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invented just so. modern music and. cultural heritage foundation. lives treasure trove our 2 part. starts june 21st on d w. june 6th 1944 for many the normandy invasion is seen as the defining day of wild war 2. yeahs even now little is known about the role $850.00 transport planes played on d.-day. they were critical to the ally success.
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of the deceased 3 is a bit of a jekyll and hyde aircraft because it has a civilian life but it also has this military life. during the 2nd want more the d.c. 3 helps the allied forces secure victory. in the cold war it saved west bonnet from a song via takeover. garden kellogg's ford we were not afraid of these kind of bombers think that if we all knew that they had come to help us is. in vietnam however the savior plane became a vicious weapon sent in by night. following her military career at this chameleon of the skies transforms are self once more she becomes an airliner again and a grand lady of post-war aviation. d.c.
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three's many names reflect its long and storied history sky sleep dakota candy boma and c 47. has gone for decades i mean what other aircraft can you say has flown for nearly a century and continues to fly. and know of a plane in the wild has been built in such numbers. the d.c. 3 was launched in california in 1936 and in just 10 years more than 16000 of them were produced. in the u.s. it revolutionized that travel sidelining the railroad for long distance transport.
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the d.c. 3 his main competitor was a german plane. thank you 52 as an alum many m m y structure. it was also popular and reliable because the carry 15 passengers. the d.c. 3 was superior to the u. 52 in every respect more seats better flight performance a modern design it became a role model for several generations of passenger aircraft. but soon the 2nd world war would dramatically change its daily life.
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in switzerland the american plane became part of history. this one nearly ended up on a highway intersection in dubai. now restored to her full mcclory she's an awful when i catch up to rival the house. she was rescued by who go motus a local businessman. the d.c. 3 has become his hobby and now plays an important role in his life. in china he spends about 70 hours in the cockpit. munch butte because you can feel the plane when you fly it and you have to take it in your hands and experience at once took me as
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a pilot i'm important so i have to do it myself there's a good it's something quite special there's a pretty oh. boy. in 1936 swiss that decided against the job a new 52 choosing the d.c. 3 instead was paris london and by 11 among the airlines prime destinations. switzerland became douglas's bus customer in europe. during world war 2 the swiss d.c. 31 you troll bait to avoid being shot down by the germans as enemy at craft.
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d.c. 3 is there enjoying as pleasant a retirement as the vintage plane in switzerland. of the 16000 planes belt most grounded. but even. a d.c. 3 retains a good value unlike most other aircraft. in wisconsin retired home to take to the skies once again. they are one of the few $1000.00 each. of. the airframe is fantastic it is after all a d.c. 3 and modernize electronics you put the new engines in it and you have almost in place. in oshkosh these veterans of world war 2 a given a new lease on life. also
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started a 2nd career as a retired c 47 the military passion of the d.c. 3. aircraft mechanic for a year now over a year so honestly i was extremely intimidated by knowing i was going to be the only girl. ashley has been interested in planes since she was a child she began her career helping out after as. home to the wilds notches. their history i love history so much each aircraft tells a different story. and i mean even judy over there obviously that one has quite
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a history as well and it's just it's amazing what aircraft stories can tell. judy for example could tell how she was shot in the war and how she performed several emergency landings. when judy was missing california the one who quite different be original idea of darkness was to construct an airplane that seats during the day and that's at night . the 1st customer american airlines placed the order with a man handshake instead of a formal contract. the service was limited was also very expensive you had to be fairly wealthy to fly it
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was not for everyone people dressed in their sunday best to go fly because it was an occasion. for staff suddenly became highly sought after korea to sleep or provided great comfort huge seats like living room jazz modern ladies and gentlemen toilets. and nights the seats became beds. hollywood loved the sleeper for the 1st time the actors could fly in from new york without any annoying hotel accommodation or train transfers. travel time between east and west coasts was counted by more than half to only 15 hours. including 3 stop overs for refueling. so the d.c.
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3 kind of change things by making the journey the destination i suppose the sort of slogging it out and getting worried go. the planes landed in glendale live after meals. in. the d.c. 3 response to robust and extremely economical. other airlines also place their orders we've got this a regular service without embeds this last a stroke of design and make the pied piper profitable. for. the hollywood sleep has almost been forgotten today but not in florida. palm trees
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my new road to the moss family have failed. when the lost me boat was sold a few years ago the family acted fast the original at crawford just russian number is still visible. the family wants to restore the d.c. 3 but they lack the money to do so. this is what flagship tennessee could look like in our prime back when she flew the bridge and the people across the united states. were going to bring it back to what it was in a $930.00 secs. as the the oldest d.c. 3 in the world today and you know it's it was a 61 ever built so of all the d.c. there is this one really really deserves to to live again and to to show the world what airline travel was in the mid thirty's. on
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board the food was freshly prepared that. there were no classes like today everything was equally expensive. a flight across the united states cost the equivalent of 2 months salary and you even amount to smog. i started when i was about 15 years old flying d.c. series with my dad from from miami to the bahamas turks and caicos and. you know in 2007 we bought our 1st one as a family. in the 1990 s. the most family was living and flying in alaska. at the age of 7 glenn was amount to take control of the plane under his father's supervision of course.
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it was really something to go to alaska with my parents to be able to fly with my dad from fairbanks to the different indian villages gold mines places that. really no one gets to go to. the swiss entrepreneur motus is also following his streams however there is a difference of a few $1000000.00 between his ambitions and those of the moss family. in oshkosh the swiss hobby pilot has bought another d.c. 3 from the meadow duty. that still come on my airplane they were going to take out some the watch shop manager discuss the rebuilding of the ak rofft. during world war 2 duty carried paratroopers in just 2 years from now she will be able to do so again. thus was going to get
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a few get on right now but there is still a lot to be done i knew it when i bought or. buying the plane costs around 120th of what i'll spend in total and by the time i'm finished i'll have invested the same thing 19 times until it's what i wanted to be it's always 3 months ago. in december 941 the united states and his wild war too. many civilian d c 3 s. including all sleep as were requisitioned and converted into c. 47 military transporters. in addition the united states built up its own stock. it also. supplied hundreds of c 40 seven's to its allies especially to great britain and the soviet union. in england 101st u.s.
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airborne division was rehearsing for d.-day for the liberation of western europe. thousands of paratroopers supported a landing operation in normandy. one of the units later became known as the band of brothers. the most important vehicle for transport and supplies was the sea 47 a true course. we had a number of see far as. practice jumps in the states and of course after we got over to europe to england we perhaps had 15 or 20 practice jumps. from the c. 47. the americans brought as much as they could to the table. they only had one chance with the invasion so it
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had to be successful. that surprise attack from behind german lines helped establish the beachheads. for the 1st time in a way conquered like supply the power trip. to see 40 seven's totem towards the target zone. they drag everything in the way and we need the suppliers we need the ammunition and we need the equipment so the gladdest provide that for us we couldn't care whether there's on a c. $47.00 there to be on it lathers i'm sure that if we want for the go as i want for the c. 47 pulling. the missile would never been accomplished.
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the gliders one made of wood they did not have to return and with therefore designed to be disposable they had a high failure rate. yes . they are cracked up the minute they had a ground a crack that they were no more good and then when it cracked that they cracked up a lot of people with them the paratroopers call them flying coffins because we would have nothing to do with them they were dangerous. as the invasion approached the americans. of course to be consigned. to motivate his troops general eisenhower the commander in chief addressed them in rousing times.
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these pictures last trish stratus. i recall very well that everyone was nervous very quiet but very nervous you could see it you could feel it. fire. trucks. in the 1st wave around 815 military transport has released 17000 paratroopers coming back in further waves to provide them with supplies.
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for stock. on their flight to france and shames and his comrades watched the deployments of hundreds of warships making their way towards the beaches of normandy. the invasion began with shelling from the naval lottery. but even visit opening failed to pave the way for the ground troops they encountered strong german defense fire. as long as the enemy could supply enough ammunition to its beach fortifications the allied invasion would not be able to succeed. it was the task of the paratroopers to cut off the job and supply routes by taking control of all bridges near the beaches so that the allied ground forces could land safely. but.
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this mission was extremely dangerous the generals expected a casualty rate of 50 percent. and shames and his comrades realized what they were up against. dollars of fred scared. shaking like anyone else at that time because we knew that was a real thing i was scared to death at that moment. in talking about 15 minutes to land floating in the hat the men were exposed to john a defensive fire. that jumped into a bunch of flak tracer bullets artillery shells flak and so forth.
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our here i'll never know because the plane you can hear the flak bounce off that feeling you get ready to jump not only that prior shoot was coming down he could hear something going through the prior shoots cutting through the sill and that sound as never left me to this day. few units jumped off at the right point because the planets that lost their orientation. a new radar system intended to mark the landing zones did not walk. some units ended up 5 miles from a drop zone others as far as 50 miles away. we were there in no man's land enemy target or we had to make contact with the
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beach forces. which we did after 3 days. once they had landed the paratroopers was supplied exclusively from the at. the c. 40 seven's came back again and again pulling the gliders behind them. but that is what the germans vam out or expecting they had flooded the fields and meadows to prevent the gliders from landing safely. in germans also put up the ladder barriers like poles like trees in the fields where brad is woodland they did that quite a few places in normandy but we overcame him somehow.
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overcoming the barriers came at a high price to the glider crews $1.00 in 4 songs was was killed in the operation. but those who survived helped turn the tide in favor of the allies. the german troops ran out of ammunition allowing allied forces to conquer the beaches and advance in the land. the vanoc had to withdraw all surrender. after only 3 days the allied forces moved eastward to recapture france things. given the high risks faced by the paratroopers and glider crews general eisenhower on the courage of his man but also praised the d.c. 3 as
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a key factor in winning the 2nd world war. the fust newsreel footage of the invasion to a pair in american cities featured a plain cold that saw russia. this d.c. 3 became a legend of the war. when the crew baptize the plane with this name the paratroopers intended to send a message to. that's all. after the war the famous across disappeared without a trace until it was miraculously rediscovered and based in oshkosh 70 years later .
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we actually didn't even know we had it it was sold to us by by a gentleman who was down on his luck and had pretty much run his operation out of money and he wanted to sell the airplane to us and we put it back with the other airplanes in our boneyard we call back in the grass and it sat there for several years i think 7 maybe and we just didn't even know we had it. by sheer chance historian recognized that song by has serial number. suddenly had a superstar on man's but also a problem many wanted to buy the famous war horse including swiss enthusiastic who go modest. but in the end he had to make do with judy.
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it was annoying because they have promised i could buy it but i understand the historical reasons this plane belongs to america to america. in oklahoma city the fate of many vintage planes rests in the hands of brian owens . roy is giving the right heel legend's a thumbs up or down no pilots would have a dad to disagree with roy's assessment a well maintained engine is the best life insurance a pilot can have. this behind us is the area here is your engines are coming and they're just. from there they go to cleaning from their. polishing and inspection before their bill. everything was handmade that everything is so precise there's an amazing engine.
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today judy's right engine is under inspection it's dismantled to see if it cylinders still watch safely enough or whether they've been pushed on the tilting hard. the d.c. 3 has 2 engines with 14 selland as each each cylinder. $86.00 horsepower generating a total of $2400.00 horsepower. gods bearing asteroid bearing my fate hugo motus roy has unleashed bad news today there
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is total lack in almost all of judy senate as there is. they are heavily used and very used you. like a new or better quality service and he would not fit your needs i don't feel. as though there are new cylinders available harry so this is given out is just was theater because we knew that it was used but i did not expected to be so extreme in the engines are completely exhausted is just steve biko skill a bit. of a swiss pinus interface uphill to swallow 14 senators for a whopping $50000.00. but as an engineer he knows that parts of this policy come at a price. a week later the brand new old engine will be on its way to oshkosh to become
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a part of judy. when a hobby becomes serious passion may be what is most required. but knowledge is equally crucial. mobility has become more important to us than ever before but so too has reliability. such strength determine success or defeat. and not only in water time and not only on the d.c. 3. not even the engineers the darkness of gas that some 80 years later that design would be considered the most successful plane in aviation history. by lennart to the 2nd world war was a city in ruins. the german capital had paid heavily for its role at the heart of
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the conflict. its people lived in holes and some as they were starving. so-called rubble women cleared the sites of the bombed out houses. but then the victors began to argue. in june 148 the soviet union blocked all landry's into by land so that the western allies could no longer get supplies to their sectors of the city. the americans and the british decided to supply 2000000 people from the end. it would become the most ambitious and left ever attempted. d.c. 3 supposin again including $300.00 british dakotas. menace call them candy bombers one of the pilots was gale however since he is filming with his camera. many pilots
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still knew banishment from the war. movie. and we had got used to aircraft noise as children from the elad air raids in the war but after the war there was much atrophy over bill him it. now it started again in $148.00 with the airlift. we were not afraid of these can be bombers we all knew that they had come to help us this year and. in june 1948 germany was divided into 4 occupied sectors the candy bombers reach west then using 2 car doors from hamburg and frankfurt as they with a fast and car doors in the wild. as soon as the planes were unloaded they returned to west germany using a 3rd return corridor towards hanover. berlin
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was probably the busiest airport on the planet for a brief period of time anything from food to coal to milk everything that the berlin population needed was slow and it was amazing. every pilot had to make a successful fast landing in by then or fly back immediately without landing at all that schedule was excruciating the tight. food and cold with the primary supplies flown in on the d.c. threes. german walkers had 30 minutes to unload each aircraft that was break time for the pilots. galas filming the snag with the pilots got their sandwiches they flew sobyanin up to 7 times each day.
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affected by the abject poverty he saw among the children of bon then saved some candy from his own rations and dropped it out of his plane attached to little parachutes and soon the other pilots began to do the same. the german children loved it. with this gesture the americans won by hearts and minds of the west germans. been no wind if there was a parachute coming down then hundreds of children would run through the streets and chase it. it was an adventure for us. as though you have found some golden treasure yes a bar of chocolate i didn't know a single child back then i had a whole chocolate bar for themselves to give me and of. today thousands of people barbecue here every summer. when boris france got looks
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out over the abandoned tempelhof affeldt the old ballon apples he wonders how many of them know about the role it played some 70 years ago. after the airlift the d.c. 3 served as a passenger plane for a few more years but the emergence of faster and more comfortable jets soon put it out of business. the boeing began to take control of the skies for us the 707 on long haul flights than the 7 to 7 for middle distance routes and in the med 960 s. the boeing 737 the short ones. but even in the jet age the veteran roared back to life. in vietnam the d.c.
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3 and her final nickname puff the magic dragon after a well known he anthem. in vietnam the armed cargo version a c 47 did not rain chocolate but rather a fire and that. first tracer ammunition was shot to detect and illuminated the targets at night. then came a hail of machine gun bullets firing up to 6000 rounds a minute. the magic dragon became the messenger of death. there were 3 large guns set up and the rear port side of the aircraft and because of it it's turning capability and because it was a slower aircraft it could actually wing around in
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a pylon formation and hit extremely tight targets just continuously so they could basically hold down the enemy and in a basically a firing pattern just circle around them and keep them pinned into this this one area. the crew flew until they ran out to be the fuel i mean each. of them. thanks to the gunships the u.s. a force managed to stalk several enemy offensives. but this time not even the d.c. 3 could turn around them in the triple digits.
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after the u.s. withdrawal from vietnam the d.c. 3 finally seem to be consigned to history in most parts of the wild. bought as it turns out its story was far from over. there are still new and exciting chapters to be written in the 1990 s. the d.c. 3 is old but shoes are being enhanced with new technology such as top o. engines and a molten cockpit. vintage aircraft being reborn as a base lets up those the turbo d.c. 3 combines the best of 2 wilds from the past the original licensed the airframe and the aviation features and from the present the safety of a modern cockpit so i have.
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i when starting the engines you can immediately have a different the top of the ball sounds like a joke i must say. it seems to. come from looking for help if i could help if you think i'm baffled like i am for you and this whole powerful. this plane will soon be commissioned by nasa to carry out ice mission of the south pole. i the john alfred bacon and shoot has also boys to talk about classics and equip them with sophisticated technology the power to recycle i thinks will soon be setting
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off for the north pole. was i'm releasing the coupling now. before leaving for the arctic research about various cavity tested. is carried like a cruise missile under the home ok i just wrote oh well. how am bird is a great system we fly at low level and the instrument records the thickness of the c.i. is from 25 meters above its surface. and because if. i were listening splice loony at 300 kilometers. and very low this would be a serious disadvantage in passenger transportation but it allows the researchers to gather accurate data of and long distances. on line and that's leon we've seen in
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recent years that the ice is getting thinner and thinner in 2001 we found as about 2.20 meters thick in summer it was about half of that last year and now we're curious to see what the eyes looks like this year and it's a minute it was spawned to us as males. the results of these research flights provide evidence of climate change for example in greenland. greenland loses 3 times as much ice every year as there is in the entire european alps. the original features of the d.c. 3 included a sextant. this allows the pilots navigate with the sun in case his g.p.s. files. may have a north pole the magnetic fields are a risk for modern navigation. weather
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permitting the team cruises over the north atlantic for up to 6 hours a day. within 2 weeks 3000 kilometers will be screened and a huge amount of data gathered. busy busy station north is the northernmost point of greenland inhabited by only a few soldiers. the gravel runway at this danish military post is not a problem for the d c 3 she manages well on uneven surfaces and can even land on snow and ice. you put it on wheels as normally you put it on skinny's you can use it in the winter time off frozen rivers and lakes you can use it in deserts you can use it in small airports you can use it
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in mountainous areas it is a fantastic aircraft that can take off from fairly short fields using the technology that was available at the tongue. the 1000 lives of the d.c. 3. was an exceptional journey through the 20th century not sure is hollywood sleeper. a cargo carrier the savior of west bound then and now would be age of 80 helping to solve the riddle of climate change. no other aircraft has done more to shape the course of history. keep it old go.
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in. and learn 9 is the coffee bomb from the amazon just to me an entire letter its name to brazil's was a populist soft drink now it's grown out of love still with lots of chemicals. into soonest on this planet know the traditional way of sustainably and free of pesticides but they are struggling to survive in the face of mass production of the 2030 minutes on d w. eco africa.
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back to the future when century comest become wondering herdsman its possible ecological revolution in southern africa abolishing fenced in greys anatomy keeps oil from becoming depleted and protects the habitats of wild animals shedding ancient skill that's a contribution to a sustainable future. d.w. . planet earth live the global tourist guide in germany is proving capital i love berlin discover the multicultural metropolis you know where you're a max series that. seems like to me i love you even once i was a 6 in the legs of the cult so it's like me sides as the 50 nations 50 story
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and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best features. no planet or land every week on t.w. . oh. russian journalist yvonne gulnaz has pledged to continue his anti corruption reporting after being released from police custody the correspondent for the website medusa was arrested on drug charges last thursday in moscow his supporters say he was framed even some pro kremlin media outlets questioned the charges authorities say he was released due to a lack of evidence. uganda has confirmed its 1st case of a ball up during the current outbreak the country's high.


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