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the 3rd the future king says now is the winter of our discontent and you have to read further to understand that he means there that the unhappiness is over the glorious summer can now begin or tell that this summer to the 10 tories vying to become the next british prime minister task to deliver breaks it by the end of october tonight we ask will britain's new leader ever be able to say this was the summer of our discontent i'm bring golf in berlin this is the day. to get a deal or think it's going to mean showing all your opinion. of the state in a bit of power and i think we can make significant progress in getting a deal with you in the election also new right when it's that will of course not change. but i mean that's what is on the table in mind the next prime minister must
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have a clear plan too and many steps it by the end. what i've set out a very detailed brics a plan which i think his team which credible any of the brics it plans out but can't imagine why anybody would want to be leader of the conservative party like he has done because they said. he stand by your proposal to cut taxes. and at the save the cuts and. also coming up tonight is a guaranteed income from birth to death the answer to a future in which robots do the work people used to do. let the 3040 years will make machine like a paper so how can we change the education system to make kids able to compete with the computers robots deficient. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the race to replace to resume
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a contest to become the next british prime minister and the new head of the conservative party is now under way and while that may be the new headline the story it remains the same just as it was with to resume a the next prime minister's tenure will be dominated by one challenge taking the u.k. out of the european union the seemingly impossible task known as breck's it now if you are a betting man or woman and i know some of you are here is a look at how the bookmakers are stacking the odds at the moment now the favored candidate is bourse johnson there is the former foreign minister was the face of the leave campaign johnson says that if he becomes prime minister he will take the country out of the e.u. on october 31st deal or no deal another hotly tipped contender is environment minister michael gove's he was also a high profile leaf campaigner back in when he's 16 he recently admitted to using cocaine 20 years ago when he was known for his tough anti drug stance that could
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hurt his chances of you 19 his fellow tories and then there is dominic robb you remember him a former breaks it minister he says that he will broker quote a fairer deal with the european union including renegotiating the northern ireland border issue now keep in mind the e.u. says there will be no new negotiations and then there's jeremy hunt britain's current foreign minister he's regarded as even tempered and competent but some feel he lacks the broader appeal that other candidates have and here is what these people and some of the other candidates are saying about the job they would like to hammer things. but over the last 3 years politics has failed dismally it is failed to deliver on the biggest democratic decision in our history fulfilling that democratic decision is now urgent and vital it cannot and will not be put off any
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longer leaving the e.u. on the 31st of october is for me a hard red line why haven't we left well i think there are 2 reasons i think that some of the people involved in this negotiation i don't really believe them but i think some of them have felt that this was a problem to be managed rather than an opportunity to be grasped but you know what it's not enough just to believe in brics that you've got to be able to deliver we haven't delivered on our central promise at the last general election which was to leave the e.u. by the end of march this year so we look incompetent and we are very divided i divided country does not only a divided party. so it's going to be very tough however we all know we shouldn't be here today because we should have left 73 days ago unfortunately
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the remain lobby have used every trick in the book with a clear vision of keeping britain in the e.u. and going against the vote of the british public so off i light goes on. the fight goes on with joining me now at the big table to talk about the fight of the man here is the best in much of his time in the u.k. remaining in the european union i'm happy to welcome back here to the program roger casale he's founder of the new europeans it's a group that lobbies for the civil rights of british citizens in the u.k. he is also a former labor m.p. in the bridge parliament's good to have you back on the program roger i hear that congratulations are in order the organization you founded new europeans has been awarded the schwarzkopf europe award and that award recognizes excellence in strengthening the european idea so congratulations in getting that in the era of the unresolved breaks that delimit how did you do that well it's it's
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a good question but i am pleased that your view is that there are plenty of british people working in a very positive way in europe who believe in the european project and want to make a contribution and it would be a week of european union if britain has to leave and consent is you know is very much for the rights of e.u. citizens in britain and british people in the e.u. whose lives have been in limbo for over 3 years now for 3 years now with an uncertain future ahead of them and we do our best with our green card campaign to secure to safeguard their rights but we're not quite we're not quite there yet not quite there yet you know you and i we've talked numerous times because of bragg's it and now we're talking again and now we're. about a possible new prime minister the front runner to become the prime minister and we heard boris johnson who says briggs it will happen october 31st deal or no deal
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there's even talk of not paying the bill that the that the u.k. would owe the e.u. which would be a breach of contract or to take a listen to what the e.u. and one of johnson's rivals what they have both said about this what is on the table has been approved by has been negotiated successfully by the commission and has been approved by all member states and the election of a new prime minister that will of course not change. but i'm at this of what this on the table that is you know. the danger is that if we vote for a potential prime minister who said what everyone happens i'm going to leave on october the 31st we will be voting for a prime minister who will not be able to deliver bracks it before there's a general election the conservatives will lose that general election and that choice will lead to jeremy coven. is that what is going to happen are we going to
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see a general election and are we going to have a prime minister jeremy corban. it could be a general election or they could be. a government of national unity. i don't think there will be breaks in the city festival and i don't think that the new conservative leader who will become the prime minister will survive for very long ago i don't well you and i we've spoken before about what could happen and the last time we spoke you were in favor of parliament passing teresa mayes briggs withdrawal plan with the provision that another people's vote another referendum be added on to it that didn't happen what do you think is going to happen now we put forward a compromise proposal that was voted on twice we got that. but it wasn't passed by the house of commons and i think now we're not into territory where compromises are possible there is one of the leadership candidates rory's jewett who is speaking
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the language of compromise but i think we are a long way away now from being able to find a compromise within the house of commons so i think one of the options that peace would be reflecting on is if faced with no deal and my view of brecht's it should they pull the emergency court should they should they were devaluing article 50 and i think that that is something that is fighting much in the minds of m.p.'s who understand how damaging it would be for the united kingdom to leave without a deal so are you are you foreseeing then a summer and early aldermen which there is a new prime minister conservative. cannot deliver and then parliament says ok we have to forget about all of this is that what you're so i think it could happen as early as this week the name of party have tabled emotion for debate tomorrow. which would give parliament the power to stop
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a new deal brecht's it but is there enough support there in parliament for yes i believe that with that with me for our viewers just to explain to them i mean you would need what percentage are we talking about would you need in parliament in order for this for emergency work to be pulled the revoking article how do you need a straight majority so your simple majority well they debate tomorrow is a procedural issue but it's extremely important because if the motion that is being tabled on a cross party basis by the name of fancy liberal democrats and the scottish national party has parts normally in the house of commons the government controls business but this motion would give control of business in this matter of stopping breaks it into 2 back to the house of commons and it's not saying we're going to revoke article 50 is saying that if we're if britain is heading towards a no deal breaks it then we stop that there's no authorize ation from parliament for a new deal breaks and you think that there is enough support across party support
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to get the least the resolution tomorrow passed or yes we are very unequal pos last time and i think tomorrow it will get parts i think people are very nervous about the conservative leadership race and the prospect of a prime minister trying to take britain out of the european union without a geo and that would need parliamentary authority and i don't believe that the mandate is there from pond dude how do you explain the support for the popularity for boris johnson that he is the front runner and everything that we have seen is when he goes out into the country zines in talk to conservative party members there the support for him is overwhelming well once and has built up his audience savor a number of years as a television pundit as a journalist as a conservative politician as the mayor of london which gave him a very important platform at the time you have to admit that's an achievement he's a tory and he got. labor voting one didn't to make him mayor yes
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he's good at winning elections it doesn't mean say that he would be good at running the country and i think that a lot of conservative m.p.'s have the same concern it's interesting the pars johnson has not been in the media very much a last few weeks he knows the critical electorate for him over the next couple weeks of tory m.p.'s who will decide which of the 2 conservative candidates go through to the final ballot and we know that to the end of next week if that does happen if we go if we get that far do you do you also foresee him as being the next prime minister it's hard to see who is going can't stop boris johnson from cheating that and how they can do that what do you mean hearing on this side of the channel if you will i mean we hear people say in one day in saying that they're even willing to they want new negotiations but the e.u. has already said we had 3 years negotiations there will be no new negotiations what are the other europeans value well the. they can be $99.00 union negotiations
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and that's entirely credible this wasn't the deal between theresa may and drunk or young could lose it the of between the european union and the united kingdom and change the prime minister isn't going to change is going to change anything that doesn't stop conservative candidates trying to claim that they know are unrealistic but they do the voters believe them when they say they will demand changes to the withdrawal agreement or the that they will make the impossible possible well voters will be conditioned by the rhetorical in terms of which of the 2 candidates they vote for at the moment it's just a question of who's going to win the race but it's we have a famous horse race in great britain called the grand national once a year or threats and one of our journalists in the u.k. described the tory leader. it can write as that as the grand national of unicorns
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and not of course it had things that didn't exist. once and is promising huge tax cuts out of this a promising things that they must know well. around in the ripple and it's a symptom of a broken politics in the u.k. . the fragmentation of politics and of a stand of politics that is. really something quite foreign fit for the u.k. to have politicians promising things that they know. nothing to they know they can trade they know that they come they the business no nation are in which they could be free. i would also say rogers the british politicians are not the only politician who were guilty of that project as well as always it's good to have you with the program we appreciate you coming in and to think you could see. how we pay the bills and earn
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a living the kind of work people have greeted the day with well that has changed over the decades and centuries just as much as societies relationship to labor has changed it is a volatile relationship and one that looks set to change dramatically yet again in this century. like he player in our relationship with work is the international labor organisation the celebrating its 100th anniversary it says climate change shifting demographics and migration poses the biggest challenges to ensuring a decent and she main work environment for everyone for its 2nd century the iola was aiming for a future with child labor and ending modern slavery which the i.o.c. has affects about $25000000.00 people globally and then there is perhaps the biggest. of all of the mation and artificial intelligence many jobs that exist
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today will soon become obsolete at least for humans the challenge for the ilo how to ensure enough new jobs are generated to replace those lost in the march of technology. the latest example you're looking at right now trucks with out drivers on the highways transporting mail the united states postal service is running in test right now with these giant 18 wheelers economists say it is only a matter of time before truck drivers as we know them today have their own chapter in the history books. but will there be enough jobs in the future will full employment even be realistic perhaps those are the wrong questions to post tonight we'd like to look at the future of work through the lens of a future with not problematic employment but rather guaranteed income my
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next guest says that a guaranteed basic income for everyone would solve many of the problems that are being created by today's disruptors jeff crocker is editor at the universal basic income form he joins me tonight from bristol in the united kingdom he joins me tonight on the phone good to have you on the day you say that if we do not change the way we think about work and income we will never be able to get out of what has become a vicious circle what do you mean by that. well there are several dimensions to that question and one is that income labor income has become insufficient to purchase the things that people need so i've got a graph running from 194820164 the u.k. economy and that shows very conclusively that over the whole 70 year period we start off with earning enough to fund consumer expenditure but now we're in a position where consumer expenditure is consistently higher than earned income so
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in a modern technology economy the income is insufficient to buy the things that we need and indeed that income is being supplemented by household debt that household debt becomes an repayable from the same wages that have been inadequate and we get the economic crisis as we had in 2007 so our our failure to think creatively about the nature of work and income in the macro economy is what has led us to crisis a couple of months ago you tweeted this you want to show our viewers did you know that basic income can help you rethink how in why you work with the basic income you can reconsider old choices and retrain safe in the knowledge that you'll have enough money to maintain a decent standard of living i mean that's a big promise to make. is it a realistic proms. it my view it certainly is so on our website q b i dot org which
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your viewers might like to look at we set out the fundamental cases the basic income there are several brief ones one is social justice one is administratively cost one is the micro economy that i just mentioned but another is human flourishing in other words if people have a secure income they were labeled be able to make life decisions in a much korea where they where that some of that is to take more leisure and why not make the hours work per week of gone down from 70 hours many years ago to 40 hours a week now so you know work has changed from the days when we were living in fields to the days in the factory to the bays on the computer and the number of hours a week has changed so that basic income what allowed human flourishing and choices what about the notion of why we work there has to be a rethink there are 2 dozen. yes i think so i mean work has classically of course
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been a source of income but we now see that certainly in many economies work is not a source of sufficient income so we've got the phenomenon of poverty in work and in work benefits being paid to people there that work is no longer sufficient income there are as you're implying other reasons for work of course people have a sense of identity and ability for creativity self-fulfillment sociate socialization so all of those things are very important but work is not necessarily the only place the only way to get. those benefits of identity and socialization there are other ways once we begin to realize that we can be free and in fact the 95 factory of the night by office is not necessarily the best way to help us larry if that technology is making other options available to us with the start of a basic guaranteed income would that signal the end of capitalism as we know it
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well on the contrary actually i think it will signal the survival of the market economy as we know it i think that without some basic income the present capitalist system will go through repetitive crisis as it did in 20072008 because in high technology economies the wage is no longer sufficient to buy the out put so output is growing faster than the wage component there's not sufficient aggregate demand in the economy that's what's leading to increased debt and that's what's leading to a collapse so basic income would actually overcome the crisis problem that capitalism faces and jeff i can imagine that organisations such as the idea of the international labor organization they may not like this idea of a basic guaranteed in com am i right. yes you are in one sense i mean i don't know the whole card over the aisle and it's no great
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respect of course but i think you'll find a range of opinion certainly within the trade union movement there is a tendency not to like a basic income because they feel that it regards the way for which they negotiate and where they have a role as an important factor and the argument from the basic including myself is that like it or not the wage is becoming less of a tool for livelihood than it used to be and technology is causing that it's not replacing all of us by robots instantaneously but it is meaning that the wage component of the output we produce is decreasing. the universal basic income from joining us tonight from bristol in the united kingdom it's fascinating topic and it's a brave new future for sure jeff thank you we appreciate your insight. thank you to . it is
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a major win for gays and lesbians on the continent where they really have a reason to celebrate botswana's high court today overturned a colonial era law criminalizing gay sex it's a landmark case for africa the board said that the should not regulate private acts between consenting adults and that penalizing people for whom they are is disrespectful the court rejected walls which have previously carry descendents of up to 7 years in prison of the ruling makes the country a pioneer in sub-saharan africa where most countries still in force was against homosexuality and it comes less than a month after kenya's high court upheld the law making homosexuality a grown. or here in germany the country's health minister is backing legislation to ban conversion you know that's the term for so-called treatment aimed at changing the sexual orientation of gays and lesbians some here in germany who have undergone
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conversion therapy are working to make the practice illegal today bastiaan measure is open about his homosexuality but getting to this point with agony as a devout christian being gay seemed like a sin discussion groups and so-called conversion therapy were meant to heal him but dr even tried to drive out his demons. he saw a big black form coming out of my back and that this was supposed to be a really big evil demon that was causing my homosexuality. germany's health minister wants to stop such methods and ban gay conversion therapy he has the support of doctors and lawyers boston moshe also sat on the committee the expert's opinion is clear. on all the relevant major medical experts associations have clearly stated that homosexuality is neither a disease nor a disorder that's why from a medical or psychotherapeutic standpoint there's no need whatsoever for treatment
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. given the considerable psychological stress conversion therapy causes the committee also says a ban is logical and legitimate offers as mine that's why in my view the needs to be a strong signal from the state and also from lawmakers in order to protect homosexuals from pathologists in discrimination stigmatism and suffering. boston measure is fighting for the acceptance of homosexuality and to keep others from going through what he did. well the day is almost over but because it comes station continues online you'll find us a d p news on twitter or you can follow me at brant t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the date and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see then everybody.
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the result of the markets. the momentum of the. your business magazine made in germany in 60 minutes on t w.
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e takes it personally. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. make up more than football longline. i'm not over out and they will not succeed in dividing us said i'll not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking . stand up global news that matters d. w. made for mines. the global tourist guide flamini is booming the capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know where your attack series the downtown atlanta sunlight chosen to meet i love meeting one should once again certainly looks like i'm going to tell us what it's like me to
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strike the 15 nations of the 50 story. and to teach very personal tips on berlin's very best features the food the. food announced early every week on t.w. . cutler. good. has a big tax gotten to us lawmaker thart a probe into the market dominance of philip on valley companies like facebook google and apple. also want to show broken promises from the world's biggest consumer goods company to pledge years ago to limit foreign.


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