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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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3. d. to know that 77 percent. are younger than 65. that's me and me and you. and you know what external voice is part. of the 77 percent we talk about the clues you. this is where. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. tyrus come serves up now blacklists the train conflicts between the u.s. and china is heating up beijing says president jade might not be willing to meet donald trump us planned in late june june while u.s. companies worry they might find themselves blacklisted by china. and the silence of
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the chicks millions of male chickens are destroyed in germany every yeah right off the hatching because they don't lay eggs down the practice continues. to see the good business life from berlin office inflation in china rose to its highest level in more than a year and made official data showed on wednesday even though domestic demand is still suffering due to the ongoing trade dispute between the u.s. and china both sides appear deadlocked tariffs common types and the dispute over one way seem to move a compromise in the trade dispute into the distant future. the threat is out there from 200000000000 customs duties on chinese goods are expected to rise soon to 600000000000 trump actually wanted to force the chinese to make concessions and then it even looks like tensions were waning with trump talking about meeting chinese president xi jinping in june but a us radio station said chinese authorities aren't interested in meeting the us
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president when trump heard that he switched rate into attack mode at the g 20 were expected to meet and if we do that's fine it we don't is try look from our standpoint the best deal we could have is 25 percent on $600000000.00 ok and then those companies are going to move into other locations and they're going to send the and it will be a tax you know our business people in this country are very sophisticated they're very good if a product in price goes up in price they go to vietnam or they go to one of many other countries or they make the product in the united states which is my favorite but that's what will happen. the chinese are ratcheting up the pressure the ministry of economic affairs says beijing will soon publish a blacklist of u.s. companies that will no longer be allowed to do business with china. let's talk about dust possible blacklist with our correspondents in taipei so china said it would launch its own unreliable entity lists who can expect to find themselves on
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that list. well chinese commerce ministry spokesman told reporters that the process of drawing up the list was underway he said no company or industry is being targeted and he stressed that companies that abide by chinese loss or contractual speer is totally in warri but we know now china is investigating fed ex after it diverted to hallways packages to the united states and we can probably guess from the companies that comply with the u.s. government to block walk away like intel facebook and google and non-u.s. suppliers that have stopped to supply into huawei such as panasonic and toshiba but no matter who is on the list china has and said what action it would take against these companies on the list very much of in the there are media reports from the
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u.s. now that say the chinese might cancel the meeting with donald trump in japan led to this month although you hearing what beijing hasn't formally come from any plans or provide any details of the meetings on the stylised of the g 20 but according to a source who were briefed on the ranch human toll chinese media that the widely anticipated meeting could be a face to face negotiation over dinner instead of just a quick hand shake or simple chat. of course that people are still talking about whether this summit or this meeting would be a replay of the summit in argentina last december but even if the 2 minutes scheduled it could probably only lead to the progress to the trade deal it doesn't seem like the venue for a definite of agreement so once we thank you very much. american equity investor k k r wants to buy
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a majority of germany's publishing group one of the country's largest media companies k k r is offering 63 euros 1st chad it's a 13 percent premium on the closing price at the frankfurt stock exchange last night splitting up publishes germany's most threads daily built and owns several other publications radio stations and online businesses it also operates a domestic t.v. news channel the company faces stiff competition from online services and says it welcomes kay carroll's bit to take over 55 percent of the company. well as being the only bad cell financial correspondent in frankfurt only what does that mean for splenda. well it means that they probably have more homework to do and that can be painful and probably will be painful because they are is known as a company that jumps into a firm and sees of course potential for development and puts pressure on management
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to improve profits and to save costs and that will surely cost jobs perhaps also a business entities that might no longer be seen as as viable under under a k k r but they do have to make sure that. agrees she's going to be holding on to about 42 percent in various ways of the company so no decision can be made without her. the widow of the founder oxers playing who founded the company with the bedside momentum and developed after world war 2 here in germany. investors liking italy. they're loving it the share is going up about 12 percent about the same amount as you quoted for the premium that k.k. are paying over the price that was paid yesterday here at the exchange but that's only part of the picture the actual gain is much larger because of reports 1st surfaced at the end of may when you consider that period of time till today
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investors are looking at a profit share price rise above 38 percent that's very much substantial that is the legacy media publisher representing a sector that has come under enormous pressure in the past 10 years what does this office say about a company. well it says that on the one hand it's. not profitable not good enough to ward off interest by an investment company which sees potential for further improvement and the share price is an attractive price for someone jumping in and wanting to improve further but at the same time it is seen as attractive enough and i think it probably isn't terms of what investors are. looking for to be a safe a relatively safe bet and today you know and publishing sales are going downhill for the built sides on this well as for the valve but digital activities are throwing off good profits and they're making up already 70 percent of what makes
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the bonds of friendship thank you. now on to the other business stories a making headlines this morning. 10 states attorneys attorney generals in the u.s. have filed a federal lawsuit to block t. mobile stranded 6 and a half $1000000000.00 takeover bid for sprint that by the country's top lawyers from new york and california they say consumers will be harmed by the merger as bestially low income groups analysts say the move is meant to head off still pending approval from the justice to. survivors and relatives of the victims of london's rental tower fire have filed suit against 3 u.s. companies in philadelphia $72.00 people died in the disaster and 2017 those names well pool which made the refrigerator believed to have started the fire cases also against our comic and seller text which made it clouding an insulation that ledge to have helped the flames to spread. a new study by consultancy even wise
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says the resin isn't germany's top companies increased by only 1.2 percent on average while the composite in the u.s. measure have grown by over 10 percent a year only 44 of the world's top 1000 from are based in germany. more than $40000000.00 male chickens are gas stove around every year in germany because male birds don't lay eggs on thursday a court will decide if the practice can continue and of all rights campaigners have complained about the killing of the chicks for years for most dual purpose chickens animals that are suitable for laying eggs as well as for fattening but fattening male chicks takes longer it is more expensive consumers will have to fork out around 25 euros for a but from a dual purpose spawn. in the past and my old trick like this one wouldn't have been long for the welt at the huts and i could. always killed immediately after hatching
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. this down hets and i didn't want to take part in the killing anymore so he switched to another breed by the female and male chicks survived the ferry and poultry farm is an exception to the rule when it comes to raising chickens most industrial poultry farms are not funds of the so-called dual purpose chicken. much money usually for i don't have to guess my male chicks because we sell both sexes quick breeding we use. the heavy white chickens and because this is a jewel purpose breed the females are raised until the sold for production and the male chicks attractant and sent to small to. the mission to flock to. culling is a common practice on large poultry farms in germany millions of chicks aghast because they don't produce enough meat. so not only is that that but simply go to
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waste some of them the fed to 0 animals. poultry industry representatives fear that many how trees in germany will be out of business if chip culling is bound. there is news here to find us and we raised $32000000.00 hens every year and for that we need hatching eggs or that he caps in supplies far enough to respond german ones that me rebrov would then supply us from poland to holland confusion animal welfare would suffer anyway because the regulations don't apply that. the poultry industry wants modern technology to determine the sex of eggs to stop male chicks being born scientists in life sick and dressed and working on a method teasing infrared light and blood cell analysis but the method still has to prove itself in large scale industrial application. and the german animal welfare
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association is not 100 percent satisfied with gender determination an egg. you've said my hopes up chick culling but really we have a broken system these specialized breeds are over bred and the only more suffer we need more chickens that a suitable for both meat. poultry prita christan hets america is making a good living from his job as chickens he sells 400000 young hens unfasten 1st as every year the chickens a particularly popular with core may restaurants. the business team and. a watching but stay tuned to. our after this quick local.
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a modern museum center with. caution and cultural heritage foundation. researcher. looking for answers in more than 5000000 anja. james mates part of the history of. those who know about secret things how to have like this. question cultural heritage foundation earnings treasure trove our documentary june 21st. and a very warm welcome to arts and culture today a photographer who trains his lens on those fighting to save our oceans also coming up the unique festival in australia combining beyond's technology and society.
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and a composer who gets her inspiration from nothing more than a chat. but we begin with german photographer your coal vest who was living the high life as a male model and then as a top fashion photographer until 8 years ago when he was asked to photograph his holiness the dalai lama joining his visit to germany getting to know him best promised a visit to brett and highlight the problems facing the country then he went on to the amazon to help the indigenous tribes that and now he's using his photographic skills to promote heroes of the sea. environmental photographer york his project draws attention to the strength of. which shocking results. this is not an island but a mountain of plastic on.


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