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this is deja vu news live from berlin tense moments on the streets of hong kong police fired tear gas at protesters as authorities accuse them of writing but demonstrators say they're defending the territory's freedom by opposing and unjust laws also coming up crackdown in moscow russian police arrested demonstrators protesting in solidarity with investigative journalist you find. this comes one day
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after he was released from custody. toss in soccer the reigning champion start off with a bang at the women's world cup it rained to goals for the americans they set tournaments into a spin with the 13 gold masterplan. i'm swimming so much going to thank you for joining us. in russia police have detained more than $200.00 people at a moscow rally in solidarity with investigative journalist even off agents in riot gear sought to break up a peaceful protest against the of impunity and the officers involved in golan of alleged framing and mistreatment while in custody now the rally which also saw the detention of russian opposition leader alexina volley comes a day after gold was released due to a lack of. today. let's go right to moscow our correspondent emily sure women
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standing by at the demonstration that's taking place in solidarity with hi emily so people have been gathering there but there's been a number of arrests today tell us what's been happening and what you've been witnessing there well the protesters that were marching and gathering peacefully here but the police presence was quite large from the beginning and the arrests started pretty quickly at the beginning it seemed that officers were arresting people kind of wearing t. shirts that read. even go off which was the slogan that people have been kind of coming out with in support of the journalist but then it was pretty indiscriminate now people here at the march told me that yes go enough was a big step forward but really the people behind this arrest need to be brought to justice and really his release is just
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a drop in the ocean that's what people here been telling me only tell us more about . why was he set free yesterday so suddenly. his release did come very suddenly well the 1st reason i think sumi was the lack of evidence or the difficult evidence that was presented by the police which in cases was in some cases was actually rather contradictory but i think also the huge public pressure that we've been seeing in the last few days and over the weekend there were protesters outside the interior ministry holding signs and there was huge media solidarity across the board as well including in state media so i think that really had a big effect on the quick turnaround we saw in that case and we have 2 signals here on the one hand you have gold you know it's arrest the public pressure as you mentioned on the other hand several of arrests at this protest today so what impact
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does even go enough to actually have on how the russian government deals with these types of cases in the future. well i was talking about a quick turnaround on this case but we also have seen a very quick turnaround on the signals being sent yesterday civil society here in russia seemed to kind of breathe a sigh of relief and today we've seen these mass arrests on the one hand for example the parliament has said here in russia that they are looking to perhaps discuss liberalizing drug laws here particularly when it comes to drug possession those are the laws that was arrested under but we have also seen this signal today with these mass arrests and it seems that civil society here in russia is being told that there are borders there are limits to what they can do here in the public space and that they have to toe the line what about even go enough himself he says he will continue to investigate corruption in russia allow him to do so.
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yesterday when he was released he came out and said that he would be considering his corruption investigations including into the funeral business now that was the investigation that he was arrested over it seems he came out kind of fighting it does seem that because he's high profile after this whole case and after the huge noise that the public has made about this case and that kind of prominence that attention that he's gotten will give him some protection it seems going forward now if it isn't clear at this point though what that will mean for other critical journalists and other activists here in russia i'm sure when with the very latest for us in moscow thank you emily. now police in hong kong have fired tear gas at protesters trying to stop a controversial proposal law that would allow extradition to mainland china the
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city's legislative council has postponed a planned debate on the law after crowds blocked access to government buildings hong kong officials have ordered the demonstrators to disperse but they say they're defending the territories freedom. from peaceful protest to violent chaos umbrellas become shields and weapons as demonstrators tried to fend off rubber bullets and tear gas fired by the police but tens of thousands of people came out to rally again today and protest against hong kong's controversial extradition bill a quiet march until tempers flared. like they're mostly dressed in black their faces covered with surgical masks and wearing makeshift body armor from the get go some in today's crowd seems ready for a different kind of protest than the largely peaceful mass demonstrations on sunday i would say it actually is sweet car or farmer approach territory we do or like or
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it is a different way to work our way that's the only way that we get the right. having our say. they are worried about a proposed law that would mean hong kong could send people to mainland china to face trial critics warned that would allow beijing to target political opponents in hong kong which retained its own justice system after being returned to china from british rule in 1997 undeterred by the outrage the territory's chief executive is promising to push forward with the legislation i do but i have not received any instruction on mending from beijing to do just that. we were doing it and we are student doing it until 5 pm functions and i'll come meet once upon. a commitment hardly reflected today at the legislative council where seats remained empty as the schedule debate was postponed but with a legislature dominated by beijing loyalists few protesters expect the law to fail
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the vote on june 20th. honestly i'm not so. i'm quite disappointed and i don't think. they will listen to people. who are still going ahead but. i think there were people. they may have forced the legislators to delay the vote but for these protesters the struggle to preserve hong kong's autonomy has only just begun . let's get a round of now some other stories making news around the world saudi arabian state t.v. says who the rebels in yemen have launched a missile attack on a saudi airport a spokesman for the saudi coalition fighting the rebels said 26 people were wounded after the rebels targeted the airport in the southwestern town of the former u.k. foreign minister boris johnson says britain can trust him to be prime minister johnson launched his conservative party leadership campaign in london today is the front runner to replace theresa may as britain's next prime minister. japan's
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shinto abhi has arrived in tehran on a mission to east tensions between iran and the us obvious the 1st japanese prime minister to visit iran since the 1979 islamic revolution he will meet with president hassan rouhani today and with supreme leader ayatollah khomeini tomorrow . and ethiopia special envoy to sudan says protest leaders have agreed to resume talks with their country's military rulers the apparent breakthrough comes days after protesters launched a campaign of civil disobedience and that was in response to a deadly crackdown on demonstrators demanding civilian rule. residents of sardinia are facing a scourge of a different kind millions of locusts the italian island in the mediterranean is facing the worst invasion of the insects in 60 years it's proving devastating for farmers with the swarms destroying crops and pastors for grazing unusual weather patterns are being blamed for disuse invasion. it looks like scenes from the
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apocalypse inside an e a large swarms of locusts have devoured crops on around 2000 hectares of land it's the worst invasion of locusts on the island since the 1960 s. insects will eat any plant there's now little left for farmers to harvest to feed their livestock is done with the locusts are doing their best to destroy everything that experts say the population explosion could be due to a sudden change in weather compared to previous years may was unusually cold and wet this year while june has been dry and hotter than usual that meant that millions of locusts hatched from eggs at the same time huge areas of feller land on the island provided ample space for them to multiply. many farmers have simply given up. it immediately benefited from this empty head bit and then from these abandoned fuel fields of the
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species goes to the cultivated girls there's no quick solution to the plague of locusts and cites the usual methods of employing fire smoko poison to kill them haven't worked families here can only wait and see if the locusts ones move on that will depend on which way the wind is blowing in the next few days. now and frank is one of the best known victims of the holocaust and her name is still widely recognized today thanks to her diary during world war 2 she and her family hid from the nazis and concealed rooms built into a courtyard house in after down but when she was 15 she and her family were discovered arrested and sent to a concentration camp her diary describes nazi persecution and the reign of terror an impressive detail today would be at frank's 90th birthday to mark the occasion $40000.00 students in germany from hundreds of schools are taking part in and frank de our reporter went to
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a school of the state of bond and bourke in northeastern germany and met one of the few people who still remember and frank personally. peter cornish and frank personally she babysat him when he was little their families were good friends. we'd. go school. so. the park. would pick up from school. when she would come home she was. launched on himself fled to america now he has come to germany just for and frank day which marks what would have been her 90th birthday and he has a message. to
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say. who. were the students at the school outside of berlin have gone through the diary of anne frank and they're impressed by her story. i'm understands and he's caught up on this and when you read it especially since it's coming from a kid's point of view. i mean she was my a. it's just incredible it's terrible it's hard to imagine. kind of. you know. just because you have different groups doesn't mean you're different as a person everyone can be good or bad it depends on the person and not on what culture over religion a person belongs to. for years the number of anti-semitic incidents has been rising in german schools history teacher bat lindemann wants to raise awareness of the issue although the current can school has had few problems there have been anti
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semitic insults and graffiti here. people often apply concepts such as using the word jew as an insult that are used in a completely on differentiated way and in an ignorant way. i think that by raising awareness people or the students get a feel for what anti-semitism even means and that is the aim of anne frank remembrance so that history does not repeat itself. and i'm joined by yon shapiro who is the organizer of the anne frank day in germany he joins us in our studio john thank you so much for being with us what we saw in our report there the school the students seemed really impressed by anne frank and her work her diary what is your experience interacting with students today know when frank is it and when they learn of her what is their reaction. so of course there's . of course. one of the most widely known
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when it comes to the holocaust and there are all kinds of reactions we always experience that there's a great openness of the students to get involved with the biography because that when you teach me. as an affront it's also talking just about matters that matter to you. yes she was a young girl and she was also explaining her experiences in that diary we heard in our report that some use the word jew as a swear word and we have seen a spike in anti-semitism in germany as well we have to say that what is your experience been with students have you encountered that in schools so we have we also have. we have those slurs and semitic sirus also racists nurse. so i have to say yes that exists students are part of our society where we have the points of discrimination of course we also have that at the center with the students and i think it's really
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important to look at the person to listen to them and to work with them youngsters that you can really change and with that way we have a frank we focus really on cation and you know working with the youngsters but why is it that you could encounter anti-semitism in schools among young students well i guess because just the school students they're part of our society and since we all over experience racism anti-semitism of course those young people that also have said what has to happen to keep the memory of anne frank and also the holocaust alive and to make sure that young people carry that memory forward. well we have different measures one of them is for. school. we really have to keep memory because. history was a. important form to. what. to.
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day to day really depends on the students on the teachers on society as a whole to keep that society and also really to speak up when we experience injustice are you worried that people are forgetting and frank's legacy. i wouldn't say that. would be i mean which is one of the biographies that's 3 really really known but i really think that we have to remember that she was also striving for justice society that she was a victim of the holocaust. and therefore we really have to be active in the racism and accepting especially active because as we said anti-semitism seems to be spiking here in germany we saw the commissioner who is fighting against anti-semitism here say that jews against wearing kit in public has something changed in germany in recent times. we're placing that threat against jews
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all too long we're accustomed to it so. they keep or just. themselves of jews we have that all too long but we're really talking about that issue that we have to change society and yes there i think there is the rise of there is the statistics show that. so we're living in the society that gets them through those forms of discrimination and we have to say stop we don't go there anymore we had people or young youngsters the. society where diversity some braced. the organizer of the on frank day in germany and frank would have been 90 years old today john thank you so much for joining us thank you. now canada says it is banning single use plastic starting in the year 2021 as part of an effort to cut down on the plastic waste clock in the world's oceans it's just
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one of many threats to our oceans including overfishing and global warming it's an ugly problem but one german photographer is taking a special look at the breath and depth of the destruction and highlights the work being done to preserve the life and beauty of our oceans take a look. at environmental photographer your latest project draws attention to the state of our oceans with shocking results. this is not an island but a mountain of plastic off haiti. these are places of total pollution beaches have been destroyed where people live in total misery. over spent 10 days in haiti last april the island state has a severe problem he accompanied an environmentalist who pays locals to collect plastic which is then recycled. there are more than 150000000 tonnes of plastic in
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the ocean. this year the environmental photo festival horizons in seeing stone the german coast focused its attention on the environment under threat. now gritty guys who have these are certain oddly enough this kind of horror also has a strange fascination for me we're like hunters on the lookout for these moments because we know these images are triggers that every human being can understand emotionally it's a value. for his project heroes of the sea so this is documented in the work of those fighting against the destruction of our oceans this was with the conservation organization sea shepherd for 4 weeks off the coast of west africa documenting of a fishing and senseless torture. scene of open office if in fact spend many weeks on ships and the work of these activists
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these biologists these people i followed and was with and worked with they're my heroes. at the beginning of december clovis turn to a few friends planned to cross the atlantic in a bribe to raise awareness for heroes of the sea. the photos he's taken for his project will be used for a book and the video material for a documentary film. is shot in normal the suspect for the have enormous respect for the ocean because of the unpredictability of what can happen there you can never underestimate the power of the water and the power of the waves that's. a life threatening on taking to show us reality. to defending champion the u.s. played their 1st game at the women's world cup last night and public fully
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aaliyah's this year to give us some analysis of that game high public as i think it's. to say that the us lived up to expectations they lived up to expectations to me and surpassed them 13 times i would say like 13 nail is. the score at the end but again i'm only real it's pretty embarrassing for thailand and also pretty to marlise and obviously for the team but before we actually have a chat about it we'll say in detail i think we should take a look at the report. when star striker alex morgan noted us saints the lead off to just 12 minutes thailand fans had every right to be concerned was a bruising haul followed before morgan made it 5 new to the usa in the 52nd minutes i've observed and she completed her hat trick amid a flurry of usa goals to make it by now on the 74 minutes it was but she wasn't done yet some excellent going play from megan rapinoe gave morgan and other golden
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chance in the 1st minute said bill it's time i was and she bagged a 5th in the 87th the team's 12th and 13th would follow soon after was the final whistle morgan was the 1st to console the broken opposition a stunning display of ability and sportsmanship from one of women's football's biggest names. as a pretty to marlise in there for thailand but it's always nice to see sportsmanship like that and i mean the difference with the champions of course. the united states and thailand is stark you know the united states are a team that are solid they've got big players you know it's quite common for people to watch the women's game in the united states and you can you know what we need to see is for that difference to to to narrow considerably and we are seeing that in the game so hopefully in the years to come we won't be seeing so many 13 nails in
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the to. and that is a pretty lopsided result there was another group game where the weather took a toll on the take tell us about that as you know sumi here berlin we had a pretty wild night last night on the night before heavy storms lightning and so on it looks like our neighbors over in france are also suffering from similar storms and we saw that because of the sweden vs chile game in fact the game have to be postponed because of stormy conditions we're just seeing the images here in the city of ran it was delayed at minute 70 the referee ordered the players to leave the field but when things. the players got back onto the pitch we saw sweden take a late lead. she scored in the 83rd minute and then. smashed home a stunning solo go to seal a 2 no win for sweden and a great result for them and i was the not great for chile not great for chile but germany up today tell us what to look for there now everybody here in germany is
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waiting for this game as a spaniard as well have to say that everyone in spain is very excited about this game because you know 2 big sporting nations 2 big teams and they have germany compared to spain in the women's game are far better and they have been in recent years pain in many respects you know to catch up and they have been even said it has even been said that their dark horse is actually going into this tournament because there has been a huge difference in the past say 4 years since the last tournament in the game in spain but what we've seen in germany is you know great players are going to be taking a look definitely at 19 year old given she scored in germany's match against china and that was not an easy game for germany and by no means they really suffered quite a lot to match and in fact it was quite funny hearing from kathleen hendry thought to germany defender she said i don't think there's a single player with a bruise and going down on to spain like i said dark horses the game has really
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improved there in prix in recent. years in fact it's changed so much the majority of the players in the team now play into big teams in spain had let it go madrid and barcelona barcelona were in the champions league final they didn't win this but you know there's there's been a big drive as well for people to follow the game and in fact spain holds the record as well now for the number of people who've gone into a stadium in madrid to watch a women's game so that's good news for the game there so a lot of people will be watching that with germany and spain probably is from data before thanks for bringing us up to date. now you're watching news coming up next on d w news asia the filipino women using martial arts to heal the trauma of child sex abuse in the philippines. and mongolian folk tunes need rock music as the who band goes on tour after an internet start up.
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those stories and more coming up next with the responder g on d w news asia and don't forget to follow us on twitter our handle at g.w. news will keep you up to date there on twitter on all the latest stories and headlines thank you for watching.
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subversive. bashing with some marketing potential by placing a warning label on music products. rock and religion. any parallels. to really so good reconcilable. card doubling and rock n roll. 70 on t w. this is eat up your new. coming up in the program a fight for hong kong's autonomy protesters in hong kong clashed with police over a law that sessions to chip away at the territories or tanami how long can hong kong hold out against beijing plus. fighting back the filipino martial artist using her skills to help victims of.


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