly to
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out me to the east and bring up confrontation that none of the european partners of iran want to see ok nobody will particularly the europeans perhaps but others in the region as well nobody really wants. award to see a war there but if the e.u. can't counterbalance the impact of the sanctions from the us on iran why is iran even talking to the well my friend that's the high command was adamant that he really wanted to ask the escalate detentions into persian gulf but for iran it is important to keep the talks going because of the economy the interest it has with your opinion and because it showed goodwill ever since 2015 before donald trump pulled out of to agreement iran had complied was a prerequisite for the economy the economy expects us to they have to at least according to the un observatory monitoring its nuclear activities so it just wants
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to ensure that it will have. its economic interests defended remember well thank you so much t w political correspondent emmanuel shots. for least 95 people have been killed in an attack in central mali the latest massacre in an ongoing conflict between rival ethnic groups in the country it happened in the village of sobhani coup which is inhabited by members of the doggone community fishel said unidentified gunmen attacked overnight on sunday virtually wiping out the entire village fighting between doggone hunters and rival for lani herders is already left hundreds dead in the past year and a half. way the aftermath of the massacre in supine a coup. dozens of bodies have already been found among these burnt and broken buildings officials fear they'll
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find more. once a village home to hundreds of people its population has been nearly wiped out survivors say some 50 armed men on motorbikes surrounded the town after dark and attacked anyone who tried to escape was killed. the 1000000 government has vowed to find and punish those responsible but the president offered his condolences while traveling in geneva. it is at this moment a thought for those who wants more has fallen in an odd just cowardly and murderous attack and that they're gone country. no group has claimed responsibility for the massacre but many believe it could be a reprisal for a brutal attack on the village of. some 160 fulani villagers
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were killed here in march by suspected drug on hunters. the 2 groups have a long history of disputes and fighting between them has skyrocketed in recent years. the u.n. says it's trying to keep the violence from spiraling out of control the mission is coordinating its response in support of 1000000 authorities and the united nations system in mali is mobilizing to provide humanitarian assistance to help people affected. the bloodshed has compounded an already dire security situation in the country which has seen an alarming rise in islamised violence in recent years officials say militants with ties to al qaida and the so-called islamic state are exploiting ethnic rivalries to boost recruitment and expand their influence. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today hungary and police have been lifting a sightseeing vessel that sank in the river danube in budapest last month 19 south
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koreans and a hunger in crewman have been confirmed dead within. 8 people missing the tourist boat capsized and sank seconds after colliding with a bigger river cruise but. huge swarms of locusts are devouring crops and invading homes on the italian island of sardinia officials say over 2000 hectares of farmland have been destroyed so far and swarms are linked to a recent rise in temperatures and it's being called the worst insect invasion in over 60 years. opposition leaders in haiti launched a 2 day strike on monday that paralyzed the country's capital and made another day of protests demanding president joe of new movies resign over corruption allegations schools businesses and government offices were shuttered as demonstrators blocked roads and set tires ablaze across order prints. through these are national labor organization or ilo is celebrating its 100th birthday
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current transformations in the world of work are being compared to the industrial revolution globalization and technology are creating new opportunities but also disrupting existing work patterns the ilo says that climate change shifting demographics and migration will affect the work environment in every society around the world topics at the send 10 or a conference include a future without child labor technological pathways towards decent work and ending modern slavery which the ilo says affects some 25000000 people globally automation will make jobs salit but the ilo has identified key sectors that are likely to generate the jobs of the future and they include the green economy the caricom to me and the so-called big economy. well the ilo
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identifies forced labor as one of the urgent issues it needs to address let's take a look at the situation in indonesia lured by the prospect of a steady job many there head to work at sea but with labor conditions difficult to assess in international waters conditions on board often fail to live up to expectations. a steady job with a good salary and a lucrative bonus that's the promise that tempts many indonesian men to leave their high ins and help to see but what they get is this is about are more than 30 actually spy the indonesian seafarers movement says crew members sleeping on the floor in the cargo hold looking malnourished and exhausted. one of them has run matula he says he was tricked by an indonesian recruiting agency traffic to somalia and forced to spend 9 months aboard
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a chinese fishing boat manning nets and packing fish for 18 hours a day. some . bonding when we didn't catch enough fish or squid we were beaten by the captain. diversity we were beaten a lot i'm still traumatized by it but i was. going to go. on board the creek claim they were given a choice between going hungry and eating spoiled fish and they didn't even have clean water. in the way i. think i am on the rare occasion we were given fish we could tell by the smell that the fish was already bad after smelling it we couldn't eat it on a daily basis all we got was cabbage and rice with a little salt. and we drank pronunciation of water that we collected from the air
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conditioner done but i would. run the tool and us cremates are now back home and they've taken photos and videos to document their experience experts say the fishing industry is riddled with forced labor and it predominantly targets poor workers from southeast asia and. once on board there is no way out for the men and they often mercilessly exploited. children and us cremates say thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. we're going to go what i worked for a way for my family so they could be proud of me when i returned home but the reality was different it's like a muscle of our company when i asked the recruitment company for our rights they said you're a stupid idiot we just want to ask for our rights after working for 7 months when about how many. numerous n.g.o.s both local and international have run the alarm
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about the slave like conditions that seem to be commonplace on fishing vessels across the globe but it hasn't stopped men like these from falling into the hands of traffickers. indonesia's ministry of manpower is among other things tasked with the protection of its workers that promote the department head acknowledges the problem but says it's difficult to monitor labor conditions at see. it that the rule. need to study 1st whether the information about the abused seafarers is true or not. just rely on data and facts so we can enforce sanctions lawfully in that understanding and. bought as around a tool and has form a cremates no downtrend fact difficult to attain when you're at sea with no one watching. the local time at the time. now the contest to replace theresa may is underway 10 candidates are buying to become leader of britain's conservative
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party and thus prime minister the contest has been dominated by britain's efforts to leave the european union of course the bookmakers favorite in this contest is boris johnson the former foreign minister was the face of the leave campaign if he becomes prime minister he says he will take the country out of the e.u. on october 31st deal or no deal another hotly tipped contender is environment minister michael go he was a high profile leave campaigner and self in 2016 but he has since backed theresa may is brags that strategy and believes he will be able to unite the troubled tory it's then there is dominic rob mays former breaks it minister he says he will broker quote a fairer deal with the e.u. including renegotiating the northern ireland border issue and there's jeremy hunt britain's current foreign minister is regarded as even tempered and competent but
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some feel he may lack the wider appeal of the other candidates well for more. let's bring in charlotte potts who is enjoy. watching all of this charlotte good to see you boris johnson the bookkeepers favorite the book keepers think it really is going to be the man but given all the controversy that boris johnson has generated over the years can he really become prime minister of the u.k. . well the conservative leadership race is known to be quite unpredictable things can change in the next couple of weeks but s. things stand right now his chances are very very good most papers make their headlines about this man this morning boris johnson former foreign secretary former mayor of london he has the hardline us within the tory party behind him they believe that he can see through but he also has quite
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a few moderates behind him because they believe he is charismatic enough to for example win a general election if that should come up so charisma on the one hand on the other hand is very popular with leaf voters in the country and people believe that the tory party believes that he can he is the one that can see it through finally. tenders for the conservative leadership and to become prime minister not all of the men it must be said who is in the best position to provide a credible challenge to boris johnson. well the front runner as men we have to say that michael gove is one of them and vironment secretary he had a bit of a scandal over the weekend though because he admitted that he took cocaine an illegal drug in the u.k. of course over 20 years ago and has received a lot of criticism for that then we have jeremy hunt the current foreign secretary
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here in the u.k. he has received prominent endorsements and we really have to say this leadership race is all about. all of the candidates want to see bricks at through by october 31st the next deadline and all believe that they can do a better job than the current prime minister than to resign made that they could go back to the european union and renegotiate the deal that theresa may has had over the past couple of years with the european union the problem there of course being that the european union has already said there is not going to be a renegotiation of the deal so they are going to run into some problems there and they have not said how they are going to solve that situation. thank you so much charlotte. now to a question you probably never considered before what determines the origin of. her the sheep it came from or the human. in iceland it's become
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a divisive issue for business owners and local artisans. iceland seep our pride for the quality of their wool and fleeces which enable them to withstand harsh arctic conditions. no wonder then that the sweaters and scarves made from their will have become a kind of national trademark beloved by locals and tourists alike. but in recent times the relationship between businesses and local craftspeople has become anything but warm and fuzzy. an issue is this common demarcation had initiated from icelandic bull technically true but with one detail omission it the knitting often takes place in china a source of fury for iceland's local artisans. a man in the carbon footprint to ship containers of icelandic will to hong kong and how the process there and
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then sent back half way across the world off the path of. business owners say it's the origin of the wool and not the people who knit it that should count. for 15 percent of the population of. polish people. many of. their lives here and there. but critics say the labeling is misleading and accuse businesses of pulling the wool over the eyes of environmentally minded customers. all right the women's world cup we've seen some favorite stars are there and we've seen some stumble but they for the tournament gives a 1st look at the most dominant force of the last 2 decades the team from the
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united states the americans are defending champions and acutely aware that $29.00 team could be their toughest test yet. i will record world champions usa the title defense this summer in france might prove more difficult than ever before. i think it's going to be a remarkable world cup i think the the level of competition 4 years on from the last one has exponentially increased the different teams now rising and it's going to be a very open world cup and we're excited to go out there and attack it. but a challenge doesn't daunt the country with nearly half the world's total registered female youth players and things to america's solid infrastructure of club and college of a football coach joe ellis has had a vast pool of players to recruit from over the past 4 years her friends found squad has a balanced mix of experience veterans and young talents. like 21 year old super sub
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mallory pugh she for one college football to play professionally and alongside her role models i was talking to alex like a week ago and she was like whatever role that year like give and just like play play it's the best that you can that's super important because like we need all 23 players to try and win the world cup for the team star alex morgan it will be her 3rd time playing on the world's biggest stage in 2015 she was coming off an injury but this year she's expected to perform at her very. we're just trying to take it one game at a time and we're not focusing on the fact that we're looking to defend anything we're definitely looking to come out with a win in no way i mean is that about a repeat or anything like that but repeated they might well attended and decisive wins in their preparation games indicate that the usa might continue dominating women's soccer well into the future yeah yeah. yeah.
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so day 4 of this world cup gives us a 1st glimpse of the american women more corgan from do sports is here to talk us through the. mark the usa is up against thailand 1st do you think their performance the americans performance in that game are going to give us any idea of what their chances are of taking this defending their title no in a word this is this is really a big mistake. you know the u.s. a reigning champions many people's favorites for the title against the run cocytus thailand 2000 to one they were for the tournament with many of the biggies beforehand so this is a real missed much the usa should really have too much quality for them we saw alex morgan there in the piece and she's one of the best players in the world and she should have far too much quality for the likes of thailand the usa challenge will be and the last group game really against sweden that's more of a gauge as to how well they're going to do in this. should taiwan pull off
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a shock that then that could make things really difficult for the u.s. but i don't i don't forsee the day we had a bit more of a contest with canada facing off with cameron out in when we did yes and that was a hard fought victory for canada and. unexpectedly i actually am afraid cameroon obviously former french colony had. a lot of diaspora fans there in the stadium and they were roared on kind of that just had a bit more quality condition be counted scored the goal she was she was aware in the pictures in france plays for leone just won the champions league there in the summer so kind of they just had a bit too much quality for comfort in a hard fought victory nonetheless and a good 3 points for canada and what about the day's other game any fireworks there . no not really no mill japan argentina a real disappointment for defeat for japan is there one of the best teams in the world when the tournament in 2011 not as a real blow to their chances puts them 2 points behind england in the group already
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for argentina it was a real real guard action it's their 1st ever point to a world cup so they were delighted they really dug in and it was no no a nice game to watch at all for the japanese a real crushing blow and we'll see how that affects their chances really for the rest of the tournament mark thank you so much mark corrigan from devious sports thank you. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on d.w. news japan's prime minister is due in tehran as international efforts to ease tension between iran and the u.s. move. he follows the german foreign minister who left tehran talking about the difficulties on all sides. and the international labor organization is marking its 1st 100 years but while globalization and technology are creating new opportunities 25000000 people worldwide work in conditions that amount to little more than forced labor. you're watching news i'm terry martin coming up next it's
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business news with get hot elbows and course to get all our stories following f.t.w. dot com thanks for. because
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the 1129 team qalqilya is closing insults america. does brazil the pressure is on the closer. the a victory is with
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a little. more playing 60 minutes w. . so it should have to get through the bundesliga break without a full 6 think again. the little cubs excitement. non-celebrity 19 the all the results on the d.w.p. . slim. lead carefully. observed. to be a good.
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lead discovers a. lead. subscribe to the documentary to. china's new weapon in the trade conflict making us a little bit rarer threatens to throttle exports to some key ingredients of computers and modern weaponry and it would hurt. and taking the crown from google amazon is now the world's most valuable brand.


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