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this is the music coming up in the next 15 minutes of my grueling and a reason to celebrate its one assassin was that's right he is no longer a crime so how does this feel the last time algeri t.i. activist. also coming out of a crowded and under-funded we go inside a huge prison in nigeria to meet the inmates with little hope for the future and the mob trying to prepare them for life after. any michael jr is the name you're welcome to the show it was all tears of joy in major breakthrough in botswana as the country's high courts decriminalized homosexuality activist said when the landmark judgment was read out until today on the books one has until the last offenders could be due for up to 70 is reading out
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the highly anticipated braddock's the judge said sexual orientation is human it's not a question of fashion bass making a strong case for human equality and nondiscrimination we'll be talking to an activist in a moment but let's take a look at the daily hardship that face force one as the gay community today is judgment matters to gain more than most. gay rights organization he hopes this will be a defining moment seeing homosexuals treated equally in everyday situations. because then we knew so he says that we require came in that some this is the note i will end in for good government has been holding the loose negative comments seem to you so we just want to be free to access to the services through the charity leg
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. to when the team fight for l.g.b. to write and provide vital support to the country's passion cutey the gay community he has some encourage meant for others struggling with their own sense of self-worth. that will have to be the everybody deserves to be hip in the way they should embrace from the. and. accept it as it is because if you don't as accept yourself there's no harm the community can accept you after today perhaps society's acceptance will know come a little easier. joining me now from what's one as capital governor on it is. brilliant cody brilliant nice to have you here now you were in accords room when the ruling was made exactly what was going through your mind at the moment i was going through a lot of mixed emotions i was really in shouts to take high you want to know what
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this is the sides. this is the i'm always there quote route i was trucks and sweat is excited at the same time so i must really what are the often mixed emotions but mostly excite me. now what the ruling means to the community in botswana. this ruling means so much to us this ruling means that finally now i'm trio. we feel confident as well because now the fact that there are i've shared you desk top white house for us that's honest then for us curfew dense not that i had to retreat to not see how. we are to feel as the quote is like it was you know he had them and so on we actually know it would be no rules on. who are now in more than half of.
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the 54 african countries homosexuality is still illegal what do you envisage for the future of the l.g. bt i.q. community especially after the news that you had today. what i envision is us writing his theory that was a for a long time taken away from us or that for a long time was kept secret from us because i also would just then get more 6 right she is very much you know. i'm a sick child it is very much i think can't and it's about time that now busy we actually. reclaim this and continue from the way when we were promised original yes. now you sort of said
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a bit for my final question was because many people would see homosexuality as an african but you see it as african after all is i was i what your position is. it. is and it's about time we. get to cut mission and the city that really does it that for a long time busy has been kept away from us so the terrorists only now. tens of you know that also include you fired how the future looks like and. this is only had. ok brilliant cody it's one as capital gaborone. activist thanks for your time. now to a story about correctional services for teenagers in nigeria thousands are in prison for us awaiting trial and many prisons are overcrowded cameras are usually not welcome there but my colleague funny for. access to the correctional facility for
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juvenile offenders. in oregon states. they are as young as 14 juvenile offenders briefly allowed outside the facility and under close watch one of them we will call him tyo he's cutting back we see his stories all too common in a minute out of. gangs. reporters are usually not while coming nigerian prisons they are known for being notoriously overcrowded we are given a rare access by a guidance counselor who works at the facility he wants the conditions to improve this juvenile prison was built for 200 inmates it currently holds almost twice that number before city just moments for such a number of people we use for you when you feel both people will want to keep coming definitely a timestamp on the movie gentlemen you can only do it that means there is very
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little space 35 people share this cell they call their hostel and just one shower. so it's clearly your says it's all down your fancy for you know. it's a wild card and there is not much to do not enough teachers lack of adequate training to prepare for a life outside what they miss the most is something else. here they are tells me has been locked up for a year for drug related crime others are here for murder rape or some petty crime the goal is to make them better nigerians but the government's resources are stretched. use of shows me the library it's too small and is in need of renovation the school books are outdated. it's. because if you don't good need to be doing.
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that means once released many end up hanging out on the street and getting involved in crime again but today should be about positivity where the government's efforts fall short and seek to fill the gap. is being given out to $385.00 students at. the special day because music is supposed to be about. to restore. children. guest speakers are here as part of a private initiative to reform prisons in nigeria 1st stop a well known fitness trainer. and. he tells the students they can become anything they want it's not too late words of encouragement they seldom hear and seldom believe the world is also
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a grim nigeria's youth unemployment rate is one of the highest in the ruled so it's all too likely that after they have served their time here the teenagers will resume their old ways with their old friends and risk being locked up again. i'm joined by and in morton who is a state court made software and you dream again prison and you foundation in nigeria the perpetual driven teenagers for life after prison hello and thanks for your time is a nigerian government feeling it's just delinquents thank you so much. thank you for having me. the government needs to do more absolutely the government needs to be intentional about what she wants for the future of the young ones in one cheer because the crime for rate is increasing i mean the the rate of crime right now is on the increase and the juvenile offenses is becoming. so the government
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needs to do more the government needs to put in policies new supporting programs need to do a lot to call this offenses happening. we're talking about offenses but also on the big situation overcrowding was the core of overcrowded juvenile prison facilities. the caught the crowd in is the fact that the increase in crime rates keeps increasing and doors are we to try o's need to be attended to speedily the government needs to do all they can to make sure that the young ones the young offenders who are awaiting trials should be attended to instead of just kept there for a very long period of time without being attended to and then the poverty rate also is on the increase and family instability leads to this overcrowding happening
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right now in the facilities because a lot of the children are going into crimes just like it's a combination of many different factors that can make this situation better now while they are imprisoned oh. yes those in prison be better managed by the government and other stakeholders there's a lot of blame on the government. well they can manage it by putting a lot of programs to create awareness so the young offenders nor the consequences of what they actually going into so what they can do is make sure they put in more programs to create awareness of consequences for these crimes. i mean none of them will be spared if they go into such then also they can create a lego system that tends to cases on the ground that might not need to pay for that
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long at the facilities and also create. all welfare for those who might have been convicted one you know how to reintegrate them back into society. and. to endanger you for having me thank you. for not from the. cards for last hours on our website on the facebook page. decriminalizing was a challenge to leave you now with these pictures of gay pride celebrations across the country. love to see you next time i for now.
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